"The Author's Corner" with Kimberly McLemore 5/10/19

good evening and welcome to vigilant broadcasting the station of opportunity presents the authors corner with your host author Kimberly McLemore as she welcomes her guests into the studio to discuss excerpts of their book all right good evening and welcome to vigilant Broadcasting radio stations I am your host author Kimberly McLemore and thank you for tuning in tonight to my show the authors corner as usual we have two amazing guests in store for you this evening but before we start let me take a couple of minutes and tell you just a little bit about myself and the purpose of the show I am the author of how to be a success by just being you memoir deception of the heart if we look into domestic violence and in my new book are you living or existing pros and cons of balancing life I am also the founder and CEO the women's small business initiative LLC the host of the podcast your resource for success on iHeartRadio and Spotify the founder of author Kimberlin McLemore LLC of talk radio and TV network LLP and owner of vigilant broadcasting in the course of this radio show the authors corner the purpose of the show is the radio show is to provide a platform for new and existing authors giving them opportunity to promote their books their events speaking engagements and of course we want to know where we can purchase their book but before we go any further and bringing on the guests let me introduce to you my first special guest dr. velika Moore author of mental detox dr. velika Moore is a wife and a mother she is the CEO and founder of empowerment through expression LLC Therapy Center in mind spa spa she is also licensed therapist coach speaker author and minister dr. velika has worked in the mental health field since 2001 in various capacities and with several client types effectually known as dr. V and the transformation activator she is passionate about empowering amazing women leaders to shift from being stuck confused and frustrated by teaching them strategies to transform their minds businesses and lives as they fully embrace an active the next level other god-given purpose and brilliance so without further ado please help me welcome my very special guest dr. velika Moore hello dr. V huh hello thank you so much for having me today oh it's my pleasure and thank you so much for being a guest on my show this evening I am excited it has been a long time coming to have you on so I'm really excited for everybody to know more about you and your book and what you got going on so before we actually get into talking about the book wanted to tell the listeners a little bit more about yourself and what you've got going on okay so great so I think you know you gave a big part of it in my bio or with my bio so thank you for that but yes so I am the founder and CEO of empowerment through expression LLC Therapy Center and mind spa so we are here in baro Maryland and we are pretty much a full-service practice for a mental health so with our clients I mean we see men we see women we see children but what we've noticed over the time that we've been in practice is that we see a lot of women and a lot of women leaders just you know just different backgrounds of women and because of that two years ago because we began our mind spa sector of our practice and what what that is focused around is just just so scared relaxation self-care so our women they come in they you know not only you know come in and you know just talk about whatever issues that there are but there they are also able to have time to just relax time to get a massage we have a we have licensed massage therapists on staff so you know that was a very important part of the practice for me or just something to add because sometimes we don't see you know mental health is self-care we look at it more as a diagnosis so that was something that was very important for me to really begin educating one is that you know just caring for ourselves that is mental health you know our thoughts and our feelings that consists of our mental health so so that is pretty much what the practice is since that passes actually this year I have a I call it my new baby so I so my new business is brilliant one of limited LLC which is a business coaching consulting and publishing firm and you know I just work with visionaries visionaries and just leaders new leaders who know that there is something else that they want to do that there is something else that they maybe haven't stepped into yet but know that it's there so you know I with that just help them unlock those dreams unlock those visions you know and a big part of it is knowing that their dreams their business they aren't too big you know we serve a limit to God and you know whatever they have that they that they want to pursue or produce that it can certainly be done I always tell them if you can see if you can see it then I can see it and God is going to manifest it so that is my new baby there and you know other than that and I think you mentioned it as well is that I'm wife and I am a mom of three beautiful children absolutely amazing and congratulations on the new business I had not heard about that so that is great to hear thank you so much so you're welcome so okay I know that you talked a lot about the business and I kind of want to dive a little bit backwards before we start going into the book and I always do this with my guests I really kind of don't want to learn a little bit more about what inspired you what made you decide to go into the business that you have and obviously we know we get your nubes but let's focus a little bit more on the empowerment because I was listening to you talk about how we don't look at mental health as being something that's important we just look at it being oh my gosh she wrote it something I'm piece of paper and being prescribed as I have this issue and I liked how you're saying how we don't take the time to deal with ourselves buttocks going to me and to the listeners what made you decide to get into the business and what inspired you to do that okay so that is a great question and you know it's so funny because when I think back and I looked at I 20 years ago I were let's say 2021 years ago I would have thought that I was getting ready to go to college to become a writer or journalist I was getting ready to go to college to major in English because that was my love I just knew that I was going to be author one day or