Thank You For Your Service (A Moment of Truth)

Can I help you? Just a cup of coffee, please. Comin’ right up. Oh, there’s no charge. Thank you. Here you go. Thanks again. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your support. Can I take a picture? Sure. Alright, smile. There you go. Sir? My son would like to ask
you a question. Are you a hero too? That man said you were. I just served as best I could. Can we take a picture? Sure. Alright, smile big. What do you say? Thanks. Thank you. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your support. Can I get you a refill?

100 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Service (A Moment of Truth)

  1. Im so proud of my husband . he served in vietnam as a proud Marine! i appreciate his service!!

  2. Those who served in any conflict or war…you are hero's to us all..even those who won't say it. You men and women ROCK!!!!! And please don't forget it!!

  3. viet nam vets its time for you guys to stand up and get the thanks you deserve as an afgan vet and grandson of a nam vet thank you, you paved the way for my brothers and i

  4. This is really well done, I know some people don't get it but its amazing if you get it!

  5. "Support the Troops" also means supporting our veterans.
    Thank you to all who served.

  6. My cousin is in the navy. I haven't seen him in more then 9 years, but I'm proud beyond belief to call him family!

  7. I try and thank  veteran every day, rather than once a year. Veterans are everywhere. none who don't appreciate a thank you every now and then.

  8. As one of the "old guys sitting at the counter"  I really appreciated this video.  I did what I was supposed to do, I served my country in the best way I knew how.

  9. If especially like to thank every soldier nurse doctor etc in the nam you guys didn't get the treatment you deserved

  10. All of us have moments, singular moments in our lives when something extraordinary happens Рeither good or bad and maybe lasting mere seconds that become ingrained memories flashing in our mind, over and over for countless years and years, one such singular moment came for me in 1971 from a couple of college students on a campus in Minnesota.  It is my hope that we as Americans never let another soldier carry such a memory.  The direction is given by civilians, the duty is carried by the soldier, never forget the difference the next time you see a soldier.

  11. it only took 30 years to hear those words
    thank you. but god it felt good when i did

  12. Thank you to all the service men/women out there serving our country God bless you and bring you home safe and sound

  13. Thanks to all fellow Veterans for your service. We made it home. Thanks also to ALL those serving now, you are doing a great job and we all support you. 

  14. I served in the Army Infantry for 22 years, 7 months… from 22 April, 1982 to 01 December, 2004. I still bleed blue when I'm cut… But, I'd never have had a chance to serve if it wasn't for those who served before me! To all of those who did, and gave me my chance to serve… HOO-AH!!! and Thank You!!!

  15. Awesome video.  I personally have a problem when a real hero (pre-Gulf War) addresses me as a hero.  I do not deserve to stand in the same room as those which went through greater hell then myself.  I am a Gulf War and 2xOIF vet, but it doesn't feel right and I am humbled by their services and immense sacrifices.

  16. Thank you for your service. I wish to be like the veterans who served for us.

  17. When i came home my country treated me great at least the people in it and it helps to know someone cares enough to say thank you.

  18. Welcome Home everyone…¬†¬†

  19. Truth! The truly deserving Vietnam Veterans should be thanked by us all!!!

  20. This is a wonderful reminder to all of us to thank our men and women who served and are serving today. To all of you who chose to dislike this video may you pray that our military doesn't leave you to defend your selfs. You will be the first to ask to be protected. God Bless our Troops and Veterans.
    Semper Fi
    USMC 1972-1984

  21. When we returned from Viet Nam, myself and thousands of American Viet Nam veterans made a promise that we would never allow the American soldier be put down or degraded for answering their countries call. Thanks to the American Legion VFW, Viet Nam Vets and DAV, I feel we have fulfilled that promise. Welcome home Warrior. Thanks for your service.

  22. I really like these videos, but I wish they would make sure they got the uniform correct when they make them. 

  23. I always make sure to thank every vet I see, especially the ones from Vietnam, because of the way they were treated when they came home.

