Talking with legendary rock writer Steve Rosen LIVE! 6/21/19

in the words of Al Bundy let's rock hey hey everybody this is Johnny bean it's 508 p.m. out here in Santa Cruz California June 21st 2019 we got David Nez doll hey how's everyone doing good how are you doing man good very good Jay Hannon hello everybody and happy first day of summer you wouldn't know that here in New York it rained all day was horrible oh well it's all downhill from here because now the days start getting shorter after today so huge yeah and Dave who do we have on the line we have steve rosen an amazing steve rosen hey everybody out there awesome awesome great to have you Steve thank you very much much fun to be here like I was telling you off air I've been a huge fan of your writing for 30 years at least seriously yeah yeah you read oh sure I guess me a van Halen guy maybe you read those there's a guitar world covers from the mid eighties and stuff can you see I'm sorry can you see the video did the video again Yeltsin okay I'm holding up a magazine right here there you go and supposedly supposedly it's signed by Eddie although I bought it from somebody so I don't know if it's an actual signature or not but oh it is yeah that's the signature this this was my magazine when you know way back when a man I never seen you have never shown that before unless you have and I didn't remember I don't think he's shown it since you've been on here Jay but I've seen that I've seen that magazine I've seen him hold it up and I had that magazine way back when and it was it's like the pinnacle of the of the Van Halen interviews it's like the pet you know that's any interview if if you're talking about an interview of Eddie that's the one you're talking about yes yeah this is it that's that's cool I I mean I'm a pretty self effacing individual but that interview was kind of yeah I mean I think that that kind of set a standard for Van Halen the interviews back in the day and you know I tried to do stuff a little different and pulled in you know quotes and tried to you know tried to fancy it up a little bit but I think yeah that interview of all the interviews I've done with it I mean that one probably stands out as much as any of them mm-hmm yeah so Johnny what stands out I mean because you've probably read that interview once twice a thousand times right oh it was is there anything in there that kind of sticks out that you you know because obviously we've read all those things back in the day so much that you know there's certain things from each interview that you're like oh man I you know that's really cool or do you remember anything that pops out to you well I think for me I think it was this was like one of the first interviews I saw where Eddie talks about you know his beginnings hey you know where he came from talking about piano talking about winning first place in the piano contests you know in in college you know or school and and the poster you can't forget the poster in that oh yeah you know yeah the Frankenstein crazy yeah that's like the first time we actually got the scene the whole guitar as up close as you can it's amazing yeah yeah IIIi played that guitar and I'm sorry guys I don't mean to be speaking over anybody here the the I'm watching the video and I guess you guys talking so I'm hoping I'm not over anybody not there's a delay so as long as you don't hear us talking on here it's all good oh cool yeah I actually played that guitar well I played it I mean I held it you know and you think that oh my god then Eddie Van Halen's guitar is going to be like you know this amazing guitar it's going to play you know effortless effortlessly that thing was a monster to play I I mean it just it just you know it was not one of these guitars I kind of played itself I mean how I'd played that thing is beyond me but yeah that's funny to hear that man because you think like oh Eddie Van Halen's guitar it's got to be you know shipshape exactly and I've actually you know in my interviews you know guys would bring their guitars along and you know I played a few of them when I say play I mean I've I've been a guitar player I mean you know I'm kind of good enough to not be horrible you know I mean I remember playing Brian Mays guitar and he had these strings that were like you know eights and stuff and I mean that thing played effortlessly and some other guys guitars would be easier to play but as guitar was not easy to play I mean the the vibrato bar was really heavy you know and you're just pretty amazing so yeah did you ask him like how do you play this thing you know Edie you know I I mean we were talking before we went live here guys and you know you guys had mentioned that you know you would give maybe you know listen to that interview I do said in 78 was over my house and he's kind of playing guitar as he's playing stuff the second record well the thing about Edie obviously as with any great guitar player they pick up a guitar and they sound like who they are so you know he's playing my strat that I had that I couldn't keep in tune and he's Eddie Van Halen so I mean to be enough to end could've played anything you know all those guys at that level could play anything and they're gonna sound like they do but it's pretty amazing am I wrong or was that like an early 60s Stratocaster that that he was play yours of mine yes was it a vent no yeah yeah I think it was a I think it was a 66 I think it was right after CBS bottom so that's a pretty decent guitar I mean I sounded like shit on it but you know you can hear what head does on it and and I think I had some kind of a little fender amp I can't remember what I had well maybe I know I think maybe he was just playing acoustically with the electric and that's what you're listening to and Mike you know I mean I'm sitting three feet away watching him and you know you think of these guys and you know I think that he van Halen yes he was a great guitar player and some of these other guys meant but when you shoot him three feet away from them and I mean you're really watching what he does and you're watching me attack of the tick on the string and you're watching this left hand and I mean it was it was something special I mean I mean this guy was was you know you know God came down and and I'm going kid this guy it was pretty remarkable watching that stuff you know so he plays it me sounds like that you know and then I you know I I take the guitar from him and I play you know and try to get I'll play these riffs everything these things that he was showing me you know and it was just a joke yeah well it's pretty embarrassing yeah well actually there's there's some of you that you can hear playing it and you don't sound like you're a joke you sound like you're a pretty darn good guitar player there is that you know you can hear the difference between the two players and I'm like well he's got that look pretty down you know cuz he's showing you these licks it's like can I hear that lick it sounds pretty almost right you know it sounds great for someone they're just learning it you know you you know way more than kind man yeah I mean I was okay you know I mean I was good enough for Edie you know kind of so comfortable handing me the guitar after he played something you know and you know that was a thing about Edie you know if you'd sit in a room with him and go air you were just fuckin unbelievable and you know you sit there and you know yeah it would be like you know I said you know you should do purple songs back in the day play highway star and he play highway star they play the solo perfectly you know and and you know it's like you know just just watching him do that stuff right you do cross roads across those sort of what she loves to do but the thing Butthead is you know he never he never really wanted you know like a sycophant he never wanted you kind of you know drooling over his playing or anything and you're just the fucking best how do you do that I mean that's that's not what what got him up you just kind of wanted to be honest and you know so you know get as I'm sitting there and I'm watching him I'm thinking I I know how remarkable this guy is you know but try not to go crazy on the guy and just kind of talk to him and be a friend um you know and and somehow he he responded to that you know for a lot of a lot of years you know that we were friends he just kind of you know felt comfortable with me and was willing to kind of you know be pretty open about stuff and you know I get up there and butcher guitar party he knows it oh man well you know you sucker what do you do I mean he never ever did that you know it's a pretty remarkable actually daddy that he had that quality being you know arguably the greatest guitar player in the world at that time or acknowledged is the greatest guitar player anyway he still is in my blood yeah pretty amazing pretty amazing I suppose we've all you know heard the rumors and the quash rumors about you know the original van Halen getting back together with Michael I just read on blabbermouth today that that that that that is not going to happen yeah it did be honest it's a little sad what happened to those guys and what happened to Michael in the way he was treated I met I don't think that was fair um but you know yeah I think we're all on the same here we there yeah yeah that's just you know that's the way life is some where we get too much farther further into this stuff the dog paw or the dog PA he's in the chat room and he wants us to say hi to you he says I've met see Steve I saw him play at a club i sat with and met Tim Bogart thanks to him many years ago knew his brother we all met after the show and the show was great after Tim asked us if we wanted to jam and we all thought he was kidding steve told us later he was serious and we blew it please show me yeah I don't know his real name so if he wants to say his real name in here maybe you'll remember but and Kim I'm sorry so Kim Bogart was there yeah apparently yeah so that's pretty he said he said Saten met Tim Bogart thanks to you oh that's entirely possible honestly I can't think who dishes if his real name appears somewhere that might jog a memory well we'll keep an eye on yeah yeah if there's the dog da yes hey man if you want to email me or message me your real name I'll get it to steve-o and also uh Tony Tony Neville says hey hey Tony Steve can you see the chat room on the video I can I can see it going by yes interesting okay yeah cool yeah Tony it's great I'm not quite sure we've never met but you know Tony's one of my guitar pick guys and well obviously you know he hooked this up for me and very cool guy very sweet guy yeah cool well listen before we go any further why don't we do a roll call to see who's here and say hello Jay oh mink yeah you're good my roll calls take longer than anybody else's that's fine that's totally fine especially when I never mind all right we got garv Beej R 2 R 3 locking nut at Salomon Berman our firm nightbot is here our favorite will Neal David Ennis the dog paw Michael Schinkel Ben is that Coombs our combs Johnny I don't know we got nerded Caleb Rappaport from nerd halen is here John Boulware BAM mazi Tony Neville charles greane uh thomas santiago joe Hervey my metal buddy Derek Oh Alex Radford tube soupy Oh tube tube soupy Oh Frank see how it's rad for I think somebody mentioned that jgies nozzle jams yeah we should do a triple roll call everybody yeah everybody's read a name john water project ryan coat a coat so Harvey Anthony JJ's has pants John Parsons oh my goodness Michael Michael Smith Junie says all right back to the stuff now okay that's cool that that's a lot of guys man that is very freakin cool I recognize a couple of those names I think as guys who have you know I know through my ebay guitar dick thing so that's great mm-hmm yeah yeah right now we have 58 people watching us live but and that a battle that will climb up as the evening goes on so yeah we we usually get quite a few people watching us very cool man how long you been doing this show I think we started maybe four years ago Wow I think but you were doing this way before that you know maybe not this exact thing but you've been on the internet doing videos yeah yeah I've had this this channel for about 13 years and I've done everything from guitar lessons to vlogging to to this kind of talk show stuffed you know different