that I was going to be a journalist one day that was my love from the time that I was 10 years old however you know when I look back now I can see that there was a call on my life to be an entrepreneur but still you know everything that I thought of that I would do I was like okay you know it was even before I knew with us knew what an entrepreneur was everything just led to something that I would create so we're saying that when I was 17 years old or I was getting ready to turn 18 so we are as close to the end of the school year my senior year I had already put in applications for college the applications I had put in they were when they ask you you know the major that you're thinking of I had put English because I'm thinking I'm going to be an English major but my final semester in high school I took a psychology course and when I took that course I was just like wow like this is what I want to do so by the time I got to college and in August of that year I was changing my major and I majored in psychology and just you know even as I was entering college I was like okay you know what I am boy to be a psychologist I'm going to have a therapy practice so that is 2000 that's 1998 so that was about 20 year 20 going on 21 years ago and you know and and that's what just over over time you know I had my wonderful job work for some wonderful agencies but in 2003 there was just kind of transition for me where it was time to really birth that baby and and and that you know what happened so my background my psychology and clinical social work background it's very strong and working with children and families so when I started my practice I'm thinking children and families that's the way that I'm going you know because I loved it but somehow when I started the practice as I was saying before I got a lot of women that were that were coming in and so you know so that's kind of what its transition to was moreso at self care practice but yes that's how it came about it came about I'm 18 years old getting ready to go into college and just found this new love for psychology and the mind and from that moment I knew that one day I would start a practice so probably what 15 16 years later I was able to see it manifest mm-hmm and that's amazing and I love how you told us Ornette that's why I always think it's important to understand the background and I think it's neat that you knew in your mind that hey I'm going to be an author but then something just kept pushing you upside your hand say look there's something more here and then when you find them to take that course to be able to bring the two together is absolutely great therapy in its own self right here itself right so it's as I think what you have done and what you're doing is amazing and good work in we were blessed to have you in the community and because we're right here in the DC area so you know the pizza give really women just really constantly need to focus on that self-care because we were constantly doing too many things and then last care plug right yeah we were just we're always thinking about everybody else and I always have to have that constant reminder myself that okay wait a minute I need to do this I've learned that I don't do anything I don't want to do anymore and that is probably been my 16 for the for the new year as well is making big bold moves and but the moves that we are making make more sense when you understand yourself care yes so true so okay so now I kind of wanted before we jump in and I always have to do my I'll have my have a little commercial break here so for those who are just tuning in but I also want to say if there's anyone out there listening who would like to ask questions to dr. Wickham or you're more than welcome to call in you can down to the number three one nine five two seven two six three four I will say this again three one nine five two seven two six three four and you can ask my guest dr. Lee could more any questions about her practice as well as we're going to be talking about the book so if you're just now tuning in to visit we're here listing on visual broadcasting live to the office corner again I am Arthur Kimberly and macklemore and I have my wonderful special guest dr. the leak of war and we call her dr. V for short and she is going to be talking about now and next about her book mental detox so I'm going to assume this that obviously with you having this phenomenal practice that you had that out of this practice came the book so talk more about the book yes so actually the the book is very closely related to the practice but it's really it came just from life in my life so at the beginning I do you know just kind of talk about how you know one day is I was actually getting ready to probably three months out of leaving my job that I was working at prior to starting my business that you know one day I was sitting in my office and you know I was really quiet I was sitting there pretty much alone you know it must have you know I don't think it was really anyone in the office that day and you know as I was sitting there you know my mind just started going and with that emotions just started coming up they just really started flooding me and and with that it was because it was so much stuff that had not been done with even from childhood that you know was just coming up because sometimes you know life has us to not what we fill ourselves with things from life and we don't take care of what's really important to take care of and you know and those are maybe the things that we've carried from you know maybe the time that we were four or five for me it was maybe about eight years old that we just carry through life and things you just put things on top of things and this should have been one of the happiest times of my life you know I'm sitting there you know I'm just crying I'm just like overwhelmed I mean just with life and you know at that time that was when I knew that I needed to make a change because I'm getting ready to you know I'm already apheresis so I know what I'm telling it's not right great but sometimes we don't take our own advice right you know exactly to tell others but you know we're not taking the advice and you know when I went that day and I was like if it was close to the end of the year and was around the time that we start you know thinking about the changes and things that we're going to do for the next year you know and my thing was I cannot go into another year like this I did