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you see numbers 1 1 1 or 11 11 everywhere so Java no it's like you know when the time is 11:11 ok oh my god I've heard that happened to a lot of people don't say the second was the second one is your intuition is enhanced feelings in the third one is you sleep better and have deeper dreams like the flu just think about drinking no things to think about this is like the title is 7 feet 7 signs the law of attraction is working for you that's all right if that works for fun is you see more of your spirit guide animals do you not know your spirit guide I know mine is the monkey a penguin and a lion do you don't need to look into it what's mine how do you find out from that your birth yeah [Laughter] yeah yeah okay if you're Sagittarius next word oh you could just Google like my spirit just to get an understanding of spirit and what does it do for me though what you mean was and why have you got free yeah cuz it says spirit animals I'm allowed to have free did you just pick free animals that you are free favorite animals yes oh so they're mana mines a tiger lion you begin to see themselves out here you know that's come in 500 more money comes your way amen I turn to pound to 250 [Laughter] right now teach me shit I want to wear my watch on my right art – no it's rainbows I haven't seen any rainbows but the Sun is out there is an increase in synchro ago a girlfriend [Laughter] it's crazy [Laughter] mrs. Meade estas I don't Jade appears like basically someone sent me the whole paragraph I'm thinking I ain't got time Rheda she yeah basically something about she was seeing she was with someone had a baby with a person and then got with that person's best friend mm-hmm okay I don't know I never read the whole taa see some she was seeing someone had a baby with this guy and then caught with this guy's best baby with the places you'll see in and had a baby with someone who's just now someone else is my friend yeah yeah you got you got a baby daddy over here and now your woman's best friend in fact let me know even woman do what you like yeah it doesn't make you a ho yes I make you whole it makes you it doesn't make you a ho in most people's eyes yeah let me go by you're fucking wrong you've fucking wrong in back so I'd seen some stuff like people were saying so this person said yeah the princess in a relationship where they can why they financially dependent on women I don't think she's a millionaire no make you sign a prenup you're good for life if this is young ignorance he thinks after mil 50/50 or good for ya cuz obviously I wouldn't consider someone that's like 1 million a millionaire obviously a millionaire implies multi and you're back you don't want to be a millionaire no more yeah you're damn right Brown yeah after that I'm not spending him again on side get new money you know Bill Gates at one point he was working nothing yeah this guy was making free as a second what an interest interest alone yeah he's got three hundred dollars it wouldn't be worth his time to pick up how does it go from her I don't know if she was cheating but how does it go from her moving from the baby father to the best friends and now being an issue that men were dependent or he I don't think we know enough about the situation you remember the whole situation were posed to you say East London okay yeah yeah he was shower now event essentially this guy that was the baby daddy was shower now his Mandan and his ends having the best dick yeah she wanted to test ourself that's what you think Jade was doing clearly it's the only situation that make sense ends that's where the best yeah well I say north that's where the best so poet so yeah what do you think about people bringing up old tweets before I tell you what poet done I think yeah 2x then it like you're not gonna change so much especially in depending on how long it is yeah cuz obviously within a year you can change the loads but for the most part you're still gonna have values that you had from like four years ago mmm-hmm why not me I'm young well yeah if you're like say 26 and then they bring up a tweet from when you're 22 for the most part you can have similar values argue not necessarily but I get where you're coming from yeah for the most part because you're basically grown by that point you're 20 here you're growing a dog yeah mhm how much you really go to changing from 26 mm then you start this when you you guys are like 22 maybe all right first of all are we by are you allowed to have a joke are you allowed to make a joke this is my thing when I saw it online personality you got to have that I get I get you bottom just my question are you allowed to make a joke about some div seen the tweets I haven't okay I'll just say from the jump our hand is definitely a rider breath he started pulling up to each of the people that basically dragged poet are guilty of the same thing so basically one of the sweets said I had people watching women's football fuck that someone give them women don't laugh be careful be careful it's not funny I have people watching women's football fuck that someone give them women cookbooks he said if I'm being honest all these women watching football talking about FIFA and halo fuck off in the kitchen and make me a sandwich women in football women in football that's like eating sweet corn with custard it just thought happened and bless these tweets are from 2007 2012 all the way up until 2017 so 2017 it's very know but wait these ones are from 2011 and 2012 that this is the last one from 2011 he said Andy Gray is real women don't have a place in football if you don't like that so cool so that's in 2011 the last one that he did which is in 2017 said I think he said International Women's Day big up all the women that played last night for Arsenal my favorite woman is Olivier Giroud amazing woman then he goes bear so a bar saw getting pumped on Valentine's Day surely something women are used to on this day and then he says at least June is your win and it has a picture of one of the girls and I was at our posts a lot quick question and that one within about the team ha all right right yeah what does that make you guys feel like there's trash listen way it makes you feel like trash or that he's trash oh he's what he's trash for what he said I don't think you want to defend that no I don't cause I don't ya know all it is is you just kind of think he's probably having banner and it's the wrong it's just a bad joke I was and it wasn't one it was he said wasn't that fun yeah but my fingers program even if you support part you can say he did something wrong you can say so I'm afraid I'm happy I don't want a guard to lose his job no nope he lost his coconut he lost his copper nighty how some align themselves with someone who's the but soon about PR you can't have someone that's on the same way when new films and also okay cool this this whole thing that Paul was