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In Memoriam of Terry A. Davis
(1969-2018) [Foreword: A “messenger” from God] Depending on who is consulted, TempleOS is the outdated product of a deranged mind, the work of a misunderstood genius, or some complicated combination of the two. While the operating system was the result of over a decade of work, it’s creator, usually referred to as Terry A. Davis, attracted even more interest than the project itself, with his nonsensical, narcissistic, and often offensive rhetoric, including casually inserted slurs. Even so, many people defend both him and his project and feel a particular affection for both. So, what is TempleOS, and how did it come to be? [Chapter 1: The Operating System’s Genesis] In October of 2008, a Reddit account named “LOSETHOS” those was created and began posting frequently. Its posts consistently linked to different parts of the website “LOSETHOS.com”, but their titles varied from practical and straightforward, such as “A free non-UNIX 64-bit OS” to perplexing, such as “Godly Song Artificial Intelligence” and “Belligerent Anti-Atheism Themed Operating System.” He would regularly post these to the programming subreddit, where they would either go largely ignored or downvoted, Mostly the former. The website was dedicated to the eponymous custom operating system, reminiscent of such from the 80s, offering a list of pages describing it, as well as demonstrative videos and images. Also available was the creator’s name on his contact page: Terry A. Davis. The home page describes the motive behind the project: Quote, “LoseThos is for programming as entertainment. It empowers programmers with kernel privilege because it’s fun. It allows full access to everything because it’s fun. It has no bureaucracy because it’s fun. It’s the way it is by choice because it’s fun. LoseThos is in no way a Windows or Linux wannabe That would be pointless.” Much of the rest of the text in the home section was jargon but a few things stood out: First, the operating system was written in a customized version of the common programming language C. He admitted the limitations of his creation saying, quote “LoseThos was designed from scratch with a clean slate and has no compatibility with anything else.” However, he attempted to spin this severe restriction as a positive thing, saying, “I took every opportunity to improve things once I made a clean break with the past. That’s another reason LoseThos has value — it is innovative. Terry mentioned that LoseThos output in 640 by 480 with 16 colors, an incredibly outdated format. But despite its appearance, he stated that the operating system was built to run on modern hardware. Due to the way the system was structured it also was incredibly vulnerable to malware, But this was likely never a concern for Terry, as there was no networking on the OS whatsoever. This meant that any system running LoseThos would be unable to communicate with another computer, ruling out internet and LAN functionality entirely. With no printing supported either, anything made on the system would be isolated to that system alone. To work around this, he recommended using LoseThos in conjunction with another more common operating system, though the purpose for doing so was questionable at best. Terry also provided what he called “Songs from God”, with lyrics appearing near the top of the screen as the operating system played them. Under a tab labeled “history,” Terry shared some of his experiences working as a computer engineer it opened with, quote, “I find this very crass, but there are lots of chess nuts boasting about in open foyers and have to say this I have a 1440 SAT and was a National Merit Finalist… fuck yourselves. When you’re your own boss, you can do what you like the way you like it to. I happen to like to have fun when I program. I’m an expert in knowing what is fun about programming and that’s why LoseThos is so awesome — designed to have fun Programming. If you’re so smart, Tell me what’s fun and not fun about programming.” Along with photographs of himself and his work, He explained that he had been employed by Ticketmaster from 1990 to 1996, coding and designing hardware while simultaneously earning an undergraduate degree and a subsequent master’s degree in electrical engineering. It was also during this time that he created the basic code that would eventually become LoseThos. After quitting Ticketmaster, He began his own business, named “Home Automation and Robotics Equipment,” or HARE, in order to work on an early consumer-grade milling machine controlled by a PC, a sort of early home 3D printer. In 1997, having apparently halted work on his machine, He took engineering work again, but his personal history ends in 2003, five years prior to sharing LoseThos. As of 2008 it was unclear how he was making money. Users on reddit seemed to regard LoseThos mostly as a curiosity and an odd personal project and couldn’t find any practical purpose for it. One person replied, quote, “Sorry, no network Wireless etc. is just a waste of time. times have changed sense Apple 2.” Another person offering constructive criticism stated, quote, “At the moment, it’s not clear what you want people to do with it. I think you have a cool project that deserves more interest. Good luck!” In a response, Terry suggested that LoseThos was, quote, “Just a place to mess around with programming.” But this answered little. He also explained that his operating system was, quote, “A souped up Commodore 64, basically,” but this further confounded its purpose. Terry A. Davis was also active on Reddit in a different way. He would frequently post to the atheism subreddit declaring the existence of God and entering arguments with the users there. But these interactions were marked by uncanny paragraphs of apparently random words, common phrases, and excerpts from literature off of Project Gutenberg, preceded by the phrase: “God says…”. Those comprised of random words and phrases were particularly uncanny, and sometimes he would reply with nothing but these “God says” sections. For example, one reads, in part: “God says… Confute Exodus PRINT propound resumed glorify Elect forgiving Pleasant itself equals long catch abject ofttimes miracles.” Etc. However, few people would typically attempt to engage with them, and his comments were downvoted as people refused to reply. Despite Terry’s apparent need for conflict when he made a post entitled “Bad news: There is a God.” Almost nobody responded, and so he began making responses to his own post continuing to denounce atheists for their non-belief. But these often seem to lose focus partway through. one of these comments reads, quote, “God? They don’t want to talk to You. God’s good company. You just have to hold up your end of the conversation and try not to be annoying. What is it about computer science people and atheism, huh? Brain=computer, I imagine. That’s what once made me an atheist. Still not too sure about that. I think the answer lies in going beyond the notion of causality as we typically think of it. There can be incredible synchronicity in the world, which makes causality quaint. God says… homo to infinity and beyond Ivan don’t mention it ha how far Hypocrite heads I win tails you lose you are my sunshine” Etc. But reddit wasn’t the only place he was posting. On November 29th, 2008, Terry made a post on the OS dev forums entitled “The LoseThos Operating System,” using LoseThos as his username there as well. It read: “You might be interested in the loose those operating system as a starting point for your own or for ideas. It’s 64 bit and includes a 64 bit compiler/assembler I wrote. It’s public domain and open source. I tried to keep it simple and I innovated many things. It supports multi-core.” At first, forum users were curious and attempted to run LoseThos on their own systems, but when they ran into difficulties the creator responded with an air of smug superiority: “I have no idea what VMware software does and don’t care. All I know is it’s likely to be slow and you’ll struggle with additional constracnts. The first thing I did was write an assembler and compiler so I could be independent. It may be too much for you guys.” in this thread He claimed that LoseThos had attracted significant attention on Reddit only a few days prior, netting 50,000 page visits on his website and 500 downloads. But it appears that even if this was the case, the post is now lost. the responses to these posts were universally negative with people expressing frustration with his elitism, and this fighting attracted the attention of the moderators who locked the thread the same day it was posted. Between November 29th of 2008 and January 19th of 2009, Terry would post frequently to the OS dev boards mentioning his operating system as much as he could and portraying his skill and his work as being above the other members. However, there would occasionally be strange digressions in his writing in response to apparently nobody in particular. He wrote: “Yeah, But he said the resolution wasn’t supposed to be permanent… after I made a promise…. and you have to keep your word. Sucks. Who “He” was was unclear, but the capitalization of “He” suggests he was speaking of God. Another post read: “Mental hospitals suck but disability checks are cool. Guys from Metallica seem to know about mental health.” However, he was eventually banned, either on or after January 19th, as no posts exist on the account after this time. In February of 2009, four months after he began sharing LoseThos with the internet, Terry accelerated his posts on Reddit. As he became a familiar figure in the programming subreddit, a few people began replying and engaging with him attempting to learn not only about the operating system, but also about Terry