The Black Miracle: A Hanukkah/Thanksgiving Poetry Slam

listeners this is not a dream it’s kind of 2013 and yes Happy Thanksgiving the black miracle vindicated from material the left words that consumed my original person working for nothing and minded recognition cuz the music was corrupted but really there was something missing they told me that every wasn’t broken don’t fix it man I thank God I didn’t listen my soul felt conviction so I thought I seek the truth than other religions listen the black miracle like you who the man could be I fight the opposition for position call me black me from my experience my life should be a tragedy but I wanted truth coz I knew that they had to me a better way than what I had ever seen the gunfights and crack sales the addictions to the streets drugs lies pain I cried violence vicious I lived in my life I would have stayed if it wasn’t for my wife who gave up all the dreams after my mother had died and all the pain yes I remember that night pharmaceutical pills made me motherless I had questions on religion so I asked why I went to work looked in the Google search looking for the answers of the origin of the church and what I found out at the time left me hurt for what it’s worth and even though I wasn’t born a Jew believe I was that silent to my parents did what they could do or whatever they need so if you’re listening I love you too and even though I had to fight you talk let’s just to find now where my true on is this kind of car I dedicate this to anybody that bought this thanks for giving us to sponsor me forward cuz you gave the mighty to the weak and the mini to the few and gave eight days and harlequin forgive and thanks to you so we do for the miracles Redemption and your deeds Thank You Hana for 2013 you

67 thoughts on “The Black Miracle: A Hanukkah/Thanksgiving Poetry Slam

  1. Amazing NISSIM™ posting this on @midnight rabbi inspires blog and @Eli Goldsmith wishing you much success beyond this world to a place of miracles until your speedy return, we are getting ready 😀 

  2. more from the orthodox propaganda machine telling us that the  alternative to orthodoxy is drug addiction. Sigh.

  3. Happy Hannukkah Nissim!! This video is very very inpiring, thank you!! Katia & Matisyahu Rosenberg.

  4. Thank you everyone for the support, please continue to share. Hanukkah Sameach.  -Nissim aka Blackabee

  5. Incredibly beautiful & Brilliant!
    Brought tears to my eyes… (Who's cutting onions. Stop cutting the onions! Oy Gevald!)

    From a musical perspective, this rap-chant accompanied by strings is well performed and produced. Great work!

    Happy Chanukah!

  6. SINCERE CONVERTS capture the heart of Torah — G-d's goodness. It's not about latkes people. Mr. Nissim, you make me smile and you make me proud. Hazaq!

  7. I just wanted the artist to know that this video was part of our celebration of Chanukkah. My kids and grandkids were very impressed. Beautiful!

  8. Wow, amazing!! i'm Messianic, am not Jewish, but this is an amazing story!! I like how you talked of Yehudah Maccabee instead of latkes and sufghanyot, you focused on what Hannukah is really about!:) YHWH bless you!:)

  9. I am not religious but todah rabah, nissim for this. I'm always happy to hear about people changing their lives for good in the face of adversity. 

  10. This is amazing, really good. I can relate to a lot of it, just being in a life where I can't see light- bc of drugs etc. My parents both converted before I was born, but that's a whole struggle in itself, being Puerto Rican & Jewish wasn't always so cool. Thanks for sharing your story & art- inspiration. <3

  11. And even though I wasn't born a Jew, I believe I was at Sinai too…. The emes right there. B"H

  12. I loved this. I cannot explain the spark I feel in my spirit…….but I do. <3

  13. Too good! Nissim, thank you for your courage! Great music. You give us inspiration to stand up

  14. You are awesome. I adore your passionate music and your courage. I'm an orthodox Jew from birth and you are an inspiration to me.

  15. Shalom my brother we are 10 tribes coming back am from the tribe Efraim.

  16. Shalom my brother we are 10 tribes coming back am from the tribe Efraim.

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