T&A Episode 2: Matt Nevins and literature

ladies and gentlemen you're probably wondering what that noise was let me tell you it's the sound of me re-recording this pre podcast breakdown the ppb for like the 25th time and I just got all these nerves and jitters and I've come to find that making some stupid noise before I get started or as I get started it kind of calms me down a little bit and helps things go with the flow so I'm just gonna be doing that from now on before every episode so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do this episode is brought to you by nobody this is a rogue podcast an independent podcast and we bend the knee we kneel to no sponsors but when they do come around you better believe I'll be on both knees doing anything they want because that would be how do you like to say a life-changing event to get paid to podcast that'd be pretty fucking cool but I got to get better at it before that happens that's kind of the mantra of this trial and Erin thing in it the name of the podcast yeah so on this episode I have a guest and that guest – believe it or not has a name it may not mean anything to you yet but it will once I talk about it this guest is none other than Matt Nevins he is a level 2 father he's from Minnesota which means he knows how to survive he's also a foreman he knows how to fix things he can grow a beard he can hike for weeks on end and he can hear out of one ear only not to mention he is married to my cousin Mallory and weaves into this family making a nice wholesome and strong basket anyways metaphors aside Matt is my literature guy the literacy guy that's what this episode is focused around we'll be talking about Stephen King and other literature type topics of course will digress it's the trial and error in podcast there's always going to be digression but we're roping it back we're bringing it back and other episodes we'll be talking about his outdoor prowess he's he's hiked the grand can with his brothers for weeks on end like I said before so though that will be podcast in the future but for now we're gonna stick to this tasty topic of literature tastes a little bit like salted pork yes Gimli salted pork that's another thing I'd like to start doing because I love movies I am fluent in the tongue of movies and I'm just gonna be putting in a lot of different excerpts and references and sound clips so I hope you enjoy it so sit back relax and enjoy is Matt and I splash and pedal around the pond of literature in this episode of trial and error I was happy going Kurtz in high school it was one of those last names in football or it's just short you could put the F word in front of it you can do it you can do a lot of things with that lesson in Evans as well it's short it's sweet gets the point across it says I'm from Minnesota but I moved to California it's always served me well oh yeah so you're here for a reason and there'll be plenty of digression in this podcast but we're gonna try to stick to a singular topic think of it as a line if you will and then we're gonna what's what's the earthquake detector device we're gonna seismograph and/or jerry springer lie detector just scribble all over the side and digressive conversation but the main line down the middle the constant will be literature yes we're gonna talk books I was rubbing my nipples there for a little bit more more specifically this time we'll talk about a the goat I don't know about to go that's that's a squirrely conversation the goat of writing I'm gonna talk about Stephen King but to call him the goat that's a that's a tall tale if I may stay all poetic that's a tall order how tall is the order the tall order I mean you gotta take in account Sam Clemens Sam Clemens Sam you use his real name oh you're that guy if if you're stating the topic of conversation isn't literature I might as well like because you're amongst the audience you're uh what is that call there that nickname that writers I was actually just hoping that you wouldn't recognize that I was talking about Mark Twain of course mark 20 you're dealing with me sandwich no no I am I have a hefty Santa Claus sized sack of ignorance behind my back right now so if you do your best to give me your presents of knowledge he was really the first author that I read a great deal of their work hmm was one of the few authors like when I was reading when I was younger you know I could pick up a heavier heavier thicker book hold that microphone up to your you seen porn that's that's just the technique get in there get just just talk to it caress the mic be friends with the mic mikes likes a good person apologies do you think that like you know when you're younger you see a kid with a really fat book there's something real thick like an it and would you judge them like oh look at you with that that big ol book you think you're better than me because I'm reading berenstain bears I have my life in my thin books I should say you know it's not all about size the content it's like content am i right walking around reading it I'd be thinking that that kid's gonna be disturbed by the time he's done reading absolutely there's some pretty dark stuff in there I feel like fair amount of disturbance is the status quo as we are human beings we're just some wacky goddamn creatures and just letting these words of other human beings alive just set in such a way you know you just had you had a good turn of phrase yeah good at describing things and and yeah really in reading a lot of his stuff that I felt pretty immersed what do you think sets him apart is it like because I read recently on writing and it's such a conversational tone because he's just talking to you like it's a pretty unique perspective it's like a self-help book but it's like a personal conversation with him but on his other books like he does like sometimes he uses really bigs words he tries to throw me off like I get stumbled up I'm not gonna lie you'll trust we're out there I think I mean I haven't read on writing but it sounds like it's maybe in a different different tone than then maybe the novels yeah I'd say a little a little more conversational not not as proper but still we're still well-rounded he's not really like telling a story no it's I mean he kind it's a somewhat of an autobiography but more of his writing career like shows where he was he was borderline I know not mortal and he was an alcoholic cigarettes like it was just going through that and his near-death experience yeah I didn't have no idea he goes into quite the detail but I'm gonna read somewhere actually he went he found the guy that had the van mmm bought it so that it wouldn't end up by like an eBay or something I don't like just so you oh man there's everybody else couldn't make a grip load of money off the van that almost killed steering King I don't know if that's true I think I think I remember reading that somewhere in the book he mentions the guy died in any II didn't seem cold but he was in differ he's like you know he died some years later yadda yadda yadda but the coolest part about that story that I found was he's just on one of his walks right and his spectacles his glasses flew off his head and were unharmed he's like I'm wearing the same glasses right now as I write this that's Wow yeah like near death and but he