not go into another year carrying these things around so for me it was okay you need to fix some things so from there I started my own process and that is where this book really came from is the process that I took myself through to just get to a place of just missile clarity just freedom you know and it just felt so great and but I didn't know it was going to be a book you know that was really went through my process and this is a thirty day one for thirty one day journey but my journey wasn't thirty one days because I was figuring it out as I went so you know that was the end of 2013 so in 2017 and this is Mental Health Awareness Month so I'm really so super excited to be here talking about this book because two years ago 2017 I decided to just do a group you know just offer some people a mental detox and you know I had a quite a few people to sign up for it and you know and I got a lot of good feedback on it and so I was like okay you know this is great and then you know after that after we had gone through the mental defect detox I got all of the feedback I was like more people need access to this you know and with you being an author you know how a book is able to travel and I able to reach so many more people so you know what I did I just put my journey in a book so that's where the missile detox book came from Wow and I loved it and I definitely love the title and I like how you also look at the fact that you're saying for the brilliant woman leader because we lead we're leading whether it's in the corporate world what's in our private world we're constantly leading but like you always say that self care is the number one thing that we forget about and see that so many women gravitated to you and you know actually we always think that our stories are our own private journeys and are our problems but we realize how many other people have those same significant issues and they don't really know how to deal with them and I said you would tell everybody else exactly what they need to do but but our own self is usually the hardest person to have to deal with so yeah a little bit of what the listeners about some of the strategies that you do and then when you get them with that please pick out your favorite excerpt from the book and list I have a quick discussion about that as well okay so as I was saying it's a 31-day journey and the 31-day journey is broken up into four different chapters or four different sections and so there are four processes which are reflecting releasing and then we have this reading and refocusing which is one week and then we have replenishing so those are the four main things that we work on and then each day within that and each one of those go for a week and we stay within the week there is a task aside to that ticular chapter so the first half there is reflexing so there are seven days of tasks assigned to reflecting so you know you asked about you know like my favorite chapter and what I would have to say I mean I it's really hard to take because they all go hand in hand right but I would probably say the reflecting so this chapter on reflection and the reason that I say that is because what we do is get so busy sometimes that you know either we're we're avoiding really dealing with what we may be going through or what we may be feeling or life is just so busy that we don't get a chance so you know with reflecting you know where we actually and what I always tell people is don't find time because a lot of the time will say why I have to find time for me and I tell people no don't don't buy time because you know where you going to find it from because by the time you have a moment to sit down you're going to be thanking one no I need to get up and do the next thing right exactly thank you tired to worry about it right right so almost like you know we have to make time and if you're bold enough take time you know alright so with that when we actually are able to make them take time for ourselves we can sit down we can ask ourselves a very important question which is how am i do how am i doing and you know and when we do that and we allow ourselves to be transparent with our own selves you know then we can figure out we can go from there to figuring out what we need to do here and then you know if we are really accountable to ourselves then we can actually take those steps but the beginning of it is being able to be transparent be honest with ourselves to just reflect about what's going on in our lives what we need to change what you know what what we can do you know I just just just be honest you know because a lot of the time what happens is as you know someone asks in the day how are you most of the time we're like I'm fine I'm good I'm okay you know and that just rolls off of our tongues so easily however there are times that we're not fine good and okay right no that's right that's right but that we don't even take the time to even process ourselves when going on so that's why I think that you know the reflexing is just so important and that's probably my chapter because I feel like if we start there then everything else is just going to flow absolutely I couldn't agree with you more on that I always talk a lot about myself self-assessments you know looking at yourself and because if you can't understand you and you can't work your own issues out how can you help somebody else right why that's so good yes yeah and and as you say we always will put ourselves on the back burner and we'll say yeah we'll get to we'll get to it and by time you do get to it we're just so you know worn out that we're just we find ourselves getting to the point where you will hit you know rock bottom so I absolutely agree with you that reflection is probably the number one thing that should inspire and awake anyone who feels that they need that time and it's not even about worrying about what you're going to be doing for other people but it's truly truly about taking care of you so that you can be the best you that you should be and so live your purpose in the journey that you really want to take so I absolutely agree with you on that so before we come to the end because I can't believe how fast time goes exactly I could be talking to you all night about biscuits this is a project that needs to be continually talked about when it comes to mental awareness because you know I know mental awareness has been around for many many years but these last probably five or six years we've heard