The Corruption of the BIBLE… The Greatest Scandal in Literary History!

good evening Java mold well if you would like to put it on silent please thank you right well welcome to Chris sparks with an extremely controversial first talks and somes entitled the greatest scandal in literary history a long time ago and in a land far away somebody hacked the Bible more specifically the New Testament over 20 years ago Chris sparks got to work on the massive tax task of correcting what he found was wrong and discovering what was missing in the New Testament Chris called his translation the eolian Bible copies of which are available tonight if you care or dare to buy one good job good job the Inquisition fall out of fashion tonight's presentation may shake orthodoxy to its core please welcome response thank you very much hello I read in the paper the other day there are going to be a lot of nurse tonight but don't worry you'll be all right well this year I've been thinking 2019 and we're still in 1984 I'm referring of course to George Orwell's novel which is not so fictional as it might be said but the big difference you know between George Orwell's 1984 dystopia and 2019 is that we can turn Big Brother off and they couldn't but people still turn it on isn't that remarkable but I've got a message for Big Brother we're watching you right what have you come to hear the greatest scandal in literary history the Bible has never been translated correctly in the English language if somebody were to take any of the popular translations and translate them back into the original Hebrew and Greek it would not be the same messages and the people who wrote them wouldn't recognize and many of the things that were being said and made laugh and moan I spent 22 years on this translation I hope to publish the complete Bible by the end of this year but for the moment the New Testament has been published and these just arrived on Thursday it's actually the 4th edition because I'm a perfectionist and it keeps going on but this Edition has got footnotes and appendices and prophecies which will explain many other things you're going to hear tonight so that's what you've come to hear who have you come to hear I live in Hampshire with my family my son is here tonight knows the Ten Commandments off by heart not drummed in by me of his own volition and I educated in English that was my university subject great undergraduate postgraduate I taught in higher and further education until 2008 since then I've been running creative writing workshops and doing private tuition from all levels from GCSE to people with PhDs heard on my books and so quite a variety I've published poetry academic essays couple of short stories and some art work and I've got a painting exhibition this summer so that's as much about me as you need to know now I've also published a book on grammar and a book on creative writing those are on the table but unfortunately those are my only copies I'm afraid I couldn't bring any others with me so that's the background in grammar in 1978 I had a breakdown and I thought I was going to hell really I did I was I had visions of myself floating through space feet on fire agony forever and I went into a church I took a walk into Gretton Church in Hampshire and prayed first some I prayed for a long time was that how old was I 1978 so I was 27 first time I'd prayed for probably about 15 years a year later I'd met an Irish musician who was a Christian we were doing music and poetry shows together and one day I said to him can I come to your church next Sunday and I went of course he'd been longing for me to go and I went into that church and I heard the Bible read and I was never the same again at the time I was managing their family bookshop so I had quick access to get a translation and I devoured it and this went on for a number of years I was working in a boat down the South of France one summer and you can imagine in the summer down on the South of France some of the attractions that might distract and Mail but particularly with a Bible in his hand it was all a bit odd but that was my obsession I was just obsessed then at the beginning of the 1990s I think it was I discovered a book called the companion Bible which was the King James Bible of 1611 with margin notes correcting many of the words and phrases and a hundred and ninety-eight appendices well I sat in the Sun one summer must have been 94 95 and I just read everything 198 appendices and all the margin notes and I went through them two or three times and I started making a list of things that needed changing in this book I was obsessed with and so this list grow then in 1997 I was on holiday in barek on tweed and I was in a private library there in a guesthouse I'm one evening there were two old boys in this library one of them pulled off the shelf a book and they were talking about immortality of the soul you know that a death your soul departs and goes somewhere some regions and I sort of got picked up that kind of teaching in churches and it goes back to the Greek philosophers I mean it's an Aristotle Plato there an another soul that the soul is eternal well I said to these old fellows all right absolute excuse me I couldn't help overhearing what you're just talking about would you mind explaining and one of them said well immortalis immortality of the salt it's not right is it now please note what I didn't say I didn't say yes it is it's in the Bible yes it is that's what my pastors tell me yes it is it's in all the books that I read all the commentaries I said can you please explain to me where you're getting this from so one of them said it says in Ezekiel 18 Ezekiel is a book in the Old Testament these the soul that sinneth it shall die so that's archaic language from the King James Bible so the soul dies oh it's not