Tariro Ndoro's debut poetry collection book titled 'AGRINGADA…'

Havana sketches a single mother and the dance of the Mustang artist some of the poems contained in tahrir indoors debut poetry collection book and it's titled at Granada like a gringa like a foreigner and thus offering the Sun bubbling born poet and storyteller gives us an honest exploration of dislocation and and belonging in its forms while touching carefully on these subjects over exile from language exile from country and exile from sanity or territories here to do all the talking and she's going to tell us all about her book it's great to have you thank you so much for coming on the show thank you for having me per I really wanted to start talking about the title and significance I mean a Granada like a gringa like a foreigner bring us closer to where your mind was at when you chose this as a title well it's actually taken from one of the section headings of in the book and where I'd gotten it is that I was reading a lot about the by cultural experience so if you're living in a different country and you're experiencing their culture or if you're a black person and you're living around white people and you're experiencing their culture and where I found the word is that I was reading a book and it had a lot about Spanish things and there was this word that they'd used to describe people who had sort of gone a step away from the culture and so they'd say a green goddess so you're acting like a white woman but in this state like in a bad way so for instance you know kids have gone to a model C school and like they speak a certain type of English with the trying and maybe more like we are papa whatever so that's the sort of sentiment that's that makes a lot of sense not the book you explore the sense of dislocation and and belonging talk to us about some of those themes and how you've experienced it as a Zimbabwean in South Africa well I think mainly it's you know when people say certain things so a lot of the times you just feel like you get along but like one of the quotes in this book is that I was talking to a friend of mine an inch just like Aquino created something and she was joking when she said it but because of especially what was going on in 2015 that sort of had a connotation that it had that was very negative and yeah so you know like little acts of raisins and little acts of xenophobia that are big in when they happen but then as they build up you begin to feel more and more like you do and I think they big because anything that alters your state of being or seeks to make you feel bad in a certain way whether intended or unintended is is big but you're probably more gracious than most people is this book a reflection of your personal journey as as a Zimbabwean living in South Africa yes it is but then I've also sort of taken other people's experiences and put it there so that it's a more holistic so you must have been engaged other people tell us about – some of the people that you spoken to and share any experiences that came up as a highlight okay so most of the experiences I'd have were when I was just talking to my friends or you know whenever there was a debate about xenophobia and I'd go online and you know people online they're not real – they don't yeah so then I took a lot of that and one of the one of the poems in my book is actually a conversation so around the time that operation Fela happened you know a lot of people would say things like you know xenophobia is over so because I remember in 2015 there was like an uprising at first and then that died down and then it happened again and one of the things when I first wrote the first draft of that poem I shared it with a South African friend and he's like we all know it doesn't happen anymore we're chilled with Zimbabwe as we chilled with foreigners and then a few months after that that's when it all sprung up in Durban again and so for me it was one of those moments we you know you want to say I was right but at the same time you're disappointed because it's not a good thing that's happening the creature was about just the process of putting together this book what has it done for you personally okay I've never given me a chance to reflect because I think a lot of things happen especially I think in the African context we don't always have space to to say bad things have happened let's sit down let's process them let's purge them from our collective memory and I think writing this book gave me that space to write it all down and think about it and then sort of make peace with it the poacher has actually appeared in a number of literary publications tell us about that and has you know that helped you in any way has that helped your career in any way so yes my virtue has been in new contrast a new coin in Oxford poetry that was surprising Wow I think the ways in which it helps me is that I was able to see what works and what doesn't because you know when you're when you're an artist of any kind you know whether you're a poet or your right or a musician you're always sending things out and there's certain types of things that get accepted and published and in there certain types of things that don't so it helps you to see you know what's working and then also sometimes other artists will actually get in touch with the nca you know I saw this in this journal like let's collaborate on something so that can be a good game I was so hoping that she could give us a stanza from one of your poets but we are unfortunately out of time thank you so much for coming on the show it's great to have you know the best okay thank you for having me all right said that always of course evolving born a South African poet and storyteller turn it on door oh who's been speaking to us about her debut poetry collection book that she titled a green garden like a gringa like a foreigner you can also join us for our Sunday book feature just to talk about some of the books that you're currently reading or have read whether year alone 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