three reasons why I absolutely love the Bible experience coming up next the Bible experience is an audible book of the Bible it is read by some of the world's most famous singers actors actresses authors and so much more all of these individuals collectively together bring the Bible to a light is literally like listening to a movie one of my favorite reasons for listening to the audible book is it's easier to follow whenever I'm going through the Bible I often find myself getting overwhelmed and sometimes even tired looking at the words and trying to understand who's related to whom in and in how the family and the timeline and what just happened but when I turned on my audible book and I listen to the Bible experience it all makes sense God didn't want it to be a difficult task for you to have to read your Bible and so I really thank God that we do have the Bible experience because it really makes it easy to follow the Bible another reason why I love the Bible experience audio book is I can take it whatever I want I can listen to it in the shower I can listen to it when I'm in the car I can listen to her right before I go to sleep I can listen to when I wake up when I'm cooking it literally is playing whenever I want it the reason why this is so important because I find myself sometimes like my mind is just being attacked the enemy sometimes tries to plant seeds in my mind and thoughts in my mind and I quickly stop that by turning on my Bible expands a little book I automatically feel that peace like God just gives me this pit it says daughter it's going to be alright we're gonna get through this whatever I may be battling depression being angry over a situation that I went through and maybe I wasn't treated fairly whatever the case may be i turn on my auto book I literally can find only book of the Bible that one old and new Testament I can listen to proverbs and I just have that peace that God has given me the final reason why I absolutely love the Bible experiences it really is easy to share when I meet new believers or in this one who has a question about my faith in God and why I'm so energetic though I just have all this energy and just so much joy I'm able to not just explain it to them but I can share it with them by sharing the Bible experience Bible audio book with them now sometimes people when they're new on their faith and a lot of us scholar like baby Christians but when they're knowing their faith giving the person a Bible can really discourage them they can take a step back and be like oh this is a lot I don't get it and they'll cause them to stumble and go backwards but being able to actually listen to the book so yeah actually the play even if you don't have an understanding you listen to all the stories it he'll be so surprised on everything that's in the Bible but scandal and murder and sex and less than prostitution and all kinds of things in there God covers and it tells you how he wants you to live so that you can have a life of peace a life of joy it helps us to be able to be discipled me because that's what God called us to do oftentimes in churches we find ourselves being baptized were like what's next what are the next like I'm here I'm saying like what do I do next well there's another thing that we often forget to tell our new believers is we have to go out and make disciples of other people we have to go out and share our faith it doesn't have to be something so radical like Billy Graham and we're sitting up there were preaching you're able to do it into your and that is another reason why I love the Bible experience I can say hey sis listen to this you can bookmark it you can take little clips and send it to someone just to give them some encouragement so I really love the Bible experience for that particular reason as well it helps you to be able to be a disciple question of the day do you have the Bible experience I did a book if you do comment below let me know how you like it let us know and if you are interested and having the Bible experience out of the book and you've never applied for the Olive Oyl account I'll bow is an app where you can listen to millions of audiobooks read by authors sometimes read by other people but it's something that you can always be growing you want always be increasing in your and knowledge so if you've never signed up for audible you can sign you get your first book for free comment below and say hey I would love to get the Bible experience for free I'll email you the link and you'll be able to get your first audible book for free but if you still and already have audible you already have an audible account I still will encourage you to go and get the audible book of our the audio book of the Bible experience download the Old Testament the New Testament or you can just go find particular books they sell them separately as books why they sell them as the Old Testament end of the New Testament and I promise you you're going to see in your faith increase your faith your joy your peace all these amazing things like I always say it is amazing day to be alive that's right always living in victory every day I'm alive and I want you to be alive see you next time


  1. Thank you for sharing the Bible experience through the audible books. I downloaded immediately. Love 💕 it

  2. I feel the same way! When I read the bible I get overwhelmed and get sleepy! Thank you for this! Ordering this week!

    && also thank you for your home childcare videos. I am wanting to have my own home childcare business in the next couple of years. I am currently an assistant director in Texas at a childcare facility. Thank you so much for all that you do! God bless!

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