more much more about it because it's affecting everybody with the world that we live in today the son chaos you know I'm glad that like I said we have people like you around who are truly helping us see you see who we are and help us work through the issues that we have in our lives so could you tell though everyone what you have going on and then tell us exactly how we can get a copy of your book and anything else you would like to share with us this evening yes absolutely so what do I have going on right now we and Mental Health Awareness Month so what I'm really doing right now is doing a campaign called paint the town green I really haven't released too much what that is about but really it's just people becoming more aware and educated on what little health awareness is and then and the next I believe next week I will be really sharing the activity that I have to just celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month so that's going to be coming quickly so please go on and follow me my website is probably the best way to say connects it with me or at least to get connects it with me because all of my social media and everything is there but it's www so they are v-a-l-e ka mo o AR e.com so dr. velika board comm and one some Facebook I'm doctor – Malika more and then all other social media platforms I'm dr. Mallika Moore alright well again I thank you so much for coming on the show and spending some time with me this evening is always a pleasure talking to you love you to death and then you know I do have a copy of your book so we are yeah I've actually pulled it up and I was actually reading it I was like oh yeah maybe I need to do a few more of these you know like it is on the base right so again like I said thank you so much for spending some time with me this evening you have been phenomenal again for everyone else if you would like to reach out to dr. Mallika more it is w w dr velika more calm she is phenomenal I know her personally and I guarantee you will get everything that you need again thank you so much you have a good evening doctors looking more and we'll talk soon thank you so much for having me have a good evening you're welcome thank you all right and everyone else we're just going to take a couple minutes we're going to go right to our commercial break before we have our next guest and again if you would like to call in and talk to any of the authors please dial in two three one nine five two seven two six three four we'll be back in a couple of minutes welcome back to the author's corner with your host author Kimberly McLemore all right welcome back everyone help and welcome to the office corner I am your host optic Emily McLemore and now let me introduce you to our next special guest author chip Bakker author of growing through your go through coach dick Baker is a graduate of Hearn high school he attended West Texas A&M University where he played football and graduated with the Bachelors of Science and sports and exercise science and special education he has a master's degree from Sam Houston State University and educational leadership he has been teaching and coaching for 19 years throughout his career he has received Teacher of the Year on his campus twice published several articles published a book and has been a head football coach and athletic director he has a YouTube channel chip Baker to success Chronicles where he interviews people to discuss their path to success he's been blessed to be around so many great people that he has learned from from and they have helped him grow he is currently a teacher and coach in Conroe ISD in Conroe Texas his model is live learn serve inspire and of course go get it so without further ado please help me welcome my special guest chip Baker hello chip hello hello how are you sir I am doing just great thanks so much for having me on your show oh it is my pleasure and I've been really excited about having it's been at least a year getting you on the show we'll finally got here and I'm excited so could you just please tell everybody just a little bit more about yourself I know Rick quite a bit in the bio but talk a little about yourself and could you tell her about what you got going on your worlds well in a nutshell you know I'm just two ordinary guys trying to achieve some extra order there things you know less than fortune to be erased by some amazing people and fortunate to be around some awesome folks in my career to learn from so I'm just trying to you know take those principles and practices and put those into motion to help do my part and the positive ripple effect to make our world a better place you know and so forth you know you fourth-generation educator I truly love what I do you know I have the amazing opportunity to go and make a difference in the life of a child each day and so I don't take it lightly you know that's kind of what I'm up to this like you said I have the success Chronicle is a YouTube channel and podcasts and interview people from all walks of life and share it for inspiration and motivation it's a little bit about me well you're a little bit about you and you're so humble it's a great thing you know we take for granted everyday who we are but like you said you are just trying to share what you have and make the place a better place but the world a better place is that we live in as I talked a little about earlier is it just craziness and so it's always great to have some positiveness around us and then also those are children to be allowed to see that there is definitely good things going on around them but like I always talked and I asked my guests tell me a little bit what inspired you though to do what you're doing you know obviously with you being a coach you know that's a huge inspiration because you love coaching others and teaching them in a certain the ways that you have and the things that you have learned down the line and through the years but what other what I was it really got you ins inspired to not just be a football coach but also get into the business that you're in I think um the two things my my family you know deeply rooted in faith and so you know everything you know starts there and you know they you know taught me my mother my mother and my grandmother were ministers of music in our churches you know growing up and you know believed in you know you're gonna give service you know and that was just taught you know the young age you know you you know the big man blesses