The Christmas Tree – Poem

The tree stands tall and the corner with great beauty it reminds me of Christmas joy and family Its natural beauty with its decor shines bright with its green branches glowing ornaments and a lights Beneath the tree the neatly wrapped presents are found they are below the branches nicely laid around My mind is then reminded of another tree this one displayed a different kind of beauty This tree, was cut to make the two beams of the cross on that wood Jesus died to save all who are lost We deserve hell separation from God when we die we’ve sinned against God with our rebellion in pride Jesus knew we were hopeless so he showed us love and Jesus who is God came from heaven above He, was born in a manger and live perfectly then as he planned he died on the cross made from a tree Christ died and for three days was buried in a grave Then he rose from the dead and from sin wants to save When you repent from sin and in Jesus believe God’s gift of salvation you will freely receive So now this Christmas I curiously wonder what this Christmas decor causes you to ponder I can help the think of the love Jesus has for me whenever I see a beautiful Christmas tree

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