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let's play a game you guess who used to work at the gap kanye west's guests used to sell hotdogs at the mall Eva Mendes I heard President Andrew Johnson was a tailor George Washington was a surveyor Herbert Hoover was an engineer Theodore Roosevelt was a rancher and President Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine was a clown but look who's laughing now you know what I know it's about successful people successful people take a course of action which coincides with their belief or passion put your hand up if you work a 9 to 5 or 5 to name or just any job which you don't enjoy but takes up half your time we're hopefully in a couple weeks months days years time you'll be able to come back to this video here that first line and keep your hand down because how many times have you visualized taking a pen from the managers desk or the one that cashier keeps behind the till the one your supervisor places it strategically in their head or the one that security guard keeps behind his ear for extra intimidation and right in your resignation because there's nothing wrong with making an honest living but be honest are you honestly living with this me no job which allows you just to stay afloat yes a job a Jo B which leaves you just over broke every single month live in your life just for the weekend live in life just on the weekend because there are five days belong to your manager you see there's a big difference between a job and a career cuz in a career no matter how many hours you work you do it cause it's satisfactory but in a job you do it for a salary who you're stuck in the rat race and you know being stuck in the rat race is one of the biggest traps because as a matter of fact even if you win the rat race you're still just a rat see I understand the need to have a job temporarily and pursue a career eventually because in my J OB isocell at least 200 shoes a day and none of that was ever reflected in my pain one of my colleagues once made the company 5 grand in one month and you know what he got an email a 20 pound discount voucher in a complimentary lunch and you think you're safe because your job is commission based and so you've been working there for three years and a secretary with the short skirt gets the promotion because her and the boss went for dinner real late I'm so you can relate but wait are we so happy with an extra week holiday in a raise in a salary perhaps we need more clarity let's look at the statistics because the Industrial Revolution was beneficial technologically Meiko hurts a lot of people into factories for ridiculous salaries to benefit their families and that shape people's mentalities exponentially and essentially it became the norm to work for someone else by the turn of the century and I could have regurgitated facts and figures to support this but I choose not to boast plus that would give them nothing to write about in The Huffington Post now when three years I've had six jobs and that made me think that long term I could never be happy working one of these jobs and I used to have a rich uncle called Steve and they say that Apple don't fall far from the tree so maybe subconsciously I was trying to get one of Steve's jobs I understand more than anyone the job allows you to pay the bills make ends meet and survive but that's exactly what is surviving not living I hope you're aware of the difference it's like when you hear but don't listen because you can hear good advice but if you don't heed it it does no benefit to your system the same way only knowledge with application is wisdom I hope you're creating the distinction Shawn Cory Cara said the best nine-to-five is how you survive and I'm not trying to survive so he strived hard for his dream and look where it took him so bad that in mind next time you drive past that I read every book Lin but then again survival is the only trait that every human being has in common and do not take this is a reason to quit your job go back home and stare at a computer screen because the government check plus idleness does not equal success success will not fall in your lap in my family we have a saying it says if you really want to grow trees pray for rain but don't neglect to water your seeds chase your dreams because I wrote this on the back of a pay slip on the late shift the grave sieve of slave ship for makeshift wages google the term corporate sharecropping and you understand what I'm talking about if somebody wants if somebody wants to do these jobs then let them and from the bottom of my heart I respect them because I want to make a garbage man who was the happiest man that I've ever met but don't become a slave to a paycheck because the job is a safe in it the condom which the system uses to screw you and none of us would be here if everyone practice safe sex stand tall and if you're not sure if you're building someone else's dream maybe this will help Jerry Jones said you will recognize your own path when you come upon it because you suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need and don't be afraid to innovate because it's not about how much change you make rather about how much change you make because a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business so you decide what your life is worth your passion or your paycheck because you're playing small does not serve the world because what is our deepest fear it's not that we inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure Confucius choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life peace

45 thoughts on “The American'T Dream (The Purse Suit Of Happyness)||Spoken Word

  1. And here I am. After 5 years of watching this.
    Still a fucking a mess. And my hand is still up. Fuck this shit.

  2. I passed culinary school, I got the job I wanted. I work as line cook at an expensive place in my area. This video helped me find the courage to go through with culinary school. Thank you Suli

  3. Suli Breaks you inspire me a lot.

    You can also read my poems at

  4. This spoken word changed my life, I was on the wrong path. Afte watching this video, I made a decision that I always come back to thank this video cause I never saw myself beign where I am, not that I've made it yet; but I'm not where I was 🤗….Thanks Suli

  5. “JustOverBroke” great mine doesn’t even give me the weekends don’t get to live my life on the weekend

  6. We Need To Link Up Suli – This Is Indeed Magical–0U

  7. AMERICA is a terrorist. I don't say that for no reason, understand that

  8. if you win the rat race, you are still the rat!! great line. Each one teach one. Great video..

  9. I really love this but I don't understand the end where he says "Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure".
    Why would that be a fear? That's positive??

  10. I made my company over 9K in a week and all I got was £35 extra to my salary .

  11. This Message / Video changed my life. I now can keep my hand down. Thank you. God Bless!

  12. You know I was self-employed and I hated it constantly exhausted and never made much money. Now I work for someone else and I have never been happier I have great colleagues, a compassionate boss and a great sense of satisfaction. I will have to change jobs but I know where my path is now and thank God I found that out at 26 and not 50.

  13. 2 years later Im back …. no more job now carrier and a business 🙂 there is more to go

  14. I just gave a 2 week notice at my job so i can spend more time on my youtube channel (im 17). I cant wait till i look back and say i made the right choice

  15. I appreciate your words so fully. They have changed my life.

  16. You've said it all. quite similar to my spoken word video "sleeper to dreamer". you're my great inspirer

  17. This is a spectacular, must see and share video, this young man is so wise beyond his years.  We must learn and make changes.  We can do this, I can feel the power, I know we have good things coming if we just reach out and take them!  We are the new media and we are powerful!

  18. When you're doing something you love, it doesn't feel like work and the competition who are doing it for a paycheck really cant compete with you. This video helped push me to quit a job I hated, If monday mornings suck, you are doing the wrong thing. Its 9pm on a Friday night and im at the office… and i love it.

  19. it is illogical to compare the industrial revolution to modern economic structures. the modern corporate system is vastly different from the monopolies of the past both in structure, and partially in motive. the key difference is the desparity that exhisted in the industrial age between employee and employer, which was far greater than what we have today. this video uses outdated marxis phillosiphy about the means of opportuninty being unevenly distributed. opportunity is not sucess, and only opportunity is guaranteed by the constitution, not sucess. jefferson spoke of the pursuit of happiness, and how it is a basic right, but not hapiness, the pursuit of hapiness. there is a very large difference. i think people in our modern society can sometimes forget how far we have come and it is disturbing to see people drawing such comparisons without providing any historical cobtext to actually back up there point.

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