15 thoughts on “The Beatles – Paperback Writer (live)

  1. I hate to say it, but I can see from this why they stopped touring. Like they said, their live performances were dropping in quality due to the loud crowds, and you can tell in this recording that they are far from their best.

  2. Amazing how Technology took a MASSIVE Quantum leap from this point of time in June 66 To the Monterey Pop Festival a year later when a band finally could be heard live

  3. This inspires me to be a paperback writer. Or maybe a bass player or a dna scientist.
    In any case it's inspirational.

  4. I never knew they did this song live. I wish they toured in their later years. We would've have more videos of Beatles songs on youtube.

  5. It's a dirty story of a dirty man, and his Klingon wife doesn't understand.

  6. THE BEATLES' (THE FAB 4's) "Paperback Writer" HITS THE HOT 40 Billboard Chart on 6/11/1966 and became No. 1-2 Weeks on 6/25/1966 for 10 Weeks on Capitol Records.

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