The Book of Job

There are three books in the Bible known as the wisdom literature Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job The first proverbs showed us that God is wise and just Yeah we learned that God has ordered the world so that it’s fair the righteous are rewarded the wicked are punished in other words you get what you deserve. But then we meet Ecclesiastes who observes people don’t always get what they deserve Yeah he said the world isn’t always fair. The life is unpredictable and hard to comprehend just like smoke. And this makes you wonder okay well is God wise and just? Exactly and so it’s that question that is being explored in the final book of wisdom Job. Alright let’s dive in. So Job begins with the strange story that takes place up in the heavens which are described something like a heavenly command center. So God is there with these angelic creatures called the sons of God and they’re all their reporting for duty. And God points out this guy Job his servant showing our righteous and good he is. Then one of these angelic creatures approaches He’s referred to in Hebrew as The Satan. The Satan, who is this? Well, this word is actually a title which literally means the one who is opposed. So out of this whole crew he is the one questioning how God is running the world. And he proposes that Job might not actually love God that he’s only a good person because God rewards him. If God were to take away all of the good things he gave to Job then we would see his true colors. So he thinks Job is just working the system? That’s exactly right. Maybe he’s obeying just to get what he wants. So God agrees to this experiment and allows the Satan to inflict suffering on Job. And Job losses everyone and everything that he cares about. It is devastating. And remember he deserves none of this God himself said so The remarkable thing is that in the midst of all this suffering, Job still praises God. At least for chapters one and two. But then in chapter 3 we find out how he’s really feeling inside. He unleashes this palm that reveals this devastation. It’s a long elaborate curse on the day that he was born After this some of Job’s friends come to visit him to offer their help and all of them are like Job, you must have done something horribly wrong to deserve this. After all, we know God is just and we know the world is ordered by God’s justice and fairness so you must be getting what you deserve. And for the next thirty four chapters the friends and Job go back and forth in very dense Hebrew poetry. His friends keep speculating about why God might have sent such suffering and even start making up lists of hypothetical sins that Job must have committed. But after each accusation Job defends his innocence. And Job is innocent. He is! He’s also on an emotional roller coaster At some moments he’s very confident that God is still wise and just. Yet another moments he’s doubting God’s goodness. He even comes to accuse God of being reckless unfair and corrupt. So by the end of the dialogue Job demands that God come and explain himself in person. And God does so he comes in the form of a great storm cloud Now God doesn’t give Job a direct answer. He doesn’t tell Job about the conversation with the Satan Yeah he does something very different . He takes Job on a virtual tour of the universe. He shows Job how grand the world is. And he asked him if he’s even capable of running it or understanding it just for a day . He shows how much detail there is in the world. Things that we might see every day but really don’t understand at all. But God does he knows it all intimately. He pays attention to the beauty and operations of the universe in ways that we haven’t even imagined and in places that we will never see. Then to conclude God shows Job two wonderous beasts and brags about how great they are. Yeah they are dangerous. I mean they would kill you without even thinking about it And God says they’re not evil. They’re actually a part of his good world. And then that’s it that’s God’s whole defense. It’s kind of weird. I mean what was this all about? It seems to be this. From Job’s point of view it looks like God is not just. But God’s perspective is infinitely bigger. He is dynamically interacting with a whole universe of complexity when he makes decisions. And this is what God calls his wisdom. So Job asking God to defend himself is actually kind of absurd. He couldn’t comprehend this kind of complexity even if he wanted to. So where does this leave us? Well, leaves Job in a place of humility. He never learned why he suffered. And yet he’s able to live in peace and in the fear of the Lord But that’s not where the book ends because after this God restores to Job double everything he had lost. And this again is surprising. I mean, is this a reward, is God saying “Congratulations Job you passed this elaborate test.” No I mean the whole book just made the point that Job losing everything was not a punishment and so now getting it back isn’t a reward. So why is he gonna get back? Apparently God in His wisdom decided to give Job a gift we don’t know why but what we do know is that Job is now the kind of person who no matter what comes good or bad he can trust God’s wisdom And that’s the book of Job and the end of our wisdom series. These biblical books of wisdom are amazing. Each one offers a unique perspective on the good life. And you need to hear all of them together as you learn to live with wisdom and in the fear of the Lord hey guys thank you for watching this video from the Bible project you can find a lot more videos just like this one on our youtube channel the Bible project or at our website join the Bible this was the final video in our wisdom series it’s been super fun to make we hope they were helpful for you for making videos like this because we believe the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus and has wisdom for the modern world so we’re making videos that explore every book of the Bible its unique design main ideas we’re also making themed videos that explore key ideas that run through the whole storyline of the scriptures we have more videos planned and we can do it because of your support you can give a one-time gift for you become a monthly supporter and help us with this entire project the goal is to make the whole video library available for free to anybody anywhere go to join the Bible project com you can download full resolution version of this video all kinds of other resources it’s there for free for you thanks for your support

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  2. Sometimes, we don't appreciate the complexity of God's wisdom and will. But yes, he's always a wise and just God. The universe is very complex, we can try to understand a tiny part of it through explorations and experiments, but in the end, we will never get to know his will.

