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you're giving this books but it's kind of like a storybook and so I'm going to read you it's if you're in elementary school we can go back to your youth and second grade I'm going to read you a story they read you a sheet jump so first future is Korean poetry okay it's very similar in a way to a haiku but different what's a haiku poetry yeah it's a Japanese from a portrait very famous how many of you guys have studied high code yeah pretty much everybody how did you have studied sheet jump nobody exactly so that's why we're doing this because we want more people to know what she chose she Joe let's go mark haiku there's something specific about my coop what's specific yeah they taught you well five seven five okay that's it's very much there's no room for change five seven five what our haiku normally about thank nature its very nature back to that Japanese and and nature and and are things like this Karina she Joe is different it's much more fluid it's more flexible it's longer and you can write about just about anything okay so for example this is first one I know it's a little hard to see but I don't have a camera you know document camera so you'll just have to squint it's called breakfast you ready breakfast for this meal people like what they like the same every morning toast and coffee bagel and juice corn flakes and milk in a white bowl or warm soft and delicious a few extra minutes in bed Mary's right what happened in that third leg it changed the entire meeting there's a twist changing time you look at that last line again we'll let me read the whole thing for this meal people like what they like the same every morning toast and coffee mango juice corn flakes of milk and white bull or warm soft and delicious what did you think of warmth soft he's out of bacon you're like warm and delicious then the sex often them unless you like soft bacon but they again we thought of it scrambled eggs pancakes who's that have a cinnamon roll come on cinnamon roll people nice nice when I was pregnant with my first that's all I wanted a cinnamon hey I think I gave 60 pounds of just cinnamon ah warm soft and delicious not salmon rolls a few extra minutes in bed now being all the Devlin students that you are and you're exhausted all the time how many of you would be like yes that is the best breakfast pressing the snooze button 5 10 15 more minutes forget breakfast so you get it right fun little twist let's look at a different one and the good Devlin students that you are go math students this one's titled long division and it's the title of the book is tap dancing on the roof that's this one pretty long division this number gets a wall and a ceiling nice and comfy in there but a bunch of other numbers are about to disrupt the peace bumping the wall digging up the cellar tap dancing on the roof cute kind of cute okay Jim an image of little numbers dancing what do you call that in poetry by the way I know this isn't a poetry class appreciation for sonification nice job personification okay so maybe you'll include that super cute one and I won't read too many more from here because I want to share with you some that your peers wrote this one's titled school lunch which you can all appreciate after however many years 9 or 10 years of eating school lunch each food plopped by tongs or spatula into its own little space square pizza here square brownie there milk carton cube rectangle tray my snack at home after school anything without corners so this book kind of prompted me to say you know I don't want to teach shijou in class ok it doesn't have to right it can I have some examples of rhyming ones and you're going to have the opportunity in a few minutes to kind of design your own but let's look at where it came from first this is a history class so go ahead and take out your notes we're gonna start with some history your friends have come up with some really cute ones by the way I'm excited to share that with you first of all the way it's spelled in English what is that I know it's coming up here but what does it look like in English yeah like like scishow or CC Cho but it's actually pronounced with a so it is pronounced Shi Chao and it is a traditional three length part in English though it's it was traditionally well it became written with Hangul but in English it might go into six lines and we'll talk about that in a few minutes historically speaking they were about they were cosmological they were metaphysical or they were pastoral in nature it's much more flexible now but what does that mean you know again this is a poetry class or an English class so let's just make sure you know what these themes are what is cosmological mean here yes studying the cosmos the the heavens you can write about the moon you could write about the Sun or the Stars or the heavens awesome how about metaphysical not a word we've used a lot physically yeah beyond yes beyond people spiritual spiritual realm and the last one pastoral you guys haven't studied this yeah I don't think does it mean to have a pastoral theme it does feels the outdoors maybe farming or nature using the land absolutely thus the shijou is organized by themes by syllable count and we're gonna look at that however today you can kind of write about whatever you want whatever you want it can be about love it could be better oh man it could be funny have a twist to it that makes it comical it could be political that could be very interesting this year actually all right it can be something to teach others nature in other words kind of the sky's the limit for for this