Tales of Norse Mythology – Kvasir and Mead of poetry

Greetings traveller. Make yourself comfortable. Today we shall tell you a tale about Kvasir
and his relation to the Mead of Poetry. Once Aegir invited Bragi to a feast, and there,
impressed by his poetry he had asked him, what is the origin of poetry? Bragi thought for a while, and then he started
telling a tale… After first war in the nine worlds came to
an end, Aesir and Vanir came together and spat into a cauldron as a way of pledging sustained peace. From their saliva they created Kvasir, the
wisest of all beings. He was so wise that no one could ask him any
question that he could not answer. The Aesir allowed Kvasir to leave Asgard and
travel throughout the world. He went from village to village teaching men
his knowledge. Once he came to the home of the dwarfs Fjalar
and Galar. They called him aside, saying they wished
to speak with him in private and Kvasir followed them into some room. But this was a trick by Fjalar and Galar, and they killed Kvasir. The two evil dwarves slit his throat and let
his blood flow into two jars called Son and Bodn, and into a kettle named Odrerir. They mixed honey with Kvasir’s blood, and
thus was produced such mead that whoever drinks ше becomes a skald and a sage. The two dwarves sent a message to the Aesir
saying that Kvasir had chocked on his own knowledge because there was no one smart enough to ask him a question that he couldn’t answer. Fjalar and Galar then sent out an invitation
to the jotun called Gilling and his wife to come and visit them. While Gilling and his wife was visiting them,
they asked Gilling to row out to sea with them, and while they were traveling down the
coast the two dwarves rowed the boat on to some rocks which made the boat tip over. Gilling, who was unable to swim, was drowned, but the dwarfs righted the boat again and rowed ashore. The dwarves told Gilling’s wife that Gilling
had drowned and there was nothing they could have done to help him. Gilling’s wife was overtaken by sorrow,
and she began to cry aloud. Then Fjalar asked her whether it would not lighten her sorrow if she could look out upon the sea where her husband had perished, to which she said it would. He then said to his brother Galar that he
should go up over the doorway, and as she passed out he should let a mill-stone drop
onto her head, for he said he was tired of her wailing. And so Galar did so… Time passed, and Suttungr, Gillings’ son,
heard about his father’s death and how it happened. He came and seized this two wicked dwarfs,
took them out to the sea and left them on a rocky island, which would be flooded at high tide. Fjalar and Galar were scared and begged Suttungr
for their lives. They told him, about the mead of poetry, and
offered him it as compensation for his father’s death. Suttungr agreed to this, and he took the mead
home with him. When Suttungr came home, he hid the mead inside
the mountain Hnitbjorg and made his daughter Gunnlod stand guard. That’s why the mead of poetry has many names,
it is called Kvasir’s blood or liquid of Odrerir, Bodn or Son, it is also called the ship of the dwarves because it was used as ransom to get them off the rocks. The mead is also called Suttungr’s mead
or Hnitbjorg’s liquid. Heres Bragi stopped, and Aegir remarked that
it was an interesting tale but how exactly did the Aesir get their hands on Mead of Poetry? To this Bragi smiled and replied that this
is a tale for another time… And that will be all for today about Mead
of Poetry. I hope you liked this story. Let me know what you think about this tale,
and how these malicious dwarfs have slain Kvasir. Come here again we have a lot of stories to

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  1. They didn't SPIT they each crushed several berries and whispered everything that they knew into the cauldron and poured in the juice and prepared a potion. From that potion was born Kvasir


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