different stuff that's cool man yeah so jokes like do I get a guitar of my choice for being on the show what are these guitars behind you guys here this one we can have this one which one show more than the one in my hand the one in the back I'll take that one I'm sure he will have you played the actual 5150 have I yeah no I don't have it just the frame yes there's an interview there's an interview that that he did with Edie that he's he's actually he has short hair it's that 85 interview we're here short hair and he's playing this guitar and you're playing another one that looks very similar to it you're at least you're holding and we're kind of sitting across from each other yes doubt that I think that was any this would look like a studio it looks like we're a bunch of rock here there yeah yeah I think you were in 5150 correct yeah I can't believe you guys saw those photos I mean I thought that was only a photo I had Hey I wish I was on video I could go get this photo for you I have it hanging on my wall oh yeah I was given I was given and a guitar lesson I'm being a little facetious here I I you know I I was just doing this one thing so he goes what do you thought what he does I don't little noodle thing and he did it you know you got it in about three seconds and he started doing it like the way Edward Van Halen would do it you know I shut my mouth at that point yeah oh yeah but I'm sorry event I know that pitcher he's what he's watching you play correct yeah that's exactly it I mean seriously I was doing this little noodle lick that I did and you know he looked at it and it's going there you go oh my god yeah with the rest of that picture is you know you're saying if they panned out a little bit more yeah that's me sitting there with yeah another one of those guitars and you can see all the rap stuff behind him and yeah what's up there I mean not a lot but I mean I went up there fairly often and you know I mean what's that it's like you know hey man let's play guitars and you know I remember the first time you know hey man let's play guitars it's like yeah right and I'm gonna play a fucking guitar with you yeah but then I thought you know don't don't be like this little you know sniveling guy so I can't play in front of there because he's not going to dig that you know so I said ok man yeah let's play guitars so he said I'll play but you play guitar so Amyas guitar through his rig and yeah so just uh you know jamming on a couple of risks and I mean that that that's what he loved you know so I actually had a riff this you know this get as a kind of a songwriter you know I have a few things published and blah blah and you know so I had you know kind of riff in my head I start playing and he really liked it so little for half hour you know II took there you know coming up the different bass parts and he took taking guitars hey man what if we wanted this change here and it was just amazing Van Halen court changed I go oh my god that's unbelievable at the end of the night you know ed of course everything he gave me the cassette which I still have of us jamming and so you know I'm leaving that night hey man do you think if I you know whooping this song or something you know me if he ever shows up for an album or something could we do that you know and I go yeah you could take a put it on the van Halen record do whatever you want I mean it never showed up on a record but the fact that he would even say that was pretty astonishing you know that was a that was a pretty fun night I must admit that's cool so we have I want to I want to tell you a couple things that some of the people in the and the in the chat room was saying so our friend Caleb Rappaport Caleb Rappaport he's uh he's the guitar player in a van Halen tribute band called nerd Halen and what they do is they they dress up as nerds in the beginning of the show and as the show goes on it's it's a whole stick where they they they undress and they they all of a sudden towards the end of the show they're like rock stars they look like rock starts but they start out at nerds but he types he types dude Steven you're on with the biggest ed nerds on earth so yeah our friend the dog PA says for Steve he says I knew your brother Mick how is he today No how is that possible who is that guy we're still waiting for him to give us his name but his handle on here is the dog be a dog PA I mean I can't even I can't even imagine who would be on here who would know my brother I mean that is too much Wow he's been watching that a while too yeah you know that that user name the dog PA has been in our chat for quite a while for like I don't really yeah so this it's it's it's not set up incredible yeah Wow very cool yeah there's some good stuff our friend Allen says Jimmy Page gave of gave very good information to Stephen in his 70s interviews he didn't start giving detailed interviews like that until the 80s that is true I remembered that page interview excuse me I was pretty unbelievable I was writing for a guitar player then and I worked for a year to put that interview together and they finally acquiesced you know Zeppelin had a you know a love-hate relationship with depression and they love to hate the press right so yeah so I was on the road those guys for 11 days and yeah interviewing page was I mean it was pretty remarkable not the easiest thing in the world but Jimmy was actually pretty decent when I interviewed him and I mean yeah I mean I've read other interviews by him and I think he went into a lot of detail that he had never gone into before and um he may have even I'm pretty sure he said at one point you know it goes yeah you know this is is really important you know we should do this right you know we're gonna we're gonna get all this stuff I thought oh my god this is gonna be the greatest freakin Jimmy Page and that's ever been done and I had literally ten pages of typewritten notes you know pre-computer and you know I was ready to go over every song and every session and it's hard you know and then I talked to him in I think two different sessions and towards the end of that first session he'd been indulging a little bit you know things were getting slurred his memory was kind of going so I realized you know the interview of all interviews wasn't going to happen but still you know it uh I think it turned out pretty cool so yeah that was pretty amazing being on their plane and hanging out and how hard how hard was it not to do that stuff with these guys or Disney I went out not to indulge yeah that's a good that's a good question um I to be honest I was never one of those guys I didn't drink for no other reason that I used to get migraine headaches if I took a sip of wine I would have migraine that would I sort of got blood would come out of my eyeballs so I never drank I never particularly care for the taste of alcohol back then the 70s um yeah I probably done a few things you know I mean we all did kind of you know well fuck it we got what we all do quaaludes and you know we all smoked and you know maybe some other you know not not real heavy stuff but some other things but I mean to be honest it was never offered to me had he offered it and I'm sitting there movie Jimmy Page it's like come on man how do you say no I mean really could any of us have said no I mean how do you fit a man and you wanna you know I mean short of you know sticking a needle between my toes I mean you know how they would have I probably would have gone there with him but yeah honestly it just it just never came up but he would kind of walk into the bathroom and you know I was kind of obvious what he was doing fortunately but so he was he was pretty cool I I mean I must admit I'm a couple times she would kind of get angry you know and you know it's like oh my God he's gonna you know go crazy on me and you know he'd say something like that's a fucking stupid question we want to fucking know therefore I go oh my god I'm just shrinking my skin that's the most fun he was pretty cool I didn't view him again in 86 for the firm and that was a nightmare from the beginning English nasty frickin mood I don't even remember if he remembered who I was I said Jimmy you know she rose in 1977 guitar player cover you know and I I don't know to this day if you ever remembered recalls who I was but he was very nasty in that man I mean every questions you know he was drinking and I could barely hear what he was saying and uh God and I don't know I got through and then I got that and went back to my room is threw up for about a half hour that's that sucks you know and that that that band is one of my favorite all-time bands you know oh yeah I loved I loved red and that was a killer killer you know superstar band good they were pretty good I mean they definitely take if only had their moments absolutely yeah so what do you do what are you doing you're interviewing somebody like that and they all of a sudden to start being a huge jerk do you kind of like all right this is enough of this like I'm out of here or do you kind of have to like walk on eggshells yeah man that's an excellent question and to my what's the word to my better nature I I never I mean I never physically got up and walked out on an interview I basically just kind of grin and bear it and for a long time probably for years and years or three studies I always took it personally like oh fuck what did I say to this guy you know how did I piss them off or what did I do you know I realized it was never me because I was usually pretty good about doing my homework and listening to the newest record and you know I really had that stuff pretty well together it was just first on the other side of the microphone so you're just kind of grin and bear it and you realize you know you're not going to get any good interview had a bit but just you know you be professional enough to to sit there and you know soldier through you know Paige was the nightmare there's been some nightmares Frank Zappa was a nightmare one of the most sarcastic people has ever walked the earth Todd Rundgren was nightmarish Ginger Baker oh my god that was a phoner about 15 minutes and I asked you much a question about crane because they're one of my favorite bands there's a soaker cream that was years ago but cream about oh my god but yeah just go with it Ginger Baker looked like an asshole when he played the drums so we did where mr. Baker mething was called that documentary yeah that that guy did and I thought that guy did an amazing job and I mean ginger history guy in the mouth and his own time is trying to document ginger and Ginger's just one these angry guys man very angry guy but yeah so I mean III would say I mean I benefit a lot of people I'm guessing I know I bet there's been 2,000 people I've interviewed I'd say nineteen hundred and sixty of them have been very cool but those 40 guys Wow nasty guys Wow so yeah you've listed a couple of the terrible ones well not terrible you know the angry ones who was your favorite the smite my favorite whatever done well either interview or just person when you got when you got done you're like wow that was what would a great guy or girl that should that's an excellent question because one of these guys might be decent guys but when you're walking out of the room you're ever thinking oh I'd like to be friends with that guy you know I mean he could be a totally different guy and you're in all this guitar playing but it's not the kind of guy you really want to be friends with so I mean that's a very good question I mean just in terms of meeting people that you know were you know on my wish list I mean you know a lot of those obvious names I mean Paige was one just back which was one of the first things I ever did Pete Townsend Brian Wilson but it's like those people I mean I don't know if I could ever really be friends with them in terms of you know decent people I mean Steve Lukather I probably interviewed maybe 15 or 20 times so I should kind of lives on the corner he was a very cool guy man he's always been honest with me and you know if I needed something I could you know call him up or email um and he was always there I mean Luke was always cool who else for long con Billy Gibbons I mean you know again not that we were like best friends not that I'd you know fly to Texas and hang out with them but you know whenever we'd interview he was just always an