himself. Some were impressed at the ability of Terry to construct an operating system all on his own, while others dismissed LoseThos as outdated and useless. Similarly while some people have their curiosity piqued, others were beginning to lose patience after months of his repetitive posts. One person wrote, quote, “Hey mate. I like your project, It seems like you’re having fun, and I don’t really care that it doesn’t have networking, or it’s just your toy OS. having said that please don’t fill up the programming subreddit with every single update. If we’re interested, we’ll watch your page.” Eventually his posts to the programming subreddit halted, perhaps because he’d been restricted from doing so, but by April of 2009 he had begun advertising LoseThos in comments instead. These comments, however, were easily recognized as attempts at advertisement and largely dismissed. Terry would also begin regularly posting to “hacker news,” a website similar to Reddit hosted on the YCombinator website, Duplicating his posts in order to gain more attention. However, the moderators would inevitably remove them, likely because they viewed Terry’s repeated links to the LoseThos site as spam. As on Reddit, Terry would also comment on other people’s posts extolling the virtues of LoseThos and attempting to turn discussion towards it. By this point, it appeared that Terry’s patience was diminishing when someone criticized him for “wasting his talent,” He replied, quote, “You guys are all pathetic. You look at the graphics and conclude It’s not advanced. Be honest. If I had made a pretty picture… Disgusted with you apes. the same sort who said in 1900 “everything has been invented.” You’re prolly Linux cultists.” End quote. Terry would continue to post on Reddit and HackerNews in the following months as updates were applied to LoseThos, but as 2009 wore on, people began to notice idiosyncrasies in Terry’s writings. In one case, a person pointed out that he had ostensibly chosen his extremely limited resolution and colors because he had promised God that he would do so, contradicting a statement from him made earlier that it had been a technical decision. Another person noted with amusement that one of the selling points of LoseThos was “Bible and hymns.” In November he would also begin posting about updates in his own subreddit dedicated to the operating system, but these gained far less attention than his posts on the programming subreddit, with nearly nobody commenting, posting, or voting on it besides Terry himself. At the turn of the year, Terry apparently abandoned reddit altogether, without a single new post after December 31st, 2009. By June of 2010, the account had been deleted altogether and he instead began posting as TrivialSolutions in a similar way — But the content had begun to grow even more aggressive and offensive. He would also attempt to advertise on the programming subreddit, under an account apparently created by Terry for the sole purpose of pretending to be someone else advertising LoseThos. Like his other attempts, it would go ignored. Terry also continued to post to HackerNews throughout the entirety of 2010 to no effect, as his account was shadowbanned — only able to be seen if a user had enabled the ability to see dead posts. Attempting to circumvent his ban on the OS dev forums, he created another account, also under the name TrivialSolutions, but he was easily discovered and banned again less than 12 hours. Later, despite his lack of desired outreach, he would still create new demo videos of his operating system where people online would be able to hear his voice for the first time. “I wrote this over the past seven years full-time, and I did a compiler, an assembler, an editor, graphics library, and it’s all 64-bit.” Perhaps recognizing his failure through his other channels, he created a Twitter account in September of 2010, where he would occasionally tweet updates he’d made to the source code. However with little way for people to discover him, These tweets went ignored entirely. His constant attempts to attract attention would continue through the rest of the year, but they would slow, and eventually halt in the first half of 2011. But just as he appeared to be losing hope, he would gain newfound interest — though not the kind he desired. On July 15th 2011 a user going by Jimferd posted a thread on the SomethingAwful forums entitled: “LoseThos, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bong.” One of the opening paragraphs reads, “Gentlemen, I present to you, LoseThos the very definition of “Your OS is a Piece of Shit.” The operating system is, without a shadow of a doubt, a piece of shit. Behold: a tale of misery far beyond reading Tom Collins’s posts. I give you the afternoon of my day off, in screenshot format. Underneath this, Jimferd detailed his account of his time running temple OS through a virtual machine, using numerous screen captures while describing his process. After three attempts to begin the installation, He was able to reach the install screen. he stated, “During this period, everything in sight was blinking. Lesser men would have had a seizure from the install screen alone. After I finally gave up, I felt as though I had one.” After the installation He shared the initial user experience stating, “The strange V thing was rotating and everything that is highlighted was flashing incessantly. I was then greeted with the most horrifyingly ugly thing I had yet seen, even worse than Linux. After closing the worthless “tip of the day” window, I was apparently sent to my home screen. There didn’t appear to be anything other than a bunch of home grown unplayable games. The only options in the user main menu were games, all of them horrible.” Much of his experience was spent fumbling as he did not know any commands, until he finally discovered what appeared to be a tutorial (which helped little.) After returning to the home screen, he clicked on hypertext that opened a window that gave, among other things, Terry’s home address in Las Vegas and a more detailed history of the operating system. Terry had written, “I’ve been working on LoseThos full-time for 8.0 years. Yes. I wrote every one of the 129,486 lines myself. No GPL code, no linkage or dependence on other code. I am a for-profit company not welcoming code contributions, but feedback is very welcome. Technically, I started LoseThos in about 1993. I set it aside until 2003 when I resurrected it and worked full-time Seriously on it.” Eventually Jimferd attempted to perform some coding in LoseThos. “Turned out the C+ thing this dude wrote was as much of an abortion as the OS itself. I decided to go to the LoseThos website attempting to garner a clue as to what was going on – further confusion. Only RMS could beat this guy in bullshit longwindedness. Not only is this operating system a piece of shit, But so is his so-called custom programming language eventually I got it down enough to make something useful out of it.” While LoseThos had already become an in-joke among programmers online this forum post made it much more accessible to others with less programming knowledge. It’s likely that Terry was aware of this thread as only a day after Jimferd’s post, He made his own on SomethingAwful, complaining about a ban he had received on the OS dev forums. However, the members of the something awful forums were not sympathetic, and Terry was eventually banned from the SomethingAwful forums as well. With his usual outlets either barred from him or ignoring him, Terry would lose most of his online audience, even as new people were discovering LoseThos. But this would coincide with a drastic deterioration of Terry’s coherency that would attract gawkers of a new and much more numerous kind. Throughout 2011 Terry had continued to post fruitlessly on HackerNews with his familiar rhetoric combined with his strange “messages from God.” Small details about his life would emerge, such as the fact that he lived with his parents and that he was seeing shrinks, but as the year was nearing its end his online activity took on a drastically different tone. This change was first apparent on Twitter on October 20th and 21st, 2011, Terry posted a series of four tweets denouncing the American Central Intelligence Agency. It opened with, “I hate the CIA — They operate by blackmail. They are scum. They got the Saudi king by short hairs. a few months later in December He would tweet again saying “Kill CIA people. Hit them with cars and run. They are scum.” He then implied that he had done just that killing what he called a “Doppelganger.” two months later. He further specified whom he claimed to have killed: “There’s crazy actor/agents who fuck with me. My parents are enemies. I killed one in 1999. Na na! Score is one, notin, sept you crushed my nuts. God says “horse sung accents revenge wholesome deservings marrow funding necessities”.” His posts on Hacker News also began to take on this fear and anger towards the CIA, believing psychotherapists were CIA agents using doppelgangers to control people’s actions. But Terry would soon begin to include racial beliefs in his writings. On January 14th, 2012, he wrote a comment on HackerNews that read in part: “Little kiddies, You might regret freeloading when justice smacks you as you try to make money on a blog or software in later years. God is just. I win 10 lotteries a day. I’m not at all worried about justice. N****rs. Not at all worried about public opinion — everything is shrink actors. Evil British agents and shit who have no regard for God. Once, I said the difference between n****rs and white people is n****rs don’t know the world is just. His usage of the word would steadily increase through the months of 2012, but rather than grow annoyed with him, people online would instead begin