The Ballad of Felix: A PewDiePie Poem

Attention all epic Fortnite- Random student: Quit! Gamers rise up! (we live in a society) This is an important film called The Ballad of Felix: A PewDiePie poem Swedish man becomes King of YouTube and the ‘net but an empire has risen and they’ve made a threat Pewds vs. T-series a battle for the ages as silly as it seems this will be in the history pages He let out a cry and called for an attack he served bitch lasagna with a Battle was won, but it was not enough the nine year olds were strong but he series was just as Tom a Dark day came when all seemed lead then came our first Ally the mad lad mr. Beast Called the billboards and I guess he’ll never miss you may be a strong t-series, but can you do this? Couldn’t last forever and once again it was dire The gap was smaller than ever then suddenly there was markiplier Till now he was dormant But just before we died mark spoke ceaselessly and said subscribe to 35 Now we’re unstoppable the bros are two great musician play huge Sun or 10 hours straight The nine year olds are mighty their power is everywhere and even YouTube rewind was influenced by the chair Now rejoice fellow kids and bust a fortnight dance The sub cap is over a million t-series doesn’t stand a chance now subscribe to PewDiePie It’s all a request of you. I’m poppy Burrell and this has been Everyone we have an announcement to make

8 thoughts on “The Ballad of Felix: A PewDiePie Poem

  1. This is awesome! I wrote a song called The Ballad of Pewdiepie and uploaded it only a week ago! This is great man 😁

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