gone on yeah well it's not it's not right breath has to be cooled out cuz it's that there's things that are funny authors things that like with the whole Ian Neeson situation yeah this things are funny unit time yeah at a time nigga honey listen this is mad but he volunteered that information as a joke hey why my initial I think it would have been different opposed like at this age like I had some really fucked off opinion out himself mmm so Robert the play you have to remember but did have one in this is where we go to the fig move do you are we just being spiteful and we want someone to lose their job whoever came out with the two ever retweeted it if he was really just upset and you wanted to change the behavior you would a DM poet or just some way some other form I can't hear you but I feel like there's other ways other no let's expose him no it's all really the thing this is the problem here we don't want people to expose I understand why in it I understand why but the whole reason why the exposure thing is important is because now star the people star getting cooled out you know yeah what is that if we start diem in people behind closed doors they might be like act cool yeah like they might work yeah it won't stop the rest of the people you know I'm saying you're not gonna DM everybody that's doing it but if you do something yeah that's big enough now it trickles down so it's a case by case basis bro you see that the means that these people were taken and now they've been exposed themselves right he's it's like you said don't throw stones ink at Glass Houses deading is now also shattered – you see on that post it has the ones that they posted as well where Dave now bit the people that I so it have now been also down same thing but keeps what you get what I'm saying now this persons living expose this but you know what I'm saying though do you get what I'm saying if this person didn't expose poet now these people wouldn't have been exposed do you now saying cuz they didn't s DM poet and then these people would have just been calm but now poets been exposed everybody else's I they got him down ha he was talking I feel so for women are lesbians he said there's one that says I feel sorry for women that a lesbians too confused souls and relationships shit in a bag and punch it their arguments mats anyway equation Murphy's yet someone just shot a porn with some sexy lesbians so i'ma watch that and go to bed some girls I just slags make excuses by the end of it they call us so far so far women say I'm gonna trash now we're not gonna start pulling up tweets from you know like five five years in the future I'm not gonna start saying you said where it seems you know it's because it's because of the like we're seeing it in as well because what I what is bad about when you draw someone's tweets up you don't know what was going on in a timeline that day it could have been a whole load of fuckery to everyone talking by everyone talking about it and we was laughing and joking maybe girls might have been saying that yeah girls shouldn't play football why they big innit we don't like klo we don't like it could have been a whole big thing we don't know right now we just sink without my weight cuz he he's the one that's in the limelight so in his the not in his in his defense but we've only got this snapshot but it doesn't mean he's not wrong it's just a sense of right now it looks like he's the only person but maybe yeah I get you right and it makes him really mad seems like he's just but is volunteering this information yeah these tweets he seems like one of those guys that makes plaid female football like fail compilations people that came out to expose him was a football 360 so on to his f3 sixty so like our Hannity came to his day ends and I'm thinking I learnt nothing against poet yeah um I'm shocked that he said these things because it's always shocking when you she's done this love team and I feel like a guy's smarter than that I would have forced obviously it's like it stretches back as 2012 they were really talking the same shit are women's gymnastics are time for coffee and some race and engage and then do you only take pictures of yourself on your webcam looking like a complete fag because if so Bravo darling so I was he's getting at someone someone said girls I'm football like what the hell this grace mate stick to the bloody kitchen oh yeah this is this is the other people that were exposing him this hour said I don't care you plays James Bond just as long as it isn't a black or woman and you said black do you know what do you know what to say which is an English so basically the company that had said this said what so the people that Tim just read out now these were people that work for that football 360 365 company whereas oh it was that copa90 so what they're saying is that why they like they can be you could say right label journalist know when Samsung makes an advert and they're basically China yeah so what Dad said about these guys is that what they're saying is how'd you say this word cetera cool yeah yeah yeah we're as poets was malicious and Vicis in its lack of black man poet is while he's white man racist as well as sex yeah let me say sexist as well as racist and it's like there's is gonna get overlooked while poet is now lost his balls it's my first of all I don't want to lose their job said these people can be easily replaced more easily so the poet they said Muslims playing it and women trying to stop us watching it biggest are the biggest friends facing cricket today so they're gone on Oh Muslim population trying to stop us watching it are the biggest frets facing it says cricket today it's Mads borough think you get shut down it's mad words hundred percent 100 percent you can even say the proof is right there men are talking some shit people haven't need to lose jobs or people need to or people need to be it's not there it's fucked up is that you fucked up nothing to actually say about it no there isn't there's nothing to say it's my fault I don't want him to lose his job but if he fire him I can't say he deserves his job yeah because yeah again someone's gonna be like why have you got this guy who's sexist I'm putting on your channel nothing I can do about it I don't see the funny yeah yeah I don't see it just looks mad I'm one of those people I can laugh at fucked-up shit like Dave Chappelle is a good example I'm their crack along I can't see the comedy in this was on like the women get in the kitchen joke is he's gonna tell me please coalition so obviously I'd see something on the Internet and I run

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    Astrology is pretty interesting, but its against Gods will… its like believing in reincarnation.
    Anything thats not of God or his word, is against God. But hey, we’re humansπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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