The Annoying Orange

Hey, Apple! Apple! Hey! Hey, Apple! Hey, Apple! Hey, Apple! Hey, Apple! Apple, hey! Hey, Apple!
-What? What? What is it? -Orange you glad I didn’t
say “apple” again? [laughs] -Yeah, that joke was funny
the first 400 times you said it. -Hey, Apple!
-What? -You look fruity. [laughs] -Yeah, that was hilarious. -Hey! Hey, Apple!
-What? -Can you do ten
push-ups in ten seconds? -What kind of question is that?
I don’t even have arms. How am I gonna do one push-up? -Hey!
-What? -Hey, Apple!
-What? -Can you do this?
[babbling] -No! -Try it!
-No, stop it. -[continues babbling] -Okay, you’ve made your point. Stop it. -[sputtering lips] -Would you please be quiet?! For crying out loud, would you stop yammering
for longer than three seconds? I can’t even hear myself think!
Ah! [panting] -Hey, Apple!
-What?! -Knife.
-Huh? [screaming]
-Ew! Oh! I warned you. Ow! Oh, that looks like it hurts. [Apple screaming] Tried to warn him. Hmm. [sighs] Hey, Pear!
-Oh, God. Captioned by SpongeSebastian

100 thoughts on “The Annoying Orange

  1. I though this was funny when I was 12 years old. My mom told be I was vaccinated when I was 12 because my school forced me to. Now I know why I thought it was so funny, the vaccination must have given me autism.

  2. Uff que recuerdo.. lo veía cuando tenía 9 o 10 años, qué época buena era YouTube

  3. Ha ha ha your funny. Your a very funny orange. Your my new friend. We're friends now.

  4. This was labeled in the beginning as gag films but turned into so much more

  5. Annoying Orange will never be the same. I wish they’d just revert back to this. It would be so good. This was so good, so funny, this is what Annoying Orange is and they’ve strayed so far and it makes me so sad

  6. Everyone in the comments are saying “I have no idea why my 9yo self thought this was funny” y’all quit bitching, this IS funny and what annoying orange has become is so sad. You found it funny because at the time, when it first came out, there wasn’t a lot of putting your face on fruits and giving them personalities. YouTube was so new this was something that most of us had never seen before and so hearing the jokes and stuff made us laugh. Also we were kids and found just about anything funny.
    I genuinely think the OLD annoying orange was executed perfectly and was really funny. And I’m sad to see what AO has become

  7. In 2009 I watched this and cried from laughing so hard.

    In 2019 I watched this hoping to relive that laughter. I barely cracked a smile.

    What has become of me?

  8. I can’t even fathom that the original exists, much less that they’re STILL MAKING THIS!! THEY HAVE A LETS PLAY CHANNEL!! WHO WATCHES THAT?!

  9. Missed opportunity of saying "Hey Apple, i think you dropped an apple" quote from Wimpy Kid

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