Talib Kweli – Def Poetry Jam

New York City thank you thank you very much thank you thinking about every Sunday waking up catching gossip at is worse couldn't see the difference in the Baptist in the Catholic Church caught up in the rapture the first chapter in second verse and we all got children there was the word of the Reverend worth taught early the faith is blind like justice when you face the time if we all made in God's image and that mean his face is mine wait or is that blasphemy as logical it has to be if I don't look like my father in the way I live this Bastardly naturally that's confusion to a young and trying to follow Christ taught that if you don't know Jesus then you lead a hollow life never question the fact that Jesus was a Jew and not a Christian or that Christianity was made law by politicians and who was King James and why did he think that it was so vital to remove chapters and make his own version of the Bible they say hell is underground heaven is in the sky they say that's where you go when you die about how they know I've been to many churches I quoted many verses I dealt with my base self I controlled my many urges I used to study my lessons that was a blessing not a curse I found out to heaven in hell exist right here on earth were studied when Rastafarians found out from the dress the hell is called Babylon and that's where the crazy ballheads dwell they got us thinking that Muslims like to make bombs but real Muslims believe in paradise and resistant shades huh so so it all sound the same to me but when they say what's right and the others wrong it just sound like game to me it's like God's get past the church' came to me no that ain't vain to me it's just a particular way that I came to see the difference between those that claim to be religious and knows and city spiritual and recognize the life is full of miracles you can see the flow with Devon I'm glowing around cuz the coincide with a growing tired of those looking for God I know to go inside looking for absolution live in the mass confusion the gas inducing psychopath created a last solution based on his interpretation of what the words are saying looking for God but ended up doing the work of Satan religion create division make the Muslim hate the Christian make the Christian hate the Jew make up rules of faith that you condition2 and God or follow God forbid you go to hell but if you ever been to any ghetto and you know well peace giggles oh man sorry Polly

39 thoughts on “Talib Kweli – Def Poetry Jam

  1. "Taught early that faith is blind/ like justice when you facing time."

  2. This makes so much more sense now that I know he's a five percenter.

  3. does anyone no what the beat is that comes on when he finishes?

  4. Everyone talking about religion and the differences lol, your missing point of the poet, its all the same, were all Gods children don't do the devils work and cause separation between ourselves.

  5. not true without all about THE KING JAMES VERSION — there is no proof of the so call books of mary magdalene ect… the truth is the DEAD SEA SCROLLS proves THE KING JAMES BIBLE is on point .. — for the record i study many things out side of the bible to get a understanding of others beliefs … TK does not believe in GOD at all he said heaven and hell is on earth …. no believer of GOD would ever say that …. the greatest trick of the DEVIL is to make people believe he does not exist

  6. GETTO..Iv seen that in the streets of Miami and thats not good. Getto? Iv seen that where stealing from your Grandma to buy a sack… Getto, I seen some great Churches and have tried and tried to get the young black community out of the "mind" set of getto… Be real and good to people. The Golden Rule… We ALL must learn…

  7. Love this song, and the whole album it's on for that matter. Some parts of it helped me find my way when it was difficult to know what to believe. The end of the road was atheism, after being raised Christian. A circuitous transition to say the least, but it's one that I can stand behind because despite all of the outside influences, I was able to choose something I truly believe. Though his message may be a little different, Kwle

  8. I find it entertaining that every Christian I know that researched the ancestry of bibles(many did their thesis and such on it), well, no longer are.

  9. mmmm mmmm mmmmm. preach. brutha, preach. 🙂 Truth has a way resonating in the human soul.

  10. @uab10 Man what have you been smoking? That's like saying Waka Flaka and Soulja Boy are better than him too. I'm from the south and even I say Wayne is garbage.

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