finished it that's like that books from the 90s I want to say but it's true though no way you heard about it I've always heard people say it's good but I I got into some other into some other authors a little bit heavier Kurt Vonnegut your your eyes averted yes it's hard to I you have to switch it up go back and read reread it before I went and saw it in the movie theater and I didn't really remember how really I mean all this stuff is pretty dark mm-hmm but that in particular it's dark because of you know what has to do with you know children and and you know just bad things happening to kids is definitely a darker tone than even some of those other stuff it's a pretty sinister like coming of age like because all those kids had some muffed up backstories like the Beverly and her dad like that's pretty yeah I'll come out and say it I never read the book but I saw the movie and will try to speak all sorts of proper from what I learned there what would your it be well it like if you Matt and Evans were walking down the street and walked into some random haunted house and it came out and spooked you what would be like your most fearful thing a mountain-lion perhaps the one that I did almost got you I I guess my biggest fear I guess is if like sharks super irrational yeah I mean the room can filled with water as long as you know going Oshin you you have like a zero percent chance of being attacked by a shark how much well I'll tell you what there's a high percent chance when you're younger that the shark will be in your pool when you're diving in because sharks just get there yeah like gear out that irrational fear that like an a light like this shark is just gonna be in your pool for some reason yeah like of course he's there a fear that sometimes you know it makes me think twice I mean I always look before I jump in I mean still even from like jaws wait absolutely I'm like oh oh Lake Placid no or the poor no Lake Placid no please some like marine biologist comes in and asked to track the shark down there is no shark and some sort of hybrid bull shark that can live in freshwater what is that I don't like that but yeah I saw that so I mean even though I know that for a fact there's no sharks in Lake Tahoe thousand feet of water under me it's just like black when you look down I don't like that you know that's like that's the thing for me I like open water I like will go to Meeks Bay all the time because you know the ants always have to go there and I'll swim out and it gets about I want to say 12 to 15 feet deep but it's still like light blue water because like the ground is right there say but you it drops off in about a matter of like five feet it just drops downwards at like a 45 degree angle into nothing but pure darkness I do not like the fact that anything can come out of there because your imagination is back there and it can sucks and I sometimes I like I'll freak myself out and I know myself it's something like there's a tentacle or some robot hand or our order are a little girl like look like a three year old girl in a school holding hands with their twin something's gonna get you the the abyss I should say maybe even Jason Voorhees who's that I say ignorant Lee Jason fourties the guy the guy oh that Jason yeah you know that just get drowned and sorry's it didn't yeah so he comes back and kills all the camp it would be in Tahoe what would the Jason look like Crystal Lake somewhere up in the Sierras oh if if Lake Tahoe had their own Jason what would that character look like if it was you know Phil Birkenstocks of course Birkenstocks and dreadlocks dreadlocks that cover his face they wrap around man okay so he fell off we fell off we're back to Stephen King there we go what do you think I've actually asked you this before we had a good conversation so I'm gonna bring it back I'm gonna boomerang it what do you think the best book to movie adaptation has been so far there's definitely a few I don't know if I could pick just a single one I mean you toss a few at me humor me the Shawshank Redemption Josh a good one Andy different the the body which is stand by stand by me oh well that's pretty close Wil Wheaton's best movie question work possibly yeah I don't think I really see much River Phoenix rest in pieces now that was tasteless my apologies my apologies I just saw hey see what else drugs will get the best of its force hmm that's a couple of Stephen King ones Tommyknockers was pretty pretty good Tommyknockers that's a pretty good one it's Spacey for sure like no space yeah it's like a new space all day it's about a crashed UFO was like buried in the ground and this people find it and they're like possessed by it ooh that's hot gives them the weird like otherworldly energy it's pretty creepy do they do the movie was done pretty well I okay that sounds pretty good the cell was pretty bizarre in its own regard it was somewhat even of an invasion but like no aliens and they like he does himself the favor of not having ending the story before describing exactly what the enemy force is because in its it's the one where like the cellphones go off and everyone answers it like a zombie zombie so like so like they go crazy but then they over time they become more tame but they just start describing how they operate how they start moving together working together but still like outrageously violent in different different times yeah like with the I I'd remembered seeing the trailer fork before I listen to the audiobook and it's John Cusack and Samuel Jackson is supposed to be like little little gay dude that like sticks with it like Tilly and they like to come home he's in the beginning but damn like it was it was pretty some of the descriptions and things that happen are pretty dark yeah and then there's one I will not I will not spoil this I will not spoil this but one of the character dies and you're like I mean it's a little bit spoiler but it's not it's a Stephen King book people are gonna die like one character dies and you're like no I'm upset I remembered I was driving I was driving to Roswell and I was like no I'm sad my tire was flat metaphorically speaking and I had to keep driving until I just kind of had to get over it put on a new donut emotion and keep driving forward the book but damn the shining SHINee controversial quite a bit different from the book but the movie stands on its own it does do you think that this shining is famous more for Stanley Kubrick or for Stephen King definitely yeah because it would have been just been another decent book of Stephen King's went like and what I a lot of the haboob that I'm from what I can tell surrounding that movie is how Kubrick he took his own liberties with the story and yeah that inferences but you know they did do they did do a remake they did ya know what it was like a made-for-tv thing no oh okay it was it was definitely closer to the book Stephen King had a lot more creative control on that one pretty sure cuz that one's pretty pretty close to the book but but Kubrick's version is is the first time I saw that I think I was like maybe well over 13 years old my brother Sean was like a film buff how buff he was you did go to film school for a year that's pretty buff if I do say so myself is always shooting video and stuff on these cool cameras and stuff and but