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Kyra many bodyguards me ma Felicia Kedah jihad mama Filipe yamada-san goes irony the bhagavad-gita is the word of God it is the divine conversation between Arjun and God himself in the human form Lord Krishna which took place in Kurukshetra more than 5000 years ago do they is a diversity of hard in the hell that's not the cerebral darling let one short it introduction the bhagavad-gita has four main characters la vie compete Lord Krishna Dada 3 he is the principal character of the Bhagavad Gita Krishna is one of the human forms or of thorns of Lord Vishnu ma Felicia our job he is one of the Pandava brothers and is an expert Archer he represents the first method and is the direct receiver of the teachings of the Gita the direct method which Arjun represents is possible only to very highly evolved souls who are very rare to come across in human history they might not be many people in human history that might have stood face to face with God and conversed with him so elaborately on worldly and spiritual matters as Arjun today but Arjun was a blessed soul who was given that rare honor and privilege by Lord Krishna Sanjay he's the blind king dhritirashtra 'he's charity er he represents the second method he was a man of immense spiritual strength who had mastered his body and mind to such an extent that they became perfect vehicles to receive the divine knowledge through his psychic abilities without being hindered by his lower nature Dhritarashtra the blind king and the father of the wicked god of our brothers he receives the knowledge through the word of Sanjay to the rostra receive the knowledge to the third and the most common method from another person from Sanjay long long ago Kings with the rostra rule the kingdom of gurus from his capital hustlin upper he had a hundred sons called Carabas of whom the two eldest Duryodhan and Dushasan were the most powerful and the most pampered and wicked his late brother Pandu had five sons who were called Pandavas and ever yuddhistir bheem arjun and the twins Nakul and Sahadev the pandavas brought up by their mother Kunti proved to be more sincere and virtuous than their cousins the Kauravas the pandavas and kauravas were brought up by the wise men bhisma and drona who taught them the art of warfare and gave them a good education but as they grew up Duryodhan became jealous of the Pandavas progress in every aspect of their training from arts to archery he plotted against the Pandavas with his evil uncle Shakuni to get hold of the Pandavas wealth and so they invited you ditched her to join them in a game of dice Shakuni cheated in the game and won not only the Pandava kingdom but send the Pandavas on exile for 13 years the Pandavas kept to the deal and after the set term was up they decided to go back and demand to have their Kingdom but the reordan refused to return it to them Krishna the maternal cousin of the Pandavas decided to go to Duryodhan with a peace offer he met Duryodhan Spada king dhritirashtra and said hail o mighty king I have come to you for justice give the Pandava share of Kingdom back to them let there be peace duty roster replied Krishna I agree with you there should be peace but I am unable to convince the Rhoden try and convince him yourself Krishna then turned to the earth on the earth and he said by right Pandavas should have half the kingdom but I have come with a very reasonable suggestion give them only five cities one for each Pandava they will accept you as a crown prince you must all live together in peace but the jordana would not listen he replied with contempt why talk of half the share why ask for five cities when I say that all this vast Kingdom belongs only to us the cow Devas and I will not give even a tiny spot of Earth that can be carried on top of a needle even when dhritirashtra Bhishma and drone advised Duryodhana to accept Krishna's very fair offer he stood firm to his decision I will never give them any land for it is mine saying this he stormed out of the courtroom Krishna then went back to the Pandavas and told them of what had happened yuddhistir he said I am afraid that now there is no other choice but to fight at least we tried the way of peace then let there be war we will fight for what is ours cried the Pandavas together the Pandavas along with their friends move towards the Kurukshetra the battleground of the Kurus they divided their army into seven divisions and faced their enemies in the battlefield Arjuna led the Pandava army with Krishna as a charity er the air was filled with the sound of Ganges beating drums clanking weapons trumpeting of the elephants and the name of horses Arjun picked up his bow with great confidence and asked Krishna to drive his chariot to the center of the battlefield I want to see who my enemies are he said Krishna readily agreed and drove the chariot to the center Arjun looked at the armies he saw his teachers and elders friends and relatives on the other side it made him very sad and he said how can I fight my own people for just a kingdom during this Krishna said this is not the time to despair Arjuna take up your weapons and fight you are a warrior and it is your duty to fight for a cause cast aside all your doubts arjun do not think about the consequences for they are not in your hands the important thing is to act the outcome of your action is second rail elgyn however was not convinced he was troubled at the thought of having to fight his teachers leisure and drawing he pleaded to krishna for advice krishna advised him say don't think of yourself as the doer god is a doer and you are an instrument of his will you cannot truly kill Bhishma or anyone else as you can kill the body but not the soul a human body is subject to change Arjun it moves compared to childhood to you two whole days the soul on the other hand is neither born nor does it die when a human dies this is all moves to a new body just like a human changes clothes the soul of two changes bodies the soul is immortal and can never be destroyed you cannot cut it with your weapons burn it with fire or wet it with water it is beyond the physical distance yourself from the physical and you will understand that you are but an instrument and the Almighty in the meantime the Pandava army was gloomy seeing Argent's dejection telethon – was puzzled he turned to his brother and said what is the matter with Arjun why isn't he picking up his bow his brother replied perhaps Arjun has become afraid after seeing the might of our army the earthen was delighted he said it looks like it the battle seems to be won even before an arrow has been shot what a coward Arjun is meanwhile Arjun said I am still confused krishna how do i attain detachment krishna replied when you remove yourself from the attachment of the bodily and become one with your soul then you will attain the state of detachment detachment is freeing oneself from the emotions of action detach yourself from the earthly relations Arjun and develop a universal relationship with all look at everyone with a friend or foe as the same then you will be able to reach the ultimate the ultimate krishna what is the ultimate how can a human being attain it fast arjun krishna smiled and said the ultimate is the god almighty which is evident within each one as the Atma a union with the self is a union with a supreme being this union is called the yoga as one practices and perfects the yoga he attains the highest form of enlightenment the clarity of wisdom which lies in the knowledge of the self he cannot distinguish between the various forms of life for he is aware that the same supreme being is visible within all living creatures he's friendly and kind to all honor and shame do not affect him he is beyond heat cold pleasure or pain it is such a man that I value Krishna then be stored Arjun with the divine sight for Arjun to see Krishna's real form and self many different faiths well should many forms in many days ultimately they all reach me abandon yourself and believe in me our journey then you will be free of attachment and their life Ellen on seeing the divine form of krishna arjun overcame his fear and despair you realized that he must fulfill his duty as a Kshatriya and so gave himself to god with great resolve arjun picked up his bow and shot an arrow hearing the twang of Argent's bow his army was heartened and prepared for battle RG will fight he has taken up his weapons shouted to soldiers in joy does gain the birth of the famous teachings of the bhagavad-gita and the beginning of the Great War or the Maharaja

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  1. Hare Krishna hare ram

  2. i just got the book the bhagavad gita as it is from a book sale and i figured i would find out what it was about before i read it

  3. Jay Shree Krishna. Very good. It's important to dis attach oneself from the worldly desires, if you want internal peace.

  4. I think a movie – "Arjun the warrior prince" was released recently ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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