  3. Dear brothers… I like this video, it’s animation, story telling through dialogue type of explanations..

    But I don’t see any Gospel in this. In such helpless situation, JOB prayed for his friends (that’s the catch) and God answered.

    Please note, this act of Job fits into the quality of master Commandment of ✨JESUS✨. ( LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR & LOVE OTHERS LIKE YOU )

    Rather making stories, please try to create Gospel.. that will drive out blindness/ darkness of many.

    My humble opinion.

  4. Thanks for your help..
    some of the things I dont agree but a good work indeed .. helping me with my projects.

  5. you have got to be mentally retarded to believe this garbage. why didn't that dumb god of yours raise his dead family back. how would you feel when your family dies. do you think having a new family will solve your problem.

  6. Quick question – why did God make a deal with the devil to show everyone that Job would keep his faith if he already knows what would have happened? God is omniscient so God would know that Job would keep his faith. Why put this one man through all this suffering?

    Why make his family and entire livelihood disappear, die, go to heaven, only to return them to Earth? Surely, after the test, Job should've been taken up to paradise with his family, where they would exist forever?

    What is the point of the book of Job?

  7. What insanity. If he is all powerful and all knowing he could have showed them all without punishing job. If he already knew then why put job through any of that? Why allow Satan to have his way? He either didn't know or was not able to show them thus making him unwise, unkind and unknowing. Hardly worth praise

  8. Is this just me or is this a much more watered down version of what's in the Bible.

  9. This starts with a bunch of incorrect premises and lands at… Would you guess it? An incorrect premise. Ecclesiastes is about the vanity of humanity and worldly ambitions meaning nothing, that true satisfaction comes from a living relationship with God. Secondly job never sinned against God or doubted him. Why don't you all go read the Bible instead of getting your doctrine and discipleship from some channel on YouTube. This is a channel of doubt, made to make you ready to believe in ANOTHER Jesus.

  10. Moral of the story: Isaiah 55:8-9 King James Version (KJV)

    8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
    9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

  11. If god watches over the beauty of the earth, then why is he letting humanity destroy it?

  12. you guys are great! I fully support this. This visuals are amazing

  13. God wants to prove that Job isn't motivated to worship him for a reward, tortures him, kills his family, then turns around and rewards him for his worship with a new better family. All to win a bet with Satan.

    God sounds like he might have a touch of Borderline Personality Disorder.

  14. of course they have to throw in the spinning earth, long time periods and dinosaurs. where are the aliens and the transgenders?

  15. No he didn’t he never cursed god nor did did he have a talk with the devil the Bible says that job kept his faith until the end he never cussed god so I don’t know what bible you read probably the Jehovah witness bible but not my holy Bible

  16. Have you even read Ecclesiastes? It doesn't raise that question it highlights how small we are, how fleeting life is, and how miniscule our life is. Yes it does talk about life being unfair and the things that we strive for being complete vanity, but it doesn't question God's perfection or sovereignty over our lives. The end of Job is the main premise of Ecclesiastes.

    Also, just because life doesn't seem fair or bad things happen doesn't diminish God's goodness in any way. Its because man has rebelled against God that we live in a fallen world not the other way around.

  17. We do know why and the reason why is because even after losing everything and going through everything he went through he never turned away from God or denied Jesus as his savior

  18. You put nothing before the most high. Period. Of course you have loved ones, people who you grow relationships with over time but understand that everything in the flesh is subject to change. Your not always going to have the ability to control what goes on around you so it's best you keep your mind on higher things.

  19. The complexity that Job sees is called entropy. It is how the universe works. Even though this is all a made up fairy-tale it still shows the ancient wisdom that can be found in the bible if you look for it.

  20. Not even Jobe did not curse him..this is false…this so called god is Satan him self…our true creator did not put him through that shit …Satan was let out to do his shit.

