Techniques of teaching nursery rhymes and poetry

Hello friends my name is Mahima Mishra and
I am your teacher educator for English language pedagogy today we’re going to discuss the
techniques of teaching nursery rhymes and poetry poem is a potential medium to express
ourselves and to related to our lives by regularly listening to poems and songs children comprehend
the basic structure of language when we enter School the first thing that we learn arm nursery
rhymes for nursery rhymes so that we can start memorizing we can start mimicking and we can
start copying a teachers and learn the language through regularly using it it will rain lorn
to comprehend the language the children learn the basic structure of English language when
they reside poems in school why do we teach rhymes in school it helps the children become
comfortable in the language when we speak a poem several times we learn to express ourselves
in that language helps the children articulate the language it’s a foreign language so we
need to speak it many times we need to talk in that language we need to use those words
so that we become comfortable in that language will start with reciting a poem by Walter
De La Mare silver slowly silently now the moon walks the night in a silver show this
way and that she peers and seeds silver fruit upon silver dress one by one casement sketch
of beams Beneath The silvery touch cost in his kennel like a long because of silver sleeps
a dog from the schedule a code to wordpress speed of doves in silver feather sleep a harvest
Moscow scampering by with silver clothes and silver eye and move list fish in the water
green buy silver leaves in a silver stream when we recite the poem like that we get to
know a lot of things about poem children get to learn new vocabulary the poem silver is
fit for classes 3 and above so when we read this poem we learn a few words which are not
very familiar for the class 3 children suppose they ask you what is peers even supposed to
tell them as means looking intently observing they might find difficulty in understanding
the word that that means sloping got it snuggled quote there’s a small rectangular box kind
of a thing made for the pigeons to stay in comparing means running haphazardly green
Sin City learn a lot of new words learn to express themselves in your words the word
bank gets enhanced it also enhance is the creative ability when the children see how
the poet has described certain scenes which are so normal but in such a beautiful way
they also try to copy that they also try to improve on their own expression then they
try to create new styles of saying similar things we learn about expression we learn
about tone we learn about proper pronunciation so when we are reading out a poem we need
to be very careful that I expression in reading of the poem is according to the poem that
we have chosen the tone also needs to be very very appropriate if this is us night poem
so we need to be soft we need to be slow we don’t need to be in a hurry we don’t need
to be very loud when there is proper pronunciation of the words which is also very important
because this is the time that the children are learning new words and once the learn
it if we learn it incorrectly becomes very difficult to unlearn what they have just learnt
there are various techniques to teach poetry recitation we can start with making them listening
to the poem in the form of songs of video or audio tapes in the voice of famous actors
of famous singers there are various videos available on YouTube there are various links
that you can use and you can use them in your class if you are comfortable you can do the
recitation on your own we can also an answer poem for example when we have a poem like
I am a little teapot short and stout it’s very easy to enacted so we can say we can
say I am a little teapot short and stout this is my handle and this is my spot I know what
is boiling hear me out this lift me up for me out to be up to use clear pronunciation
and have to reuse the correct punctuation so that the child understand how we need to
deliver the poem on how we need to recite the poem again the poem very small one for
nursery children All Of Me by her My arms can start right my fingers can slap okay turn
off the light my legs are for jumping my eyes help me see this is my body and I love all
of me so when we speak the poem like this the children understand the meaning also because
we are trying to enact it out for them and they get to know exactly what we are pointing
at the enjoy it more because they get some activity to do and they really enjoy the session
we can also make them write their own poetry this can be done through poems like Five Little
Monkeys Jumping On The Bed I hope all of you heard that one Five Little Monkeys Jumping
On The Bed One Fell off and bumped his head mama call the doctor the doctor said no more
Monkeys Jumping On The Bed so when we recite a poem like that we can ask the children to
change the word change the noun from monkeys to another one that will give them a little
bit of creativity and they will also understand that even though they change the word from
monkeys to any other words the Pose like ponies the rhythm should not be broken so when there
is a bear poem they will say Five Little ponies Jumping On The Bed One Fell off and bumped
his head mama call the doctor and the doctor said no more ponies Jumping On The Bed To
The Rhythm remains the same but the word has changed and it becomes the poem The find a
kind of the kind kind of love towards the poem because now it is the poem The have made
it on the only have owned it will give them a lot of encouragement it encourages their
creativity it encourages them to Love poetry and understand. You better we must remember that we must always
encourage the child positively and never ridicule the child because at times there is peer pressure
