Teens React to TheOdd1sOut

– It’s like story time,
just with cartoons. – I feel like I’m having
a conversation with this guy. ♪ (punk rock music) ♪ – (James) I hate it when people
are cool with their teachers, but there is a line
and you shouldn’t– – Wait, I think
I’ve seen this before. – I’ve seen these. – I feel like I’ve
seen one of these before. – (James) Don’t talk to your teacher
just to talk to them during class. I don’t know how much of a problem
this is in other places of the world, but sometimes there
would be kids in my class that would say, “Hey, Susan!” – No, you don’t call
your teacher by her first name. – The animation reminds me of Baymax. – They look like marshmallows. – (James) “I saw the video
you posted on Facebook. It looked like she
was having a fun time.” Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT!! Okay, now let’s talk
about my poetry teacher. I’ll call him Mr. Poe.
– (giggling) – (James) Because
that’s short for “Poe-a-tree.” – “Poe-a-tree.” (giggling) – Mr. “Poe-a-tree.” – (James) So Mr. Poe, I don’t want
to judge him too hard. I don’t know how
he was like outside of school, but just picking up the vibes I got — – Oh, I love animation
YouTube videos. It’s my favorite. – (James) I think he was depressed.
– Awww. – (James) I mean, to be fair…
– Poor Mr. Poe. – You have to wake up
hella early to be a teacher. I don’t blame him
for being depressed. – (James) Every single day,
he would start the class by saying, “It’s the best day ever.”
– Oh, that’s sweet. – (James) Saying that every day
only means that the days are going to get better and better,
which is sort of poetic, but I think Mr. Poe
was lying to himself. – Oh my god! This is dark but funny. This is my kind of humor. – I feel like I could
watch this for hours and just feel like
five minutes went by. – (James) Mr. Poe told us
that every single word in a poem was important. – Teachers are always like that. – (James) The poet
didn’t have to use the word “the” but they did.
– I hate it when teachers do this. They’re like, “All right,
think what the poet meant.” But what if it
was just a [bleep] tree? – I can’t do that with literature. It’s like, okay, I get there’s
a deep meaning, whatever. – (James) Sometimes we would
spend days analyzing a single poem,
taking notes and talking about what we thought the poet meant.
– Oh, me. – I think about
that stuff all the time. – (James) One time,
a poem we were reading had someone talking,
so there were quotation marks at the start of the sentence,
but there weren’t quotation marks at the end– the poet
forget to put end quotes. I remember noticing it
and thinking, “Ah-ha! A clue! Mr. Poe, I just made
a breaking discovery. There’s no end quotes here,
meaning that the whole rest of this poem
was told by this character.” – I feel like that’s totally me. – (James) And Mr. Poe said,
“Oh, no, that’s just a typo.” – (giggling) – (laughing) – (James) Well, frickin’–
– “Well, frickin’.” (giggling) – (James) Why am I perfectly
nitpicking this piece when the poet purposely put
poor punctuation in his poems?! Pterodactyl. – (chuckling) What the [bleep]? – I would’ve thought
the same thing, though. I like finding the little mistakes
and trying to overthink them. – I love that. It’s adorable
and funny at the same time. – That’s actually really cool
because vlogging is becoming a huge thing right now,
so I think it’s cool that people are trying to do new versions of it. – (James) I used to work at
a very small, local sandwich shop. I don’t know if any
of you guys heard of it. It’s called “Sooubway.”
– “Sooubway.” – (James) Our spokesperson
was in the news recently. – Jesus! – Jared’s a freaking idiot. – It’s like story time,
just with cartoons. – (James) Do you know
according to the Subway formula, you’re only supposed to put
on eight olives on a foot long? – What? – (James) One for every other bite. – I actually didn’t think
about the fact there was a formula. – (James) Can you imagine someone
just counting out eight olives? – I’ve seen people do that. – (James) We did have a store manager
who would make the schedule and sometimes tell us, “Hey, can you guys
do a better job at your job?” – I think that’s
how most chef leaders are. – I could see myself
just sitting at home and just watching this all day. – (James) So I worked with
a lot of crappy people. There was Tyler–
I freaking loved this guy. He smoked a lot of weed. He actually found out
what vaping was– – I feel like I’m having
a conversation with this guy. – (Jared) Then there
was this guy, and, get this, who was also named Jared.
– Oh my god. – (James) One time, Jared asked me
to take out this pile of trash, and I was like, “Oh, okay,
I’ll just put this pile of trash in the dumpster.” And as I was taking it out,
I saw that there was a chip poster in the pile.
– Hey. – (James) And I thought,
this is too cool to throw away. I’m gonna keep it. – That’s my poster now. – (laughing) Classic. – (James) So I took it home with me,
and then the next day, when I went in, people were saying,
“Oh, where’s the chip poster? We can’t find the chip poster. Oh, where’s the chip poster?” – Why’s it such a big deal? – (James) “We haven’t
seen it anywhere.” And I’m thinking,
(whispering) “I have the poster.” – (cracking up) – (James) I decided not to tell
anyone that I had the poster. – Good decision. – (James) It’s still hanging
up in my room. (whispering) Sorry, boss,
if you’re finding out about this now. – (giggling) – (James) If anyone I used
to work with is watching, and I didn’t mention you,
it’s because I hate you. – (gasping) Wow,
I love how truthful he is. – Who made these?
