41 thoughts on “Teacher Trial – SNL

  1. Ms. Teacher still broke the law though, unless Dope Kid is an adult.

  2. the sketch is funny, unfortunately it makes light of something that is not (you know, rape) bit tone deaf #metoo

  3. I wouldn’t mind crushing Vanessa… and Taraji… matter of fact- at the same time would be delicious 😛😜

  4. I wonder if any real trials of teacher sleeping with student went similar to this

  5. Two FINE sexy ladies here, Taraji and Cecily. I feel a stirring in my loins and I like it!!!!

  6. best skit every. i rewatch it everyday hoping that can happen to me

  7. Funny thing is, this is actually more realistic potrayal of a courtroom. The lawyer never stepped outside her space

  8. "After school I went and said what can I do for some extra credit. And it was on."

  9. I'd like to earn some extra credit with taraji show her my hidden figure

  10. This was basically Pete Davidson in real life after he started dating Kate Beckinsale.

  11. Want to try to write a room want to put it in Craigslist that I think

  12. I know I'm gonna get shat on for pointing this out but Tampa Bay is not actually a place.

  13. hilarious, also incredibly sad like to see this sketch with a little girl instead of a guy and see how funny everyone thinks it is

  14. 2:31 Wait, wait… THE BOY WHO LIVED? What Comes next? YOU-KNOW-WHO?!xD

  15. Lmfao now I want to see Gavin seeing Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” on a Zamboni 😂😂

  16. Did my teacher no high fives for me but I did graduate with an A in algebra the lesson is if you wanna pass bang the teacher

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