The Clotilde: A Poetic Voyage

my name is Rebecca Kelso Karski and I am the head teacher at the English International School in kourt's New Guinea West Africa I am very pleased with the work that our middle school has been doing during this 2016-2017 academic year they've taken on this historical study of the transatlantic slave trade and the Middle Passage to have taken on quite a challenge which they've enjoyed of creating a short documentary about this time period and the role that the country in which we are living Benin formerly known as de home-a has played in it this triangular trade left indelible marks on the lives of the enslaved African also the European Native Americans and all their descendants and this tragic history has changed the world it has shifted demographics and created new diasporas and it has spread African heritage language culture spiritual traditions all around the world the unimaginable pain that the enslaved Africans endured both physical and mental cannot be adequately expressed so it's important that we honor those who perish as well as those who survived in 1807 there was a law in the United States that prohibited the import of slaves but this law was unfortunately broken and this is how the story of the clothes healed began lady was amazing that's how we made our money some people so it was bad some people so it was funny in April or $7 Louis explain decide prohibits in the imported slaves but slavery was still going and industries were still going slavery and racism scene go right here they thought the Africans were the famous Baker's not me they what they brought to the Africans wasn't espera it was paying hardship struggle and so within the boundary of money issues let there be no imposition nothing not here talking together about importing trees into our border taking effect in 1808 so say the Constitution some may ask why now this abolish it now go to President Thomas Jefferson a hero in the heart of every person no you're not that 1807 act any difficulty not this will behavior against humanity yet you aren't patriotic citizens continued open importation of slaves must be renewed I'm afraid you will soon be apprehended practicing this inhuman act that should have been ended repent of your evil act or your human use your conscience or your man and women all men are equal from creation to a fundamental human right let there be no violation I bet with some northern gentlemen that could import African men and women as in the capital of because I was a maid within the flow I put a hundred thousand on the table do so because I was not able I did the best all the time if every customer modern advance maybe the partition our life with a large return to attempt expected to revise custom post I love the way of mobile when fall further than a month I get paraphrase that's a mastering breaks and never two years the better half maybe not a wave I said my cousin and made modern in maybe there was a chef coat protein cells new restored all because of a bet for everybody thought he wasn't a threat dolia obeyed them thought that would he would regret it though later he did not quit they were strong but everybody's been often till he saw Jim Stowers field African stratagems of water so slaughtered it was for her screams and this was a crazy scheme people thought would work plus white clearly was a jerk the captain thought a lot to not be spotted on the block Africans did not want to come if they did they would be numbed Africans were said but instead raped whipped Oh tide just aside Africans lost a pride no one can hide others roughly dignity and still the voice had no affinity the drafter control of the hope nope not everyone was gone nothing and hopefully returned at dawn human beings our children as possible the past and personal liberty no white captors came often manufactured goods and welcome city he saw the prisoners of war who were led naked on deck with no respect they dragged him along the heart in Kuching hours past they had little rest their bodies and spirits were put to the test they went to see the resign enough water to drink or be cheated sizes even like animals they were in the third buying stage where was Jesus now he was made I wouldn't want the captain called Foster who made it here the weapons me I stole the cargos made them walk poker the wippen hostage I was caught in only one explanation I like to do my work good I love the court from charge my mother said I'd be in folk grinder and be fighting for practical and I mean for the Dow's I felt no guilt this was business I gambled them with happiness the ones who weren't strong enough woodturner was a paper in Augusta we were people from Africa feeling happy power to the Africans with everything so lovely how – because cordial or Asafa but when that nightmare appeared happiness disappeared why schemes with food and trinket which was Kim's video it was official speaking we were sold kidnapped and beaten we were catching a borough Coon in the in Nokia scholarships they are mine conversions energy we ask for water they give us see we are so bright they gave us see we ask for freedom stay with work for free and we ask for life but they killed off of me a hundred and ten of us crammed together in the smelly bottom efficient we've created of the industry as you waited some Christ thankfully none died the clothes filled with the normal flow it's captain sure to note looked like a pirate well we wish the face burnt the shape like it was a good moving us on small flows we boarded a new folder the one only then did we realize that this is not legalized and we needed to know when we could behold as to how it came applicants faced with a powerful a regional on the entity its joy in fight here's my point whatever was no way this what place are we making multiplication who killed asleep the figure was eighteen above the 92 Vatican pietà no flashes Odyssey you knew go take pleasure in giving us five years after that awful success had better to know what work any progress the victims of the app as for some support support to be able to sell from the polls and be better day on nation and but the greatly on mental level European ambition did not let them listen to the African demand what was done to stay away from their own land at the end they won for the second best ocean and continued living as in DNA finally is some of the others father's mother services sister we suffer we injured we achieved what to do is quickly with me freedom freedom we were born free that was our only ongoing peace when I co finally settled on again and managed not thinking of the pain I found a beautiful woman who had the most beautiful name to humans she was not as Celia but as I think that to those things I can't help myself from being things from I start some exposure and attach a planner christianism immense contrast when you legal dealings were uncovered with respect of not yet discovered we know he went are always open to you would be possible but also to would be respected we're not even your face but when you recognized that the government were laughing all the whiteness traffickers continue so to slavery you to justify the element ask the government guarantees that why why make a drama scene of what is your confidence flowers placed due to racism in other words razor palaces the government says enslave no soul otherwise of sugary food yet beautiful and yes this is a kind which we chose to pay the time although this is of mostly fostered different like a golden key as foster status quality is never an accident which you propose with confidence few new Negroes are captured causing the slaughter have fractured nevertheless bias existed even in the minds of a native fax over the new black and love to one another when it kind of I was born and raised in Africa times where all of us were born brown we were to an offer from our family but again enough that we lived happily for years recorded here and nobody was getting here we were discriminated by our skin tone which made us started the world you have almost violated because of racism we try to get back home well there were no goals but now datoria bodies are far gone because we are having more fun we knew what was education based on the knowledge of our nation we brought our tradition with us because it was but we never forgot where we came from because our land of the full of treasures nobody is less fun because we found my name is Regina moment and I am the middle school teacher here at the English International School so one of the things that I think is really important for me as an educator as an artist as an anthropologist is to infuse everything that I know into the classroom it is not enough to say that we read the book it's not enough to say that we've gone to the site the way that I teach the way that I think it's most impactful is that we engage the student with everything so that means using the art it means using literature it means writing it means watching films it means doing everything that we can and so that's the reason why I thought it would be great for us to write original verses about a significant part in history which is about the coat each ship that les Mobile Alabama and came to be mean West Africa have the students write original verses but then also for us to learn documentary filmmaking in telling the story there is an ebow proverb that states until lions have their own historians tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter so for us I want us to know and be able to tell our own story and I'm very excited and hope hopefully the film has left an impact on on each of you the viewers thank you so much