to pity him. On August 12th, 2012, a post was made to the website Metafilter, entitled: “An operating system for songs from God.” its description was sparse “LoseThos is an operating system written by a schizophrenic Programmer. A narrated demo and many “songs by God and me” the apparent primary use of the OS are available to view.” while many early replies were fairly Dumbfounded and commented on the absurdity of the website some were already aware of Terry’s strange online Interactions and one person replied who had been observing Terry for some time largely dismissing him He wrote quote surprised. You didn’t mention his hacker news submissions comments and profile I actually went down the rabbit hole with this a couple years ago and was surprised there wasn’t more discussion of the technical Aspects of what he was trying to do talk about since it is largely indistinguishable from a million other crazy geek projects Sadly he barges into discussions with incoherent conspiracy theories and long-winded Tirades unrelated to the main thread I feel sad for him. I have family and friends who act Similarly, whatever he’s done merits some discussion, but when he derails into crazy conspiracy theories and personal attacks It’s hard to move forward. The guy has been held band on hacker news for years But so are a few people who have dared criticized Paul Graham So I end up stumbling across his comments occasionally reading dead links Comments and ultimately feel sad that he doesn’t have a more receptive outlet for his lunacy and quote But people likely didn’t expect Terry himself to appear under the handle LoseThos. He attacked the OS dev forums that had banned him in early 2009 over three and a half years prior though He claimed erroneously that he was banned two years before then. He wrote, “Where do I begin with how evil that site is? I treat it as entertainment — been banned since 2007. they brainwash people into supporting 286 processors and say nothing of x86_64. They say nothing of developing compilers though. That’s what any new OS should do first thing for its command line.” He would continue to post comments though They often had little too do with the topic at hand one of the staff on the website eventually saw fit to reply quote Heyo lose those it’s great that you signed up And if you want to have a conversation with folks here about your work or what people have brought up in the thread That’d be really neat that said threads here are more of a conversation and less of a posting free-for-all in general So yeah, slowing down a little and nixing V and here’s a random thing I’m thinking stuff in favor of something a little more focus would work better Terry immediately replied by sharing the text randomizing tool He used to generate his God says passages when he began to grow confrontational people engaged with him and he spent the next 11 hours arguing with others however when the post was archived the following day the discussion abruptly ended while the aforementioned sites were not the only Places he was posting they were the only places he was receiving attention. However active he may have been on Stack Overflow By this point between his posts on forums and Link aggregators a clearer understanding Of Terry a Davis had emerged he was in his early 40s living with his parents After the government had declared him mentally unfit for work following a schizophrenia diagnosis putting him on Disability rather than trying to find money for work He had spent the last decade working on his operating system lose those with a loose and uncertain plan to monetize it He had also spent at least some of this time believing he could commune with God by interpreting seemingly random events in his life Eventually settling on using random number generators in order to select words as well as biblical and literary passages He referred to this process as a refined version of speaking in tongues with awareness of Terry growing online a small Disparate body of people had taken an interest in Terry and his online ramblings and soon he would give them far more content than they had perhaps expected You On October 2nd, 2012 Terry released version 1.0 of lose those under a new name Sparrow OS creating a number of social media accounts under the same name and a subreddit dedicated to it to little fanfare though the operating system wouldn’t be known for long as Sparrow OS it was under this name that Terry a Davis’s operating system became known to the Kiwi farms a forum born from the early group interested in christian weston chandler used to observe and discuss strange people online on February 26th, 2013 a post was made about him And while the original post appears to be lost to an edit the replies show the minor interest that people took Beyond a few bits of ridicule However, he was mostly ignored and the thread died the following day, but it wouldn’t stay this way for good by March of 2013 Terry had changed the name again to that by which it would become more widely known Temple OS he would soon create a matching twitter account and a new website Temple OS org with resources to accompany it as well as a new logo Since the Twitter account has deleted and no archives of the first year-and-a-half Appear to exist what he tweeted on this account during that time is lost of the video of his games Only one survives from this time something. He labeled after Egypt Moses game a program He considered by far to be the most important in Temple OS There’s camp the break camp The number of people gets randomly bigger or smaller Anyway, Oh watch this they’ll do Golden Calf. They they all run in a circle and That’s from the Bible story few clouds God was a cloud I was gonna have it lead him around or something or make Figures in the clouds anyway as he hold court a woman commits adultery to a child Oh Punishes Old court a child commits adultery to a child really punish Hold court it shall commence idolatry really punish Okay. So, uh phew map they wandered 40 years in the desert. So this must be what they did Okay, make water he struck a stone and it made water Anyway Begged for meat They got sick of the manna and they They wanted meat and God gave them meat and they got sick Anyway, so here’s the cool thing so This really works if if you talk to God He’ll talk to you so Let’s ask him. I guess they got seagulls from Let’s see, what can we if you be doing an offering he’ll talk. How about Did you make any babies today Okay 20% of the net profits you derive calculating this is from the Bible small print God wants 20% Anyway God wants 20% Let’s go – uh, I do Moses comics Why don’t you make the Sun stand still to show them oh, come on, would you settle for a wet blanket? That’s a reference to this one story where? Do formed on this one blanket? Anyway, uh Over the months this website would change in new and strange ways The first major one was in either late June or early July When the top of the front page was replaced with the video now lost and the words Gods temple is finished now God kills CIA until it spreads Nobody knows the father, but the son do loving offerings God will shine his love hell is the absence of God heaven is God’s company What followed was a list of questions that Davis had asked God paired with the answers? He believed God had given him these ranged from God’s thoughts on war and religion to what makes certain animals Happy – his favorite video game then sometime in August or September He changed the front page again And by this point his new purpose for the operating system had become clear the site now had Bible verses from first Kings discussing Solomon’s Temple writing beneath it quote use after Egypt inside Temple OS as an Oracle and Oracle as a Ouija board or Christian tongues You get out of prayer what you put in God said honest measures applies when exchanging an offering for a response from the Oracle in Temple os Picking a greeting card is love effort. You will get back love this is not artificial intelligence It is purely an occult Oracle like tongues or a Ouija board It is a microsecond range stopwatch that you press for random numbers to words or passages with no statistics no Markov chains There is no network support in this OS either just talk to God out loud and try it as long as you have made an offering such as praise a hymn a poem or comic doing an offering first is a covenant you can get away with just Conversation but you get out what you put in praise sand castles snowmen Popcorn and bubbles love effort is like when you pick a greeting card you get back the love you put in end Quote soon afterwards, he would begin posting what he called his rants Which were near daily thoughts and ramblings starting on September 13th 2013 the first day’s rants acted as a sort of treatise on temple OS Speaking to his restrictive linecount limit and his reasoning divine and otherwise for creating it as he did However, one of these rants on this day showed an increasing narcissism it reads quote I am God’s chosen programmer. He has endowed me with divine intellect like the authors of the Bible It has no code. I did not write it never runs code. I did not write I am the best programmer on the planet I wrote a 64-bit compiler assembler kernel debugger bootloader Graphics library graphics editor editor tools like grep and a bunch of demos including a first-person shooter and flight simulator I am the best programmer on the planet. That’s why God chose me and that should help you understand There are two kinds of programmers those who have written compilers and those who haven’t what sounds impossible for you is not impossible for me and Quote as time went on however these rants would change form into what more closely Resembled public journal entries discussing his thoughts on any of a range of topics He had