incredibly open and adult with me yeah actually I had a house out here in Hollywood on a Sunset Strip very nice house we actually met up a couple times yeah the house in Santa Fe he actually stayed there a couple times as funny I was there once and he had a copy I interviewed Billy for guitar world and in the closet was like a copy of the guitar world issue what which was you know I don't know that felt pretty cool but you know show me yeah so I mean I've been different so pretty you know remarkably cool people Joe Satriani is a pretty amazing guy you know yeah there's so many actually no that's the one that's the one yeah that is the one that that interview there was an am show in Chicago and guitar world wanted me to come out to the NAMM show so I suppose an AM show and we had been working on that story and that story needed to be done really quickly so I can't remember the exact details but I handed this story and Noah Goldwasser who was he headed to them but old guitar world had a a booth at via show i angered the Chilean to know anything so it says there you go the man I ended the story into knowing and he said this is horrible you can do better than this this sucks so for two days I actually sat in the press room of the NAMM show in Chicago to to finish this story and kind of you know what you read there is kind of what I came up with but yeah Billy G is unbelievable nice didn't didn't you travel with edward van halen to an am show I did I remember that that was that was another one who's got which magazine was that the Stevie Ray Vaughan cover exactly that's exactly right and I the cup title was about housing clever and I thought I knew or lanes you know yeah was the NAMM show in in New Orleans and yeah I can't remember how it happened dead was going to go and was gonna go with I think Rudy larren who is it's checked at the time and at the last minute Rudy couldn't go so and probably I think he caught me at the day before singing my goddamn show in New Orleans I go yeah and I want to go they damn show in New Orleans with you so I'm never driving over to his house again and I live in Laurel Canyon headless and cold water it's just kind of 10 minutes over my hall and I saw up in his house and it's like 8:00 in the morning and Ed was drinking but you know it was cool for took a limo down the airport and got in the plane and then walk on the playing with with Edward you know and these freakin stewardess just going insane and they walk over every three minutes like hey can I help you with anything you know you know I'm hoping always get some of the residual leftovers or something you know so yes I go to New Orleans and edit the show it was amazing I mean I remember walking in there with him and the only way I can describe it it's like the Pied Piper you know I mean I've been to shows and there did some big guys that were that showed up you know Stevie Wonder I mean some heavy Jess back I mean heavy heavy people and Ed walked in and man it was like I don't know someone announcer on the PA and I swear to you within 10 seconds he was surrounded by a failings of people I mean hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people men and it was like this this you know worship thing that it was just remarkable to me so yeah that was pretty incredible I have a point yeah point time we're hanging out with you something wrong with that and Brian May and I think Nugent might have been there and John Entwistle and and jemmye with John Entwistle and I thinking oh my god I remember I remember this really clearly it is walking I think it was walking with endless honey jam was it was so good luck with Entwistle and maybe Nugent and I'm kind of like you know trailing in the back and um you know it was like oh my god I felt left out I mean I felt insignificant to be honest with you because I mean Here I am with these freaking guys and you know so I remember saying oh you're ignoring me like some little bitch girls forgive my language man I can't believe I would even say that to him but hey man it's cool you know you're you know and I put his arm around me or something but it's like my insecurity was like so overwhelming it's like oh my god talk about being in and amid giants I mean you know but he was cool I mean he would indulge it he wouldn't like jump on that so you fucking insecure dickhead you know he's honest with you say hey it's okay don't don't act like that you know and that was the thing about yet he was honest man if he wanted you in the room you were there if you say hey man I'm gonna work in the studio by myself but you need to go home he just went home and you could never take it personally because he could be pretty blunt but um it was always honest so yeah so yeah that was a pretty amazing time walked up and down Bourbon Street you know and again you come if you've read that story you know that you walk by and there's a band playing jump and so ed leaned his head in these looking in there and I don't think anybody saw who it was you know but I said you know has their stand you know look in the window and Feeny was looking in there wouldn't you know they would have freaked out I was pretty cool yeah as far as I'm concerned you know Edwards one of those guys that could stop the world from spinning if you really want to do he's one of those guys you know yeah he goes to an AM show and the NAMM show stops you know I mean it's really unbelievable I was at another show I didn't go there with him but he was there might have been early yeah I'm sure was earlier than the New Orleans show it was just show here in Anaheim he was doing the Kramer thing and it was unbelievable Valerie was there and I I mean I just never seen anything like it I mean you know he just he had that thing I mean beyond the playing which is you know we all know about that but he had that other thing that makes the true kind of you know rock you thought that you know you can be the greatest guitar player in the world and and not have that thing was was that in 1985 by any chance yeah I think it was the year that the year that he gave away the the stripe Kramer that you played in that interview with him um are you a sports fan I know Steve I'm sorry are you a sports fan by any chance sure well yeah I don't know what statistically but I mean I have Mike you know favorite teams and the company Louis I've always been a cardinal center chef but why do you ask the reason I ask is because there's this commercial for Michael Jordan this was you know I don't know when he was still playing I think and basically what it was it shows everybody living life normal at a party at the back porch or something in the garage and then all of a sudden they all you know they all have the Bulls game on and all of a sudden announcer goes and Jordan with the ball and everybody stops what they're doing and it's all about that that when you guys talk about when Eddie goes out or when he goes to the NAMM shows or used to go to the name shows yeah everything stopping it kind of reminds me of like that commercial where this one guy is so just above everybody else that it's like holy shit you know that's Eddie Van Halen yeah he's just you know I mean he's like the center of the universe to a lot of people on this planet it's it's it's incredible how one person could be that much of a magnet you know but I mean of course because he's one of the best one of the greatest guitar players that I'd ever ever lived you know other than Jimi Hendrix and all the other you know big greats from from the 70s all the all that the British dudes but I mean you know you talk about the Beatles and then Hendrix comes along and then after Hendrix who else is there it's 80 Van Halen you know he changed rock'n'roll after Hendrix so he's know imagine Hendrix walking around to be the same thing you know yeah no absolutely you know and I often think I mean Edie personality-wise I I mean again we can we talk about that you know intangible I mean I think Edie could have been you know I mean I might be fantasizing here but I mean I think that could have been a bank teller or or you know he could have been anything yes we're in awe and obviously were drawn initially to that to the guitar playing but he had that thing you know it's just other thing and again I understand that it's an extra boat inextricably tied to the guitar playing but had he not been guitar I still think Edie would have had this magnetic thing you know I don't think you would have acted crowds crowds of thousands but I think he always would have been the most popular guy to party and you know there's just something very magnetic and and infectious about the guy so yeah well what I know for a fact about about if you're in his inner circle you're you're just he is absolutely exactly what you would want out of him he could be your best friend he gives you all the time of the day for himself you know I mean there there's there's two Ed's is the good at into bed but if you're in his inner circle and he's in a great mood he will give you the shirt off his back he will he'll give you all the time in the world it's it was you know I hate the I don't really want to bring up my my thing with him but he was just a the the best gentleman ever when I when I when I was able to hang out with him it was just incredible so I can imagine that if you're in if you're in the inner circle he's like that with everybody yeah no absolutely yeah yeah catching if you're in the inner circle me catch it at the right time yeah yeah he was he was he was special I mean you know he was I mean you know again an incredibly honest – got a credibly honest guy and a lot of times thing that he would say you know it would be you know kind of hurts your feelings but he never said it to be hurtful he just was like you know oh Steve yeah the got the glasses staying with the receding hairline you know but something he was saying it that's just wait you know it was but yeah special guy yeah it was a term of endearment with him that the term of endearment I'm petting it you got to treat that as like a term of endearment with him because he like you said he didn't mean in the arm but you know the faculty that the fact that he even acknowledged you like that and he got to be you got to know you're in here in a circle because I don't think he'd say anything like that to someone he didn't know or I yeah absolutely and I think that was part of the thing I'm I'd like to think and believe that you know you know the interviews and stuff that that you know I was able to into this ring and oh boy I love that mustache that is a fine picture needle slows our tip that you guys know Neal well we don't know him personally I actually Johnny you known you I've met him a couple of times I'm you know Neal Chuck yeah the pictures on the second Van Halen record and Alma motley crue stuff I mean he's one of the greatest rock photographers ever so Neal took that Neal a new red worked pretty well by that point I had met Edward previously at The Whisky he was there to see Michael miner expand I think was called monarch yeah unbelievable and so we might Mecca I think the second time we've met there and I mean he was just the greatest why didn't I ask him for a guitar pick you don't do you have any guitar picks for ludie believe it or not I do not I mean you know I've gotten it you know I've traded guys I bought a guitar kick but all the times I was up in his studio and you know ashtrays filled with direction which he'd use and just shoot me now I mean wow yeah that was a lot of guys I mean I I did ask my interview guys I did get a lot of dicks from them but there's so many guys that I didn't ask and just I just have to give you one quick guitar tech story here so back in the day before the Tar Pits were kind of you know what we're called logo could talk that's well you know Johnny I mean you know before there was any riding on a guitar pick you know a guy would use a generic fender or Peugeot or Dunlop or you know just a guitar picks so you know III I would ask guys for guitar picks and because they were all basically fenders or you know Manny you know Manny had the many heavies you know fenders they were all exactly the same so I take a little piece of paper and a piece of tape and I Cape who that was and I put them in a little box well you know maybe some of yours apana say hey you know what I'm gonna kick my guitar picks