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  1. American Indians were not captured n brought here. I made an error. I'm not on my computer. Typing from my cellphone.

  2. Thanks for this documentary. My mom n dad lived not too far from Africa Town (Mobile, AL). They in their teens when Kossalla, the last survivor from Africa, was living there. I don't think they knew about this. My mom told us so much about life back then. Her grandmother was half American Indian. Indians (including those who were blacks) were here a long time before Columbus discovered America. They were captured n brought here. I would like to find more information about our ancestors who came from Africa. I did some research n found out that my great grandfather on my dad's side was born in 1854 in Wetumpka, Alabama. I met a lady when I was 10 yrs old who was born a slave in South Carolina in 1850. She lived to be 113. I didn't find out she was born in slavery until she died. My mom was shocked! It was in our newspaper. Everytime I saw her she would be walking around in her yard looked down at the ground. She looked up when I spoke to her. She was petite n dressed like they did along time ago. Long skirt, apron, bonnet. There's no telling what she had seen n suffered in her lifetime. My dad use to go sit n talk to her. My mom knew her too.

  3. Beautiful job, the last slave ship,biblical history, culture of ancient Israel

  4. My husband lived in plateau as a boy…we loves to visit this African town…it does needs help…Ask African leaders, donations, and try to raise money to help fund this town…Lots of old turnip houses needs to be torn down…try get volunteers to tear down n burn em.

  5. BRAVO CHILDREN!!! Thank you for telling the story!! My family is from Mobile Alabama and many still live there.. I have family buried in the Africatown Cemetery and have seen its state of neglect.. Our whole story is untold but the articles that remain telling the story are neglected and overlooked it seems as in hope to suppress the truth of the sins of this Nation.. I am so proud of you for seeing the importance in honoring our ancestors by telling this story. We Blacks in America are putting it together as well.. The African American Museum of Culture and History in Washington DC is amazing and encourage all to visit it in witness to our story!! Thank you and sending Love from across the Atlantic!

  6. I live here in Mobile where the the Clotilda landed. Thank you for sharing

  7. Alabama Reporter Uncovers What May Be Last U.S. Slave Ship

  8. good job!! In Latinamerica we have so many millions of descendants from Benin that arrived to our ports in chains for centuries (via the former Kingdom of Dahomey), that some cultural traits are still very much alive (like music, oral literature, and the yoruba religion in its "Ketu" variant) that I think you could find many interesting stories and cultural treasures that could inspire your work. And this is not only the case with Benin, but also (in decreasing importance) Angola, Congo, Nigeria (Yorubaland, Biafra and Hausa, Fulani), Gold Coast, Senegambia, Sierra Leona and the Sahel, Moçambique…

  9. I really enjoyed this . It will be shared with my family and friends especially my Grandchildren. Kudos to the students that made this documentary and the teachers that assisted them. Well done.

  10. Great video. The burned wreckage of the Clotilde or Clotilda may have been found in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, Mobile, AL. The University of West Florida is currently researching the find which is partially buried in mud. Here is a link to the story:

  11. i enjoyed your video. very familiar with cudjo lewis, zora neale hurstons's article and africatown.
    question: would you consider subtitles for some of your speakers? i am not attempting to be rude. i had a little trouble understanding what some were saying.

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