The Common Literary Publishing Internship Program

I wanted to create something from the amorous community that represented Amherst literary history and the tremendous writers and readers and scholars and create a magazine even though I didn't know it the idea for the Commons started when I was a student at Amherst I took a couple of classes with Ilan Stevens who at that time started a magazine called hopscotch which has the Latino culture magazine being able to work on a print magazine and to write for it and to proof the pages and to talk to authors was amazing from the beginning Amrish college students have been a really strong part of the common and we have this program called the literary publishing internship program in which we mentor 12 students per year and the students are involved in all aspects of literary publishing and community engagement from helping to produce and create the issue to marketing and promoting the issue to creating those public events that helped bring the literature of the magazine to a wider public and keep audiences and readers engaged working at the common because it's a professional magazine and we publish emerging and established writers not only from the US but from around the world really give students a broad base and a broad understanding of the literary scene it definitely does prepare them for not only jobs in publishing but also other arts organizations because they get such broad experience working with the common that it transfers to a lot of different fields but certainly to publishing and they get to meet a lot of publishing professionals during their work as well you don't need any prior experience to work at the common you just need to love to read you

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