out you know I'm just gonna mount them on a little poster frame on the wall so I take them out and I'm folding them off what happens to Jake when it's stuck in a box for five years Johnny why didn't you tell me that try it out so what I'm still stuck with or a handful of generic fender pitch and fifty pieces of paper not knowing who who belongs to do and we're talking about incredibly what could have that been very rare I mean people like you know jim mccarty back in the day and oh god it makes me sick so anyway that's my story I did never in 1975 I did a story for guitar player called the picks of rock and roll where I did sort of like a little paragraph about each guitar pick that I'd gotten you know from guys and that's kind of considered you know kind of the first you know kind of you know big story on guitar get collecting in the big magazine I'm not saying I started guitar pick like that that's ridiculous but you know in kind of a you know wide circulation you know publication that's kind of acknowledged is you know a pretty special you know your step story so yeah so Tony Nevel asks me to ask you this question I'm a little reluctant to ask but it's in a chat anyway you could read it he says Dave asks Steve why John Paul Jones got pissed off at you while you were Howard Zepp this is a very good story so amount of know with Zeppelin and I actually interviewed hey that's right I actually interviewed John Paul Jones before page I was in the same hotel with him and they said yeah you know Jimmy will speak to you when he's ready so I said well you know that is they got now when Jimmy's ready he'll talk to you so basically I was afraid to leave my hotel room for fear you know I know that second I leave the hotel them to go walk right outside or do something they're gonna call say yeah Jimmy's ready to talk to you so I'm afraid early my tell room so I was just for I think two or three days and they said hey you know John Paul Jones will talk to you and I was gonna you know interview John Paul Jones for the GP issues well so good at John Paul's room and he is incredible I mean he is just the nicest guy and he's you know a very musical guy I mean to this day I don't know if he ever really got the the the kudos that he deserves you know all that arranging I'm gonna get a lot of that was Jimmy's as well but I mean those keyboard parts and the bass parts and the arranging I mean you know that that was all John Paul Jones so he was great I mean I think we probably talked for about an hour and a half maybe two hours I mean about everything it's just an extraordinary interview I had brought a guitar player had cut out for this thing called rock guitarists volume one and in it were like I don't know 50 of like the biggest you know most popular stories that guitar player had done well they took my Jeff Beck story which is actually the first story ever difficut our player and put it on the cover that was a story I get back in January I'm sorry December 73 so it's now sometime mid or early 77 so hey you know what wouldn't it be fun to give all these guys an issue of the Jeff Beck's and now obviously although just back and you know they could the guitar player connection so I do have one I don't think I gave one to a plant or a boxer I didn't give away the bottom you didn't look at bottom so I gave one to Jimmy I can't go into John Paul Jones so I think a day or she goes by and I do the first part of the interview with Paige and that's in his hotel room and you know again that that was pretty cool when I walk in there's a huge hole on the wall because she had tossed the phone through the wall because he couldn't stand the ringing and yeah I thought that's cool you know so about a day later they're flying were flying back I think from I forget maybe st. Louis as you all know they had their own private starship they would Park it on the you know private airport tarmac Chicago O'Hare you know they take the limo to the airplane get on the plane you know they could do a you know five six hundred miles and you know 45 minutes on a plane so we're coming back on the plane and they said Oh Jimmy will speak to you again so I go back and and the way that you know they're starting to set up this kind of like you know little lounge areas just not really a regular seat so it's kind of Jimmy's like in this huge overstuffed lounge chair so I'm sitting there next to him and Paige talks in this whisper plus he's got this thick accent you know and there's the King you know noise from the airplane and I'm sitting there trying to hear what he's saying them hunched over you know trying to listen and you know we're talking and somebody grabs me by the shoulder and listening out of my seat I mean really viciously so I turn around and it's John Paul Jones with his bouncer they all had their private bouncers so I'm looking at him and I knew we had a great conversation so the first thing comes to mind is oh he's just goofing with me because I'm sure I said to him gentlemen how much I love to be there you know what it means to me and it did you know and you know how you know lucky I am to interview you and and page so it pulls me up you know it says Roseanne you fucking cocksucker I'm gonna fucking kick your ass I'm gonna fucking kill you and I hope we can cuss on this line here you know I'm something he's joking you know I'm kind of you know nervous chitter so I'm kind of standing there you go yeah yeah yeah I feel good did you fucking out so I'm gonna fucking kill you and now I'm starting to think oh my god if she really sherry us about something and I'm looking at him I'm looking at him and there in his right hand rolled up is the issue of the guitar player issue that special compilation I wasn't at all here with it that's cool oh my god I now remember what I wrote in that fucking Jeff that's Joe in the first paragraph the first now remember it's my first choice for guitar player so I'm trying to make a name for myself that's just unknown writer I can't even read that story anymore but something about you know the three great English guitar players you know I said hair clapping has turned into a hillbilly and all he played this country guitar you know Jimmy Page ripped off the first back album and just that guy's the only guy playing anything decent so I'm thinking oh my god please God tell me that he didn't read that and sure shit because once we fuckin shit you wrote he opens the page I'm going oh my god so I'm trying to backpedal and double-talk and say oh my god I didn't mean that I wrote that four years ago I was a moron for saying that and I thought oh my god if I get out of this with less than a fucking broken singer I'm unlucky so she says well fuck you you're not doing any fucking interviews give me all the cassette tapes that's like oh my god sorry and if all the tapes I'd done with Ian Paige and I go and sit in the corner my eyes look to God I don't get eye contact with anybody I was supposed to spend the road for you know another several days I thought I've got to get out of here you know it's bad vibes now they're gonna yeah the guy said the bouncer over to kick the shit out of me or something I mean I knew they weren't gonna physically hurt me but you know man so you know I'm literally attacking about time we got home and everything it's like you know two or three in the morning and the jeannine safer who's a publicist comes in left on my door she says you know she's got the whole thing and I said Jenny and I don't even know what to say I'm so embarrassed like I can't even find words she goes I know she goes you need to go apologize to John Paul Jones I said I can I said I can't say this guy she said you have to go do that so I go and I knock on his door and you know nobody comes to door I'm not gonna store i sat there for a half hour trying to explain why I said what I said the story that it meant more to me that I can't ever tell him what it meant to be with these guys I love the band I love the first record you know I was playing good times bad times and cover bands I I mean anything I could think to say he said well I still think you're a fucking asshole but you have a job to do and and I'm gonna give you back your cassettes he gave me back the cassettes which I just thought was an incredibly magnanimous gesture so I wrote back kind of like the story and it comes out as a you know cover guitar player and the Indian came out great Idol it was really happy with the Jimmy Page story I'll try to make this short cut ahead maybe a month except when were in town to see detective the band that they assigned to a swan song I don't think they'd was here but John Paul Jones was there's a club called the Starwood I'm upstairs at the in the VIP room with my brother and I told my brother this story and mixer so John Paul Jones is over there he's walking over here I said yeah of course he is Nick I'm sure he is also just walking over here so I'm sitting there with my dad Joe actually guy captain in the back and it's John Paul Jones and I get up I'm going to start apologizing again and he goes man I'm sorry I didn't mean all that stuff I've read this story and it's gone it kind of hugs and you know yes rock'n'roll story I ever had but at the moment that it was happening it was a little otherworldly I must admit I could yeah hasn't that having to spit on the plane with like knowing that everybody wants to want you off the plane like fired out of the plane it's exactly and their whole thing about hating the press it's like I was giving them fodder you and them fuel for the fire and there was no bigger steps and in the world you know I mean it's like I mean I I love the band and you know okay so what would happen well I'm sorry to hire up all these questions because I'm glad you know I love the behind the scenes stuff but like what if what would um like your boss have said if you said listen these guys hate me now and they took the tapes like what what would they what would happen to you you know that is an excellent question I when I got back Jim Crockett who was the editor I told him what happened and his first instinct was oh man I'm gonna call swan song to tell those guys they're there fuckers you know I think she was almost and he wouldn't die nakai to his Jimmy Page for God's sake but he was almost ready – you know can the story but he was totally supportive you know who was I mean even even had I known that in that moment all I could think about it was oh my god my my career whatever it was up to that point three three four years I've been writing I mean it was effectively over I mean you know you know you're blowing Shep story and you have jump Jones you know Kanye dickhead you know it's like you're never gonna live that one down pal um but they were really supportive guitar player I mean there was some pretty special relationships with magazines back in the day they were very cool actually so that's awesome god bless guitar player yeah god bless all guitar player guitar world how about circus and raising circus and cream how about those two magazines those are pretty amazing I mean you know you know I read all the magazines if I started writing and you know the naivety of youth you know and I was reading this magazine di I thought to myself you know what Mike I can write for those magazines III can do that you know I know about music you know I mean I've never written a thing in my life but you know but I ran from a high school newspaper I had a music on like I am I can do this you know you just you just don't think that you can't when you're young and I can remember sending out I still have them that the rejection slips from all those magazines green circus Rolling Stone Crawdaddy musician you know all these rejection flips and then somehow you find something and they use it and it was just the greatest feeling I I mean the money was nothing you know I mean I think it was you know $25 for story or $50 for story I would have paid them to have a story in circus or free magazine you know it was just great it was just I don't know I mean you know magazines back then were the only place you could find out about the band you loved right you know obviously there was there was no MTV there was no internet there was no 8,000 website so you know people look forward to each issue you know and like oh my god that's what those guys look like and oh look that's what the tool