4 thoughts on “Tchaikovsky : Tone Poems Vol. I, conducted by Antal Dorati (originally on Decca LP SXL 6627)

  1. Tchaikovsky: Nobody gets at the intense emotional experiences thru music better than Tchaikovsky. There are others as good, but nobody does it better.

  2. Would be great to hear Dorati's much acclaimed rendition of the orchestral passages from Wagner's Ring cycle with the same orchestra. The original cover of that demonstration quality LP recording is shown here. < https://images.eil.com/large_image/RICHARD_WAGNER_DER%2BRING%2BDES%2BNIBELUNGEN-525649.jpg >

  3. At the time of these recordings, the 1970s I believe, I imagine the pieces were relatively less well-known (unless you were a Tchaikovsky aficionado) or performed than, say, Romeo And Juliet. In my own case, I didn't hear them until the 1990s when the Dorati performances with American orchestras were released as a 2CD set. As soon as I listened, I regretted what I'd missed in my, up to that point, cursory approach to the composer's wonderful music. Not only is the music rather gorgeous but the sound engineering seems almost to place you in an auditorium! Great stuff……not to be missed, especially Francesca Da Rimini.

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