class all right the origins themselves are unknown it does use Hangul we studied this last week who came up with Hangul I shouldn't put that up yet who came up with Hangul yeah the ruler King Sejong thank you yeah you did a lot what else did he do well he did you got various twelve here everywhere you're supposed to everyone else prevented Google Pudwill oh I know what you're gonna say what else did he do yeah farming but it's good medical dictionary so the second key is but the language is big and so she Joe uses Hangul but Hangul wasn't created until the 15th century so but there are she Joe that are older than that and it's also you can say it in song we are not going to sing your she jump okay but I am going to play you a traditional she Joe let me just tell you about the the seamy one and then I'll play one for you they were very lyrical they were some they have a flute and a drum with the singer and the singer has to be very careful with the pace of the song and how it is sung the pitch the vibrato and I want to play one for you and as I'm playing it I want you to think about what does it sound like to you what there's something about it that should be familiar okay so let me play this but it'll work let's do it some of you will like it and others of you Oh [Applause] oh I have to skip over here pretty good we had to know like I'm gonna shrug what you think it's interesting interesting that's a word that it encompasses a lot okay what does it remind you of here though yeah all righty of data here yes it does doesn't it did you guys think Native American music okay yeah I think I did too a little bit so should the flutes and that single drum in the background ah interesting right you're gonna play it at home tonight no you know put it as your you know ring on your phone yeah probably not but very unique so we are not going to sing your Chi Joe I do want you to share your sheet choice but we're not gonna sing it all right kind of unique um she Joe has three lines to it the first line is where you introduce your theme so as we go through class today I want you to think about what what might I write about is there something that interests me that I might consider writing about the first line is where you introduce that like this like the breakfast okay its morning time it's breakfast people eat what they like and then it gets deeper so the second line is for you to get a little deeper a little more detailed we've got coffee we've got cereal they could have put bacon okay everybody likes bacon all right ah good boy bacon and then that third line though is where the twist comes in now I've seen both ways where the twist is at the beginning of the third line others ever see where the twist comes at the end okay like it couldn't be very flexible with your sheet yup I just want to see what you come up with I've been fascinated by what students can come up with some of them are awesome they really are good others of them I'm like oh that's cute and others I'm like oh this has got your career choice and that's okay right you just have to try it just have to try it not asking for them to be awesome but you just have to try okay let's look at a couple of historic ones and I'm gonna ask a few of you to read please so let's start Hansa we read first please jade green stream don't post so proud of your easy passing through these beauties once the unreached the Brasi each turn against will be hard on the bright moon those new empty knows why not cause then could warn okay so what is this about if you just read it literally as is what is it about yeah a river a river got a river it's good nature river what else we don't have to look super deep but we had her give her God nature yeah the broad sea so you've got an image of River sea travel what if I told you that this is actually about a man and a woman they would change the focus the theme the tone of poem okay jade green streams a man okay bright moon is a woman so supposedly she was a very beautiful woman it's a very popular woman and everybody fell in love with her jade green stream was a very elevated man in society and he was like oh I'm not gonna fall in love with her okay she's she's maybe a commoner she's just you know I'm not gonna fall in love with her and sure not what happened I think you fell yeah so let's read it again but this time I want you think in your head that this is a man and a woman okay Holly will you read it for us please once again stream dub was so proud of your easy passing to these bloopers once you have reached the brown sea to return again will be higher while the bright moon fills is empty hills why not cause then go on why not just be with her and enjoy and not be so such a braggart like just you're not any better than the rest of us okay so it changes it doesn't it that twist knowing that it's a person or two people kind of changes the focus of the poem this one as well has kind of a background to it Thomas do you read it first place i moonlight I Spit all alone you know look out on an Sun Isle my sword is on my thigh I am submerged in deep despair from somewhere the shrill note of my bite would sever my heartstrings okay so what are we image here what do we got well you got people yeah okay so we've got an image in our heads we daydream a lot we image a lot we hear these words we think maybe a soldier he has a sword he's thinking he's contemplating what is he thinking about protecting maybe what else yeah I thought that too the first time like he's in deep despair is he going to commit suicide right this is seppuku in Japanese right um but no he's not but I get it like the first