Tham Khao Luang Thailand Biggest Temple Cave Phetchaburi 4K

The cave is located on the beautiful Khao
Luang where the sacred objects are inside. King Rama V and the royal family, other famous
Thai and foreign people visited Tham Khao Luang such as Sunthornphu, the great poetry
of Rattanakosin period, Dukes Johann Albrecht, the Regent of Brunswick and his wife, the
royal guest of King Rama V. Therefore, the cave has full of the historical significance. Buddha image, Buddha footprint, and
the pagoda in the cave are the proof that this place has been renovated to be the Buddhist place since
Ayutthaya period. Later, in Rattanakosin period, particularly
during King Rama IV and V period, there was the reconstruction of those sacred objects,
and the construction of Buddha image and other constructions.

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  1. This is the large cave where the huge reclining Buddha and other Buddha images are inside.

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