The Christmas Poem, produced by Bible Society

so God made potatoes and planets and puppies giraffes and gorillas goldfish and Guppies kangaroos kittens cows that go Moo then last best of all he made me he made you but something went wrong we thought we knew best we ignored what God said made the world a big mess we hit and we hurt and we bullied and fought and the great God who loved us we simply forgot it made God so sorry and that's why he said this is bad and it makes me sad this is bad and it makes me sad for God's love was bigger than the mess that we made Eenie what to do so here's what he said I'll send them my son to show them the way to love one another and live like I say and give them my power deep down in their hearts to fight what is bad to make a new start and live in this world just like I first planned and turned what is sad into glad again an turn was sad into glad again so a woman called Mary his mind in her business was asked to be part the very first Christmas by name Joel called Gabriel shiny and bright who showed up one day and gave her a fright nor date to be scared the angel explained I come with good news simple and plain you'll give birth to God's baby it's all in his plan to turn what is sad into glad again to turn what is sad into glad again then Mary and Joseph her husband went dumb to be counted by Caesar in Bethlehem tongue with no empty rooms left to rent for this day they stopped in a place where the animals lay and there in the hay she gave birth to God's Son and cuddled and cradled her small special one who grow up to do all the things that God planned and turn what was sad into glad again an turn what was sad into glad again some shepherds were watching their sheep down the way when an angel appeared like a firework display and shocked all the shepherds and shook up their sheep and made sure that no one would get a night's sleep go to Bethlehem now the bright angel said see the babe in the manger hey under his head he's amazing he's special for only he can turn what is sad into glad again turn what is sad into glad again so that's why we have Christmas and welcome the day and sing and eat turkey and put on a play and dress up like angels and get lots of toys but it's not just because of us sweet baby boy it's because of the man he grew up to be will change the whole world and can change you and me to live and to love just like God always planned and turn what is sad into glad again and turn what is sad into glad you you

11 thoughts on “The Christmas Poem, produced by Bible Society

  1. This is not bad AT ALL though. Look, I make beats/produce music so feel free to contact me if ever needed.

  2. That Was An Absolutely Fantastic Story!Keep Up The Good Work And Spread The Word!

  3. Is there an ebook version of the whole book somewhere please?

  4. I absolutely love this Christmas poem telling the whole reason Jesus came. I was late ordering my copy of the booklet, but it arrived yesterday and I am delighted with it. It won't go out of date so I've got some ideas to buy copies for children next Christmas! What a wonderful way for Open the Book to present the Christmas story next year too! I'm really wanting to introduce it here in Cwmbran in 2016. I moved here from Bedford ten weeks ago believing God has called me here for this purpose. Getting to know folk, spreading the word and finding quite a few who are willing to be Open the Book volunteers! Hoping you will be able to help me with a training day to launch it in 2016. I thank God for The Bible Society and Open the Book joining forces – and for all you do to spread the Word of God to people everywhere.

  5. I'm a Chinese girl, and i want to read this wonderful poem on the christmas party. I'm afraid there won't be a delivery service to China.So is there a image edition of this beautiful book? Or just a e-edition of this poem?

  6. It's great and I plan to use it during an all-age Christmas service soon. Would love to give a copy of the book to all the children who will be present, but I cannot find it to order on the Bible Society website. Where to look? (Yes, I've seen the one-per-household order form, but I'm looking at 50+ copies, so that form is no use).

  7. Brilliant! Love the whole story… but I'd love a download so I can show it in church… not just watch it at home.

  8. Brilliantly done! I think this has to be one of the best telling of the WHOLE message of Christmas in such an appealing accessible way. I will be using this widely, thinking especially of the families we work with in our toddler groups. 250 families from 45+ nationalities. Thank you for such a great resource!

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