time I read it is he's suicidal but then he hears this sure love a pipe historically speaking you know look at in the sixteenth century here what what would the pipe signify when you hear a pipe what is that a call yeah yes it's a call of an early years a call to fighting scalded get your arms this is an admiral and he is on the eve of battle and he hears the pipe it's time so that's that twist it's not this big surprise but at the end he's coming at the beginning he's contemplating he's sad he's despairing and then the twist the call to battle here we go is he gonna die this time well his comrades die so so again that historical context this is our last historic one by the way I apologize this is humble what you're looking at the bottom here it's just a Korean alphabet okay so this is in Korean you can see it's in three lines whereas in English it's much longer so we have the six line format so as you write it you might do three lines longer lines or break it up into the six okay so our last historic one here please today will you read it for us yeah I can't either very well I don't speak Korean maybe it's nice on so what is it encouraging you to do what's that client just try it don't be the you know don't be the person who says it's you can't do it cuz then you really won't alright let's look at some more recent ones we don't know who wrote this it's kind of a neat one Abby will you read it please dear one instead of stopping what are you image sad what has to happen yeah yeah he's leaving and he's gotta go you can't stop steady son it's time for me to go alright let's get to some of your friends or at least some of these first two are from so that the the sage on cultural society puts on this competition here are some of the winners I thought this one was awesome ok at the 10th green 10th grader writing to his interest okay can you read it for us please okay and put some feeling into it spit some emotion okay be Taylor you asked me what I'm coming about nothing this is I'm sure all day long we might tell you you're nothing oh come on boys why don't you write that to your girlfriends come on in ladies would you not be touched come on really would you like that if a boy gave that to you little cheesy but here's the say I love you he's like oh you're my you're my hyung ah you're my hum I like it you're my hum I thought it was next if I was tense big girl I would like that you are my home now do you just heard it without reading it you're gonna have it a different image a single soul was lost today deep in the river yellow freshening twisting torn to shreds with colour quickly fading on the bridge a small boy laughs holding out his empty shoe so this was spelled differently what do you picture somebody's somebody's dying somebody's thrashing around okay somebody's fallen in no no no it's just tissue super cute okay here's Lily you guys know Lily who knows Lily yeah only three of you four of you alright so Lily I got an honorable mention two years ago super cute really super cute poem Shawn we read across space the morning skies so picture-perfect and nature calling to me the sweet birds singing in my ear it almost seems like a dream then I realized I've just been on Instagram and Twitter right so there's our twist right at the end and she won okay so the twist stuff it necessarily have to go at the beginning all right here is Vivian who knows video ok few more of you here's first a little more serious okay um anyway you read apart space she challenges me looking on that how I look I tell her we shall never be friends but I realize she will never leave she is the woman who lives inside of me I'm sorry I made you read a girl tell him I know you think you know but she's the woman who lives inside me a little more serious right well done well done two more that one honorable mention you guys know Phillip he's a sophomore this year Phillip one I thought it was very clever and our last one is Haley there's no Haley Ted strong she's also a sophomore this year okay anybody you guys nothing okay I hope you know Haley this artwork is so beautiful and creates a home for someone it's made in the biggest workshop on the entire earth small creatures in the sea live work and sleep in these seashells all right I want to read you a couple funny ones and then I'm gonna turn you loose to write your own look a couple of other students who didn't you know I'm just a I share with you the one said that one but a few students who you guys know from last year the year before how many of you know Cody Bell the most people nobody built this is titled chick-fil-a you see you'll be cute with it you've always been there whenever I am sad or hungry delicious warm and always followed by my pleasure but how I mourn for sunnier days that are not Sundays so you have to know what about chick-fil-a they're closed on Sundays so way to go Cody thanks for your love of chick-fil-a you know Jack Morrow Jack read this one my love the love of my life is not here my heart aches when I am not with you a dream of our next encounter for I cannot live without you oh how I long to be with you my beloved and precious food a little more serious but I thought very well done it's just untitled this was done by Emily Smith for those of you Emily in the scene before me snow swirls around a lone cabin it rests blissfully silent here in the middle of nowhere I set down the snow globe and focus on the homework before me and the last one I'll read it's also untitled from my nan Epps for those of you know Maya you are never any fun you never smile or laugh you're always being cautious and never take any risks life's