was like you know that's what I kind of get to her place so uh yeah we special I mean I love you know the first toys and cream and so I guess were more unbelievable to me we've talked about stuff like that for forever like you know before before the internet you know you'd have to you'd have to go to the show to see what the setlist was or you know and stuff like that you you you didn't know what songs they were playing until you actually got to the show you went to you know nowadays the second they hit the stage the first time you you can find out what the setlist is what you know the order you know you can see videos of it you don't have to go to the shows anymore because you can just watch it the next day on YouTube you know it's it's it's a blessing and a curse yeah yeah yeah no man in fact you know if you know if this show that they're playing in your town is the feasting on the tour you can already watch the show in its entirety until YouTube broadcast yeah it's a blessing a curse I mean a computer for a writer having access to the Internet and you know you know hearing a good type up and the spelling of something and not knowing what it is and back in the day just kind of you know working it out phonetically and ultimately getting or on now being able to make sure everything is spelled correctly and the resources and Wikipedia and other sites that's pretty amazing but in terms of all the access that you have to to an artist knowing everything about them and singing every performance I I don't think there's anywhere near the magic that there was you're absolutely right and it's like a you're infringing on their on their private life as well because I mean you can get to anyone and know anything and everything about anyone because of the internet you know which she didn't know that he couldn't do that before so it's like and along those lines with magazines right we're talking about records and you know you know I mean I don't know about you guys I'm sure you did i religiously read every liner note on every record you know and oh my gosh she's in that kinda tar and oh my God look at that and you know it was just the greatest and uh you know I had liner notes on albums right and radio sometimes I teach it without the butter a band you know and you had magazines you know now it's like oh my god a CD there's a you know ninety page of booklet and you can know everything and you know but you try to explain or tell people about vinyl even though it's from making making a comeback you know and you know that how that's the way that stuff was recorded and there was analog and you the pops from the hisses and that's the way that the band wanted you to hear it it wasn't meant to be a digitized thing and they'll argue with you all so so much better than anyway you know that's a argument to go on forever yeah yeah yeah well and also yeah I think we talked about this not too long ago on off was the Late Show or something but think of back then with vinyl and cassette there was obviously the album opener and then there was the side to opener as well I think Unchained right that's the perfect like side to opener so now you with CDs and even like Spotify and streaming it's just basically one side you know there's no size family yeah exactly well I mean I mean that's that's why nobody sells the albums anymore or even CDs right everybody buys right they download the they download a single yeah their favorite song yeah you know and I mean it's funny my brother and I had this running joke that there was no good music made after 1969 I mean you know we're being kind of selves and beyond that no no good music that was made outside of the the tolling veld bell range of the big band in the shitter of London I mean we're being ridiculous of course yeah I'm yeah I mean you bought an album by a band and you knew that you're gonna listen to all can suck on all 12 songs you know there's no way you would just listen to one song look or whatever the single might have been you know it's entirely different nowadays I don't know if people listen to albums or CDs anymore if they're entire I don't know well I do the albums in their entirety from like streaming on Spotify but as far as going to the store or ordering online as for the physical it's very rare very rare and it sucks you know I support it more than I do but people make playlists now yep like mixtapes you know yeah so I had to change phones my my battery was beefing here I'm an old-school guy actually use a portable phone on a answering machine so it's all good yeah else when you're ready real quick real quick are two or three thank you very much man and there was a good a good question here in the chat from Oh what was that my dog barking I can't stop the dogs from barking like a dog with everything else you know this has got to be a world's record because I didn't play any licks on my guitar the whole show mm-hmm well this is a special this is this is very special here because yeah normally we've we've never had this is the first time we've had somebody on the phone like an entire show yeah yeah boys yeah it's working great yeah yeah yeah we're gonna do this is great I think I think it was John B oh yeah our friend John BL 5150 says Johnny can you ask Steve what he thought about the movie almost famous says it probably sounds like you lived that that is the bane of my existence that's funny Cameron Crowe was I mean we weren't friends but Cameron lived in San Diego California and will come up to LA a lot because all the labels are up here so let me acam it a few times and you know by 15 Tamara was doing you know cover stories and you know rolling stone and we you know did those huge selling pieces and Allman Brothers and it's like my god I was just oh god so green with envy I just said oh my god this guy and you know I I thought that was amazing so you know tell me what not to do what he did you know and you know directed and did all that stuff and wrote movies and married the girl from heart building a divorce so maybe it wasn't all perfect for him I shouldn't say that ken was actually a very nice guy but so yeah so almost famous I wouldn't saw that and yeah that was I mean something that was Cameron's life but I mean on a smaller scale that was that was my life and I I mean as close as it was I mean two of those movies for some reason they never can quite get that rock saying right I I don't know what what it is I mean it was close I mean he did a good job on that but yeah that was my life I mean that was that was it man those were God they were just incredibly sometimes and again I as all that stuff was happening that for me uh there would never be better moments for me I mean I didn't know what kind of music was coming I mean even before van Halen but for me you know nothing could have been greater than interviewing you know ritchie blackmore or you know billy gibbons or III mean i mean that for me was it i mean there's no way that you know being on the road Zeppelin you know if that was going to get any better than that there were some great moments there was a bit a lot of great moments uh you know post that but yeah those were those were highlights oh my god hey I think I'm just checking a search on my interview Billy so you can see where he he interviewed the Hat there oh yeah yeah so believable so tell us tell us about George Lynch I was trying to tell us about George Lynch George I've met a couple times I'm trying to remember the first time so in the 80s mid 80 somewhere at first he seemed a little adversarial but then he opened up and that happens that happens a fair amount um I would be the last one to tell you that I know a lot about guitars I think what I know about is I understand guitar players and I know enough about guitar playing and that thing to converse pretty intelligently so and at a point in time you know I think that they kind of get that you know I mean yeah I'm a fan of most of these guys as well but doesn't come across the fan thing comes across as somebody really sincere and somebody really interested and you know I want you to you know go deeper into yourself I mean you've gone before and you know some of the questions might be a little odd or off-the-wall that's just meant to kind of you know maybe push you into coming up with something you haven't said you know in the previous chatter interviews of a teacher not to be very cool I mean I've actually interviewed George a couple times subsequent to that and very cool I thought George was a remarkable guitar player and George you know you know maybe more than all those guys really really live in the shadow of Eddie I mean they were you know really contemporaries you know and nothing there was ever a competition thing but I mean George was more than aware of Eddie Van Halen yeah George came out before him George was playing in those clubs before yeah that's right mm-hmm that's right so yeah I mean there were some good be totally respect in the day I mean I mean I'll show you all you guys know Terry Kilgore yeah also guy who maybe who maybe didn't have you know we talked about that personality thing and no offense Oh Jerry I've only met him once and it was a very nice guy but you know I mean could be in every van Halen again I think you need you know all of those pieces in place so there's a great question on the chat bye-bye blank palette – he says did you ever interview anyone where they were just lying and full of shit basically where you couldn't publish it where you couldn't publish it and you had to think on your feet about the story that's a good question I mean I'm trying to think oh yeah I'll give you the the perfect example Yngwie Malmsteen my favorite anime what's that my favorite guy in the world I can't stand that guy you know oh my god well my best friend was Jimmy Waldo still is you know as you may or may not know you know Jimmy you know started Alcatraz to me was in a band called New England then he started Alcatraz we're looking for guitar players and somehow he had heard about game day certainly from Stila but I think he even heard of him when English still back in Sweden and wow this guy is you know coming Jimmy is a guitar Titian I don't mean he knows fake guitar playing when he hears that so you know McClung sure sure you know invade joins Alcatraz and generally tell me nightmare stories about invade Jimmy was a keyboard player so England will be playing you know is photography editing in the studio English and then to your keyboard your qubits go to your keyboards under tune man and as we all know G which don't really go out of tune and you know when a boss and inve would take off his sweaty pants and underwear and throw them on Jimmy's bed you know yeah Jimmy one one time for me took English strat the main stuff that he that he played and like skimmed it like on its back the length of on the floor of the bush I mean just totally fucked it up terribly you know Jimmy Jimmy knew that I was doing interviews for Guitar Player magazine blah blah to him and you got it you inve he said she's a total fucking dickhead he's an amazing guitar player I said okay so I'll be obviously you know guitar world knew who he was so they send me out there in great live sort of in the valley from where I live in the Hollywood Hills just 20 minutes over the hill so I go there and you know I I'm not gonna do any comes any holding a guitar there you go you wouldn't know it by the picture you think these were great friends buddies they're the guitar that he sold yeah that's your that's your guitar isn't it I the the guitar that he's holding in that picture that's your guitar isn't it right there yeah put that back up there's no okay no those are both English okay yeah yeah a whole room full of guitars so I couldn't door so he's holding that sunburst strat and tobacco some some verse I can tell and they should come in so he's playing you know and I'm kind of watching them and we kind of shit down and you know I'm kicked out my cassette player and you know I'm hooking it up and plug in the microphone making sure the cassette is working so I say so I start talk today so in base all he does know that I'm not impressing it just wait on waits wait okay so he's he's practicing and there you go mmm-hmm great picture pretty cool you know cold record in the background their apartment was it freakin dumped but hard so yeah looks like 5-10 minutes