you so that you can be a blessing and and that's that's all I know you know right and so just you know I'm all about giving service and helping others and then the second thing is like I mentioned I'm a fourth generation educator and you know I have you know stories upon stories upon stories of the differences that my family members have made in the lives of others and you know go around you would see kids and adults but like see my mom from a distance and my mom wouldn't even see them and they would just smile you know and just that that difference you can tell that her efforts that she put into it made a difference in their lives and they were appreciative of that and no really I just wanted to be a part of that and I've been blessed to do that like I said you know 20 years now it's been a cool ride well 20 years is a long time to serve and to give and sometimes you know in those 20 years I'm sure if nothing has always been perfect but at least you've held on because it can usually take that one thing for some people after they've given their hearts and their joy to everybody that you know sometimes it can take you away from that and so I guess talk me a little bit about you know what do you what is it that you share with your students you know or when you're out there in that field and your coaching talked a little bit about that because we're gonna get into the book but I really kind of want to hear some more about the service that you give these students in these kids you know what is it that you said it and keep encouraging encouraged because today's world is so different than what it was we were coming up as kids you know we didn't have the technology or at least I could say I didn't have the technology you know that would be help today and so the world of these young people live in today is all about that I look at it sometimes as a fear being behind but that wall of you know being able to use your phone and be able to text and talk about people or get on you know Facebook and talk about who so what does the encouragement and the things that you teach and reach out to your children about you know um I agree you know the thing that's inevitable has changed you know we're going to have change so we just have to embrace those things but but to me you know there are some advances that have taken us further like technology like you described if it's use the right way you know but ii mean the core common principles that we learn those never go out of style you know and so you know you're things like you know doing treating the Golden Rule you know treating people you know as you want to be treated you know giving effort every counts I do right do things the right way of giving your all you know mommy said you're gonna do something you better do it the right way you know persistence you know all of those things that never goes out of style you just have to channel it in a different manner you know with the new sponsors you know how things are changed but really respect you know those things don't they don't change and so those are the things that I try to instill and the kids that I'm blessed and fortunate to be around and then embracing the newness you know diversity and new things you know those bring excitement and we have to embrace those things and find the good in it you know stay away from the bad but find the good in it and you know drop them again and I think there's one thing that I do I'm a simple guy I'm a routine guy um there's one thing that I do I try to do my life and you know those people that have heard me interview before or follow me on the success chronicles you heard this and I have you know it's called the SH G principle you know it's simply a lot of times we can get your overloaded or bombarded mentally with all of the stuff you know saying right if you get if you think try to think too far down the road and all of this I have to do where you gonna get way down you know but I think if you just focus on being in them moment being present in the moment then you have an opportunity to maximize your potential you know by doing this and I think I call it the shg principle in the S is for show up every day whatever you sign up to be involved in show up you know be present be in the moment and enjoy it she signed up to be on this team have your butt here every day you can be committed to it you know a relationship you know whatever it is you sign up to be involved in show up the next thing the h's have a great attitude you know the two things we control is our attitude and our effort and so we know our attitude determines our altitude the more positive we are the more positive things will happen to us and then the last thing is give your all the genius give your all you know and some days we don't have a hundred percent together you know some days we only have a 70 or you know over 60 or 50 if you will you know hey we're a good opinion of the day but whatever it is you have to give hey give your all what that does is that it steals two things it is still self trust in you because you you show yourself that hey I can push beyond what I think I can do you know and so if you get on a roll to do that but then bigger than that the people around you they they trust you as well because they see hey without a shadow of a doubt that guys don't give us all right oh I think that's big for me that I you know and still with for sure my players because I'm you know with them you know a lot and that's what I require them but bigger than that I require that myself first you know what you're right because you can't ask somebody to do something that you're not doing and so I write up about that attitude and love that sh t show up attitude and give your all and I said if you just take that one step it's amazing what you can do with the rest but once you take that step you definitely have to deliver and you have to do your part so you are absolutely providing something that these kids need to hear every day and you like sense all the simple things the things that are common that we have known all of our lives that we constantly have to grind into people's heads every day you treat yourself the way you want to be treated in a respectful ways you know it's all very simple but you know sometimes things can be so you know crazy rented that those simple things have gone completely out the window was you know what the things that we're seeing today so those constant reminders I believe are important