not meant to be so dull it's not like you'll get out of life we're not gonna we're not we're not immortal so you might as well enjoy it while we're here let's grab a Chromebook so these two rows come on I have a Chromebook so button login I will say this I brought the computers here you do have returns me I do want it tight that being said some of you made a brainstorm on a piece of paper if you don't have to use the Chromebook right now I just thought it would be a nice option for those of you who just would rather type so both ways as you're logging in you're just going to Google to a blank page to where you can save it save your work what I'm passing out to you now is from the book that I read out of the tap dancing on the roof it is a very brief just background on she jump after you walked in I'll have you just turn into the side so that I know everybody's logged in I just turn it so you're not looking at all right I just want to draw your attention to the backside of this for now here are some tips for writing your own shijou you can do three lines or six lines each line is 14 to 16 syllables that's what I meant about flexibility you are flexible is a little fluidity here okay some writers might find it easier to use six where each line should contain seven or eight syllables this next bullet advance poets can try working with the stress count instead of with syllables in this history class I'm not worried about advanced poetry okay if you are a thinker or a better poet it's that's kind of your phone if you want to look at it from this part it says each line should have two halves with three syllables excuse me three stresses and one half and four in the other so you might just want to consider okay next start with an idea an image that's in the first line second line developed more third line twist you can title it or not title it it can rhyme or not right that's why I like shijou actually and we're gonna spend about 10 minutes right now just brainstorming for the end of the ten minutes we'll just ask for you to share your idea not necessarily the whole shijou because I don't expect you to finish in 10 minutes okay so about 10 minutes good all right so the last few minutes of class um I've just been kind of walking around asking for some ideas of and you don't have to share your shijou per se because I know you're still working on it you only about ten minutes but some ideas let's just Heather what was your idea oh so there's a snow globe and a zoo indenture anything's that he's trapped in a snow globe but he's where he's in this there's your twist nice yours was about the brain okay Hayden I liked yours it was what it was like it's talking about like a volcano it's actually hot chocolate it's hot chocolate and like I was thinking of like there's chocolate molten cake you know like I said an explosion of like loveliness of hot chocolate coming from the middle of the cake those are awesome who else Tim you had an idea but couldn't express it well so we'll wait till you're she joe is done Jasper did you have an ID I didn't get over to your home no not really not so much yet okay well you there's time to good things come to those who wait to think Clint had a blank canvas yeah blank page it'll get there it'll be filled with a few words my father's clocks clocks anybody want to share their shita no pressure no anybody go ahead the glaciers reach upward towards the sky in exaggerated flicks the turquoise water bends slightly to meet the cloudless skies at night I took my head to the sky expecting emerald and indigo ribbons of life sneaking between the stars but the sky is stuck on one color of blue and so online for three years now I've lived in this poor excuse for a snow globe the zoo enclosure will have to work the silver count might be a little long yeah that's okay we're just just got the ideas coming anybody else lot of shares all right save your work and then go ahead we're going to look at the website for her where the competition is and who kind of prompted this whole shijou in the first place so if you would please I'll turn this oh not there not on picture of Mexico with my family as much as it makes me want to go back there okay so we'll go ahead and if you could type in ww sejong cultural society org so the people with us today are from from the society as who's who's here today and working with us this is their website it's not just for poetry it's also an essay competition that's open to you guys I will absolutely help you if you are interested in writing an essay that is not required or not that would be completely on your own but I would be glad to help you through that so there's an essay competition for those of you who enjoy writing there's a little reading involved and then a writing portion and then there's the shijou component besides that it's also a music competition which you know again you feel free to look through the website but over here if you just scroll down it's the writing competition that we're going to enter it's just for the United States and Canadian residents and if you go over here to the left and just click on open here it says the writing competition is now open we have till the end of February kind of perfect your future if you decide you want to enter the competition it is just for students grade 12 and younger and over here they come how to write she chose some examples you'll see your friends your peers examples on the website the ones who who won there's information on how to write shijou although I feel like you probably have the information you need and then it talks about the registration and how we