That Road – Arnav | Winters 2019 | Zing Poetry

”Has this road always been so long?” I wondered
Silly question, I know. I have been here more times than I want to forget. So I
always remember every bit of this road and that tree that shields me from the
glaring white light, I never liked those street lamps, not on this road, instead I loved how light passed from between that lonesome tree. It looked blurry like when my glasses
are fogged by someone’s breath. I keep looking at my hands as if someone is
holding it I know it’s not true, but I like the feeling. Still not being used to
walking here without it being held. I conceal my hands back to the warmth of my pockets
Turning back from where I always did, looking to where I always want to
I wondered ”Has this road always been so long?” I look up at the sky to see no
stars, it’s empty and clouded. Empty, just how I want my mind to be. Clouded, just
how my mind is. There are silent yellow lighting far away as I walk towards the other end,
I ask, “How are those yellow?” It was a conversation from the past, but it did not
end in laughter this time. After taking just three steps I wondered, ”Has this road
always been so long?” The sound of the drizzling rain called my
mind, thoughts became clearer, so did the memories. They reminded me how one
umbrella was always big enough Even though I usually got wet. I looked down as I recall how my steps were always in sync or maybe I was keeping
them that way Dipped in the maybe-not-so healthy but
rich nostalgia, I smiled. Now just half way there I wondered, “Has this rule always been so long?” The memory started to overflow, escaping in them didn’t work anymore. So walking a bit faster I pulled myself to the present, the present that reminded
me it was the first time I was alone on this road. Just me, no laughter, no smiles, no hands other than mine At last I was standing at the end, I know
it was a habit to walk many rounds more That’s why after just one I wondered, “Has
this road always been so long?” Thank you.

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