and like I said up to 20 years of what you've been doing you know I'm sure like you could tell a million different stories about why you've seen this or what's going on around you and they keep yourself sane and keep those kids saying it's got to be a lot of work and and a pressure on you so talk a little bit how do you relieve your stress you know of your daily life as you're constantly giving yourself to everyone how does that work for you mmm well I'm gonna tell you listen there y'all here um y'all have a son he's 12 now and and my grandmother has passed but you know she was she was able to live long enough to being you know for his life a little over half of his life um but both you know as she was getting you know to be older and you know she had cancer and you know we would go visit her and she always had a fruit basket on her table and you know she kept fruit in there and my son loved the bananas you know so she would always make sure she had a you know good bananas from a good story oh no cheap bananas – Wylla tea you know what fruit for my baby you know right it's so you know every time we went over there we would go in the house and the first thing he would do is go to that table and she would needed right you know and get him a banana and they'd sit down and talk and help no she helping pillared and you know talk to him how was your day you know it's good to see you hug him you know tell him she loved them you know a kind of thing that he just truly enjoyed that experience it wasn't about the fruit the banana it was about the love and that he was getting from her Randi enjoy and so you know every now and then she got low you know she would call hey baby I need y'all to take me to the store so I can get some fruit so I can refill my fruit basket for my babies you know itself so in in our life in my life of what I do as an educator it's important to refill my fruit basket you know so I can give my fruits you know what you say you had twenty years um yeah I give a lot of fruit to it what generation you know we've given fruits for years our family you know but things that I do is you know first you know a face you know stay in faith stick to core common principles have routines and systems for things that I do I'm a music guy love music I love to read family time is huge for me you know those are things that and and one thing that I started doing here recently in the last few years it's fine serenity spots you know you can be in a place of where it's craziness but find a spot to have calm you know right they can a you know gratitude walk or write city and quiet on the on the patio or you know just reading during your lunch or listening to a podcast on the way to work things you know that you can do that will make you better exactly I really I've really been diving into that a lot and and oh man I'm addicted it's like good I mean I am Telling You I am addicted to personal growth because I find I've seen how the personal growth not only helps me be better but it makes me be able to help people in an extraordinary way and so I got all over that right now and that's a positive that is an absolutely plus you know my first guess you know her whole book is about mental detox a stress-free life you know we are all givers we're all achievers in our own right and the things that we want to do but that constant you know people grabbing and you know I'm holding on to you you'd absolutely need to know how to let go and know how to take care of yourself like say because if you can't take care of you and you can't make something happen for somebody else and give them the best of you so I absolutely think that what you're doing is a phenomenal thing for yourself and it's the best part of us that you made yourself very aware of what you needed to do and that's those few moments of time of seeing your son with your grandmother and with his grandmother like citizen was never about the banana it was about the experience and so now you have given those fruits the basket out for many years and you're receiving the same experiences so as I said it's great that you even understand that and have reflected in self assess yourself say hey I got to do this in order to be better because we all have those moments where we're trying to figure out why some days are we doing even though we already know in the back of our minds this is our purpose this is the reason why we're here but taking care of yourself and that level of care is probably the most important that we can be the best so we're going to get ready to talk about your book by one someone'll everybody know if you just tuned in you are missing out I'm telling you and you have questions though you want to dial in two three one nine five two seven two six three four and talk to chip Baker he is great and I'm just excited by him being on the show we're here on business in live and for those who don't know me I'm author Kimberly Macklemore you who are here on authors corner and again like I said my special guest is chip baker author growing through your go through so now let's talk about this book first of all tell me how you came up with the title because the title is phenomenal what me okay so I'll tell you the little backstory so you know you mentioned it you know I have a podcast a YouTube channel chipmaker the success chronicles and you know in the process of Regis trying to give back and serve I've been blessed in so many ways I've been able to come in contact with amazing people like yourself you know that that are just doing some great things that I'm able to learn from but one one man that I came across is dr. Oliver T Reed and he's in your area molasses great great man a preacher author a philanthropist I interviewed him and we hit it off so we did a topic session then we did another topic session and that went on for like three weeks right we were like man we've got to put this in a book this is some good stuff great so it just it just it just stem from our you know conversation that we were having you know we didn't want to be selfish we had to share with the world you know yeah and so you know he at the time he was the the solutions you know he was all about you know his deal with solutions to your success and you know my deals I'm the you know the success chronicle so we have a series actually and this is my first book no he's a multiple time author you know big time guy doing some great things but this is my first book and the series of solutions