at times if the child cannot recite the poem properly in front of everyone there are other
children who will make fun of him we need to be very very vigilant about that because
the child self concept the child self confidence is our responsibility group activity we can
also have poetry learning through group activities this activity is also meant for children of
class 5 we can give them a situation Walking Through the Jungle and we can ask them to
extend the poem for the by creating more lines once they have created the lines we can discuss
the lines with the teacher and they can come and present it in front of the whole class
we can also ask them put them for the about what motivated them to write those lines Walking
Through the Jungle what did I see a big Lion roaring at me Walking Through the Jungle what
did I say a long long snake hissing at me walk through the job Walking Through the Jungle
what did I say a little baby monkey wearing at me so when the Children Come and present
it represent their own poem if it’s a group activity for a 5 children can be made to sit
together and work on a single poem where is groups come and present Day poems in front
of the whole class this gives them a chance to also work on the leadership qualities there
will be some who will be more eager to come inside the poem and then there will be some
would be more eager to add more to the poem suitable all learn how to find their own creative
space and present the PO I’m as a collective group we can have an activity where the child
is given blanks to fill in and that comprises his poem so the poem like happy to be me can
be given with blanks with a blank for colour of the child hair with a plan for the colour
of the child size does a blank for the age of the child and there’s a blank for the name
of the child so when the child is in the blanks the poem become his own poem and then he gets
a chance to come and recited in front of the whole class suppose the child fails in black
is my hair black or my eyes and 8 years old and just the right size my name is Soham and
as you can see I am very happy to be me to the child Learns To Love a poem which oil
understands that points can be written by him as well that gives him or an affinity
for poetry for poetry writing for poetry earning per poetry recitation there are various steps
that can be used for teaching poetry effectively in class first thing is to be very well versed
with the poem once the teacher enters the class she should be well versed with the poem
because if you go and formal there which oil is looking at you and really really Attention
to all the nuances that you are picking up we need to check the pronunciation of unfamiliar
words and rehearsal before we recite it in class so rehearsal of whatever you going to
do in class is also important specially in teaching poetry we need to be loud and confident
it is not necessary to be loud all the time it depends on the tone of the poem and if
the poem requires we need to be very loud and if the person doesn’t require we need
to just razor volume a bit so that even The Last Child can hear us so loud and confident
that is very important we need to be dramatic and expressive very very dramatic and expressive
can say I hear thunder I hear thunder halftone to Hong Kong to pitter patter raindrops pitter
patter raindrops on with you or with through so we have to learn to automatic a little
bit dramatic and very expressive when we are reciting a poem we can check the tone of the
poem if that if the poem is a happy one we need to look happy Smile Without twinkle in
the air if it’s a sad one we need to bring the tone up it down we cannot be too happy
reciting a sad poem if it’s an into inspirational one we need to give that kind of a motivation
to the child will be reciting a poem basically we need to enjoy the poem enjoying the poem
for the teacher is the most important thing to be able to teach very effectively go to
enjoy the poem there are certain points that we must remember as teachers when we are teaching
poetry in class that to enjoy the poem we need to pay attention to a lot of things for
example the genre the tone of the poem that we have chosen sometimes the poem is a nature
poem sometimes it’s a motivational poem sometimes the tone is sad sometimes stone is happy we
need to be sure which genre which stone we’re supposed to stick to when we need to know
the style of the poet sometimes the poet uses three words sometimes the poet uses rhyming
words so we need to know that style of the poem poetic devices if we know the poetic
devices then we’re able to highlight those points while we are deciding the poem for
example alliteration when we teaching higher classes we can even tell them what is alliteration
for example in slowly silently now the moon we can tell them so so slowly silently when
we have the same sound consecutively in the poem when it is called alliteration personification
again the poem slowly silently now the moon walks the night in her silver show the moon
has been personified as a lady so we need to point that out to the children so that
they can imagine better we can all so do a little bit of research on the poet’s life
and setting to the poem for example in Daffodils when the poet William Wordsworth knows that
poem was going through a lot a personal laws he had lost a very dear cousin of his was
almost like his real brother so when he wrote that poem he started with I wandered lonely
as a cloud you can refer to that just to be able to tell the children by the poem is a
sad one and how it ends in a happy note writing your own poetry can also inspire you to love
poetry for these are just a few tips that will help you teach poetry better and which
will also help your children learn poetry better thank you so much with meet you again

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