  21. You guys are great! I’m a new Catholic and I have so much fun learning the Bible, thank you 🙏

  22. qurran states that
    Prophet Ayub (Alaihis salam). has highest patience … Among humans

  23. The bible is one of the funniest books I have ever read. especially the book of job. Lol Classic

  24. Satan is a creation of god right?? So how does god almighty get convinced by satan? That is not an almighty god! Who wrote this and how did this even make it in there? Jesus would never approve of such madness. Jesus Christ is free from this sort of paganism. Jesus never said he was god! Think about it!! Why would god come as a human to die for us, fail to fulfill his mission by asking another god to ‘take the cup away from me”, then be stripped naked and put on a cross and be killed by his very own creation??? Subconsciously, Christians cannot allow logic into their brains because of what their loved ones have taught them not knowing the truth. They will twist the bible to fit their own beliefs regardless if jesus approved or not. Most Christians follow Paul who was an enemy to Christ and killed Christians for the romans. When paul fell off his donkey, he didnt meet jesus. It was satan!!!

  25. Jobs life was ruined all because of a bet basically? His innocent kids were killed his whole life was destroyed all because of a bet. Just because you have double the amount of children doesn’t replace the old ones. It wasn’t a punishment because he didn’t do anything wrong other than believing in god. He is getting punished for his piety. Gods defence is, hey buddy I know a lot of stuff and just because they look bad doesn’t mean they are. Even though that doesn’t have much to do with Job. It’s not a defence.

  26. God knows the heart and mind of man…God said job is righteous so it is doubt of what God said…the purpose of this story of job is to aware man that satan came to harm,to destroy and to kill john 10:10

  27. it is not the will of God..God allows only but this is not the desire of God…we people always blame God of our misery…God is a good God…it is contradicting…God is not good if He desires miserable life for us..God has nothing to do with evil…If GOD allows satan there is a good purpose…YOU SEE WHAT GOD DID,HE DOUBLE THE BLESSING…GOD REPAIRED WHAT SATAN DESTROYED…GOD EXPOSED SATAN TRUE CHARACTER

  28. and it reveals in this story that satan cannot do anything without God's permission.. GOD IS ABOVE satan

  29. I was amazed first to God and secondly to this channel, where they have a great editing skills to help the people clearly understand what's in the Bible 😇😊

  30. Great animation, keeps the viewer engaged and brings this book to life.

  31. My Complaint is Just
    Job 6:2 “If only my grief could be weighed and placed with my calamity on the scales. For then it would outweigh the sand of the seas— no wonder my words have been rash. For the arrows of the Almighty have pierced me"

  32. I see the hand of God at work in marvelous ways when I watch these videos 😍

  33. Double what i had the first time….Cant do the math because i made money on and under the Table….Father God help Us 2 be Good Stewards….A King….In My Mind is Just someone who has 2 take care of His People

  34. You have no idea what you are talking about. The lesson of job is he thought he was blessed because he was good. But he was good only because he was blessed.

  35. Great work as always. Thank you for all you guys do in helping me pursue Jesus!!

  36. With God's revelation of his design to Job, wisdom becomes less a question of how each person does or doesn't live life, and more a question of surrendering to God's massive design. It clears up the tension between the two perspectives in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes by placing both in a greater context that is fully known only to God. Woah.

  37. 1 John 4:4 Amplified Bible (AMP)

    4 Little children (believers, dear ones), you are of God and you belong to Him and have [already] overcome them [the agents of the antichrist]; because He who is in you is greater than he (Satan) who is in the world [of sinful mankind].

  38. So basically God makes a bet with the devil and show's complete disregard for human life, but of course none of you care because we were made for God's glory. What about the fact that God is supposed to be "all knowing"? Shouldn't he be able to tell if job is just faking it or not? I guess not according to this story so I guess I'll just fake believe in God and since he clearly can't tell the difference without putting me through some sort of test I think I'm good to go.

  39. Job 27:5 New International Version (NIV)

    Job’s Final Word to His Friends

    27 And Job continued his discourse:
    I will never admit you are in the right;
        till I die, I will not deny my integrity.

  40. “The satan”? In what version does the Bible specify “the satan”?


  42. 4:15–4:38 Leviathan and Behemoth. As a kaiju fan, I have to admit that those two chapters are the big reason why I keep coming back to Job. Job 41 is my favorite chapter of the whole Bible. It basically confirms Godzilla! xD

  43. im watching these videos and discovering all these other stories. It all seems so…farfetched? I can't help but feel like the 24 years of practicing and identifying as Christian was for nothing :/

  44. The this story is true, it says don't ask demons for sexual pleasure. But still it happens. Hmmm 🤔

  45. The morale of the story is God can take ur kids and you should be happy because he takes care of behemoths of the sea and land?

  46. Nice videos guys ! Great Job! really amazing way of explaining things! cool sound engineering ! can you guys tell me from where you guys get the audio from

  47. I finally finished the bible today! a beautiful fictional story, humans can never fathom the complexity of God, but it was a pretty good attempt. Bible or Buy Bull?