to your success it's going to be a whole book series so this is the first book in that series and the book is growing through your go through and really what it's about is you know none of us are immune to going through tough things um you know what we have to do is as we go through those things we have to grow through that process and use what we've learned to help others and make our world a better place I know it's just like the you know the metamorphosis or you know calcula a butterfly you know there's some things you're gonna have to crawl you know charity you know you have to get in your cocoon and and grow and get some strength and you get strength by going through things you know but if you if you try to fly too soon and you don't learn the things that you're supposed to learn well when it's your time to fly you don't you don't slide very hot you know right and basically that's what you know the book is talking about it starts off with the interview as far as the topic session that we did on it and it's really good has some tips and just open conversation and there then you know I go through and I talk about a scenario in my life that I had to grow through you know my go through and then dr. Reid it talks about a situation in his life what he had to go through and a good thing about the book is it's a we have some journal pages in there it's a personal journey like it's not just okay I'm just reading what these guys are doing but it allows you to reflect and see what you need to do in your life to help you grow through your own personal go through mm-hmm and I like that I like that and I notice a lot of us officer doing that here a lot with our books is make sure you have a journal available field take notes like said looking at yourself reflecting on who you are as an individual and saying okay well why am I going through this well this is the reason why you're going through it and I love how you to here it is a doctor and a coach have come together to provide information like that things that we all know but things that sometimes you just have to hear from somebody else just to wake your your inner senses up me know what this is me yes yeah and I like and enjoy it right exactly exactly because you know like I said we all go through something in life but it depends on what you learn from that and and how you're going to continue to manifest through it all and I think that's a big part of you know everybody's journey it you know it's how you respond you know usually what makes you who you are as an individual and whether or not you're going to be successful in what it is you're trying to accomplish so I talked to me a little bit about in our listeners of course tell us about your favorite part of the book or an excerpt if you want to read from the book or just want to talk about a chapter that really stands out to you and why you want to share that with us this evening yeah I love to I love to UM know give you a little excerpt of it you know so you cannot you know you know what you're getting into if you should purchase the book if you like appreciate that yeah because you're sitting it up here kill McLemore you know but first off just like I said it starts with the interview then you know we go through and I give you my story and then from there my story and this is the starting of what I learned from what I went through and so within this story while reflecting and looking back on it I realized that I grew through those tough moments there were lessons I learned and it made me realize it personally there's a process to achieve growth while going through tough things we first must be mature enough to understand that we are not perfect once we realize that we all have weaknesses and that we all have the capabilities to turn our weaknesses into strengths then a powerful revelation happens and that's just the you know just from me processing on you know what I learned from going through what I went through you know yes and I like that very telling like said you know what you're growing going through once you start to realize it and you accept that then you can move forward so I'd like this yes and I like I love how you guys put that all this whole process of this book together it doesn't have to get a copy of it because I love how you talk about you have this interview and then you're both are sharing your experiences and like so they're always somebody out there who can identify to what you're what you've going through what they're going through and how they're saying oh my gosh it's not just me you know I'm not the only one that's going crazy or I think I'm going crazy or realize that these are the things that have made me who I am as the individual and today and then what steps do I need to take to go further so you know what you have I think it's very very interesting and I'm looking forward to learning more about your book so do you have any other books that are going to be coming you did say you're going to have another series coming out but do you have any other books of your own that you're going to be putting together soon well I'm working on that behind the scenes partnering lots of lots of great things coming up but I'm excited you know about about the future still we should be dropping our next book in the series pretty soon actually just did some edits yesterday so on the second one trying to getting it back to the editor and so that should be coming within the month or a month and a half or so a problem and then oh man super excited about this one because this one is going to be huge in a project as well cause suited for success I know I know who that is TK Kersey loving the dickerson yeah that's my guy yeah he's he's one that I interviewed on the success chronicles as well have you had him on your show show already dad thank you know my show a couple of times in my other show and I've met pickax personally in New York we were on a interview together with on VP our radio stations last year so yeah I'm very excited about PK and death have been we've been trying to get back onto the show that he's been so busy you know with him being up see Harvin everything I'm just like suicidal it's a phenomenal I got he I'm not doing he is doing it and so volume two of suited for success only I will have a featured chapter in that book I sold I'm so excited about that you know highlighting the stories of you know 30 African American me and um I think that you know that that's going to be