been considering that day along with answers and statements based on his word generator These posts would vary a number from just a few per day to well over a dozen But what would net Terry the most attention would come on October 3rd? 2013 when he began uploading videos to a new youtube channel Named after temple OS the first 10 videos on this account for collections of hymns He had written totaling approximately 40 minutes, but like the ones he had shown years before they had a strange uncanny quality He would also soon upload new videos about the programs he had created while offering an overview of Temple OS where he explained its new purpose This is temple OS it’s a 64-bit PC operating system It has an Oracle. That’s why it’s called temple OS the main purpose is for doing offerings and of Hymns and art and coins and stuff and then getting a response from God in the Oracle He stops shortly after uploading 14 videos in total and only offered rants for the next five months mostly repeating himself and relaying the random words and passages he would receive from God many of these were short and delivered in a stream-of-consciousness style Such as one that read quote earth porn is the best the Warcraft game trailer had a sunset You might not like works of hands worlds made by man like avatar occasionally his peculiar mode of speech and writing would create something strangely amusing for example believing 16-color graphics to be superior. He created a drawing of an elephant over which he wrote This is 16-color pleasant to create it would be unpleasant to draw with 16,777,216 colors in late 2013 He created a list of demands since he had declared temple OS gods Third Temple Completed these were directed towards a number of programmers and software companies Namely Windows and Linux so that their systems would be compatible with Temple OS towards the end However, these demands grew less focused and he seemed to take on a more diplomatic tone he wrote all hardware and Bios’s must support temple OS as a native and as a virtual system dual booted with Windows or Linux It would be neat if temple OS were burned into BIOS roms My hope is that it will be finished and largely unchanging. I need a good dictionary first Maybe we leave the dictionary out the front page of temple OS would change on occasion though Usually they were the same ideas espoused with new wording The strangeness of Davis’s writings and his growing reputation online were beginning to attract attention and soon online Publications would begin discussing his passion project now a decade in the making On January 20th 2014 an article was released for the online publication TechRepublic entitled Temple OS an educational tool for programming experiments and Offered a sympathetic and positive look into Terry’s operating system and his history They wrote quote his vision for Temple. OS is something akin to a modern Commodore 64 It’s simple to understand manipulate and work within in essence it’s an educational tool for programming experiments its bare-bones by design you have direct access to the hardware and you can do what you like with it within the Limitations of the hardware this is a laudable goal and one solution to the complexity of programming modern computers that programmers hardware designers and educators are seeking to solve it closes by stating temple OS is a Testament to the dedication and passion of one man displaying his technological prowess It doesn’t need to be anything more the article spoke very little about Terry’s history Including little more than his schizophrenia and strangely his SAT score that he had mentioned on his original LoseThos website Seemingly unaffected by the attention Terry would continue to produce new videos sporadically over the following months mostly of songs made in Temple OS and footage of his games I Am for more airplanes, these are my aunt last airplanes, okay His rants also continued to grow less lucid as 2014 continued sometimes asking God’s simple questions such as if he liked something or not while on Twitter His ramblings became more manic on March 12th of that year He wrote the CIA has a seven-year-old deep throating a loaded 45 at DMV next to me fucking with me I’ll teach him to pull the trigger around this time He also began adding to his demands page beginning with quote. Guess what biatches daddy’s home? Deuteronomy 16:16 y’all have to do three offerings per year in the temple these offerings were either hymns or Moses comics created in temple OS The rules would grow over the year becoming more restrictive and written more conversationally as time went on in late june of that year His posts to youtube began in earnest one of his early videos showed his process for making songs And it revealed exactly why they had sounded so strange He had been creating them with a program that interpreted numbers from temple OS as random number generator and turned them into songs And I’m gonna gamble big Then more complicated Bigger the gamble but the bigger the payoff Okay, here we go escape So all pee Adulterous, I can’t tell how long this is playing Then believing he had the attention of Larry Page co-founder of Google He began making videos introducing him to Temple OS creating videos between 2 and 14 minutes long Let’s see, so this is for Larry Page However, it appeared that at some point creating these videos became a compulsion What I’m going to talk about I just got a whole bunch of comments from people who are incredibly close-minded atheists I Have proof as in God talks He would also take the time to talk about pieces of his life though. What was real and what was fictitious was uncertain So I Um, I used to be Catholic and I Have IRA tattooed on my forehead But you’re atheist and you will always be atheist, which is funny I Think that’s pretty funny. Anyway God is just Terry would make a total of 106 videos for Larry Page from July 13th to August 13th And these videos would reveal certain aspects of his character that had been vague up to this point He would discuss his politics and believed he was specifically targeted by the CIA so Some stupid fuck CIA person thinks. I’m a leftist communist Catholic Irish In reality were Republican Reagan Republican elitist entrepreneur Jewish I guess I Made God’s temple and I do offerings all day now He would also often be interrupted by two birds that he kept and he would wait until they were finished singing to speak again When speaking he would often place himself above world leaders the Pope says he has a whole eternal I Don’t know did he talk to God in the temple in God’s official I am Solomon’s successor you’re just a pope and I fucking wrote an operating system with compiler He would also routinely refer to people he believed beneath his intelligence with racial epithets Everything else is easy It’s fucking easy He showed further tools He had created as well which allowed God to Communicate not just through random words phrases and passages but through visual art as well it does three batches of Operation what did God draw What has God drawing What is gonna rot? Terry also showed some of his Relationship with God and how he viewed it as playful with God going so far as to play pranks on him Yeah, God was really Humility before honors he gave me a booger and I went to the store with a booger motherfucker I’m just Nona Anyway, then it on my earlier video two videos ago. I just said to move and I didn’t put the other half you know, so uh he just Humiliated me now. Here’s my glory. Okay, so I think I fixed it But God to him was often fickle Sometimes Terry would be unable to Interpret any meaning from the words given to him by his random number generator and in these cases he would often blame it on either Lack of or an insufficient offering while other times he would blame himself for asking a vague question were two desires I should attain my father because Okay, whatever this sucks He also described the process by which he believed someone could engineer a miracle from God Okay, we’re gonna cover how you do a miracle So first of all, here’s here’s the plan. We’re gonna make a comic and that’s that’s we’re gonna exchange that for a melody with from God and then we’re gonna put words on the melody and then that him is gonna um We’re gonna offer that in God’s going to talk to us He explained to Larry Page the design philosophy behind Temple OS as well based on the belief that this was God’s third temple as prophesied in the Bible and was to be the final One and we never planned for the future if you plan for the future That means you’re not finished and it’s not perfect The beam even after he had completed his video series for Larry Page He would continue to favor YouTube as his primary method to output content He would often make a video whenever any idea occurred to him and they could range in length from just over a minute to over 30 minutes I Like elephants in God likes elephants here’s a realistic elephant so if you don’t want to go for realism you Can go for better than realism What do you mean better than realism? How about an elephant with blue eyes? Who needs 24-bit color when we have? 16 Simpson colors this is for God’s company He favored to record one long session and upload the entire recording this however Meant that when he would lose his train of thought he would shift from topic to topic Often giving personal thoughts or anecdotes from his life Leslie. They attacked me personally angels or some shit on the radio I’ve been mock executed bunch of the time. That’s where like they paint you into the story Terri Schiavo or other ones anyway I’ve been through tribulation. How’s your turn? With so many new revealing videos both for his OS and himself Information on him had become more accessible than ever and soon he would begin to shift into