“Teri Ore” – Daaniyal & Justh | Spoken Word × Music | Spill Poetry | Love Anthem 2019

Every evening I go out and meet my loneliness.. On empty roads sometimes I plant new roses.. These roads have become dark, but the destination
is white These pockets are storing memories, but my
pockets have holes. Whenever I meet you, I meet myself.. Then after talking with myself I get upset.. Why is my mind running faster than these lanes.. These pockets are storing memories, but my
pockets have holes. I am walking, towards you towards you It is, of course, no coincidence That the sun should rise each day
And then sink into the ocean, calling out to the evening. It is not by chance that the moon rises And then plays hide-and-seek among the silver of the clouds like a child The waves have always meant to break themselves against rocks And it is the earth’s will to rotate And for the leaves to dance to the wind’s
song. And just like that,
It is no coincidence that you and I Were to cross paths. It was meant to be; The most unlikely of chances, and yet the most beautiful. To have your hand in mine
Is not mere fortitude, but the will of the stars themselves. And for us to spend time with each other
Is not just the passage of time, But moments in time, lived. Had we not met before when we did,
I swear the skies would have fallen To end the world before its time. And now, I find myself at a loss. What now can I say in your praise
When your tresses are not clouds bearing thunder, Nor does your smile light up rooms in its
brilliance; Your lips are not borne of roses, and your
eyes Your eyes
They are no metaphor to me. You are the truth and nothing but,
And the most beautiful one of my life. What I am in love with, if I may, is the good
inside you, The bravery, the honesty, the conviction,
And And your feminist ideals It almost feels as if I am invisible
To the rest of the world, and the world to me. Time plays tricks when I am with you –
It skips along with your hand in mine And slows to stillness When you look me in the eyes with that smile of yours. I see everything in slow motion I cannot for my life understand Why you should love me. Sometimes, I stare into mirrors
Hoping to see in them, what you see in me Sometimes I grasp my own hand,
Just to know what you feel like When you don’t let it go. And sometimes, sometimes I embrace myself And yet, I feel nothing. I know not when I will learn to not hate my
own self But I do know that I my deepest wish
Is for you to never stop loving me. And I know not how to end this poem. For it is about us – and we are eternal So I must leave it as it is –
Without an end Unlike our love that shall forever remain
Endless. Because I am walking towards you Towards you Towards you

70 thoughts on ““Teri Ore” – Daaniyal & Justh | Spoken Word × Music | Spill Poetry | Love Anthem 2019

  1. Killer song.It was so emotional it felt like i was really in that situation between hating yourself but also loving yourself at the same time.

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  3. Daaniyal…you know you give a bit of Piyush Mishra touch while reciting!! Your style is really really good…

  4. I can feel mix of emotions after hearing this.It would end up with putting a smile or wetting a pillow. But for sure it would end up with one question that always flashed in my mind: where did the things went wrong ?

  5. Amazing combination of a Beautiful song and Expressive nuanced poetry. Lovely lyrics of Teri Ore. Wished the song part was a bit longer. Congratulations!

  6. Har ek line ke ending mein 'Hai' ke instead 'tha' likh kar usey sad kavita bhi banasakte the , par u did not u kept it so real and simple just like ur 'khoobsurat Sach' , believe Loved the way u represented it .sad bhi hoti toh itni achi nahi hoti 😍

  7. Me after hearing it actually feeling it : kaha se laate ho Itni creativity.💕………… left me speechless ❤

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  9. I'm glad I witnessed it live. But still watching it several times…. In love with it… The song is stuck in my mind..Teri Ore… Loved it

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