immortal then and this fellow had written a book or booklet about this very subject called the path to immortality by Roland wicks so I bought a copy and I read it on that holiday so I went home on the long train berrak on tweed down to Hampshire thinking well if there's no such thing as the soul and the soul is the person then this hell thing can't be true either that I've been taught in churches just doesn't add up I mean what what would the beta be to burn but also on that holiday I went to walk around a place called Holy Island with one of them and he was an uneducated man brought up in an orphanage in he's a gardener and lovely guy became good friend of mine and we were walking around this island we took no interest to notice of the history we were talking about William Tyndale who our country later and it was burning inside me and when I got home from that holiday I was sitting in the Sun on by a lake on a bench thinking about all these things and I thought to myself my goodness translate the Bible I'm going to do it I'm going to make a complete translation get rid of all these things that are wrong put it in contemporary English and well as I wrote in something else I published I walked home and started and so then I discovered an American writer called Otis Cuse Ellis and he wrote 200 studies called seed and bread and he also made many Corrections he explained why no health no soul and many other things so these were an immense help so all this was growing and it was burning as I mean I haven't stopped being astounded and excited ever since unlike a car going down the motorway in third gear high-pitched whining and I can't stop that's what I've been like since 1997 22 years I just cannot stop I work every day every day on this but I take one day off usually I must have spent tens of thousands of hours maybe 50 60 thousand hours on all this and in the evenings I paint for a break or my son and I go trout fishing and Tydeus amount of things as well bird-watching and watch cricket so all this came back to me that in the early 90s maybe about 91 somewhere I had a dream one night middle tonight not a daydream a real dream I was standing on a table in the large front room in the house where I lived and it was absolutely packed I mean I guess it was about a third of the size of this room pretty big front room it was absolutely packed and I was shouting out to them I found the scriptures I found the scriptures it was just amazing and it's burned inside me I didn't know what all that was about I just knew that I was obsessed with the Bible in the way that a lot of Christians I knew weren't and so I wrote round about the year 2000 not two or three years a rationale as which might have served of a preface it's way out of date now but I wrote in there the Scriptures have fallen into the wrong hands and that's what I believe still believe that they've fallen into the wrong hands and they've been doctoring that what I call the language of angels doctoring the language of angels it's not the same it would not translate back into the same message right of English Bibles about 6 billion have been published and sold ok about 6 billion about 1 billion of the King James Bible of 1611 ok slap the capsulitis six of them nearly half a billion of newer version published in the 1970s called the New International Version that's so what about half a billion so all these but all around the world and I've looked into some other European translations as well French Spanish German Dutch Italian and I'm not fluent in in any of those languages all and French is okay but I go to specific passages and if I can't understand then I've got friends didn't he do what does this mean and I find the same errors in the same places which is extraordinary if you think about it so in the front of this translation there is a history of English Bibles but I was just wanted run it through it very quickly in the 4th century Pope Damascus the head of the Roman Church ordered his secretary he was good Jerome to make a Latin translation of the Bible so that's what he did but of course it had to agree with the doctrines of the Pope so you get words like Inferno which means hell and you get other things that twist it just so to back up the Trinity thing then in about sorry I just need to check with date about 1380 a man called John Wickliffe decided he was going to translate the Bible so he produced the first complete handwritten Bible but he only had that corrupt Latin version to go from it was called the Vulgate that's all he had to work from now he did it for the right reasons and the authority said to the authorities who didn't like what he'd done you call me a heretic and liar because I want to translate the Bible into the English language do you know whom you blaspheme and then in for 1520 roughly an Oxford scholar called William Tyndale from Gloucestershire heard the errata man called Erasmus humanist scholar had produced a Greek text of the New Testament at Cambridge so William Tyndale how to look at this he went to the Bishop of London who had the name Cuthbert Tunstall if I were could Cuthbert Tunstall I think I would have changed it to John Smith by that Catholic counsel said no so William Tyndale went on the run and did it anyway for which he was strangled and burned and as for John Wickliffe after his death the Pope ordered his body to be dug up and his bones crushed and his ashes scattered on the river Swift there was about twenty or thirty years after he died the earl of arundel made it illegal to read the bible that was about 1401 or something like that but then so I'm just backtracking carrion to go back to William Tyndale and William Tyndale produced a New Testament and he was imprisoned for 400 days before he was strangled and burned in billboard in Belgium and when you read his there's