I want to meet him. – This is creative. I’ve never seen
something like this before, and props to him. – They’re interesting stories,
but it’s just regular stories. It’s about your everyday life. – This guy has skills
because I just sat here and watched a video
about him working at a Subway, but in a weird way,
I’m really into it. – (FBE) So here’s a video featuring
the man behind the channel. – Ooh, cool, I get to see
the voice behind the animation. – As of today, I hit 21 years… – Oddly, his face
matches the little character. – He does not look like
what I thought he would look like. – (James) As of today,
I hit 21 years of age. – He’s that young? – (James) Now I can drink, finally. – (chuckling) – (James) Don’t tell the cops
that I filmed this before my birthday. – His humor is so funny. – (James) Well, every time this
channel hits a subscriber milestone, I like to get a cake
and put on sprinkles equal to the number
of how many subscribers we have. ♪ (dubstep music) ♪ – That’s a lot of sprinkles. – That’s a lot of subscribers. – Those are going to go everywhere. – Yes. – No-ho-ho-ho! – This guy’s funny.
I want him to be my friend. (shaking sprinkles) – Amazing. I’m here for it. I love it. I’m subscribing. I like him. I have a crush on him. – I can see why
people like his videos. Not something I would watch,
just because, for one, it’s really slow. – I like this. It’s funny animations,
and I could watch these for hours. – I really enjoyed watching this. He must be hypnotizing me
in his storytelling methods. – (FBE) So those are all videos
from a YouTube channel called TheOdd1sOut.
– I’ve heard of that, yeah. – I have never heard
of that YouTube channel at all, but I liked the content. – A lot of people can relate
to a lot of the jokes and puns that he’s making–
and just the randomness. – He doesn’t do standard vlogs.
He animates them. And he does tell
very interesting stories. – (FBE) Well, he had
just 100,000 subscribers in early 2016, and the channel
now has over 3 million subscribers. – 100,000 to 3 million? Goals. – I have seen them
popping up in my suggested, and just overall in trendings,
so good for him, though, because I do see
him all the time on YouTube. – (FBE) So James is the creator
behind Theodd1sOut. He started making web comics
when he was only 16. – Oh, wow. – When I was 16, I was
kind of messing around in high school, and this guy’s doing cool shit,
like making comics. I need to get my shit together. – (FBE) His drawing style
has evolved over time to what he now calls
the “Marshmallow Man” style. – (laughing) I love it. – (FBE) Obviously,
animation takes a lot of time, and unfortunately,
for a lot of animation channels on YouTube, they’re
not able to sustain themselves as YouTube’s algorithm
has made it harder for content like animation to get seen. So what do you think
about how animation and a lot more well made
scripted content used to be extremely popular on YouTube,
but now it’s less common. – I feel like that honestly sucks
because it is something that people like to watch. – I wish they would support
the short film contents a little more just because
that’s what I like doing, I like watching. – The whole Llamas
With Hats and all that, that was a classic, you know,
okay animation, good comedy, and all that stuff
got really, really popular. If you’re just one channel
and you’re trying to grow, and, you know, usually channels
like to put out frequent videos, and if you’re an animation channel,
maybe you wouldn’t have the power or even the resources
to put out a video that frequently. – It is true that, nowadays,
I think most recently I’ve sort of gravitated away
from my usual subscription box and I’ve been in just this hole
of random suggested videos that I’ve just been watching,
and it’s kind of hard, though, because you love
these animated videos and you want to support them. And it sucks because it’s like,
they need the money for it, but nothing’s
really helping them out. – (FBE) So James
is also a huge supporter of other animators and channels. He frequently collaborates with them
or also his fans, consistently features
fan art and animation in the end screen of his videos. So we just talked about the struggles
animators have online, so what do you think
about James having success and using it to spotlight others? – That makes me
respect him even more. – I think it’s a really good system
to help other people who get attention
for really good work that they’re putting in. – He’s taking his success
as an animator. He’s like, “Yo, hook my friends up. These other people
who are also animators, give us a chance.” – I like that he’s
not full of himself. He’s still really humble. He’s still him,
but he’s also helping out these other animators that
want to get to either where he is, or just want to get
their name out there. – He just seems
like an all-around good guy, and the fact that he’s realized,
oh, I went from 100,000 to 3 million in a year,
of course, I’m going to thank these people all the time. So it’s like, of course,
I’m going to appreciate their fan art and always shout them out because that’s
just the nice thing to do. They sort of started this all for me,
and they’re the reason for my success. – He posts their fan animation
and the fan art at the end of the videos
and I think that’s really kind. Giving them that
recognition, just saying, “Hey, I see you. I see what you’re doing for me. I see that you’ve been following me.” That’s amazing for them
because then they realize that the work they’re putting
into you is being recognized and it’s being acknowledged. – (FBE) So, finally, where do you see
the content of TheOdd1sOut and other animations
going moving forward? – I feel like they’re
picking back up because people are seeing potential in them. – I just hope that it keeps on going
because I love seeing the animated videos. Those are probably one
of my favorites. Maybe they’ll be this
sort of best of both worlds, where you get your
personality based videos, but at the same time,
you see success with animated video creators. – Animation can actually
be a really funny way to kind of combine life things,
which I never considered before, so I definitely think that animation
is gonna be making a comeback on YouTube. – With animation, it’s kind of hard. I mean, I can see
why it’s not doing as well, just for so many reasons,
but him promoting other animators hopefully
will allow them to flourish and come back and be
a greater source of entertainment than just watching somebody
go through their normal life. – Thank you so much for watching
this episode of Teens React. – We have new episodes
almost every day. – Hey, guys, Kyle here from FBE. If you liked this episode, then go subscribe
to James right over there. He’s awesome. – Hi, guys, so this is
my last episode of Teens React. But don’t worry,
you can watch me on Adults React. So thank you
guys for your support and thank you
just for watching the videos. and I’ll see you guys next time.

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