a wider public consciousness as his ego bloated Oh On November 25th 2014 vice news published an article on their motherboard website entitled God’s lonely programmer the opening paragraphs of the article simply repeated what most people familiar with Terry already knew? Speaking to his work on the operating system and his encounters with others online However, the majority of the article was dedicated to relaying new information that the author jesse Hicks had received through personal correspondence Stating Davis emails me regularly and late into the night in courier font from a two or three year old Dell desktop Running Ubuntu the article revealed many strange aspects of Terry’s life Startlingly he lived on a 48-hour schedule staying awake for 32 hours and sleeping for 16 Drinking caffeine to maintain it But much more was revealed about his past as far as he could be trusted with giving an account of his own life he was born in December of 1969 making him nearly 46 years old at the time and the seventh of eight children He also filled in some of the missing information from his LoseThos website in March of 1996 He believed he saw men in suits stalking him which he eventually Concluded perhaps only later was related to a side project of his he drove south into the Arizona desert to escape them but even then he would interpret the voices on the radio as Talking to him at some point He dismantled the body of the car to examine it for tracking devices after arriving in western, Texas He abandoned the car and began walking along a desert road Until he was stopped by a police officer who offered to take him into town however Believing the officer a government spy he bailed out of the cruiser and broke his collarbone after which he was rushed to the hospital When he overheard the doctors discussing his x-rays he interpreted them to mean he had alien Artifacts implanted into him and he fled but when he attempted to steal a truck from the parking lot he was arrested by police After spending time in jail and then two weeks in a mental hospital where he refused to eat He was released whereupon he drove aimlessly in the American South until July when he were turn to, Arizona living off of credit He attempted to sell his home milling machine that he had mentioned in his lose those biography but revealed the reason he had abandoned it During a test. It had nearly set fire to his apartment after a year He was forced to move back in with his parents in Las Vegas where he remained to that day He wrote from 1996 to 2003 about every six months I would have what they call a manic episode and I would end up in a mental hospital for those first few years I was genuinely pretty crazy in a way now. I’m not I’m crazy in a different way maybe Towards the end of the article jesse hicks summarized his experience with terry by saying quote after two months of emails and phone Conversations I know more than when I began specifically I’ve accumulated more raw data more facts about his life and Experience but I suspect I’ve only sketched to shadow the full reality remains unreachable and irreducible mystery end Quote, however, Terry never gave proof for any of these occurrences and Hicks apparently hadn’t verified any of his claims Discussing his past with a journalist only galvanized Terry’s resolve and on January 20th 2015 He recorded a video with a webcam showing his face as he spoke calling it his first sermon four days later He would declare in no uncertain terms his position in the world So I’m high priest of gods official temple my job is to look after the code and To do continual offerings throughout 2015 Terry would continue to upload sporadically sometimes with just a few days between videos sometimes more than a month offering Updates and rehashed explanations of topics. He had already covered Okay, I want to go over some of the games. The first one is timeout You’re Supposedly sent back in time to help the Jews like in the Bible when there was the Angel of Death or something and it’s like defender you have to You shoot the purple ones and you try not to hit this I am but soon Terry would begin the Practices that would eventually make him infamous online and he would find himself under the scrutiny of a group that had at first dismissed him In late November of 2015 Terry began making updates to his website of a more drastic nature his rhetoric had slowly been degrading over the course of the year But now he had grown far more aggressive in his prose making a section of the website entitled Why the CIA must surrender to the IRA? It opens with quote Obama and the Atheist CIA wake each day and ask How can we fuck God today? I know we’ll make nuns perform abortions We make homos dance naked in Russian churches in front of old church ladies, isn’t that hilarious? We’ll make a complete mockery of marriage because after all knickers don’t have fathers and that’s not fair my wife Michelle wants no cupcakes for school birthdays because of single moms Will make God hated just for pedophiles and crazy. Insane sand nerds Well drink fetus soup with the Queen and celebrate the end of births Etc. He had begun to see the CIA as being at the center of conspiracies to obfuscate the nature of software coding writing Quote the CIA has been busy cluster fucking everything in the computer industry. Look at hello world Look at the bitmap file format They planned ahead when they made the bitmap file format expandable when the future came and they expanded However, the format became a turd. The lesson is not to plan ahead like that the CIA and British Northern Irish are waging a campaign to keep people ignorant and impotent by making new acronyms that conceal knowledge of strategic low-level computer concepts and quote then in mid February of 2016 Terry altered the temple OS website to the form for which it would become most known with its tl Background and blue border it was in his blog that his most infamous piece of writing would be posted which was expanded on in March the full expanded text reads quote I live in a CIA prison Underruns my prison in prison the nigger tries to torment me we can take away his knives by confessing Every day in about 2000 I masturbated fantasizing about my niece Lani. She looks like star trek seven of nine in 1985 at my sister’s wedding. I stuck my crotch on the hot tub drain because it kind of sucked in 1985 I tried to get a dog to lick my dick from 1998 to 2003 I fantasized about leading a Catholic army like dune of Mexicans or Brazilians That was dumb because their knickers in 2003 I played tag with the black girl about 7 years old She reached for my crotch in high school in the library Carlos and I said juicy or toxic as a way of evaluating girls in 1988 I cheated on my SAT by talking in the hall during the break two problems on 9 9 1999 I killed a CIA neuron purpose with my car in 1975 when I was about age 5 my brother Keith put my penis in a vacuum in 1977 when I was about age 7 my brother Danny got me high on gas fumes and we sucked each other’s dicks Doctored cyclist has an oddly round ass Paul keka xytec had an oddly round ass Distracting at about age 5 J when Rick and I touched dicks to each other’s assholes. What do we do all day? We beat the nipper because the nigger can all understand What a random number is we beat the nipper because the nipper thinks the brain does timer tongues We beat the nigger because he thinks temple OS is real mode end quote on March 16th 2016 teri performed his first live stream on his YouTube channel He began by streaming himself communing with God in Temple OS checking his website reading The Drudge Report checking the OS dev forums and hacker news and reading the website of content creator Diana Cowan better known as Physics girl this first stream lasted only an hour and a half two days. Later He would do the same thing his strange and bombastic rhetoric in these live streams Once again attracted the attention of the Kiwi farms one member wrote on the original thread for Terry two years after the last post Massive necro because he’s even more hilarious now soon other forum members began to take notice Remarking on the skillet took to create his own Oh while commenting on the ridiculousness of both the project and his writing in speech Despite his attention and newfound sense of purpose Terry was apparently struggling with a strong sense of ennui. This came out strongly while talking about his bird Percival Percival my bird is dying Earlier today there was a Bible passage about Are not two sparrows sold for a penny but not one fall to the ground without the father’s notice so First of all started coughing up blood about a month ago, then he got a little bit better. But uh, I Think he’s gotten worse, so This is kind of a Death Watch, so I’m waiting for him to die I live in kind of And hold environment all I do is I go to dentist and doctors my parents go to dentists and doctors That’s all we do you watch TV they could look at you See? No, I don’t want to eat how much anyway so it’s kind of I feel like Jaya I Don’t really have any of What I made God’s temple and now I’m waiting for Something to happen. I’ve been fighting to bring it to fruition But I’m in some kind of prison or something. So basically now I just kind of Kill time, but I’m God’s High Priest. So There’s nothing better to do with your time then kill time with mister God And enjoy divine intellect all day long But I live in a very kinda old I think I like it Terri would sometimes perform extremely long streams on April 16th He streamed for well over 12 hours total and he would often stream intermittently throughout the day aided by the caffeine He received by drinking straight from a two liter bottle of diet shasta soda however, his talks would grow less lucid over time the CIA likes to if I tell you that