The BEST Motivation Tip for Writers | Who are ready to quit!

hi guys welcome back to my channel for those of you that don't know my name is Sydney and I'm a fantasy writer and today I am here to share with you one of the most motivating things that I have learned on my writing journey and that would be this bad boy this is my book but it is not the final edition of my book this is only draft two and it's only fifty thousand words so it's only the first half but I still printed it out anyway let me give you a little bit of backstory on why so a couple weeks ago months ago I go through waves of this feeling I'm pretty sure you're all Noah it's imposter syndrome we all go through it but I get hit with that and then my anxiety kicks in and I just feel like a failure a fraud all those things and it's not very good for me I was ready to quit writing I was ready to give up all my stories I was gonna get rid of all my writing craft books and quit YouTube and be done with it and move back on to something else but after some thought and consideration and everything I decided to continue with it because I took a break and all through that break all I could think about were my stories so instead of throwing out my novel that I was so furious with the one I've been working on for the last couple years that's just been a pain in my ass pretty much instead of throwing it all away I decided to print it I didn't want to print it until I was done with it or at least the second draft almost the second draft not completely done on like my final edition but I wanted a way but I decided just to do it and best decision that I've ever made when this arrived I was aesthetic to see my story's name to see my name on a book to see all my hard work that was the world I created I've spent years working on this it was great it was motivating and now I want to continue writing and eventually look back up and finish it for now I have postponed working on this because I'm not where I need to be to write it I'm not the writer that it deserves so in the meantime I'm working on project burn and I'm editing this if you've seen my Instagram you've seen that I've been I was editing a stack of papers I printed it out on paper and then when I decided to do that this is how I wanted to edit it in the first place but I wasn't done with it but now I've completely decided to edit this way and do annotations I've been very inspired by Natalia lead by doing this and that's why I decided to go for it see I will show you some of my editing stuff like I've been just making notes my notes don't want to focus too much because I don't get spoilers and half of this might even change anyway I got no post-its highlights my red ink am I the only one that gets like excited seeing all that red ink I very much enjoy the first round of editing because I can get rid of all the crap crappy writing and on a side note this was definitely a learning curve for me I printed this one through blurb and less than 10 bucks including shipping and handling but it's only half my book but still that's pretty good decent price I think shipping was like 399 so like $6 for this but a huge learning curve I decided to attempt form a demas let me just tell you my formatting did not transfer over to blur I don't know how KDP or Ingram smart works I've never used them and I don't even know if I'm going to self publish yet I'm still on the fence about that but I probably if I go this route of self-publishing I probably won't use blur again but I don't know but anyway my first time trying to format a book you know my god it's hard people it was cool to learn and now I kind of haven't understand them how to do it for the future and I have actually for project burn I have already formatted it a little bit not completely but it's in that style of the book form as I'm typing it which we'll see how that works but I definitely you learn as you everyone you print because my dimensions on this are all off like it's too close to the edge all the words are going down the gutter it's too close to the bottom and the top I wanted more room to do notes and that didn't happen but I learned something doing this and that is something I will adjust in the future but anyway back on track if you feel like quitting you want to give up a story or you just don't know how to feel anymore I highly highly suggest printing it off once you hold that book your book that you've spent all this time creating it it's the most amazing feeling in the world and it's not even a finished copy can you imagine times the feeling that you're gonna feel opening this by 10 but that's how excited you're gonna feel when it's a final copy when you have a professional cover on it and all that hard work and it's professionally edited and everything's perfect well not perfect but you know what I mean so you fill it down you need some motivation print off your book as easy as that okay that is it for this video I think I've covered everything that I wanted to say in this video if you have any questions please what am I trying to say if you have any more questions or any comments about this please leave them down in the comments or message me on Instagram or Twitter I will leave all the links down in the description and I will see you guys in my next video bye can you see my dog hi whoa do you want to be a YouTube dog go bust inky look at that cute little face Oh Oh your voice or vine are you good job show the people my book dogs and books beauty see see it's a good book buy it when it's ready

2 thoughts on “The BEST Motivation Tip for Writers | Who are ready to quit!

  1. This is a really good idea. Iā€™m going to print out my next draft of the book this way. I bet you notice a lot more that can improve when you read your book as an actual book instead of just looking it over on a word processor

  2. Omg your dog is so cute! And yes! I totally recommend everyone print out their book at some point, there's something quite magical about it even if the book is incomplete šŸ™‚ your cover is pretty!!

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