Terminator learns how to smile [DeepFake]

And that’s another thing. You can lighten up a bit yourself. This severe routine is getting old, okay? I mean, you’re acting like such a geek. Smile once in a while. Smile? – Yeah.
– You know, smile! Watch. Hi. Nice place you got here.
How’s business? Gimme a break. Okay, bad example. Uh, see that guy over there? That’s a smile. That’s good. Maybe you could practice
in front of a mirror or something.

100 thoughts on “Terminator learns how to smile [DeepFake]

  1. Funny part is that is almost how the deep fake program learns facial movements and mapping. Talk about being FAR ahead of their time.

  2. Do the Superman scene where they tried to correct his face. I’ve watched all of your vids if anyone could get it right it would be you

  3. To any scratching their heads, the Smile scene wasn't in the theatrical release, only in Director Cut DVD. It's payoff was meant to be Arnie grinning holding minigun.

  4. I saw a movie poster for this in a blockbuster once with my little cousin, then we went to a movie premiere…

  5. It has passed many many years and now recently in 2019 I realized that the real terminator actor was Silvester Stalone 🤔

  6. Unrelated to the deepfake (which is pretty good)
    I just thought of something that I’ve never thought of before…
    Why the fuck did John have to find someone that was smiling in order to show him what that is?
    Why didn’t he just fucking smile for him?!

  7. hola les hablo en español, esto si que da miedo,no estamos lejos de la skynet :V

  8. Some kind of a cross between Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Schwarzellone.

  9. If you really wanna knock people's socks off and go viral do a deep fake with OJ Simpson as the terminator from the 84 original movie

  10. Wait a minute… this is T2: Judgement Day from the Last Action Hero universe! I love it!

  11. That's is. This is Skynet, this is the technology that will destroy the world, soon you'll see yourself in a porno movie and no one we'll believe it's not you!!

  12. You have to re-do this with OJ Simpson's face, please! OJ was the first suggestion for the role of terminator but wasn't given it because of his "pleasant persona". 😉

  13. Фильм Последний киногерой. Сталлоне на постере Терминатор 2: Судный День. Шварц говорит: "Это его самая лучшая роль" 🤣😆😉

  14. My God now we can choose who we want 2 see getting banged in our XXX Porno's….we finally getting near startrek holodecks

  15. Bien, éste actor podría ser el sucesor en las próximas películas de acción, de nuestros héroes como Sly Stallone por su gran parecido con éste… O bien con el actor Arnold Schwarzenneger. 😎

  16. Difinitivamente si silvestre stalone ubuera estado en T2 ubiera sido la media cagada.. stalone es un buen actor .. pero difinitivamente el papel de terminator no le queda para nada jajaja

  17. This is getting creepy how quickly they are able to shape shift faces so quickly and smoothly. This could be dangerous.

  18. The amazing thing is that this robot writes is algorithms. Super Advanced AI right there.

  19. What if Stallone was the Terminator and Schwarzenegger was Rocky. I wonder how that would turn up?

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