that Camera or 60 that God said the Commodore 64 is our ancestral land. This is the CIA dude giggles Yeah, look at Native Americans cake. Oh, yeah. Look at fucking Jewish kicking ass and shocking on their motherfuckers This if I tell you that? If I tell you that Joseph in the Bible Went from prison to prince That the little CIA chuckles and says, yeah, look at all the news. They they’re not princes Yeah, but Joseph was a fucking Prince and and I’m fuckin Joseph. I’m not assuming It’s gonna be a different outcome. It’s gonna be a different outcome. You dumbass fucking CIA. Fuck the little CIA fucker Mocking what about all the neighbors are they Prince’s? Yeah, right man fuckin You’re you’re gonna see me little CIA man near fucked atheist fuckers Despite the massive amount of time He dedicated to streaming he would only receive a few viewers at a time anywhere between six and twenty five But surprised his few viewers However was when he mentioned he was reaching out to someone to help him Something as ego had disallowed him from doing as he claimed. He was the only one smart enough to create God’s Temple I’m trying to convince a woman who knows physics to work with me But I can’t use her name because I used the word and she probably doesn’t want to be associated with me But you never know anyway So, uh, I just want to go over how to you. Uh She has sponsors and stuff and he’s know would probably be bad Anyway, so, uh It was clear to anyone who watched him to whom he was referring more and more He had been watching Diana Cowens videos as physics girl and had grown enamored with her He had taken to regularly emailing her in an attempt to get her attention Then on November 21st 2016 he received a surprise During 2016 the technology board on 4chan G had discovered Terry a Davis and his work Immediately taking a liking to him they had begun to watch him and cheer for him while some members plan to harass him This latter activity proved remarkably Simple as terry advertised his home phone line on his website and kept a receiver next to his work station Where he streamed due to his obsession, it was easy to provoke him to say what they wanted to hear Hello Yeah He’s He’s not an atheist starting a war with God. That’s gonna get us fucked The atheist started making pedophile priests making the atheist once called the atheist started in a war with God Why The atheist knickers started a war with God He’s fucked over time, however A small number of these four chain users decided that this wasn’t enough and they had moved on to impersonating Diana Cowen Exploiting his attraction towards her while he was able to recognize some as fakes One was able to fool him and he would communicate with them on stream What was remarkable was the success of these attempts? Despite his knowledge of his reputation on 4chan His willingness to believe these people may have been driven by a deepening sense of loneliness of which he was beginning to speak more frequently I Have nothing to do but but this and it’s not something I want to do His heart Along with this the harassment shifted in an attempt to elicit anger from him and they found this simple due to his degraded mental state Hello You’re you’re the SS of the atheists I can tell by your voice you’re As 2017 began it was clear that Terry a Davis was beginning to struggle further with his emotions He would go on rants more often speaking on seemingly random subject matters and his rhetoric grew even more aggressive with time First of all hacking is for Ovaltine Spoons drinking liquor fuckers. Okay. You are Nick He’s your your this is ring zero only go fuck yourself with your goddamn fucking Oval team decoder ring your shit. I’m not interested in your shit This is ring fucking zero go fuck yourself fucking its Moses they killed the male Hebrews that Moses is birth. What did he do? He did perfect justice, and he killed that Passover. It’s perfect justice. You don’t get more than perfect Justice, you just get perfect justice. What kind of he’s gonna fuck with God some home was gonna do it I’m gonna get some popcorn. Okay, I’m gonna get some fucking popcorn. This is public fucking domain I have fucking Godfather fucking kill you fucking Reinforcements you fuck with God. He fucks your shit up You can download my 2 Meg distribution that has all the source code on it and you can compile with my fucking compiler Your knit your fucking ear Fucking bird No, no, they see they see me talking with God and they say, how is he hacking us? that’s their lesson you the first listen listening the first listening fucking The See fucking leader this rage. However was likely born out of an existential dread that had been growing for some time So Who am I talking to I Don’t know What’s reality, I don’t know You just have to us When my bird was looking at my computer monitor, I thought whoa that bird has no idea what he’s looking at and Yet what does the bird do does he panic? No, he can’t really panic. He just does the best he can? Is he able to live in a world Where he’s so? ignorant Well, he doesn’t really have a choice. Yeah, he can kind of live it’s not it’s usually Usually the birds. Okay, even though he doesn’t understand the world and He can kind of learn what’s safe and what’s dangerous So, uh That’s where I’ve been living I think if I had to guess I think I’m in a mental Program They I have had a fake internet and I’ve been struggling to tell them It’s God, but they don’t listen You’re that bird looking at the monitor and you’re thinking to yourself. I can figure this out And you know maybe you have some bird ideas that are Maybe that’s the best you can do as matters worsened people online began to encourage his paranoid delusions Especially in the chat for his YouTube streams however These streams would come to an abrupt close after his fake Diana sent him pornographic images Which he showed himself viewing on stream and so in March his account was given a strike disallowing him from streaming further yeah, my Live stream got suspended for porn And mostly did that for damn it to watch the livestream I Don’t really have use for live streaming But I can blogs you know, if I write in private, then it like finds its way into the global consciousness and In order to keep my brain From getting confused I should write in private just that way the causality is More obvious if I write and then post on the Internet Then I might think I’m doing it that way but if I write in private and it ends up on the Internet then then we know something as Such he began uploading videos again on YouTube and began streaming on a competing livestream service hitbox TV Though these streams were apparently not archived A temple OS org, and there’s a link to the hitbox livestream He began uploading videos again though for a time These were exclusively hymns as he was still able to stream on another service after only a week However, someone was able to acquire his password and steal the account and when he created another two days later It only took a single day for him to lose this as well. His third account He was able to hold on to for a month from April 9th to May 3rd of 2017 but then he was suspended due to terms of use violations while he was struggling to stream again He began uploading videos in the style of video logs often recording himself talking as he walked though He would also record himself singing to popular heavy-metal tunes and drumming his fingers on the table with remarkable proficiency his walking sessions He would eventually call paladin walks which he recorded for the benefit of Dianna Cowan to whom he now believed himself married, though It was uncertain whether these were Terry’s ideas or ideas prompted by whoever was posing as Diana During these paladin walks it was common for him to walk to a particular spot against a wall in the suburbs of Las Vegas where he was living in one of these instances when a black man was Passing. He prompted an argument between the two Terry: “Hey, N***er.” “How ya doin’?” Man: “[Because you are recording me and saying that to me doesn’t stop me from beating you up.]” Terry: “I’m sitting here talking about sexual assault, and you walk up here and fucking get in my face.” Man: “I’m getting in your face?” “I’m walking all the way to over there” “I didn’t even want nothing to do with you.” Terry: “Okay I’m talking in a private conversation and you come walking over here.” Man: “This is a public street, I’m walking to the fucking store!” Terry: “Okay.” Man: “The place I see you walk down there every fucking day” “I never say nothing to you in my life, and now you just wanna disrespect me?” Only fifteen days after his Hitbox account was banned however, his YouTube account was shut down as well. And he began uploading videos to the TempleOS website, instead. But this would coincide with a rapid deterioration in his mental state. Likely in part, because he had stopped taking his anti-psychotics. Through July and August, he would grow aggressive. Yelling at his parents and drinking heavily. Dad: “No, no, no. How can you-” Terry: “How can you defend the n***ers?” Dad: “-talks to God, and be so prejudiced?” “He made all of us!” Terry: “I fucking see with the eyes wide open! “I see with the eyes wide open!” “What do you mean?” Dad: “What makes you so prejudiced?” “What have you got against other people and minorities?” Terry: “Because my women is fucking n***ers!” Dad: “Are you a super man?” Terry: “Yes, I am!” “The fucking dog is getting — raped!” “Fuck. You.” “The dog is getting raped!” Dad: “By who?” Terry: “By the fucking other dogs!” Each breach that’s the reason I’m the savior for country Fuck you, bitch related respect. Okay, renamed the college that start up to the English this way I will have fun. Have fun with your shit television