ya know it definitely is is probably the scariest in my opinion mm-hmm gives you the most creepy well yeah it it stays with you like there's a difference between movies the for sure oh absolutely the only reason I don't say it's the best one is because it's not that close to the book mm-hmm but it's more just the movie stands on its own just but it does look almost oh yeah you rewrote I mean it's basic storyline mm-hm in a lot you know there's a lot that's very similar but like the best parts of it Kubrick wrote right as far as like the movie and how its directed and how its acted and everything for sure Rick was the one that made the bigger impact damn yeah I'd say script like every every single day that would piss me off if somebody took my book and completely read it and like I'm glad that they're taking the time to yet like make it into a film like I don't know nobody did he's a you know he's that wasn't his first movie no he's a what he was a renowned great writer and director so it's like I don't know I think Stephen King should should have just step back and like dude do what you do because right even though it's not the exact same story it is more dramatic somehow because the book is super super creepy – hmm which one would you say is a bit more I did read the book before I saw that movie right and I don't know man Jack Nick you like you think that Jack Lawrence is a scary character in the book Jack Nicholson fucking made him scarier dude he was that look in his eyes he's amazing he outrageous like it's hard like it the great thing about books is you can come up with whoever you think of in your mind what a character truly looks like without any visual reference you just have your imagination but whenever you read it if you see the movie first and read it like that's absolutely Jack Nicholson when you like see him did he personify exactly what Jack Torrance was oh yeah yeah just like like do you just tell like when does it start sinking in in the book that he's just truly losing is it what he says is it inner monologue I don't know just it's I like the bridge turned on to the light flickered there's not enough power before power for 800 years no I don't know it's just it's just you can tell just by the look on the guy's face like he slowly slowly kind of losing his grip you know aren't we all Sun Olson the camera just steals a shot of him just kind of like staring off no in the in the book rather or in the book yeah I don't know it's it's a lot of a lot of inner monologue is you know you can do you think it's worth some average Joe like me to go out and purchase this and ya know you won't feel like you're timelessly what Stephen King book do I need to read right now so I miscounted even said Matt give me a book like I need it which one would you put in front the other who's the Alpha who's the leader you know you talking about booked and movie adaptations I want to see like they did one it was made for TV but it was for the stand the stay I see that redone and I think it if it was the right people doing it it could be an epic epic for sure because there's just a huge battle of it could even be that you know would be awesome as if like HBO did did like a full on season season about it like 10 10 episodes right because it's a long like the book is four inches thick right it's a good read though like in maybe over a thousand pages oh wow it's a thick read but thick will it draw envy from those on their phones looking over at you like dad with a thick book you must be a thick dude yeah like probably indicative one might say there's something wrong with true really it starts it's like a long story to tell okay does it end in character development and you know a lot of good twists and turns great I guess if you'd say like stylistically wise but it's a really good well well told story but it was like he's not like turning a phrase or anything yeah you know it's just good storytelling yeah that's all right but know one part that's interviewing sticks out in particular yeah but it's like a battle of good and evil post-apocalyptic does it end in a good way I should ask her just a Stephen King way I suppose even King way no I did not I did not particularly like the ending of cell cuz if he does something and then it's like alright we're like we've been waiting this entire book for you to for like for us to figure out what happens yeah and then he ends it right there leaves and hanging which you know I think proving blue balls to do the right way done in the right way like the road mmm that's very much a story like that but I really starring Viggo Mortensen yeah yeah the book though by Cormac McCarthy mmm excellent that's I mean aside from Stephen King book to movie adaptations that's an excellent one right yeah that's a good I don't know it's it's it's crazy when books say like The Stand or like the road like a post-apocalyptic I mean we have the means to make that happen like I think a drawing part of those is like it could be real it's it's fiction but it's slow and it's not even about like what happened because they don't even really talk about what happened right at much it's just it's all about trying to just survive absolutely and it's like what do you call it in a war style where they step in and it's like the story's already mm-hmm yeah and like they'll they talk about what happened already but like whatever big event already happened or it already happened that that's honestly tough when I'm it's like that's there's something big that happens in like in the book that I'm writing there's a war that's already happened and so it's like when do I sprinkle in enough to hint to to bring the character the reader up to speed it's kind of a bitch cuz it's like how do I not over describe right here and then slow give them enough detail at the right time for them to be drawn in like do you like things being laid out right at the beginning or it's slowly but like no figure out more as you go I like you know as a reader not necessarily know everything right at the beginning yeah but people are impatient these is I don't know I think it's more interesting to have like a character you know it makes them more complete they like have them thinking or talking out loud about their memories yeah especially in something like that because they can talk about what things were like before because how different it is now mm-hmm and I think that's a good way to like give the reader that information I feel you know rather than like laying out the entire scenario right away you get little insights into the characters head through like sprinkled throughout the story because you say they see something you know that they haven't seen in a long time and that gives you know that's where you slip in like this is how it was before right right I just feel like of people people's attention spans are you know over before they begin like there's nothing there like it's not instant gratification so let alone book readers you know I feel like even they are somewhat impatient like just that for a story to develop the story to move on you know like you don't be dragging it along but to like the best stories take a little time to tell yeah like Game of Thrones right now it's we're about to see episode five like everything's building it because there's