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Hey guys so today, I’m gonna be doing another DIY squishy kit review I’ve done one of these very recently and you guys seem to like it well most of you seem to like it there were quite a few people who were very upset Because they felt that I was too harsh on the product there’s no point in doing a product review if you’re just gonna lie and pretend that the product is good when it’s not Yeah! I-I-I-I lo-Io-I love it. It’s it’s great. There’s there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it No, I’m just gonna tell you what’s up because I don’t want you guys to waste your money. Yeah disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer Let’s just get into this okay, so about the product. I found these at five below These are by #BeYou soft and slow DIY squishies were the first DIY squishy product I’ve ever seen in stores and the day I found those I just happened to go to five below, and I found these These were each $5 in comparison with the soft and slow squishy kit minimum You’re gonna pay $10, so these are half the price so yay, mo’ money for me So we’ve got donut and ice cream. It’s interesting because this packaging does not allow you to squish The squishy so you have no idea what the actual squishy is like one thing I do notice about these is heh-hey, look, they put normal colors in here They have a brown, a tan, a green and a pink. The soft and slow colors are very otherworldly uh, alien neon colors I am very happy with these colors because even though there’s not that many of them at least this is reasonable I guess I’ll open…open this one first Okay. Okay, so slow rising is very important to some people, um, so I will say this is a Respectable amount of slow rising it’s not the most I’ve ever seen but This is pretty good. Uh, this shape is givin’ me deja vu right now because One second. Here is the squishy’s long-lost twin brother. They’re the exact same This is just a random squishy that I got from China, like months ago, so it’s just weird. I’m just pointing it out. Just because Interesting. Let me go ahead and open this one as well So I can see what the donut is like. The shape is very awkward It’s like a weird oval shape and then also the foam on the donut kind of looks like Sloppy to me almost But the ice cream is extremely neat and detailed so they’re kind of weird to come from the same company. Maybe they don’t Manufacture them the same way, I don’t know, but it’s just it’s just weird because Okay instructions Uh, use paint to create a custom design, let dry for 24 hours, squish. Do not consume squishy. For squishing only. Aww, dang it I’m gonna go ahead and switch the camera over here, so you can see what I’m doing. Welcome to myy… table. So I’m just gonna play around with this paint first and just see what it’s like Ummmmmm…… Poup! HEH! Kind of stupid to swatch white but um Sure. Here are the colors…we have to work with. So, I guess I’m just gonna get started painting these suckers Clumsy oh, I’m clumsy I’m just gonna use a popsicle stick to spread the paint That’s as far as this bottle of paint is gonna go I thought that there was more paint in there But there’s really not much paint in there at all so I guess I’m gonna have to dip into the other bottle of brown The bottom is now done, I have to let this dry now. Let’s uh, get started on the ice-cream cone That’ll work, okay, so They have been drawing for a little while now So they are completely dry I think I’m actually gonna get a little crazy and mix colors here Desperate times call for desperate measures That’s every last drop of the white paint, so it’s very plain, I’m gonna do it I know that these Sprinkles aren’t part of the kit, but I can’t resist So now all that’s left to do with this one is just to let it dry now for you little ice cream cone Yep, it’s happening again Okay, so it’s been 24 hours since I started this adventure and yes I did put the same weird sweater on again just for the sake of being consistent and the squishies are done yay Success. I like these I think that they turned out pretty cute I did cheat a little bit by using my own Sprinkles because I ran out of paint and I wanted there to be something on Them you know like some sort of detailing on them, so they’re not so plain so I guess my biggest Gripe about this kit is just that it doesn’t come with very much paint at all especially for the donut the ice cream It’s smaller there’s less surface to cover obviously I would not have been able to do this doughnut with just Using the paint that came in the kit because I had to use Almost two whole bottles of brown paint just to do the bottom And there are still areas that could use more paint so yeah If you do go out and buy these I would recommend getting both kits so that you have double of some colors and More paint options to work with I believe the only place you can find these is at 5 below They did have two other options. They had a unicorn and then they had a hamburger Also, if you’re going to go out and get a kit for DIY squishies I would recommend these over the soft and slow. I have my little friend here this is the squishy I decorated in that video and I’ll get a close-up going here The color smears really really bad and I haven’t even been handling it that much at all some areas are almost back to white because So much of the color has rubbed off Also, it gets a little like weird and sticky and like a residue on your hands Because I guess the color is coming off, but this one took only ten minutes to finish as opposed to 24 hours But this will only last about five minutes before the color will start to come off this I I mean its fabric paint. It’s gonna be there for a long time also They’re half the price this squishes so much better than that one but the paint is so much better than the markers, so I wish I could just Morph these kits together, and you’d have the perfect DIY squishy kit, but What can you do I’m sorry if I talked about the soft and slow squishy kit a lot in this video But these two are really the only Two DIY squishy products on the market that I know of so it’s hard not to compare them with each other okay? After testing out these two kits here’s what I’ve come up with if you’ve never done squishies before But you’re interested in trying them out I would get this kit go to five below buy both of these two kits try them out See if you like the process if you’re still interested Then go online buy a bunch of really cheap squishies from China Then go to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and buy a bunch of fabric paint in your choice of colors and go to town Decorating those squishies or buy soft and slow squishies and buy your own fabric paint to decorate them although somebody commented on my last video that if you try to use Fabric paint on soft and slow squishies it will peel off I’m not sure how true that is because I haven’t tried it yet I don’t understand why that would happen because every squishy that I’ve tried decorating with fabric paint has been just fine But I don’t know maybe there’s something different with soft and slow squishies that make some fabric paint resistant I don’t know. I haven’t tried that yet, okay, so that’s for today. I have some very exciting DIY homemade squishy videos Planned for the very near future, so if you’re interested in that stay tuned keep watching I will see you guys on Friday Byee!

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