“Syrinx” – Poetic Encounters 2012 / Zebra Poetry Film Festival

a hot breath on my neck that woke me: you let your tongue come to my ear i was already dreaming when you lay down beside me so freshly showered and wearing no pyjamas. then we lay there staring at the ceiling. you objected to my silent reproach. all i said was that i would say anything else just now. then we spoke and only stumbled even more. the dark through which i wander is complete. even the trams outside are empty at this hour. only my footsteps on the pavement echoing. the first light emerged from the bakeries. first birds waking up. perhaps you are sleeping. but i am the coldest of all and i can not forgive myself: all that redeems me is the hotness of your breath. english translation: catherine hales & norbert hummelt

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