so much build-up because you waited and let the story develop the payoff emotionally like just with your emotional investment into the story it'll pay off you might you might be pants a little bit part of that is I know I do part of that is people yeah people's attention spans are so much shorter it seems like because they've got something in their pocket they can glance at I like you know if I'm reading something hefty I like to you know be looking through it I can see how far I am in the story hmm and you know if you're trying to think about what's gonna happen or like I always try to predict what I think is gonna happen you know a lot of times I'm proven wrong but you know all what can see how much progress because you can look physically at the thing and you can tell where's your bookmark and like okay I'm 3/4 of the way through something's gonna happen how much can really happen right now right and stuff like that so you know I and I have a you reader but you know I like I like hold of the physical book now when I'm over halfway or three-quarters through a book I'm feeling intelligent I'm feeling good like look at me turn these pages and well no and you think these words sound in my head something thicker and you want to look back like oh what what what's he talking about and you try to page back and find the spot and reread part of it mm reread a couple of pages usually I do that you're just pushing a button or whatever to turn the page doesn't feels good you know even just being able to like I said you look at your progress like I was like quarter inch back yeah I've got you and you can glance it like five pages the spatial warehouse of a second compared to like the e-reader it's harder to do that I think usually I have to do that because I'll be reading a few pages this happened more so in school not reading for pleasure I'll be reading and then I realized that the past eight pages I've been daydreaming thinking about you know yeah chocolate milk and tiddlywinks and I was like what the hell have I just read I got to go back then I'm like I haven't even read this book what is this book this book is upside down I guess damn it Morty no it's reading for me got a lot better once it was for me I was terrible I'm super slow but I just hated reading in school because like I had to write like you have to get a certain amount done the topic that doesn't interest you for sure it's sun-like accelerated reader I mean looking back at it now reading should have been a normal part of my life I just didn't value it at all and I just didn't like it because it I was told to read these books like these books those books Lord of the Flies you know 1984 are they good books like of course but what I have read them if I wasn't told to like once it's a book that I want to read I'm more invested I pay attention because I want him if you have a go down a question here if you were to make a few books mandatory like if you're in charge of like the high school must reads like Of Mice and Men the animal farms what would be at least at least one one or two like mandatory reads public schools even private schools I I would say 1984 yeah by Orson Welles and I'd hesitate to say brave new world by Aldous Huxley I haven't read that one but I I've been meaning to but it's on a similar vein it does I get them mixed up from time to time so like dystopian kind of Bibble babbles yeah is the telogen one's a rather okay the government i captain basically controls everything and they're probably tuning in right now through my through my MacBook the camera right here so I mean if they would they got you know the congratulations to the government like they have the first are the the first audience members live that's probably to – nerds hunched over a modern intern I got my interns hunched over like pop we gotta listen to this shit they're like oh my god cause it's not in the future where we're basically everybody spies on everybody and and you can be thrown in jail for for criticizing makeover that is the United States in a dystopian future right now well it can't be because the future is not now or was it I took them both snore to them that's where I'm at right now whatever but um oh gee willikers I got started on Stephen King and I read I mean before before that I guess I read like goosebumps the Hardy Boys how hard were the boys um it was it was actually I don't know it was like you they were getting into like adventures and stuff like that Hardy Boys are they good improper and they wore their vests and no no they were what they were brothers and they they would they would there was always like a mystery that they were solving right so it's like classic anyway so ever that's the hardest good kids to know yeah I mean grew up with him or not but then yeah I got into some Stephen King and that was kind of the when I started reading kind of maybe like bigger like longer stories about the joke you know my favorite Hardy Boys were Matt and Jeff from WWE those are my hardy boys those guys that's actually quite the leap from the innocence of the Hardy Boys into the and to the cradling arms of Stephen King I like reading some some like frontier type stuff Jack London bang I read a couple of classics early on I was reading some Ernest Hemingway did you ever read The Great Illustrated classics like it's a hardcover book but every turn a page and there's like a there's like a nice drawing and then there's just size fifty it's just super they're like an inch thick but they're super quick reads and then they always made me feel good reading a hardcover battle I would say yeah they're children's books I read them like when I was a child and this is like a couple weeks ago but uh it just feels good with the hardcover back you know well you have a the best sixes you are a level two father aka you have to it's you know you read good stuff I was gonna ask you kind of strange the first little few times you read it but it was written in at different times that's good it's cool to like revisit those and Vlasic know I really like what books because I was gonna ask you this I wrote some good stuff down what books should kids grew up on early reading Stephen King might be a little naughty a little hefty hefty hefty like I've seen holes Harry Potter probably is a great bridge from you know good because those kids gotta grow up I mean as far as anything like that like the Bible perhaps farm I mean animal farm not all not only there's definitely a bigger story there but for kids though even though there's nothing like a violent in it or anything there's definitely some the world stuff in there that's that's slightly dark rotting over what point of view though it could be like the kids got to get introduced to shit I want to not super early but like what age range you talking here sandwich Harry Potter so like so like a little say like say you know you're all your children what would you want them reading bears right and then what would yeah don't get me don't that would be too far of a deviation to go to get into a digression to conspiracy theories that's for another episode I'm afraid so the Berenstein bears we got we got a few those but I remember having those read to me when I was a kid absolutely my mommy always used to do it and yeah my mom and dad read to me and we