Tell me about poets and poetry you enjoy.

people are the tube's spirit of EQ in the echo chamber very cool tonight to baby it but I thought I'd make a video from here tonight because after watching that good friend onion I went to the Dyson store and saw this rain tip so hey I got a lint and so I can sit out here which I don't want to do my job because I hate the cold so when it starts getting cold it's gonna finish my will to sit out here in business but it is I do likes me I don't have a huge view but what I can see there's always interesting people around my street I'm at the road it used to be a motorbike gang they looked at the road probably a bit half dozen answers they got busted I think like last year but last year stealing bikes taking them up there I don't know if they were chopping them they re you know re repainted them or whatever if that I don't know if that was happening up the road but they've got all the other bunch of stolen bikes since then it's been quite peaceful you used to race up and down the road on your bikes like all hours of the night so even they moved or they all got busted or in jail or they decided on the smart plane which was shut the up and don't attract attention so the point of this video was actually to ask about poetry so I mentioned that my last long seborrhea video that I've been getting into poetry right here lately have been writing for a while on and off I've done some who ain't me I've taken more of an interest in actually reading other people's penetrate maybe it was I wouldn't get a bit more exposure to different types of poetry like I know all this stuff went out all the holder stuff I can't yeah don't know poets off top my head and I know there's a lot of garbage out there well I guess with any writing that's the same now that we've got the ability to post anything and everything online it's hard weeding through the chaff to find that the good stuff so I I did some searching on writing on the poetry websites but most of what I found was people posting their own amateur stuff or posting older stuff that would let the end of copyright neither in which leads to them and I am not really sure what my preferences at the moment so alert try and get into a range of different poetry to see what what's the idea and you know no I'm not really into angsty so yeah much alive what do you read and what do you recommend and the particular poets you like I could look into their oh and the websites after you've got particular poems on maybe maybe poet to have got like a blog style site but like published poets who've got a blog store site there that you like and that him there maybe post the occasional poem on there you know give people a sample of what they do are there I mean I got to get physical copies but I guess while I'm researching I've what I've kind of been doing is going through random poets Amazon the Kindle Store downloading the samples and seeing if I like them and then you know figuring out with our way you know do I like them enough to just get the eBook version or do I like them enough to try and pick up a physical copy I guess the downside of the physical copies is that I never thought of them in my mind and wait for them to arrive so I wouldn't mind getting a couple then I can pick up immediately through through the Kindle Store there there's a couple of books I do that I did pick up which so these are recent purchase as well as this poetry New Zealand ebook they the website keeps making SL I do it magazine and I looked into it you know trying to see can I get this magazine does it anything nearly stores couldn't find there any local shops but turns out the e-book is I think that magazine see how they I don't think it's entirely New Zealanders in there because some of the parents talk about events and places outside of New Zealand I mean maybe it's maybe it's New Zealanders who have gone abroad or perhaps I've migrated to New Zealand from abroad yeah the first chunk of the book is dedicated to what Stephanie Christie which I don't really gel with a lot of the other stuff and here's to see what have the kind of things that people are writing our probably listening because there's a big chunk of the book which is definitely Christie and I just read two pages and then skip through the other book I've got is the latest by Sam hunt this book is called coming to it so this is his latest book and he's a long time well he's always seemed like they're that older guy and I have to say I was surprised to see that he was still alive and still thinking weird because you know even since I was young he seemed like that big guy who was like you know in those 50s or 60s and one of his problems are that life and I'll be out lookin Venus's go to heaven don't pass to his family and they're good they're interesting and he's a lot more of an unstructured part all of these pains ease my way pains did I mention what I'm smoking I don't know if I've done the housekeeping it so I've got the cold the country gentleman which I have come to love quite a lot and inside it I'm smoking my hold yet dansk main go in vanilla you just have to make the they have smelled a bit not wasn't firing but because the special anything doesn't like the smell of the of the standard they don't this to be too long but yeah be really interested to I know there's there's a bunch of people in both of the park community and some by all the friends from the community who I rented poetry and you know be I be I begin to know a bit more about what you're into what the sort of stuff you're into and some ideas for for what I can try out it's it's in my last video then it's just kind of one five-hour voice I've always written but I found that I'm gelling with enjoyment of writing poetry star shorter style writing then full price so I guess I should probably read what's out there get a handle finish this bowl and go feed the cats they treat see I still continue and look for to the prize model pieces

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  1. Καλημέρα φίλε Σπύρο!!!
    Κωνσταντίνος Καβάφης – Άπαντα.
    All time classic!!!

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