The Calling by Karuna (New album featuring spoken word by Mooji)

[instrumental music] [spoken words by Mooji] Before the heavens were made and all the stars were placed, we were One inside God’s own Heart. Don’t you remember? Do you remember how we wondered how it would be to walk on this great earth, having forgotten our true nature and believing only in our dreamed selves? How many times we’ve passed by each other
on this lonely planet, asleep to our true selves and home? Armenian Flute Album
Music from the heart of Satsang [Mooji] But today, things may be different. Now our Father
would bring us together again in oneness by awakening our minds to the real. O Beloved, wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Karuna
The Calling featuring spoken words by Mooji featuring musicians: Lluis- Cello, Martin – Piano, Benno – Handpan
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