like we got a reading family all my brothers read it's a good ritual to do that one of the cooler things I go back to on writing Stephen King described like because in his books there's a lot of telekinesis there's like mine reading mental powers and he's like you know it reading and like writing and reading is our ability to do that because he said look at me it's 1998 I'm sitting in my office right now my leather chair and I'm writing this and you right now our my words that I've written in the past right here right now like he describes it in such a way as like not time travel but our delicate telekinetic powers are telepathic you haven't gotten through uh Kurt Vonnegut you should really get into him yeah that's right up your alley is he pretty moist how far up my alley my god I can sit in the back yo oh my god it's all dirty okay now curtain set on my throat Oh Kurt okay [Laughter] really always said that didn't he quick to the K no no actually Kurt Vonnegut's has passed away just like four or five years ago he was a really definitely one that's up there too great American author mmm really god bless him I mean if somebody has to describe like his stories it's you don't know if you call it sci-fi or are they that bizarre no it's just it's the basis of the story a lot of times isn't the sci-fi I guess mm it's like let's say intelligently but it's just something that's slipped in there and it's not part of like the story he's telling like you if you ever read slaughterhouse-five that's a great I note of it because I'm a piece of shit that slithered his way through through my literature classes like a snake stealing answer because I didn't have what it takes to put in the word thing I got I got I got an extra copy actually very moist I have a copy of one I didn't want to talk to you a little bit about Chuck Palahniuk I read oh guts that's all I read in that goddamn haunted book it's just I heard a interview with him and he was like you know it like kids went to like writers groups and shit and he's like yeah I disturbed people with like words because like words made people physically ill with what he wrote it evokes a like a physical response for me I can't believe it well I was just really like oh he's written heated for how good it is I mean what other I mean oh that I mean and it's not just I mean if you'd read more than just that story you'd see I'm sure there's more oh yeah like a shock factor there's there's other things going on in that book but yeah that's I think that might be the most yeah guts is not the most twisted pregnant sister that's all I got to say that is a quiet last night it's got it yeah it's right into that category oh mercy that is twisted but I mean he's got Chuck powers she's got a lot of good ones one of the girls that I knew in ad school said that he showed up at her college for like just a speech or whatever just a distant talk and he started throwing like dummy body parts out at the crowd just just said outrageous stuff he's just a crazy person I think it's just an absolute loon but he got he told me their day he got screwed out of so much money he got diddled he's got he's gonna have to work for I mean he's not the kind of guy that's just gonna stop working anyway no but if he really can that's a cool thing about being a writer is like to the day you die absolutely like the stories you tell and how you tell them if you can make a living writing books that would be the bee's knees that'd be a hoot if I do say so much absolutely I mean I think I read somewhere actually recently that young people are more prone to go to physical books rather than the electronic are they yeah sense of normalcy yeah but a nostalgia perhaps some kind of like analog culture coming back I mean vinyls never been bigger yeah I saw some out today Davis frickin 70s right right I think vinyl it's a big time you know it's the hipster movement now absolutely I mean there's something kind of refreshing about it I guess violently I mean until the fad goes away but I mean there's there's cool turntables out there there's something nice about a retro feel like it's like you have a respect for for what was like when it's modernized a little bit like I'm happy like behind me or it is that James Bond poster I've acquired somewhere wink wink and I know it's just badass it's Sean Connery it's those nice sexy early seventies oranges and malls yes the Dames the Bond babes classic classy looking ladies right different females back in the 60s and 70s a different tougher durable hairier women gritty I bet they put in a hard you know eight hours and then be asked to stay one more hour to help you know close and they do with the smile on their face you know those type of ladies they're down to get the job done whenever it needs to get done no matter how long it takes yet again I digress what is it about do you think just is is it tradition that puts the trial in there and the baseball players do it that hard-working blue-collar folks do it or is it just that good how dare you you rich you the gum I haven't but I really should try but I know I have we all digress is it us the addicted to nicotine or is nicotine addicted to us indeed here's a question what was the question we're talking about what kind of books oh wait no I what I'm talking about well we're gonna go back to that now which I don't think the kid should be read I remembered what I was gonna ask so there's so many oh absolutely so prolific writers you know you get your tweens you got your Hunter s Thompson and so you got you know you got your peeps why is it that they're your Stephen King's they're alcoholics they're drug users like a lot of writers enjoy this I'm sure JK Rowling took a couple pumps of some magic powder before she got down to the table there's all different kinds of people that have different kinds of talents I mean really but but in a field like that word were your creation is in print on bookshelves on people's bookshelves on stores bookshelves names gonna live a lot longer than some athlete or whatever you know so I think maybe the the the type of person that's gonna be an amazing writer like that is maybe the type of person that's also going to heavily indulge do you think not every single one of them here's a question this is totally off-the-cuff I apologize but when it comes to remembering names we remember these names like you know Mark Twain I'm sure JK Rowling will be remembered the Bible you have these classic authors that you're Edgar Allen Poe's you have these amazing all-star riders right so we remember them now in 2019 what kind of names are we gonna remember in a thousand years do you think Michael Jordan athletes are celebrities now that they're kind of Michael Jordan no yeah that's what I'm saying like do you think these writers do you think Mike Michael Michael Jordan is ten times more famous than Michael Phelps Mike um hold on like when in terms of like on the world stage Michael Jordan's competing yeah he competed in the Olympics like what two times Michael Phelps is the most winningest he I will I will agree to the Olympics and the Olympics is is a lot longer tradition no absolutely but from so I got have to like step outside you remembered Michael like transcended basketball I from the NBA he brought basketball to the world cuz he