  24. I made a rule for myself to say to all people that serve in the military(and have served) to say, Thanks for your service ūüôā

  25. How moving – brought a tear to my eye – for all that served!

  26. the WWII vets understood the Vietnam vets. Got back stateside 1967 no hurry to get home just meandering around a while out west amazed to be alive. Finally got an airplane to Pittsburgh, my dad doesn't have a car so took the bus to the city to catch a bus out into the country. Missed the bus so got a cab and its going to cost a lot to take me 40 miles. The cab driver said I'll drop you off in Carnegie, no charge and you may be able to get a bus from there. No dice already gone. Went into a bar, all older vets there, could not pay for a drink and the bar owner closed and rode me home. He was at Normandy.

  27. Thanks to the families that uniquely support the ones that serve.

  28. Fabulous.  I'm 79 now, was combat surgeon Nam at the great 24th Evac Hospital in 68-69, drafted at age 34.  Greatest experience of my life (vascular/cardiac surgeon) and 1,800 operations there were the best service I could imagine.  Google battle casualties viet nam 24th evacuation hospital to see my experience and why war is hell.  John N. Baldwin, MD FACS

  29. I came home in September 1968 from Vietnam and had not slept in 3 days travel.  My wife picked me up at SFO and we tried to get a Hotel room in downtown SF so I could get to Treasure island the next day for processing out.  We were refused a room at the Hilton because I was in uniform.  We slept in the car in the street.  The next day we walked through SF only to get spit on and called baby killer.  That was my first 24 hours of coming home to a country I loved and hated me.  Those haters are still there. 

  30. This one brought tears to my eyes.  Thanks.
    USMC Vietnam Vet

  31. We live in the land of the free because of the brave. Thank God for our soldiers, where ever they may be.

  32.   it reminds me of my father who was in Vietnam the same years as his tattoo says in the vid.   He returned to meet only my mother at the Airport with no one saying a word
          We kids suffered from his inability to communicate, noise would set him off. The Marines may have been used to his  loud Sargent voice but we sure were not,  i know decades later that the crap we dealt with all those post Vietnam years with him still has all of my siblings and me slightly messed up.   

      My Vietnam Vet father was an absolute asshole MOST of the time. Even the neighbors avoided him.    

  33. Wow what an amazing video! Joining the service has made me realize that little moments like that make you feel appreciated! God bless all veterans!

  34. My Uncle served in Vietnam.  He never wanted or maybe could talk about it.  I know Soldiers had a really hard time when they came home.  He's no longer with us.  I love him very much & hope he knows how proud I am of him.  Thank you to all past, present & future Veterans and their Families for their service and sacrifices.  You make it so easy to be proud to live in this wonderful country!

  35. I had the pleasure of working 30 years as a civilian with the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps fire protection and I can honestly say, I never worked for a better bunch of men and women in my life.

  36. I am a Vietnam vet I still give in the Honor guard this is a first class video whom ever made it should be recognized for there good work it hit home thanks again for the recognition.

  37. SGT US Army 709 MP Ret.  Thanks for the moving video. Many of go un noticed, but we know who we are.  It was my pleasure to serve. Just wished I could have done more.

  38. No matter what war a soldier fights in, he comes back a hero and for this, deserves to be greeted and treated as such. Vietnam veterans are heroes no matter what anyone's political opinion may be on the war they fought in.

  39. 11th armor cav was the tat. and I remember coming home in Chicago and guys were turning their purple hearts for a cup of coffee  welcome home yeah right

  40. It is a very positive thing that people in this country now commend and accept those serving in the Armed Forces. As a Viet Nam veteran, I was condemned and rejected for serving my country. I tearfully enjoyed this and can only say: God Bless America.

  41. I wish to send out a vote of thanks to all men & women who have & still are serving to protect our country. Thank you to you men & women of service: Past, Present, & Future. GOD BLESS! ūüôā

  42. 11th Cav tattoo.  Thank you brother from one cavalryman to another!!

  43. Yeah, there sure was no hoopla when we returned home from Vietnam. We were called baby killers and some names I wouldn't even repeat. We were even confronted with physical violence.