cool but I'm sitting there you know watching him practice and then in an in and of itself was remarkable you know he's doing all that you know he's neoclassical stuff and then string skipping I mean it's just you know it's like I'm thinking wow this guy is you know he's pretty unbelievable so 10 minutes go by so I start to talk there's no nothing yet this was on actually got that much a sat there for 45 minutes and finally you know he gets done I start talking and it's one fucking lie after another so we start talking you know I asked about you know you know growing up and I said I should man I said just watching I said you must have practiced a lot there's no man I never practice good man I never practiced I think what he meant to say said that he never really practice practice but I thought yeah okay so we talk you know and and you know I yeah I inevitably asked him about Ritchie Blackmore goes well you know Blackmore I listened to him a little bit and I'm thinking oh come on and everything you do is rich you laugh more and then a lot of just black Jeff back every guitar player I ever talked to I bring out just that because none of them were ever as good as just back in my mind so he was always kind of the high-water mark so he goes and if you've read the story you know that this is the quote Expo World magazine pulled out so I said you know so waiting much that goes no man just that cool Wow I said hey I said England let's get this straight you have never heard of Jeff Bezos no man I never just back so guitar world who you know kind of you know loved that stuff they put in big bold print just that no man never heard of him just one long after the other and he was lying about his guitars and you know how good he was and yeah I thought he was a total asshole so at a point in time you know he cleans he's cleaning the string on this guitar his first string so you know how you walk you walk if you could talk about your kind of you know run your you know like like kind of your fingernail pad of your finger down the string to kind of kind of just do like a down and dirty clean well he does that and the string cuts into the fleshy pad of his first finger and he starts bleeding like a fucking stuck pig and I mean it's dripping on the floor and he's bleeding and he's trying to you know shut you know if you know what I'm going in get that's that's pretty good that's not man it's okay so he goes into the bathroom and gets like a lot of toilet paper puts on her singer and the toilet paper is bright red it is soaked with blood that night he has to play a gig without guitars obviously and he ends up I think he's super glued his finger together Wow fast forward ten years I write for a Japanese magazine called player they want me to fly to Miami where he's moved interview in Bay my first thought is there's no fucking way I'm flying – you know – I'm sorry fast-forward mm five years Ronnie James Dio me not even that long maybe a couple years Ronnie James Dio is playing the forum there's a party afterwards for him afterwards at the an English pop on the center strip called the Cat and Fiddle I go there and in bays there anyway comes up to me says you're a fuckin asshole I said hey man whatever he goes that fuckin store is a fucking lie I said inve every single word is fuckin true our player that you said he's drinking he is really drunk just you're a fucking asshole okay you know does your fucking lousy writer I didn't really mean anything and he goes you fucking Jew and that was the one that did it my drink like I'm in a Western I caught it in his face and I blind them and I punch a man not hard but enough that nothing he goes down and now we're grappling on the ground it was bigger than me and I'd never been to fight my life now but I was ready to dismember him and we're kind of grappling around and the bouncers come and they kind of carry him out like you know the fireman's whole like guys like put his arms around his leg now the guys got him up like on his arms and literally he fixed evict him from the club Wendy deal comes over says oh my god I'm so sorry blah blah blah my friend stands and L was writing for a paper for a magazine called performance and then he writes usually clinic steve rosen cold-cocked Yngwie Malmsteen destroy the next day fast forward a couple more years Claire wants me to go to Japan to interview Yngwie I said there's no fucking word they should go that's it alright I figure you know inve knows my name is on the interview list he knows I'm coming so I go I go to his house I knock on the door prepared for whatever you know and he opens the door he goes oh my god I'm so fucking sorry I'm sorry for what I did I shouldn't have done that I fucked up I mean he must have apologized a hundred times the guy was gracious she was cool you know I took my foot driving his Ferrari you know let me play his guitar I mean he was totally cool I've been a medium many times since then and he's always cool you know he's a it was just a guy who couldn't get out of his own way and and in my mind he totally destroyed his career by all of those years back in the day being a total asshole alienated a bunch of people a bunch of them people way more important than that I was but anyway the choice for sure can I quickly tell you my Yngwie story yeah so I'm working at Manny's music and if you I'm sure you've been in in that store the front of the guitar guitar Department there's this counter with all the pedals in it and all you know is this people workers in there so I'm in there and I'm on the phone doing a major order with with a Japanese customer of mine for you know like I don't know a dozen music man bases or so something like that and he comes in and I saw him come in he came right up to me and he was like he's like hey man and I'm like and I and I look at him and I went like this I was like I'll be right with you just give me one moment is the very important order I'm taking so like a minute goes by and he he's getting pissed off and he takes his pointing finger and shoves it in my chest hey man Do You Know Who I am so I was angry I was like I know exactly who you are and then I turn my back yeah it was it was annoying cuz I knew who he was and you know I was like I'm not taking hey you know you assaulting me that's crazy that's believable yeah yeah yeah you know and the thing is I mean like I said I mean I I hate to say it but he he really truly was a remarkable guitar player I mean still a great guitar player I mean he really was responsible for for you know that whole neoclassical thing whatever you might want to call it you know but it's like yeah he just he just burned one too many bridges and you certainly can't do that in this business so you too bad yeah yeah but you're right he is he is a superb guitar player and he's the best at what he does he's incredible mm-hmm he's unbelievable and from what I hear he has really calmed down since then I mean he's become actually you can talk to the guy yeah ya know he's gotten much much better that's enlightening well vive I brought him out again and I didn't think that would happen because I remember hearing stories of when the last time they did a tour together I don't know who was the g3 thing or whatever went um like during the jam at the end of the night mm-hmm and I remember hearing stories of like Yngwie you know everybody takes a solo spot you know they come here you know and he would like when it's his turn to play rhythm he'd keep playing lead over everybody else and then like step in front type of thing and it's like who does that man like you're all phenomenal guitar players world-class guitar players you can't just sit back for 15 seconds and let somebody else have at it you know yeah well I loves him yeah exactly and that's what he did constantly with Alcatraz Jimmy said he never stopped soloing I went and saw that show that night that he cut his finger off you know that they played there's a show called Midnight Special and they played a couple songs and he just plays over every phone call and he never stops and okay yeah Jimmy's got stories about the guy unbelievable you know I heard that early John Roth is the same way I've only interviewed Olli once I can't say only seemed maybe a little self inflated but whether he was to the extent something big I don't know I can't say hmm yeah well there was a question before I'm trying to find it again but it's probably gone about uh if you've ever met or had any kind of yeah what was it something about have you ever seen or met or talked to Donna Landy about anything Oh what did you think if you've met him what did you think of him yeah Oh John Landy yeah oh yeah yeah no Don was amazing yeah I met done well whenever I would go up to Ed's done well what we should know in those early days Don was there I think you know in three in the morning Don is there you know and Edie gave all due credit to Don you know engineering those records I mean the truth be known I mean you could have taken a $50 microphone and put it for the sort of edge amp and it kind of would have sounded like that but God was I'm was special you know Don had done all that stuff at Warner's and he'd work with Ted to implement and I think Don had done you know Frank Sinatra records and you know he got a lot of 60s pop stuff I mean Don was amazing Don was if you ever want to use the word description in the kindest and most complimentary way that's what Don was I mean he just lived breathed everything about him was electronics and engineering and you know he was always right now cold or who knows what he was doing but town and I always got along and he was always very welcoming you know I could see the relationship he had with it I mean they you know I mean I think they really loved each other you know in their way and I think when and like Don go I mean I never talked to Don after that so I don't know but I can't imagine how that did not hurt a hell of a lot you know so yeah but Don was amazing I mean you know I I mean I can't give enough credit down I say the guy could take a microphone put in for the edge cabinet I mean I'm probably just being idiotic I mean Don you know those guitar songs what was all done I mean you know well you can tell you can tell once Don left what happened to the tone exactly you know totally totally good friend I mean I mean still was that your slow guitar sound but it just you know they never had that fire and that warmth for that you know that's yeah yeah I mean of course you know no matter what Eddie plays or what amps or guitars he plays through he's always gonna sound like him he's he's always gonna be that incredible guitar player but yeah I mean listen to the sound of the guitar on the very last record compared to any of the first five records it's it's downhill as far as I'm concerned I mean his playing is amazing but his tone is not yeah definitely different as far as any insider information that you heard going down back in the day that you never talked about never were able to talk about that you can talk about now is there anything that you saw going on behind the scenes with the band holy shit and not not not necessarily even about Van Halen just in general oh oh if any band well van Halen and any band how about that well this will double dip here I mean I'm trying to think you know it in in 85 I was supposed to and this does tie together so be patient guys I was supposed to write an autobiography and I started interviewing friends and people and it was going to be what I thought was something really special and I kept thinking myself well you know what am I going to learn from Edie that I haven't seen and what you know kind of stuff is going on and to be honest that there wasn't a lot that mostly everybody didn't already know I mean the stuff that I do is probably gonna you know unearth and maybe no one really knew a lot about what were more of the early days you know I mean when he was a really you know little kid back in where's he from his median and whatever that is you know but in terms of like some super-secret thing I mean we all know they hadn't they've never liked each other I mean that got pretty vociferous at times I mean I never saw it but but Edie for all of that always gave gave his view in terms of Dave really being so the business mind behind the band and understanding kind of more about the press saying and media and