The Beach-Cleaning Crab – Nursery Rhyme

I am a crab, my name is Dawn I clean the beaches all day long I pick up cups and plastic bags Bottles. straws and dirty rags This makes my claws a little sore Till I don’t want to do it no more A friend of mine has made their home In a cup made out of styrofoam There is a lot of work to do So this is why I’m telling you You could make it easy for me Never, ever litter the sea Don’t litter the beach, don’t litter the street If animals see it they’ll try to eat Please tell your friends and grown-ups too Even if they already knew This must be a priority To clean up our beautiful sea Thanks so much, you’re really fab Love from Dawn, your favourite crab! Bye! Hee-hee! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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