Tears in the Rain – Blade Runner (9/10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD

I’ve– seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate All those… …moments will be lost… … in time, like… …tears… …in the rain. Time… …to die

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  1. Vangelis Papathanasiou music strongly reminds me of a sweet lullaby. As if the worst of villains, in that last moment, is fading away, and being replaced by someone who was just being born. And discovering his humanity. And what we despised so, is becoming something exceptionally memorable and surprisingly beautiful. Rest in peace, Rutger Hauer. You deserved so much more recognition. You were both charismatic and very talented.

  2. Rest in peace Mr. Hauer. Time to start hitching up that dark, rainy, lonely road

  3. poignant,powerful,somber,extraordinary
    RIP rutger hauer
    may your light forever burn brightly,may you glitter in the dark and be carried thru the tanhausser gate

  4. One of the most iconic moments in the history of cinema. RIP Rutger.

  5. There’s No Doubt that Hideo Kojima Based Him For Liquid In MGS 1.

  6. Rutger,your work will never be lost…,like tears in the rain,rest in peace

  7. Great memories great movies an unsung actor that will miss dearly

  8. How poetic that he died in the same year that Blade Runner takes place in. RIP Rutger Hauer.

  9. Just watched this masterpiece !
    By following the demise of the actor Rutger Hauer, who played Roy in this movie. And i came up with this interpretation about the movie; Roy wasn't the bad guy after all. He just wanted to live his life, free and forever with his love Pris; who also died in the movie. (spoiler !) And where actually the bad guy was Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) guided by the rule of the government that all the replicants must be "retired" (be executed) for no longer serve a purpose ! And watching all the struggles on the movie by both characters, i realize that Roy died for the truth LOVE and that Deckreck lived for a lie (BY HIDING THE ONLY ONE REPLICANT SURVIVOR WHO HE FELT IN LOVE WITH)

    THAT'S WHY IN THE END OF THE MOVIE ROY HAS IN ONE OF HIS HANDS A SPIKE FOR HIS SINS AND A WHITE PIGEON IN THE OTHER HAND FOR HIS FREEDOM WHICH MEANS DEATH AFTER ONE OF THE BEST MONOLOGUES EVER… "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

  10. It was very fitting that Rutger altered the script and added his own mastery of such a memorable speech of a dying replicant. Thank you Rutger may you RIP.

  11. It's curious that when talking about Blade Runner we all think about "Tears in Rain" and about Roy/Rutger Hauer…
    The leading man was Harrison Ford, but people seems to have eyes only for him…
    and i totally agree, Ford was outclassed by the intensity and deepness that Hauer was able to give to his character.
    that's because Roy is in searching of something he is not allowed to reach and dying for it: Longer life.
    but we can transfer it on other sides (Love,happiness) and it is so for the large part of humanity.
    Mr.Tyrell was terribly right "More human than human"

  12. Сладких снов тебе Рудгер! Для многих ты останешься непревзойденным!

  13. “All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain…” one of the single-greatest ad libs in the history of film.

  14. In the movie Roy Batty died in 2019 …… as did Rutger Hauer in real life.
    Very sad but somehow also beautiful.

  15. blind runner, the hitcher, blind fury, and who could forget hobo with a shotgun and many other movies you were great in . you will be missed Rutger

  16. His last act was to save a humans life . The rain talk was Rutgers own idea he jotted it down just before the scene . I loved him in Blind Fury and the Hitcher , he had such a wide range . R.I.P. Sir .

  17. R.I.P Rutger Hauer we will miss you ! Best scene in any SF movie and greatest adlib in SF history ! I get goosebumps and almost tear up every time I view this scene !

  18. R.I.P Mr. Hauer. I'm going on a Rutger Hauer marathon in honor of him starting with Blade Runner and ending with Hobo With A Shotgun. Rest easy bro.

  19. RIP Rutger Hauer. One of the greatest (and underrated) thespians of the century.

  20. 👏👏👏👏👏… RIP Mr. Rutger Hauer 🙏➖ It's Raining Again… like Tears!✓…

  21. The true magic of cinema, a deeply emotional experience from something seemingly mechanic, thank you for this gift, RIP Rutger Hauer <3

  22. one of the most touching moments in cinema…. saw this when it was first released… this scene will stay with me til the end of my days…

  23. Just a thought-
    You fly when you realise that your life and your moments are nothing but a tiny speck on the universe. In that very moment you understand that whatever happens in your life whether good or bad doesn't matter.
    Your life was always meant to be meaningless whether you beleive it or not, just live and that's enough!!!

  24. one of the pivotal moments in cinematic history… rest in peace rutger.

  25. I've never seen this film but have heard nothing but great things about it. Not even mentioning the nuance and minutia such as the "Hmph" Rutger gave at 1:03 It's small things like that that set good actors apart from great actors.

  26. The scene that transformed a Good movie into a Great movie!
    RIP Rutger.

  27. Harrison must be thinking this guy stole my first and ryan gosling second

  28. I was a kid when I first saw blade runner FOR the first time, Rutgers performance in this movie and this particular scean was amazing, it just grabs your attention, RIP

  29. That nail in his hand is symbolic of a crucified Christ saving humanity

  30. I am gods firstborn son. Liken me to death. Here i am judging you in the midst of you. Many of you will have eternal life, others shall have eternal damnation

  31. you want a acting masterclass…..this is it, rip Rutger, proud to be dutch!

  32. Like most film buffs, I've memorize this soliloquy word-for-word, including Rutger Hauer's voice inflection.

  33. Some guy on a video explaining the properties of a planet named Titan sent me here

  34. In this scene Rutger Hauer opens a door for us into humankind's future and, with a rare gift, shows us its marvels and actually places us, the audience, there, making us at once awestruck and nostalgic for the miracles of this imagined time to come…R.I.P. ….. or maybe just live forever, immortal in our hearts.


  36. I can't believe this. I realized just a few minutes ago that Rutger Hauer died. And he died around 3 weeks ago

  37. The “FILM DESCRIPTION” section in the description is a wee bit off, haha.

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