the image and that kind of thing and obviously we all know there was Dave's idea to name the band van Halen I mean I wish I could give you some unbelievable dirt that I could reveal here I I can't think of anything I don't wanna use I to play Scrabble with Valerie Valerie love playing Scrabble and if she ever hears this she's gonna get mad but I used to let her win so my mom was the greatest Scrabble player who ever lived and I was always pretty good and Valerie was very good but I let her win because you know this is Mary Bradley White's happy after relationship with it and you know Christopher Cooper for God's sakes what fact because she's Barbara Cooper for God's sakes exactly everybody I do not mean drugs I just I'm talking about like if if Steve maybe had seen or if Eddie opened up to him about like the like what was going on with the band like oh I can't take this I got can't take Dave anymore I gotta do this or do that if he kind of saw you something was going down yeah cuz like an 85 he did a he did an interview with Martha Quinn from MTV when he gave the guitar to the Hard Rock Cafe where he you know he didn't you know Martha asks so what's what's going on with Van Halen you know Dave dave has this record out is he got it did he leave the band is he leaving the band and you know all that he said was like I to my knowledge he isn't and you know as long as I'm here there'll be a van Halen so is there anything that maybe you could any any insight to something like that that you could give us like back then did you know that the band was over educ ed would call over here and usually I'd be in the early morning or something because he was up and he would talk about stuff and if I listened back to some of those I have some of those on tape I don't know if he was anything ever same and the band's over we're looking for a new singer but I think if I you know if I think about it now and I read between the lines I mean that's probably what he was saying I mean that interview I did I think it was 85 for guitar world with Sammy joined or maybe at the end of the life and time story I'm getting my chronology mixed up where I said well looks like it's going to be different now or differently to come back and then said yeah I mean honestly most match stuff that we talked about I would include in the interviews I mean was less it was something you know just innocuous or you know some nonsensical stuff pretty much everything that had told me I would put in those interviews I mean I don't think it was ever a moment when say hey man days out of the band was looking for a new singer I mean there was at times when you know he was talking about you know Patti Smith would come by or sing some songs or couple tracks or he might have mentioned some other singers honestly nothing James comes to mind if it does I I can't think about it I can't remember it now or sorry no have you on again that's all exactly I'll go back and listen to those interviews that's some cool stuff so anything anything interesting you would like to talk about in regards to Motley Crue yeah I mean to be honest I was never a Motley Crue fan I was honestly I was never a fan of most of that stuff I mean there was some good guitar players I mean you know Warren Demartini was a great guitar player George was a great guitar player never a fan of you know poison or Dokken or God you know any of those eighties bands a Motley I just I I just I I just I just never thought they were that great first time I interviewed them was shout at the devil was just coming out I think so I was over at Elektra their label which was down here at La Cienega Boulevard about ten mission where I live and Nicky was there and Tommy Lee was there so Vince couldn't even be bothered to show up and that pissed me off because it'll work they're all supposed to be there so you know you talk about guys you know doing things or saying things well it's like if this guy can't even show up it's like you know cuz I didn't sure if I was there or not I mean I didn't care if I spoke to them to be honest and Nick wasn't there but as it turns out Nicky and Tommy were actually very nice guys they were actually very cool Nicky was a very bright guy yeah there it is love that too by the way and again you know we look like best friends and you know that was that was much later but even Nick I mean they were cool I mean you know they talk all about the record and you know the the free motley records you know those early records they did yeah and they were cool I mean Nicky was very cool so Mick Mick saunters in like 20 minutes later and you know I kind of look at I'm gonna kind of introduce myself when he sits down doesn't make eye contact doesn't say who it is so initiatives always a guitar player Mick Mars dammit and he doesn't say anything so at this point I'm ready you know you talk about you know what happened some guys are really different that I am I mean I was really ready to walk out because I think I was probably getting paid 50 bucks for this story and I didn't need this kind of the insults you know I mean I mean this is ridiculous I'm s well I got sitting there with you know somebody great or in my mind somebody was great so I asked mix something about guitars or something and it sound as well man I can't tell you it's a secret when guys tell me that I know that they are the worst guitar players in the world because there are no secrets about you know microphones everybody is the same thing and it's like for him to say that was like oh my god that's like an angry Malmsteen comment yeah I mean it's like oh my god you overblown dickhead yeah but try a few more questions and you know they were all smart aleck a remarks like that ah this guy you know exactly and then again you know I interviewed him on the phone a couple of times and he was very cool so I think part of it you know is being there with his boys you know I mean I get it I get it it's motley crue and yeah I mean I get that and maybe I shouldn't be so sensitive and maybe that's part of it but it's like you know in my mind you're there for a reason you're there do an interview you know and even if ya you know you want to be anywhere else go through the motions you know say a few interesting things and you know I don't think it's you being in too sensitive I just think that you know there's there's no reason for for celebrities to act that way you know this is just an absolutely no and if they are there are a bunch of dickheads they really are it's just it's ridiculous that that someone like that would would act that way I mean for God's sakes he was playing at that time a Gibson Les Paul through some sort of mxr the distortion plus through a Marshall that's what his sound was you know it's it's not rocket science so don't tell me that that it's a secret yeah you know absolutely and I'm gonna jump this year for real quickly I'm looking at the chat comments here and I just this one guy quelle Barr said seriously this guy is talking about Inglot being on The Midnight Special even though they make special and in 1981 that's entirely possible my chronology and memory of when things happened are really bad it was a televised show so in my mind here yeah everything was midnight special and then I go on to talking Scrabble with Valerie yes I was probably years later so there you go cowboy you're right I was wrong my chronology is wrong but you know ya chat with me for that okay yes yes yeah yeah you know it's like a bar Krell bar is our Mick Mars Krell bar is our Mick Mars funny so there's another there was another question here hang on one second and it was a good question oh uh were you did you go to the us festival in 1983 I did it I didn't I had some backstage access but I didn't really get a chance to hang out with the band I don't think much at all I thought their performance and head will tell you the same thing was horrible they hadn't rehearsed and they were all drunk and it was uh it was laughable the show itself was pretty unbelievable I mean there's some pretty amazing bands now that wasn't show with fent Halen right that's what we're talking about yeah yeah yeah yeah let me know we're doing so many great bands that play there of course van Halen is the is the headline of course but you know there were so many great bands that played that thing you know yeah I was pretty amazing it's pretty amazing honestly I think like I'm van Halen came on I was so freaking burned I was like god I just want to go home anyway but yeah I remember talking to Ed about that afterwards and even he said you know they you know is yeah I don't think they didn't rehearse enough and you know I think they've been drinking that's what may of parachuted in right yeah no that's not not no no they parachuted in that was an Anaheim oh you're right I'm seven same my chronology man Mike I can't remember what I did five minutes ago so but so yeah Steven the interview did Eddie were you talked about the us fest was that was that guitar for the practicing musician I know I think it was actually this I think it was the first Guitar World interview and I think it was 84 and those were some of the questions that I asked him I don't think I have a girlfriend Qatar for the practicing musician I remember I remember there was a story back then where somebody I don't know if it was you where they asked him about the us fest and Eddie had said that the song jump was the only new song that they could have played does that ring a bell God it it doesn't I can't remember talking about jump at all I mean in the 80-48 view I mean Katara I mean it could have been I don't think so though but I I mean jumping back to your earlier question I mean that was something that II D talked about a lot that we probably all know better now was you know his desire to play keyboards and he said Dave was absolutely against it but that was the worst fucking idea in the world you know your guitar hero guitar heroes don't play keyboards I mean it got I mean ed talked about that a lot that was a big point of contention and so what does it jump becomes flatter no that's the biggest shingle I ever had and his only loss is now performing that remix dubstep version or something alive with the guy who remastered so he was pissed at the time but now I'm sure he's happy as a pig in shit because he's still get oh my god exactly the money they that Dave made off that freaking song I remember ad coming over with that over on that keyboard that he was using and thinking about it now he was playing I don't know if he was on officious before what most obviously must've been before jump I know if he had actually written jump but add style you know it's kind of that yeah yeah how can I describe them you know that doom don't think that you know that that Brock kind of you know it was a real legato kind of playing it was more of those kind of the chordal thing and you know what it's like you know that day you know dialing in all these sounds and yeah I remember him bringing the keyboard over to show me his new keyboard Wow the backseat yeah no case yeah yeah I read it under his arm exactly I don't taking one of the bigger bigger cars I think it would have fit in one of the mirrors yeah well it's like I play keyboards very similarly similarly to the way he played guitar or at least they're the rhythms the rhythm parts a lot of suspended chords so yeah it's exactly any properties the same kind of voicings too you know and yeah yeah exactly we got we got a lot of everything right we got a lot of good questions pumping in here but it's almost it's 10:00 to 10:00 Steve do you see anything that you are we saw some on Metallica Pantera is there anything you want to kind of touch on oh my god we've been talking for two hours dude almost man all right if you guys are just keep your mouth shut for three seconds when you say something okay I mean I can give you a quick rundown here some very fun cool interviews I'll give you some highlights Pantera I never interviewed who else T Townsend I flew to New York interview Pete Townsend that was incredibly special we're talking guitars and he starts talking about yeah I use this guitar with like the kind of the cue points and I'm thinking to myself he's talking about an SG but if I say yes G he's going to get mad that I'm saying SG when he knows it so he doesn't say anything said yeah I go SG but yeah that's you