  48. How could this get a thumbs down? Must be atheist haters Bec this is what the Bible says.

  49. So basically, humans fabricated this story to trick folks into thinking, no matter how shitty my life is even if I'm a good person, god will look out for me so I need to be submissive to what "men" of god tell me to do. This means that god can mess your entire life up, on purpose, to prove a point to someone else. This is absurd. In gods infinite wisdom, he wouldn't need to play games. Wake up and realize that the bible has been corrupted by men that worship power more than god

  50. Soo God's a bully? He allowed sathan to torture his follower for no other reason than a bet? And then when the follower "cursed" God for letting this happened to him God came down to gloat?
    And finally after the bet was ended God just gave him more stuff while not returning his original children, are children that replaceable?

  51. Come on Satan is not an angel
    If angels dont have free will then how did he disobeyed god?

    When all the angels bowed down to Adam, lucifer didnt bow

    Of course Angels dont have free will, adam is the only human there then Lucifer is definitely a JINN


  52. God knows everything so he knew that job was not worshiping him just because of the things he gave him. So all of this was unnecesary. Or he did it just to prove point to satan. And why would he care what satan thinks?

  53. The Bible plainly says Satan is the God of this system of things that we are caught in until Armageddon

  54. Prophet ayub(job) were great prophet. Iam muslim I watch your videos. But according to Islam God tested job and he wasn't angry at God for this and he wanted to go through more harder times.

  55. Damn your effects Is so outcold how did you do it? I typed job in the search bar and your video came up..glad I found it

  56. This was the single most horrible explanation of any book in the Bible that I have ever had the sore displeasure of seeing in my life. I can hear the contention and proudness in your voice…The Lord rebuke you…repent and come to The Lord! No one knows why Job was more prosperous after than before? Is it not because The Lord is merciful and bringing abundance is like nothing to The Lord? Before his sin, did The Lord not speak well on Job's behalf to satan? There are a lot of errors due to your lack of faith….what are you doing teaching Bible prophesy? I advise you to stop sinning against your own souls and come to the truth, people of The Lord know this, just because you see the words "Bible" or "Church" doesn't mean the narrator is teaching truth…this is a great example of this!! In Jesus's name The Lord rebuke you for your blasphemy!!!!

  57. Perhaps you missed the message in Job:14. All that Satan took away that caused Job sorrow will be restored to life once God;s wrath against Satan is over. That wrath is over when Satan and all other fallen angels are in the lake of fire. Job and all other will all be alive for evermore after the Great White Throne event. Did anybody even read the book past the opening verses?? I guess you get out what you put in, in this case you got everything wrong. That should impress God enough that you will not be alive until the GWT event rather than becoming alive 1,000 years earlier.

  58. Why did God let such horrible things happen to a good person just to prove a point to satan? If hes all wise and all knowing wouldn't he know in his wisdom that satan was trying to trick him and instead should've used that wisdom to trick satan into doing more good to Job rather than bad somehow? Why would he let satan test our faith all the time when time will eventually tell anyways if we're truly faithful or not? Isn't that the mark of true wisdom? I'm not anti god. I just don't get why would he let a trickster do such bad things to a good person in the name of "tests". I feel the rewards whether give or not later don't matter. That's like spearing me right in the gut just to see if I bleed red blood and then coming back to stitch it up and taking care of my health. I feel the whole defense that God made for himself too was just a way to boast and say I got to take care of the entire universe, not just one person. But then why bother "testing" just one persons faith and that too allowing a trickster to do the tests? I'm confused…

  59. God have take away from my Girlfriend
    And now I'm single 😢 but one think I can say that God is good all the time.
    God give and take away praise upon the name of the Lord.😢😢😔 I hope that my GF Nina will come back.❤

  60. I’m not a practicing Christian (lapsed Catholic) but I found this video enthralling.Thank you for uploading this!

  61. La hija de la iglesias de los Santos de los últimos días es la creo la página en la 2037Cleveland madera californiana


  63. The intro doesn’t follow the The Bible accurately. Satan came over and God asked him what he’d been up to, and Satan replied that he had been walking around “to and fro”. Then God bragged about what a perfect ass kisser that Job was. Satan then challenged God to a wager. Then the torture began….



  65. “Dynamically acting within a universe of complexities” interesting way to justify it. Lmao

  66. I'm sorry guys first of all Job never doubt about God's plan second God afflicts his good servants and whom he love most with harshness to see how they react on that situation therefore if the servant doubt about the God he is no more a good servant. Job is one of the greatest prophets God precised him with his righteousness in the holy Quran. Chapter 21 verses 83-84

  67. Today I was just randomly flipping through the Bible and I asked God to maybe show me something that I needed because I’ve been going through a tough time and I flipped to this story and this is the exact story I needed to hear. Thank you guys for putting so much effort into your animations and videos. I love how you guys are helping to educate people💕 thank you so much, I learned so much

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