was that good and I feel like they're they'll always be at jumpin me I just think culturally he had more of an impact Michael Phelps you know the winning is Olympian of all time that will go down in history it's tiny little Japanese boy I guarantee it do you think writers names will still stand the test of time writers names yeah who's gonna stay in the chat I mean everybody has heard of Leo Tolstoy or you know even if they've never read anything the guy wrote I mean I've never read anything the guy wrote but Roy his name mm-hmm okay I mean he's not that long ago but I mean think of I'd be doing something right Plato Plato sir alias you know those guys wrote books what hundreds thousands years ago mmm these philosophy to and challenge science dude you know there are ideas are the basis for a lot of modern societies because it just does much questions were one of the few writers back in those days mm-hmm as far as how much stuff was actually being written how much do we believe because you've played the game telephone write it whisper in somebody's ear 15 Dumbo's later it's a completely completely different message when you whisper it so playing telephone through thousands of years of one writer passing his work so long to the next maybe they fabricate some parts maybe they don't when they rewrite well the script decimated the test of time no I mean they're there they got the basis writings and you can get different translations and I've heard none can make a difference because it translates maybe if it's written in ancient Greek it translates better and Portuguese or whatever yeah it gets a better description or the words transfer better because sometimes you can tell when you're reading something that's like oh it's written in Russian or Chinese but it was translated into English and it's like disjointed sentences and stuff like that but there's some languages where it just flows better it translates a lot better right heard that anyways I always speak English of course I don't know myself but I've heard I've asked my Spanish for teacher one time well the world's be on it it's it's it's it's spicy language but I asked would the world be better off do you think there will be a better place if there was just one universal language her response was no languages are very beautiful they're very culturally based and it's a very ingrained in culture and society and what it means to the people wherever they live yeah like I don't know I easier I think there'd be make it easier to get along possibly or to negotiate very interesting technology is gonna get us there there's already translation devices where you basically or just put it your piece and and he's talking to you and it translates it right there mm-hmm you know so you know eventually technologies like that's gonna spread across the earth whether it's a hundred years or a thousand years mm-hmm you know eventually pretty much everybody's gonna have access to that and it doesn't matter what language you speak and communications gonna be a lot easier they'll just be there for you then whatever Elon muzzle will find a way to use it to manipulate people which that's what it's all good it's gonna happen where we have technology in our heads we're like it's the phone or internet access we have all that just read minds it's computers can get hacked and win that shit's in our minds people can get hacked which means they do sorts of shit Morty said somebody a virus and they go start saying some yeah like a specific person yeah that's a pretty pretty gnarly basis from a book right there if I do say so myself send a virus speaking a book sandwich yeah I think I've spoken to you about my movie idea you're moving I digress well I mean your books movies they're well but it's obviously it's got to be written before I'm gonna be made well of course but it's Spitfire it's always good to get these things out I I read a quote once or is like the greatest pains you can endure is having a story inside you that you haven't told something that effect by I believe one Maya Angelou oh I'm turning British now look at me the smarter you get the more your accent hangs in you know post-apocalyptic mmm you're you're like I'm like the the top of this mountain you're on a backpacking trip since that's my bag yes sir and or something go off in the distance thank God yeah those like polar I got we got food for for seven days or whatever but now and like then we're going back home but now there isn't a home to go back to mmm dude do they all have sex with each other this is an erotica yeah it's a group of brothers ah well the plot thickens yeah it's two brothers Rick and Morty it's two brothers but anyway children's books I don't know we got we got Charlotte's Web which yeah what are the little ones ready I don't know that Piper's ready to sit down and listen to anything we like we got to finish a story before bedtime I got you that way you know it's not a it's not a long book but the anticipation is gonna keep her awaited over the course of like a week or two yourself yeah I need like ten pages a night or something it's not bad yeah it's a it is establishes a nice bonding ritual I should say that's got to be a nice time like you get a wind down do you spend some time with them before they go to bed yeah no and it's a good it's a good way to get her to do what you want to absolutely it's a big deal to say it was a big deal for her to take away story time mm-hmm she'll remember that thing like she doesn't want to go to bed without read this and that's major brownie points for Papa she reads books to Jack no really act like Jack grat has a few books that he will grab and he turns all the pages and he probably recess with an idea of cures and stuff yeah it's good dude I don't know I was a reader when I was growing up mm-hmm I don't know maybe help develop your imagination absolutely or when you're reading something somebody else imagined that they wrote down and then you read it it kind of puts you in that same state of mind where you can close your eyes and picture like what the story is going on you can picture the character and everything it does that video games as well to a certain extent I'd rather have my kids reading than playing video games all day well I mean that it's it's it's less than it's something visual though it gets bit like yeah video game that's something visual words I mean yeah you're you're visually reading the books but you're saying the words inside your head when you close your eyes if it's if it's a good book you can picture what the author is describing absolutely and it's gonna be yours I that's kind of a unique thing is like when you're writing the audience makes of it what they will who like because my main character in my head is gonna look completely different then say boys right and that's one of a mutual friends names going well this video game name apparently World of Warcraft picked it out and he did a random name generator we're talking about how you know authors love their drugs what do you think the best drug is to be on while writing I don't know which is really didn't met you're gonna write that is the most bestseller unabashed drug user writer that I know of is hunter tops I mean pretty much indulgent oh I think a whole lot but it's a lot of it it seems to me