a different spirit about it to these other Bibles because he was a real believer and he did it for the right reasons and he said to the authorities I will make the plowboy we know more of the scriptures than you do and very good and then a friend of William Tyndale's John Rogers after Tyndale's death published a revised edition of Tyndale for which John Rogers was also murdered by the church in flames and it said he went into the flames as if to a wedding rubbing his hands and praising God now fast-forward to 1603 King James v wasn't it and certainly the King James the first of England I think it was the fifth of scones was made this is a sixth thank you for that creation he ordered a committee of about 500 people to translate the Bible so did I say 550 so translate the Bible and they were divided in two committees now King James just wanted to extend and control his empire and unite the factions but the these committees I mean these were church men academics they weren't men of the spirit of William Tyndale and John Rogers Christians were fleeing from these people because they were persecutors tormenters inquisitors there's a wonderful book by Adam Nicholson contemporary about the making of King James Bible some of these characters are described well they're not the sort of men I want to breathe you know translation the Word of God from thank you very much but so William Tyndale had more resources than John Witt leaf had but still there weren't the resources there are today so some of the he had you know the Latin Vulgate as well as his own great knowledge and other resources but some of these Latin influences continues and then the King James King James's translators I've written about a hundred word sorry hundred page document tabulating the influences of certain passages concerning Christ from the King James Bible and seeing how they've been influenced by the Latin to turn Christ in the person into the person they wanted him to be ie their second God well he's not God he was called the son of God but he called himself the Son of Man but for their currency they changed words so yeah this this hundred page thing I written I mean yeah it's obsessive why I meant to say earlier my brother was known to his friends as ill obsess oh he's not alive anymore he hanged himself because he got charged with money laundering and perverting the course of justice which I don't believe he did and he named himself but he was known as ill obsess oh and somebody said to me recently why are you so obsessed well maybe it's in the family so that's how this Latin influence has continued and it's never been shaken off all the translations that's why I can go to any Bible and bookshop library any language look at certain passages and I know where these influences are going to be because they're the same it's remarkable no one has shaken this off now there are a lot of Christians who are also obsessed with the Bible and they've seen through a lot of these things but it seems nobody is making this Proclamation that I'm making that's never been translated properly in the English language I mean so there was that book the companion Bible published by Victorian scholar Corps Bullinger correcting many things there was this American Otis Ellis died about thirty years ago or so he knew but nobody sees a pig so and this to me is extraordinary and if you ask me how or why this happened I can tell you how but I can't tell you why there are people who see in the Bible where the word hell and they know it's wrong it's just not the right translation but you don't seem to be shouting we need a proper translation right and the King James Bible has in the front I've got a little pocket edition here you turn to the first page it says in large capital letters appointed to be read in churches well what about if you want to read it at home and some of it I have to say is pretty incomprehensible and a wonderful scholar of William Tyndale's work died recently and I was sad about that because I wanted to meet him a professor David Daniel I didn't get a meeting but he said of the King James Bible there was a wash of latina T so a wash of Latin influences for example somewhere it says then spake Jesus to the multitude well than somewhere else that says about the chariot that they drive them well I think if you went to an agricultural fair you might see a spike and a drive that it's not first of all the word spike is stupid and you'll never seen it in anywhere else it's not than it does not reflect the Greek which it was translated from the Greek says then Jesus spoke so why did they put then spake Jesus see in Latin you can change words around because those scholars among you who know Latin has different cases and endings according to the function of a word in a sentence so I can say kokis non in culinary asked the crook is not in the kitchen or I can say Coca snow nesting : ah so I've moved the s so it has a different you know slacker rules so it seems yeah professor David Daniel now he's saying this wash of little Latin 'ti this was in the style of the language as well as the influences of the doctrines that teachings the mistranslations of this Roman Roman addition the Latin Vulgate of the fourth century so what I found over these years I've been so astounded the alteration of nouns adjectives verbs adverbs prepositions punctuation words added words taking out and words made up and more paraphrasing some quite simple things that don't affect anything for example Jesus said to Peter whom do you allege me to be or who do you claim me to be but they all put who do you say that I am right now we know that makes no difference to anything okay I know that fast it just shows the liberal attitude why not translate exactly what it says the same grammatical forms the same grammatical structures why not do that