The Concept Of Feminism Has Been Misinterpreted In Indian Society: Author Mamta Kalia

16 thoughts on “The Concept Of Feminism Has Been Misinterpreted In Indian Society: Author Mamta Kalia

  1. Totally disagree with this lady…Feminism isnt misinterpreted in indian society it is misrepresented…nowdays Feminism is just a timepass for middle-aged women that has nothin better to do in their lives ..n a trend for anglophile youths…This Feminism may be a solution for white women in adolescent western culture cz they have never considered women in other culture..n its certainly not a solution for indian women such mature these so called feminist should stop taking their Morales n principles form this simon de buva n other western feminists cz they dont represent whole women population n no waman has given them the right to represent them..These indian feminists should do some ground work n try to find out what equality means for them n what they really want instead of forcing some alien n stolen ideology to them.

  2. गालिब छूटी शराब पढी है मैंने ।

  3. ऐसे पड़े लिखे लोगो को लाओ

  4. गलत कहा है आपने की मोदी जी ने किसी से नहीं कहा कि आप मेरे पक्ष में लेख लिखिए
    बहुत सी राजनीतिक पार्टिया अपने पक्ष में लोगो की मानसिकता बदलते है !

    आरक्षण पर ही देख लो लोगो की मानसिकता बदल दी है
    ओर भी हजार माइंडसेट है

  5. Bohot Bohot Bohot he Naayaab Interview — Thanks The Wire Hindi 💐💐💐

  6. Every type feminism stops before Islam. No one want to free muslim women from mullas.

  7. Bhikh lene v koi v proud nhi kr sakta hai….free mean bhikh

  8. Mani apni life me sabse ache story read ke hai wo hai aap ke choti ladki what story aap sab log read kare

  9. Mamta Ma'am aap ke allahabad pe aane wali book ka intzar hai kyu….ki alld mera bhi mehabob sheher hai……thanku….the wire

  10. Matriarchal is not just philosophy, it is very deep knowledge about every aspect of woman.
    Woman is just sex, if you think at level of body.

  11. Feminism means to abuse or insult men that reality so fuck feminism

  12. What talking about social issue but herself (anchor) uncivilized dress.

  13. After all its a macho patriarchal hegemony that grips itself – In Indian society from pillar to post … Lets count the gender inequality within Wire Channel itself ?

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