that a lot of the really good ones that least had a drinking problem but I mean what do you think not necessarily the best drug not necessarily the best of it the best drug which would you smoking some weed or something over acid or shrooms so I'm thinking if you did throughs that might be the best thing I would maybe smoking some weed oh yeah it helps for sure but as far as like helping your creativity yeah maybe doing some doing some mushrooms or let me tell you the thing with mushrooms um tea or something some mushrooms it's a tactical advantage because you're gonna grow at least four extra arms and get more work done and therefore like your spends I may be the mind's eye Laura have you opened your minds I may be seeing some shit he's seen some things with their minds I hit morning have you where is your mind's eye in the middle of your head is in the back your head isn't it like right is it right between you're supposed to be that's what all the the hippies are saying right there your third eye a third eye that was the supposedly wiener or something supposedly it allows you did interact with like the fourth of upper dimension that's what I'm saying when you're staring at somebody like you just get the feeling that somebody staring at you or whatever you turn like there's some kind of connection between us people humans yeah whether it be the mind's eye there's something an instinct I mean you even look at you even look at it like ancient cultures mmm you know we're definitely more in tune with nature and they had maybe a different sense so they could sense when certain things were happening it's really like that and I mean we know that that birds and a lot of sea animals they can detect like magnetic fields and stuff like that that's without Birds know when like when and where to migrate and stuff like that so maybe humans can do that too I'd say it's like a weight ability that since we've got technology we don't have to rely on that type of shit anymore well we got GPS and our phones and we don't need to know what ways north you know whereas you know back in more ancient times everybody they didn't necessarily maybe call it north but everybody knew what direction stuff was and everything right because they need it but that what's what did the animals because I feel like all animals are on the like they're all on the same page we're not for some reason they're like how salmon can get back to their mainstream like with like sharks and different predators they can detect electromagnetic you know signals mm-hmm they can tell when a fish is panicked and injured without even fucking seeing it they just used to say that that human beings are capable of similar things I mean it's like why but why you know evolution has maybe taken that away or maybe it's just a weight and ability that maybe even some people you know some people maybe you do have telekinesis yeah and that's I believe it that's some sort of ability that that maybe resides in every person but only if so many people know how to control it or even know that it's there right I mean you are yester what's that we are the spoon you are the it's not but it is yourself I am excellent excellent quote by the by I always like to be big spoon no I'm not trying to be a misogynist but I feel like that's where my spot do you have a problem being big spoon or little spoon spooning with the girl big spoon big spoon Yeah right no no I'm just gonna throw Diggler under the bus my little brother claims it's he's it's cool to be the little spoon I'm throwing him under I'm throwing him under there I'm backing it over than the ground tibia I mean nothing's wrong I guess whatever floats your boat you know whatever I'm that I'm so macho people fucking animals I am so macho I have to be the big spoon because you know I have a cigar in my mouth I've got a a shit on my my shoulders that magis fucking I'll eat it I don't need to put it out of his eat the thing like if this conversation was a car the course would be alway were to slide we got out go mudslinging everywhere the fucking chain on who hit it up for the excavator fuck we don't need an excavator we're good we got nothing but time alright alright Piper can hold on for maybe reading a story over over the course of a week or two weeks why in the Witch and the Wardrobe that there's a whole series I didn't even know there was a whole series for that there is it's like eight books did you ever read them with the Willy Wonka book and the one afterwards like go the hell they like save the grandparents no no it's why I've I've never read it and I'm all bet that it's pretty strange it was read to me in school why like our teacher did you ever in elementary school just we talked about like the fifth grade but the teacher just set up in the front and read to us yeah no yeah we we would have that and then at least a few days a week couple days a week at least one of my friend's moms would come and we had like a little library mmm good Catholic school losing jobs Elementary st. James over here buddy we were the Falcons what were you did there's an elementary school we didn't have sports what was your mascot no mascot no basket no menace Scott we had you know arms white shirts and navy blue plants no same here more like plaid jumpers brother brother give me a we just did like a predator type bicep clasp brother mainly for like Hogan and Randy Savage III gotta go Arnold Schwarzenegger Carl Weathers from predator tell me there's it's like every guy that watches that you begin to grow a third testicle I'm telling you that much testosterone in Carl Weathers Stallone they never didn't harm glass well I mean that was macho but just that that the senior armed class warheads they're sweaty wearing tank tops jumping around hugging each other I mean I mean that's great I mean that is nice show that I don't if I know what the definition of matcha let me give you the definition of macho volleyball scene Top Gun okay maverick in maverick and goose goose in the Mavericks like just all dudes no girls allowed sunset we're getting sweaty we're getting sandy and balls are getting tossed around and slapped by bristled and calloused hands that are lotioning up sorry I I go on tangents just saying that might be the most macho manliest mainly man see that's right up there yeah for sure absolutely those guys put tobacco up their nose Morty three cigars at one time two on each year and they stick so they they salt one of their eyes stick the shitter name that's that's what men do so anyways I didn't beep you at Piper's school little pioneers hmm they do like book time like they read stories and stuff in the class like you're singing songs and stuff that she heard at school mm-hmm but I don't know I think that really for me that had a big impact that part of that is part of why I think I really liked reading growing up because it it's the enthusiasm they use that that positive energy like you take that in as part of the reading experience yeah and then that becomes your enthusiasm when you're reading it pause like you want to make a good impression your kids you don't want them to hear a monotone voice telling a story because then they're just gonna be like yeah cool I'm gonna read that's gonna be my inner monologue now this dopey voice I want enthusiasm on when