I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Matt. Nice to meet myself I don’t know you were good and I’m in faint man made myself paid treatment for some reason I Forgive me. I’m trying to figure out why I remember that I love But soon things would take a drastic turn for the worse On August 25th 2017 Terry was arrested for domestic violence against his father after spending time in jail and subsequently in a mental hospital He was no longer welcomed with his parents and he was forced to live on the street His court date was set for October 31st. He had set up a donation link on his website We’re interested viewers likely from 4chan and 8chan were supporting him while he had once denied them out of fear for losing his Disability checks, he now was asking people for donations There were many dear resources sacrificed to produce me I’ve been a king In training and there were deer resources sacrificed The I get dear Templar donations at my WWE Templar OS their children are sending in $20 $10 I’m living off of the Donations of children, so Only six days after being released However on September 20th He was arrested Once again this time for open and gross lewdness due to urinating in his van and it was released again very soon afterwards Still living on the streets Terry would be monitored closely by the Kiwi Farms who had taken a newfound interest in him five months prior after content creator Mr. Mehta, Kerr had made a video on him during this time. Terry would live and stream out of his van soon His sister became aware of a situation and offered to pay for a hotel room for him But this apparently fell through when he failed to appear for his court date wanted posters were spread across Las Vegas with his face on it and within two weeks of them going up Terry was discovered and Arrested but he would receive assistance from an unexpected source in August a GoFundMe page had been Created in order to raise money so that someone could buy Terry a new drum kit and ship it to him which was met Thanks to three people and delivered only days before he assaulted his father Some suspected this drum kit may have contributed to the argument this time the owner of the website 8chan Jim Watkins helped raise money and pay for Terry’s bail to release him from jail and on November 10th 2017 he was returned to the streets of Las Vegas with his arraignment set for January 18th. Almost immediately He began streaming again from his van much as he had before though in shorter intervals He also continued recording videos for Diana to whom he still believed himself married though. He was able to recognize that something was amiss Here we are at the dollar store is in goodyear dares de Wells Fargo This seems to have figured out how to live really really. Well, I figured out all the spots and everything. So like You’re the Wi-Fi. Yeah in theory you would be in charge of groceries. But like we don’t part company. We only got one man We live in to me. This is actually the center to the universe. I know you don’t understand it over here anyway, so Even so he would record video of himself masturbating for her But she posted on his website in folders labeled specifically for her towards early December He began to believe further that he was hallucinating and he was actually in a prison cell But he would later return to Believing that Dianna would move into his van with him the content of his streams tended more and more towards himself listlessly browsing the internet and masturbating to pornography The latter of which he could continue to do as he was hosting the streams on his own website rather than another service Sort of like sort of like talk To all these girls it looks like they’re responding but like I don’t get any email and I Don’t get any visitors So it looks like I’m in prison, so it’s a little bit depressing They just played Queen nothing really matters. Well Basically, it de seems the same dumbfuck, CA music Again, however, he stopped streaming abruptly in January. Some members of the Kiwi farms had discovered his case file online, and were tracking it to see if he would appear for his arraignment Some suspected that he had been arrested again and was being held in jail, but on January 18th It was discovered that he failed to appear in court Then, late that month, after uploading a series of long videos in an unknown house, he stopped producing content of any kind online and disappeared. In March of 2018 nearly two months later Terry suddenly reappeared with new streams and videos now living homeless in Portland, Oregon over 700 miles away without his van apparently missing his laptop. He would use his phone to record streams and videos that’s the library and So The library computer seems to work with this camera, which is really cool so I’m gonna be doing songs and stuff How about I start with fading glory? The roman dome is a hoary glory the melted pillars dilatory story faded tones Echo these were often similar to his musings from before speaking of broad religious concepts and his thoughts on Diana though He seemed to lose focus even more easily Definitions white woman has sexually reproduced black woman has sex because it feels good. That’s the depth. That’s the difference. So Question is so Terry, you know I’ve kind of been viewing Diana is my wife and the Bible says you got to satisfy her needs So I’ve been doing a certain amount just because of I’ll fuck you that I don’t really have to justify myself, you know, because like hey, it’s just a matter of time Just hang in there a little bit. You can have Diana and so like the question is, uh So He would also often record himself dancing for Diana sometimes too music played on the overhead speakers in a subway He frequented other times – nothing at all it didn’t take long for interested parties to track him down and soon people online were discovering him and recording their interactions These interviews were often remarkably Respectful with people inquiring about Terry’s history and thoughts on programming and Terry would have little trouble holding lucid conversation with them At one point when I was up About 1996 the internet was getting big. I’m like, you know, what? There’s another generation coming along. I’m just gonna let them do all the internet stuff I’m gonna stick to what I do. My background was like the low level assembly stuff, right? But by this point his mental state was diminishing by May He believed he was in psychic communication with Elon Musk and James and mattes designing new features for Temple OS So I got Chris an itch on the phone added telepathy boon me their percentage, honey I think so a guy who else I got Elon Musk Got a general mattis. So, uh Price and lurkers. I can’t really control it I didn’t really know who has access anyway so We’re working to talk with percentage about as the months wore on his ability to speak and hold on to a concept had reduced considerably and by August his speech was noticeably slurred Yeah I Really get it be prepared passionate improvised and Then suddenly news would come to Terry’s followers one of his relatives Therese Davis wrote a Facebook post reading quote our family lost our very special bright shining star Terry a Davis born on December 1969 Wisconsin leaving this world August 2018 Oregon in an accidental and unexpected death while traveling on his Great Western adventure this included Nevada, Arizona, California Washington and Oregon He will be greatly missed by his family that loved him very much Enough to let him be free to continue his journey on his terms he will also be missed by many of his online community that recognized his amazing brilliance sense of humor wit and Dimpled smile that was truly captivating Thank you for supporting him by donating to his cause and lifetime work on Tempel OS and loving him on his journey end Quote at first people thought that this news might have been a prank and 4chan users went as far as to declare the accounts Falsified with what they believed to be near conclusive evidence Videos were created to collate this information and decry the people who had engineered what they believed was a hoax what I think has happened Is some people that stole his PayPal information? several weeks ago now have access to a Facebook account and they’ve added members of his family to it however It was soon confirmed by family members Emails to the police and the dalles and news reports that he had been hit and killed by a train on August 11th 2018 in Wasco County Oregon the train engineer believed it to be a suicide Slowly his internet following came to accept his passing and joked about the CIA agents against which he had railed so enthusiastically as the months passed by Terry was spoken of less and less until he faded back into Obscurity his legacy online is mixed at once a warning about the way that the Internet can encourage the mentally ill to even greater Harmful behavior and attract the attention of those hoping to encourage their illness But it also shows the way that these strange people can be seen through numerous Paradigms from different parties with those onlookers coming to greater levels of empathy through the shared experience even if they still afford themselves amusement on a grander scale it shows the way that the Internet has transformed its perception and treatment of strange and eccentric individuals so that their unique Experiences can be understood in a more constructive and appreciative way I Don’t know I really like this library So Come here and use their computer and smoke out here They must have been freaking out because such an impure person was in their presence. Oh Well, I was clueless not now these two have a respect for purity. So I’m gonna be king Maybe I think yeah, maybe I’m just like a little bizarre little person who walks back and forth Whatever, you know