  44. Swapped combat jackets in Germany with a guy from the 11th armoured cavalry

  45. To bad the only Thanks some vets of that time and war had to wait 40 plus years for anyone other then family and close friends to say those few simple words! Thanks to all my fellow Vets for your service as so many will ever know what just the training is like that we might make it back home and not come home in a casket! and for those that did a special Thanks to their families for their loved one they lost!

  46. very well done…glad i taught my kids to notice and honor our Vets.

  47. You …. NOW I'M IN TEARS!!! Thanks for making me cry like a girl!!!

  48. Don't overdo it. Some of us aren't heroes, and when you make us out to be, we feel guilty.

  49. About 30 years after I came home from combat (on a stretcher) a young guy asked me why I was limping.  I felt the chip come back on my shoulder.  I glared and then grunted, "Vietnam" and waited for the negative reaction; that never came.  In stead this young guy thanked me for my service.  I was stunned speechless.  I finally stammerd, "You're welcome"  The chip fell off my shoulder; forever.   Thank you for sending this short video to me.  It meant a lot to me when I saw it.  It brought back a lot of memories and emotion. 

  50. This made me tear up- We all need to show more appreciation for our freedoms

  51. Very nice.  As for me, I got to the point of not telling people I was a disabled vet.  It took me four years to even get a job.  At the time "disabled vet"  meant you were a mental case and would go off on a killing spree.

  52. Thank you, very well done. This is why I ask for my Husband to wear his Marine cap showing "Korean Vet". Two Purple Hearts? Proudly he wears his cap now, when he returned few paid attention. Now he is thanked, as he and all Veterans deserve.

  53. America Must Never Forget That Soldiers Are Not Politicians & Our Military Serve The Nation Not Power Hungry Politicians!  I want Thanks Veterans whom have served.

  54. thank you all men and women in the military who is Serving our country from my bottom of my heart

  55. to all my brothers–that are still around after 30 to 45 years –don't forget and never be forgotten¬†

  56. As a veteran of the current conflict, I want to THANK the ones who came before and paved the way for us. You were never treated right and I have always felt that buying your meal or even your groceries is not enough. I am still going to do it but damn that big green weenie is still ….

  57. As a 65 year old woman, daughter of a retired Navy Captain, Navy Cross recipient, who grew up during the Vietnam era I know all too well how the Vietnam vet felt. It is an entire generation of those who served our country who have never been honored for their sacrifices.¬† It is not hard to spot those who served in "Nam"… in a war that caused so much anger and hatred at home.¬† There is a look about them…their eyes tell the story even if their words never do.¬† They too deserve recognition,¬† as do all those who serve now, and served in the past.¬†¬† Our WWII Veterans are fast disappearing… lets also make sure we take time to acknowledge those members of "The Greatest Generation"… Thank you for your service Dad!


  59. The American forces in Vietnam never got the recognition they rightly deserved. As an ex British soldier I hope you don't object if I too thank you for your service. Soldiers everywhere are brothers. God bless.

  60. So many deserve our thanks including my two cousins.¬† They wore the uniforms just like the soldiers today do but yet for some reason they were treated less than dirt.¬† We as a country should be ashamed.¬† I thank all our veterans from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf, Desert Storm, Operation, Enduring Freedom, OIF, and Afghanistan and what is still going on and what will continue to go on in the very near future.¬† Thank you is not enough…..

  61. Thanks to all those who served and to those who served with me in the U.S. Marines.  You guys were my only family when my dad died and I had to join the service. Thanks for all the support you gave me some 30 odd years ago. Semper Fi USMC 1981-1986,  USNR SBU13 North Island 1988-1990

  62. When i returned home from Iraq ppl would say "thank you" and my response is always the same  don't thank me thank the ones that came before me it is them that chance to serve because with out them i would have never the chance

  63. I really enjoyed this simple and well done acknowledgment but unfortunately all too truthful neglect depiction of our Vietnam Veterans.  Good job on the video.  Thank you to all veterans for your service.

  64. Great Video. Unfortunately those who served in Vietnam never got the "Thank You"  they deserved. My father was a World War II Veteran. I made a similar tribute for him and all of his Brothers and Sisters here and in Heaven

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