#TalesOnRail Day 1: Literary Paris

after 24 hours on a flight from Australia I arrived at 7 in the morning in Paris on the first day my flight got delayed so everyone was waiting for me when we got here I picked up the airport dropped off with over to quickly fish my bag and it seems like a half an hour after I touched down at the airport we were standing from Luke and we had a guided walking tour of the literary side of Paris so we started at the how many Nationale and we learned about Victor Hugo and Moliere it's in the best pyrites in French history and when through the words it's a beautiful day it's really warm in Paris especially for this time of year they're not that Richelieu was instrumental in sort of the buildings and the culture that you see represented there today we went through the buildings and over the sin we cross the river onto the left bank and learn more about the modernists along the riverbank at a scene was a bunch of like stools and they was selling little laminated posters of Charlie Hebdo so we walked around the cafes where Hemingway drink sherry with Joyce it was remarkable having book shops and galleries they were it was incredible continued Donna we went through Java in doing looks more there was some really beautiful fountains we were taking photos of the flexure knees later we went to Pantheon and then continued around back to us in to Shakespeare and company bookshop which for any American has read a book about Paris probably it figures into your itinerary when you get to that city that was and it was a cool way to really jump right in on day one

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