Teacher | Spoken Poetry

I must have looked very confused on that school day. I was staring at this blank, white, sheet of paper, waiting for it to speak to me. I was so sure this essay would stay beautifully. . unwritten. The time was ticking away and in this fight I was definitely beaten. Then, you, Teacher, saw me. A mess in disguise. And gave me the greatest advice. “Pretend you’re writing poetry” “Let your thoughts spill on paper.” But, Teacher, what you couldn’t possibly know is I stopped writing a long time ago. No, I’m not out of ink. And I’ve got plenty of paper. Maybe I’ll explain the situation later. Maybe after class! Or maybe tomorrow. Maybe in a month. Maybe when I find the right words to explain this wrong situation. Teacher. . I lost my muse.

7 thoughts on “Teacher | Spoken Poetry

  1. ohhhhhh it was soooo nice….of course loved the killer look when the motorcycle interrupted!!!!!!!!!……..I loved it!!!!!!

  2. You look so beautiful in here! Keep up with your amazing work. Love you xx ❤️❤️❤️

  3. It's a nice spoken poetry. Thank you for inspiring us to continue imparting knowledge to the learners. Teaching is the noblest profession.

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