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  21. I'd like to see Terry A. Davis and Gene Ray have a discussion about God.

  22. Poor Diana. I hope she didn't get a ton of harassment for this from people who thought this was funny. Terry had limited control but people who continued the 'prank' did.

  23. Wtf man, he doesn't have an n word pass! For real this just gets worse the more I watch.

  24. You know, it's people like Terry that make me question the nature of so-called prophets, Steve Jobs, Nicola Tesla and such.
    How many of them weren't lucky enough to invent something useful and ended up just like mr. Davis here?

  25. This scares and saddens me. Every episode of this series I've seen not only enlighten me on these topics, but they somehow make me more confused as to, "What in the actual world has happened to the human psyche over time"

  26. Almost a perfect example of the common phrase "A fine line between genius and insanity"

  27. This is a good case study in a narcissistic sociopath with possible schizophrenia, religion seems to make people like this much worse.

  28. i just feel bad for him poor man had enough problems without people trolling him

  29. Honestly this makes me sad more than anything. Guy had some serious problems, and internet trolls egged him on. Man, we as people gotta be better than that

  30. I find it interesting that his parents seem pretty progressive and accepting, which makes you wonder where Terry acquired his conservative and hateful outlook on people he deemed as “other.” Even if it was just due to his schizophrenia, which I doubt, he still had to have been engrossed in that kind of environment for his mind to accept it as a default in its afflicted state.

  31. Fred please make more of these I've watched them all over and over and over

  32. Are we all just gonna ignore that this man managed to stream while homeless?

  33. A note on Terry’s voice, from my experience. Only after watching this video now has something made sense to me.
    Some time ago, after being awake for around 20 hours, a long day for me at least, just before going to sleep I read some news on my phone that required my immediate, undivided, professional attention. I near instantly woke up, and spent the next 18 or so hours sitting at my computing furiously working until something that needed to be done, was. A whole day had passed, it was now night the day after I had heard the news. Thinking about how absurd this all was, and that I hadn’t stayed up this long since I was a teenager, I decided to pick up my phone and record a quick video to myself, as a memento.
    I hit record, started talking, and my voice was gone. It was wheezy, raspy, unrefined. I tried clearing my throat, but that did nothing. I tried coughing, nothing. I tried taking louder, but my voice failed entirely.
    A good 14 hour sleep and all was fixed the next day.
    Looking at this video now, I had always chalked Terry’s voice to being a symptom or side effect of his schizophrenia, but rewatching the video now I instantly recognised it, its the same as MY voice, after being awake for 36+ hours.
    Watching this and heating he slipped on a 38/14 hour cycle makes perfect sense.
    My voice recovered because my body had time to rest, but simply being awake for so long was such an immense stress that my body started loosing core functionality. Meanwhile, constantly putting your body under that stress, giving it time to recover, then stressing it again, hundreds of times per year, makes me endlessly sorry for him.
    I can’t help but wonder what he would have sounded like if he simply let himself sleep

  34. Forget the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise
    I want the tragedy of TempleOS

  35. that ending is seriously one of the saddest things about his descent into madness… sudden lucidity. and knowing he died moments later… damn.

  36. Most of the people who talked shit about TempleOS are just mad because they never learned assembler.

  37. Been watching your videos on n' off lately and I put this on for background noise due to its length. But this was so very well done video, a emotional journey, I watched thru the whole thing in a sitting

  38. this reminds me of the acorn computer we had at school in the early 90's and i couldnt work it to save my life

  39. Physics girl did a visit to my school, wish i could have asked her about this…

  40. I legit cried at 55:00 to 57:00 cuz the things that man wrote…….. Frightened me. The statements came from a place that every person is mentally capable of achieving, and those statements terrified me…. becuz I might be close 😢 seriously not asking for sympathy (this is my OWN battle) but…. just realize temple OS and the lore around it…. can only be made by a human, like all of us. Now, (I'm so sorry, truly, if I'm annoying people) I have some tacos to finish constructing and a little "bit" more crying to do 😢uhhhhh urgh aaaahhhhhh I guess thank you for seeing haha 😑

  41. The whole god themed os and the name “TempleOS” reminds me eerily of SCP-093’s Faithful OS.

  42. The way he talked about programing to those couple of kids was probably the most mind-blowing thing. You could really sense his love for the craft and you could glimpse as to what he would be like if not for the psychotic breakdown.

  43. This man has extreme, uncontrolled genius but the truth is

    the game was rigged from the start

  44. could you fukin amagine if the world ended and thousands of years from now this "OS" was all the aliens could find from our time on the planet. smh.. lol

  45. This was heart wrenching the man obviously was intelligent and kind he was just misguided and confused. At the end I didn't see a crazy person… but broken man trying to make sense of things, and the fact that people would exploit that for a cheap laugh is beyond disgusting. Rest in peace Terry❤

  46. he talks about living an old life and the CIA ahem people, he lives in vegas do you think it's possible he's talking about bouncers?

  47. This is one of the funniest things on the internet. But we all need to realize how sad this is and what mental illness can do to someone.

  48. The paranoia and strings of random words are classic signals for schizophrenia.

  49. The highs and lows of the internet, represented in the life experience of one man.

  50. Tortured genius. More correct than most people know. More wrong than most people see. RIP Terry.

  51. Its nice hearing him talk lucid when he talk about him sticking to " low level " assembly leaving newer stuff to newer generation. Its a neat and respectable PoV.

  52. Fuck his family and their facebook post about "our" Terry who "loved him very much." If they had given a shit about him, they would have found a way to get him help, not just thrown him out on the street.

  53. 1:19:50 When a human being is giving the basic , company , food ( his burger is half eaten ) and " love " or attention here or wtv … then he speak normally. Mental condition could be a lot less complicated. As it would be more easy for mentally healthy ppls in their day to day life.

  54. From a Christian point of view, I'm honestly moved by Terry's faith. Like, every moment of lucidity the man had he dedicated to building something for God. It's like the widow who put her last two cents into the donation box, except instead of the last of his money Terry gave his last moments of sanity. God rest his soul, Terry is up in heaven free of his illness and able to think clearly with his full brilliance again.

  55. Also you gotta love Terry's way of shutting down trolls. "You're a f*got *click*" Terry isn't your new lol-cow, bitch.

  56. Imagine the conductor of the train that hit Terry watching this video, fuck that must be an unimaginable pain

  57. That laugh will haunt me to the grave…
    However, i've never seen a better example of why free healthare should be a thing for everyone. A psychologist could have helped him, but his parents didn't have the money. Who kow's what great things he could have accomplished if he wasn't a complete lunatic.

  58. Now I'm curious about building a full setup exclusively using TempleOS as a base.

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