expression I want pictures I love pictures of my dogs maybe that's why I like movies Jack's buddy my friend her son just texted me like two weeks ago they're gonna be out next month stay at her house a couple nights really Josh Pauling very nice I'll tell you one thing divers friend that I had grown up you know how Devers asian asian oh wait that's a good that's good one to have and I grew up with well you need to even really knew until like high school you got a complete the the friendship ring you gotta catch em all gotta catch all the friends yeah do you have any idea how many genders you have friends you have to have now you gotta hunt him down you have to have all the all the races all the sexes no little people I don't think so but I think it does furries I know but I think that that does have a good effect on your life to know different kind absolutely not different races but different just a lot of different types of people different thinkers you need to have liberals and conservatives in your lives well I mean no no like Landsman or anything like that of course there well wouldn't it be the best friends just people that have had different life experience absolutely not necessarily somebody from a different country but I mean I grew up in you know white bread America you know great innocent upbringing bimbo I mean I know people that that was brilliant in the fuckin hood yeah they got a very different you know set of experiences compared to me and I think it's just valuable to have people that have known or know people that have like had different experiences makes me value mine more I think absolutely okay well it's cuz a lot of things I grew up doing you know kids don't get to do know I would never let my kid out of my sight when they're going on the bicycle or something that makes it that your own fault it's I wouldn't and when you look at it sandwich right there's never been a safer time to be alive like compared to you were growing up look at look at you know you know statistics right and and you're gonna see that when we were growing up it was a more dangerous world yet we still got to run around I just know what I feel like there's so much bad shit out and overprotective your eyes bad shit that can happen but they go as far as kids go if the bad shits gonna happen 90% of the time it's somebody that you fuckin it's not threat read be fuckin stranger you know that's a rare occurrence but it does happen and you know how could you forgive yourself if you just weren't super precautious I just I could not imagine like somebody that you know like that's a crazy no you can't argue statistics I just maybe it's just everything I've seen the news people just fucking make up you know yeah when the shit gets reported it fucking happens yeah I just know I know there is being overprotective I don't want to be a helicopter parent but at the same time but anyways I mean you know when I was growing up in summertime you know my parents didn't like unless we were doing something as a family like we were out running around the town with our friends and stuff riding our bikes around and stuff and I just don't necessarily see that did you go to the lake and swim with old man Jenkins no but we would go tubing down the creek you know take our ticker and her tubes walk down the train tracks extereme very stand by – yeah maybe why that that connects with me are you a jumper then we jump off the train bridge have you ever been a cheap dime-store hood yeah no there was a few of them around town really boy and bad boys huh nobody was doing anything crazy I mean but but you know in more recent years definitely my hometown is has gone downhill it sounds really yeah they're ordering waters but filling it up with 7up and spray six sons of bitches I'm not gonna I pull them a couple of times before and guess what it tastes even better cuz it's so bad it bubbles a little even it was flatted still be all fizzy with evil you know mr. jellybeans there's me a lot of Rick and Morty references and episodes to come and go with the flow yes that was turn a bad a bad impersonation of an even worse scene like just to get us back on topic so talking about like so with you because we've already gone over an hour but from you we can also expect outdoors expertise like re eyes equipment we'll be talking more about that and episodes to come my bag it is your bag and then God we can also do an episode I'm gonna reading in the outdoors reading I know do as much as I probably should rat bastard well when we go on our like little walkabout I'm gonna bring the but do me some reading do me some draw recipe little people will have an episode of that various well yeah podcast on the trail I could just pass we can pass the phone back and forth that we can do like a before and after during little thing why not rogon the the blueprint right well that's what a lot of people that's all I'll refer to like Joe Rogan podcast as the blueprint well I mean I feel like we digressed a bit but there's also a bunch of stuff we talked about that I'd like to go and further about just say like black mare episodes or enter different dimensions mental capacities just the we're gonna paint the void without expression all that stuff is just a lot of second-hand knowledge that I have so maybe I need to maybe actually read a book about some of that stuff let's do it right speak too much on it you also talked about how you feel we can do that you're going to talk about some of that stuff though it's like I don't know maybe you just didn't need to go with the feeling absolutely you can collect data it's just and I love anecdotal evidence you have how would you have the instruments to collect data in the fourth dimension you don't let it go nothing physical exhaustion if you've met stucked into another dimension how would you even how it your eyes aren't equipped maybe they are though it's a different taking DMT you can get there that it turns on those receptors possible that's what it sounds like yeah that's pretty cool and I'm very intrigued by it most little oil a lot because it's it's like you take it in a controlled setting and it's like a 15-minute thing it's not letting massive where take it you're like on the ride for like 12 hours I can dig that I know who I like that children's books well I'd say that I'd say it's a successful first recording we're gonna chop this so this is we're getting our feet wet here I'm glad like we finally be able to get in there and thanks for showing up your toes oh that's a man shake if anything Wow now like it's actually a friggin thing now I cannot start editing it you know ready I want to get ten of these bad boys done before and see it for season one just so I could stay relevant like and then for the next ten weeks drop them on the website and put on Facebook instead of whatever that's the plan well anyways take away from this people and do some read some books it do some books that's the real drug let your let your eyes that is the drug of choice when it comes to books let it be cocaine and use your eyes as your means to snoring that shit up into your mind enjoy it books are good they get the creative juices flowing and you know just stay hydrated indeed indeed alright guys the next time

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