The Copy Writer – Lovecraftian Short Horror Film

45 thoughts on “The Copy Writer – Lovecraftian Short Horror Film

  1. Aside from the lady looking like she didnt shave it was pretty intense 4.9 stars

  2. "Some rats in the walls" I see what you did there good sir and well done!

  3. I liked the quick cuts in time with the lightning strikes. Also your use of natural candlelight really helped the atmosphere and tone. What I didn't like was the jump-scares. I felt that they were a little cheap and detracted from the cosmic horror-ness. The audio on the dialogue was a little squiffy.

  4. The production quality is good but this is just a series of horror tropes.

  5. I don't mean to shit on this, it's very good overall. I'll start with what I didn't like and end with what made it really stand out. Pretty predictable for cosmic horror, with a lot of reliance on cheap jump scares. However, the use of the tape recorder was exceptional. Really blurred the lines of reality and sanity from both the character and viewer's perspective.

  6. De la Poer/Delapore – Nice touch! Good 1970's ambiance too. I didn't know which "Lovecraftian" route our protagonist was going to choose, suicide or madness… The cinematography was very well done IMO, and that recording was eerie! I enjoyed the film. 👍

  7. I could barely make out the dialog, especially in the final minutes. Too much echo. Sound quality needs to be improved.

  8. What on earth makes you imagine that this rubbish is in anyway connected with H P Lovecraft?

  9. He's so annoying as a crazy person it totally ruined it for me.

  10. Excellent and effective atmospheric Short. Cinematography, pacing, storyline, and lighting was topnotch, the acting was quite good (except for the PI, to be honest).

    Regarding constructive feedback: the Sound Design really marred this otherwise competent production; there was a number of scenes where the dialogue just suddenly became murky and indistinct. Not sure what happened there, if it was during filming or post-production but it kind of took me out of the moment.

    This is the first of your projects I have seen, but I am definitely Subscribing and look forward to watching your other work. Cheers, and I wish you much success!

  11. Looks so great!… But we need subtitles to fully enjoy… Great work

  12. The wall paper is a horror show in itself. What were we thinking back in the 60's and 70's?

  13. Meh. Nicely done but the storyline was a bit "derivative and overbookish" for my taste..

  14. Think the detective was a little too overzealous about trying to make his small part stand out. Great short though!

  15. And this is pure terror, Lovecraft would be proud, and I subscribed now…

  16. Great lovecraftian short!
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  17. Great short horror movie, with excellent acting and quite good lighting and camera work. Intriguing plot and intense atmosphere, with an interesting, scary twist/resolution; I am a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, and you captured those elements pretty well, even though this movie wouldn't really classify as cosmic horror. The last scene was especially eerie. I really like watching these short horror movies on YouTube-a great chance for new filmmakers to put up their work and show their talent. As an aspiring filmmaker myself, that is a real encouragement. Keep up the great work, you are talented. I will definitely watch more of your videos.

  18. Awesome! I liked how you blurred the lines between what is real and the imagination. Everything was excellent!

  19. I thought this would be about the horrors of dealing with the YouTube copyright system

  20. Awesome work guys I really enjoyed the Lovecraftrian disurbing tone of the movie as well as great production aspects. Keep it up.

  21. Love the ending shot. The way it zooms out reminds me of that common Lovecraftian theme: how small we are in the bigger picture of the Great Old Ones. FANTASTIC short film. I only wish it could be feature length. I love some good Lovecraftian cinema!

  22. Guy goes mad because of reasons and kills people, then gets locked up in an asylum. That hasn't been done to death already!

  23. That's three awesome films in a row!
    Make room guys, new subby!

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