so I thought that is the greatest fucking MoMA in the world I'm telling Pete Townsend that the name of the guitar he used was an SG that's a fucking greatest thing interviewing Brian Wilson up in his house and he starts singing good vibrations that was unbelievable Jeff Beck going back to that if and respect interview in 73 I had a no maple strand I thought you know what I'm gonna bring my guitar along I brought this threat and he's playing it and when I listened back to the interview I can hear him playing on the guitar like Edie was doing and I can hearing like playing parts of Bradley Jaco and stuff and that's pretty special there you go that was that was the second interview that was up on the the top of the Continental Hyatt House in 75 blow-by-blow that was also unbelievable yep and in fact if you could see the rest of that picture I also brought Jeff a copy of that same issue that he's on the cover from which he's on the cover so he didn't get pissed like somebody else did though yeah yeah exactly exactly although it turns out you know it's funny all those guys who kind of I thought I was friends with back in the day subsequently they all turned to shit in vain you know we rented that saying although now we're kind of you know cool Edie I stopped talking to you and god I don't know how long it's been now probably right around the Gary Cherone era just back who was my I mean he was it for me I think he's the greatest who ever lived I wrote in real quick in in 77 yeah there was a good one I have that guitar right there which are 77 I wrote a book on Jeff Beck that came out in Japan to make a long story short just saw the issue even though I saw the book even though he never read it I read in Japanese and cursed me 10 times to Sunday so the biggest fuckin asshole in the world and my blahblah you know be careful or maybe it's better never to meet your heroes I don't know but you know anyway let me ask you good finish to finish what you're saying I'll holla yeah I was lucky and all these people who've been following the conversation here you know I really do appreciate it you know and I hope you dug you know some of this stuff I mean for me it's honestly the memories you know mean a lot to me and yeah that's the famous one like my famous Frank is playing the example the Hendrix guitar that he got from the Miami Pop Festival that Hendrix burned my quick Zappa story I was at rappers who lives around the corner for me she is tough his dog in had puppies German Shepherd hey man you want a puppy I go I'd love a German Shepherd puppy I want the next day yep I want the next day and all the puppies are gone I said that Frank where's my puppy he goes I gave him a late ice excuse me go your mail away I said you fucking ass how you do my dog away goes yeah that's why just like that oh I can imagine you know I would I would hate him for that chance yeah so well anyway I really appreciate everybody who's followed this and I hope you dig the stories and real quickly I'm gonna give myself a little plug if any of you guys are guitar pick collectors go I go check out my guitar picks on eBay I'm in the spirit nation and I got some cool stuff and if any of you guys have guitar pitch you look into trade or sell or whatever please give me a shout yeah yeah you know if you can hang around for just a second while when we end this we usually talk for a minute or two after the show like I said I have a couple of Van Halen picks that I'd be happy to at least give you one so we'll exchange whatever however you want me to however you would like to exchange numbers or whatever email or however man yeah yeah that'd be great I do have one more question if you're if if you'd be able to answer it yeah have you ever interviewed any of the beetles excellent question in 73 I was a year out of high school I went backpacking through Europe with my best friend Chris kinderman I just young writing I had done a couple things for this it's kind of a softcore porn news training stick I mean nothing hardcore you know it's more like massage ads that kind of thing that you bought out of you know you buy them out of news you know you're going I can put a quarter in and lift it up yeah so we doing like music reviews for this guy mark Danielle so I told him I was going to England and he said hey man I know some people in England let me give you some names and numbers he gave me names of managers and publicists so I contacted these people one of the guys I contacted was a guy named Tony brains be Tony brains me at the time was doing publicity for wings I call Tony brains be I mean he didn't know me I was a nobody I was some visiting American hitchhiking through the UK in England tonight I Tony my name is steve rosen and you know i i'm a writer from LA and i'm visiting and i got your name and number and you know i just wanted to say hello and he says oh yeah cool he says listen the wings are playing up in birmingham tomorrow night which i'd like to go there in the city and on a interview with paul mccartney you know and it's like it's like you know there's no way that this is happening i'm hearing this thing and i go oh my god yes of course I would so to make a long story short I took the train up to Birmingham with my buddy let's all wings perform and then afterwards I went backstage and and Paul is there Henry McCullough Linda was there and there's a bunch of riders and I knew all these riders these are like riders from melody maker sounds I actually became a correspondent sounds from my trip there NME I mean all these heavy riders and so I sat there and I think I asked a question I don't even remember if I if I did I may have asked you know of the you know the obvious are the Beatles gonna get back together but so that's like Paul McCartney story I was also a to press conferences for George Harrison and I think I might have asked a question I was never in a room alone with these guys my John Lennon story is I was at up at Capitol Records around the famous round building on vine and that was going get the elevator go downstairs and John Lennon is coming out and I kind of you know look at my kind of nod like yeah I know who you are so those are might be no story that's amazing that's that's like yeah that's just amazing incredible how hard it is not to like if it was just me and you right now the whole time with nobody watching no Johnny and Dave I mean I'd have you here for 10 hours I would I would keep not sounding stop you and just like wait a minute you you know and you know you talked about when the last time you really talked to Ed was about the van Halen 3 era then I'm starting to think like you know that whole thing is going on and like did you and any kind of N on good terms or just kind of drifted apart like now it's like my brain is going crazy yeah we have a lot of juicy question grass now thank you man that is that is too kind I mean and I don't mean to just learn so much and I see people asking about the evening names and things like that yeah man thank you so much for putting that up well yeah man I honestly III I you know I have friends and they know they know what I do and what's wrong they'll ask but I think it's because you know we're friends that you know I I don't know maybe it doesn't mean the same thing to them is it does to people like you and people in the chatroom who you know I don't know kind of live and breathe this stuff which I've done basically my whole life so yeah man it feels great kind of talking about this and you know I I hope everybody is really dug it you know I'm really pleased and honored to have been here oh well we'd love to have you back any time you know it's uh and this can be a recurring thing you know you could be like a fourth a fourth member here you know we love it we love the stories we love talking yeah you know it's funny as you're telling the stories I can I feel like I'm living them with you you know in my brain it's you're a great storyteller and of course because you're a great interviewer very kind man I would love to come back I've got I got you know when you guys ask questions and I start thinking about things I think yeah you know this this this was stuff to be told here so yeah man any any time great good yeah I think so okay Steve yeah don't hang up with us we're gonna end the show and we'll just talk to you for a minute or two more and then then you know we'll call it a call it a night very cool and then we'll do this tomorrow I think Sunday Sunday's good for everybody I call yeah I'm happy I'll just have you over my house in New York we can do this I have a computer you know just come over any time I don't think my fiance won't like it only if I get to pillage too guitar pick collections absolutely huh you know what if you come to New York the guitar pick collection you know as long as I have my guitars you can have the picks I don't really don't care all right everybody thank you for watching Thanks thank you for listening leave a thumbs up subscribe and Jay Hannon yes thank thanks for uh thanks for hanging out tonight this was awesome I guess yeah yeah this was great narrator David does dole this was absolutely rock and roll at its best awesome it's really great yes and Steve thank you so much thank you man and your link to your eBay store is it'll be in the description below so anybody that wants to check out his guitar picks they'll be right right down in there at the link Oh excellent man again I can't I can't thank you know this really means a lot to me guys really does oh thank you man things like I told you about Steve I grew up on all all your interviews man I mean this is this is very cold front oh my honestly I thought when I was writing that no one was ever gonna read anything I ever wrote Wow I honestly believed I couldn't I couldn't understand I couldn't imagine somebody going to buy a magazine and reading my story it was a concept that was so foreign to me you know so it's it feels great let me tell you no kidding well you know it's it's part of all of our lives your stories were part of all of our lives and and you know I just I I think I speak for all of us when when I say you know we've all bought those magazines and we all read every word of your stories most of us multiple times yes oh yeah the story the story Steve was talking about going to the NAMM show in New Orleans I can't tell you how many times I read that that all you know it's got the picture of you following Eddie and you got you have like a rolled-up newspaper or magazine in your hand do you remember that picture I'm trying to remember I probably haven't looked at that story for you know Wow I kind of do I do remember it now so you get the whole spin they get you get it there right mm-hmm and now that was the one where there was a jam with with Eddie Brian May Ted Nugent and Eddie is playing Seymour Duncan's a Telecaster right wow yeah I mean honestly even that I don't remember but yeah I think you're right mm-hmm Wow yeah and they jammed on a I mean yeah it was some you know it was like a Johnny be good kind of song or you know mountain song or something that everybody obviously knew or something yeah that's right man that's so cool because yeah none of us know what we see the pictures of them playing but none of us have any idea of what they're playing yeah that's right that's true amazing Wow all right so on that note Stephen Rosen everybody all right all right thank you everybody for watching and we'll see you guys well actually we'll see you guys tomorrow night so we have a show tomorrow so another show what so uh with John B oh oh okay yeah yeah we'll be here tomorrow wishing we were we were doing this again tonight yeah nothing's gonna top this so we'll see you guys and yeah rock on all right rounder beam yo Oh Johnny beam TV good night bye

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  3. This is one of the greatest shows ever!!! Just listened to the replay and I drive a big truck all day and sometimes have trouble with the audio even with headphones…but everyone was loud and clear…Loved the interview….Awesome guest with awesome stories!!! Still laughing bout Yngvei and the punchout!!!LOL Thank u guys

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  8. Great stuff. To hear Eddies guitar was a beast to play! You would think it would be like playing butter!

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