do that you do have to use me as your teacher and go against please share with us okay so they could join the adult division that is good news so you guys have more opportunities and more money I'll just throw that out there cuz it is an incentive absolutely so right here it's it's very easy they've made it very easy for you to apply or to register and put your shijou online and then it's done and we'll find out I wonder if a signed out March I think we got like Oh a name okay yes nope just one right or at least four in each portion so if you want to do the essay and the sheet job that's fine but you can only enter one sheet off I don't know no just oh good topic is different okay okay so no there oh that's for here is from the essay so not the sheet oh so if you wanted to do the essay anything and that essay like I haven't I haven't talked about the essay much in my class I'll look through it a little bit more and let you know more about it but some of you who like to read and you like to write I would encourage you to do it just you know good for you guys be awesome any other questions all right well at this point then your show for me is due on Thursday go ahead and go ahead a little more very flexible like we were today in class pretty flexible with with the process cuz the focus of this class is history so I tend not to spend as much time with the syllable counts and I don't emphasize that maybe like a creative writing teacher might or an English teacher might write or focus on my focus is more on the context like let's look at some historical poems let's talk about King Sejong which we did last week and bring in Hangul and kind of more of that contextual piece of the period but then we try and look at it from a fun perspective what does it look like today I'm looking forward to using the the hip-hop shijou in class and then kind of look at what's important to students I think any type of poetry brings out what's important to the students or what they might be focusing on and unlike haiku which is pretty rigid I feel like she Jo is pretty open so that students can write about what what's important to them feel like history is kind of empty without that cultural component you can look at all the dates you want and those are important they are you can look at the kingdoms and you can look at the dynasties and you can look at the events but what brings history a little more alive if you want to be cliche is that cultural peace that the poem that we looked at a couple of the poems we looked at today these are the same themes love travel fear depression these are the same human issues we deal with today so while it may be a poem written 500 years ago I think some of those same themes apply to students to adults and we miss a big part of history when we don't bring those two together so for me reading some of the older poetry just brings it home that is not so different so that part to me is is why I bring the poetry or culture art I do look at quite a bit of art in my class to just kind of solidify some things don't change and that human element of poetry or art doesn't change I kind of wrote it about like liked it from the fairytale like the cow jumping over the moon or whatever but instead like the twist it then is kind of it it becomes like realistic and he just like floats away in space well it's just a cool type of poetry it's fun to learn about and I kind of enjoy learning and reading writing poetry it's very interesting it's very similar to haiku too so I can connect it to English class um there is more variety to it there you can only use three lines and haiku but you can use six in this form it definitely brought into my perspective before in the first semester we learned about China and then we learned about Japan so we're now learning about Korea and how they're all interwoven together hi I'm Tony Edwards and we're at devil and junior senior high school and we are an option school in Jefferson County Schools Colorado and what that means is as an option school we're funded much like a neighborhood high school would be in this district but we have our own curriculum and our own governing board which helps select our curriculum our textbooks which makes us fairly unique in this district in regards to our curriculum in our local control of that curriculum here at the school site yes I remember a couple years back one of our students was very excited about it and I was working with her father on another committee and he was very excited and told me about the competition which was my first exposure to this poetry competition in this type of poetry and so I was very excited for this student and I had her come and share the poem with me as well and was very happy that she had entered the competition and that other of other students since then have also entered this competition and have done well in it now Deb Holland is one of our history teachers here one of our longest serving history teachers we currently have on staff and she teaches our ap psychology course as well as our Eastern civilizations course which is a great class that we provide to our ninth grade students and really giving our students a greater understanding of the wide world and they look at geography and Eastern civilizations miss Holland has been working with his class since 1997 so almost twenty years she's been collaborating with some of her other 9th grade history teachers I'm just to talk about the eastern civilizations in that part of the world and I'm really trying to bring some rich experiences to our students here you

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