a great archive you know that like you know can be handed down to you know generations and generations after litter you know wisdom and knowledge that's passed down and so you know as a kid as a teenager as a college student shoot as a man can love I would love to have had somebody give me that book to read the stories of so many successful men and for me to be a part of that oh man I'm pumped well you should be I say he is wonderful and I'm glad to hear that you're a part of that so do you have any other engagements that you would like to talk about the chapel no just really just if everybody can go check out the success chronicles it's a part of YouTube channel podcast of inspiration and motivation you know you can go search YouTube Baker's or success chronicles on all social media platforms Facebook Instagram Twitter Linkedin you know the podcast is everywhere that you can find podcast Google plays Spotify Apple pockets just search maker the success chronicles and and it will come up and you know the big deal is like I said at the beginning of the and I know I'm an author and an educator so i'ma warn you here Kim this isn't quite grammatically correct with on the say but I'm gonna say it so you understand what I mean you know I understood I realized a long time ago of my life it ain't about me you know you know it ain't about me you know it's about what I can do to give service to help others you know in the purpose it's not about me you go oh really all right look I'm sorry not to be perfect that's what that's over here and like you said you're in your life has been about service and you know everybody would take the time just to serve one time and realize the joy that you get out of that and knowing that you're helping somebody else reach their dreams and their goals they will have I'm telling you they were so much better than throughout the day the next day and for life because it just sticks with yours absolutely honest with you so I'm usually sure is been a pleasure but let me ask you real quick um any other ways on social media that people can get ahold of you so if they would like to get a copy of your book they just want to reach out and talk to you maybe want to be a guest on your show as well besides you know on some other platforms or doing any other collaborations please tell us how we can get a hold of you sir sure yeah just reach out to me on social media you know I'm very active on social media in my on my Instagram I have a link tree and there are several links on there you can sign up to be interviewed you can you know message me and you can see what the work is like you know just you want to check it out but yeah social media you can hit me up chip baker TSC or chip back of the success chronicles and I'm I'm easy to get to all right well again I want to say thank you so much for spending some time with me this evening I know you're busy but I really appreciate you it's been so fun to actually chat with you longer and of course I got a chance to talk with you last week so that was really fun too and again appreciate you except for those who are listening this is chip Baker you the author of growing through your go through so if you have any questions for him you would like to get a copy of this book like said two three job chip Baker and all social media platforms so again thank you chip thank you for having me and for the audience you know check it out and do this for me please if you can if you see something that you like please share with one person so that we can spread the positivity and help make our world better and my you know my favorite three three words my slogan go get it that's right alrighty then will you have a good evening and again thank you for kind of spending time and coming on the authors corner this evening my pleasure all right thank you so much and okay for everyone else this is the office corner if you're interested in being a sponsor or a guest on my show on the office corner all you need to do is send me a short bio a book cover and a professional picture to Kimberly M McLemore at gmail.com that is Kimberly m MC le mor e @ gmail.com also would like to just say real quickly that I do have a new ebook release on are you living or existing the pros and cons of balancing life is right now on sell for 399 and at Amazon so get it why it's still lasting we have until the end of the month to get that special and I also have one other thing I'd like to talk about that please join us on Saturday August the 17th if you're living in the Pennsylvania area anywhere in eastern Pennsylvania or surrounding areas I am going to be doing a self-publishing workshop and an entrepreneur networking brunch with three other phenomenal ladies that I am ecstatic about we're going to be at the joyful self Wellness Center in eastern Pennsylvania and the cost for that is Centrify dollars like I said this is going to be a brunch it is also going to have you going to have the opportunity to meet other great entrepreneurs with getting this for our course on self-publishing all this is going to be a part of it so it's Center for dollars you can go into any of my facebook platforms at Kimberly and Macklemore author Kimberley and Macklemore and ladies they will be working with this Christian joy med we have wander cage and Michelle go figure I'm telling you this is going to be a phenomenal event please make sure that you sign up registration is already open August is not that far our way that's going to be again on Saturday August 17th and it is the are you living resisting self-publishing workshop an entrepreneurial networking brunch also like so you can follow me on any other platforms I'm on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also have the women small business initiative and also have their YouTube channel as well and again thank you for tuning in tonight to the Vigilant broadcasting please stop by and like our talk radio TV network ll social media platforms such as Facebook Twitter YouTube and LinkedIn and until next time join me next month for another amazing show have a good evening and good night good night everyone and thank you for tuning in tonight we'll be back next month on Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. est with two more amazing guests follow us on Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram and periscope at author Kimberly McLemore and at talk radio TV network LLP

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