now if you give me a shopping list of two apples and three bananas and I come back with a couple of poem about a couple of lampshades you haven't got your apples and bananas but you might love my poem you ain't got your fruit and that's what's happened 2011 David Cameron was praising the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible wish he was here tonight and last month and the month before that hits and next month so that's just a little history some of the bungles in these Bibles are funny really funny and I'll give you a few they are books in all of them are in the wrong order so I'm only going to give you facts tonight not opinions so if you ask me things that their opinions you know what do you think about such and such' doctrine I just wanna really want to stick to facts so I'm telling you facts this is a fact they are all in one sorry not all all the Bible's have the Old Testament in the wrong order all the popular Bibles it should end with 2 chronicles Jesus spoke about the three divisions the books of the law and the prophets and the books of the Psalms and they finished with 2 chronicles you'll see this for example King James it finishes with the Prophet Malachi well there's a continuity you know go from 2 chronicles to Matthew here comes the rescue story of what happened to the Israelites it end on malacara it's not the same continuity it's just wrong if you get the Bible printed in just the Hebrew it ends in 2 chronicles so that's wrong that's funny you know if they want to criticize me I'll say you know I've been called liar heretic etc and I've been called Pharisee just couple of weeks ago I had in it an email from someone calling me the heretic a liar and a Pharisee and that's not new I've had it before but if they want to start criticizing me I want to say first you get your Old Testament books in the right order first and then we can start talking about some of the details Cain was the man who murdered his brother Abel and when God rebuked him he said to God according to the King James Bible thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth oh the first spaceman it should be lad and then the flood it says and the flood was forty days upon the earth and the waters increased and bare up the ark and was lift up above the earth oh the first spaceship so it's obviously she was lifted up above the land but because they've put this word earth where it suits them it gives this creek credence the worldwide flood which I don't believe I believe it wasn't localized flood and there's a wonderful article about this on the internet by and Mark Downey I don't know who he is well I read it recently but there's masses on the internet about this I do not believe the flood was worldwide but here it says the earth the King James translators didn't seem to like the word road for some reason you know Paul was on the way to Damascus and if you are on the way and disagree with your brother well they put road maybe for them it was to to earthly to concrete they wanted to be more spiritual well there is one place they put road during a war someone says to David have you built a road today yes sure we're in the middle of the war we went off and build a road you can build a road in a day during a war it should be have you made a raiding trip today so the one place they put this unspiritual word road it was wrong so how I seen this funny every verse you know they're divided into verses in the King James Bible is a new paragraph even in the middle of sentence it's just breaking their continuity and some people call it you know the greatest literary work well I'd like to see them published a Jane Austen novel like that or a Charles Dickens novel if you know somebody contemporary maybe just put it all these verse numbers and then break up the sentences well people wouldn't accept it would they I must read you a King James Bible and Exodus chapter 38 verse 4 and then you tell me where it means and he made for the altar a brazen gate of network under the compass thereof beneath unto the midst of it yeah yeah right anyone who that means so professor David Daniel the GWACs of Latin and see well make it complicated it's appointed to be read in churches so I've translated that and he made for the altar a grating of bronze network underneath its ledge extending from below to as far as its centre that's proper English give you another funny one yeah let's go to Deuteronomy 23 I'll give you my translation of Deuteronomy chapter 23 verse 13 and you shall have a blade on your staff and it should be that when you sit down outside you shalt dig with it and you shall turn around and cover what comes out of you right sanitary instructions King James Version if I can get it out and there shalt have a paddle upon by weapon and it shall be when thou wilt ease thyself abroad thou shalt dig therewith and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee when Jesus goes into the garden before his arrest with his disciples the King James Bible has this now jesus knows that disciples are tired and Jesus has been prior to his father this the disciples are tired and keep not enough but the King James Bible says this sleep on now and take your rest behold the hour is at hand and the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners rise let us be going behold he is at hand that does betray me so hold on sleep on now and take your rest rise let us be going gonna sleep get up no go to sleep here come my betrayer ii the thugs it should be are you still sleeping and taking your rest that makes sense ever heard of a priest God Nicodemus yeah Jesus had a conversation with this man about being born again and the King James Bible has Jesus refer to himself while he's standing there in Jerusalem talking to a priest as the Son of Man which is in heaven I thought he was in Jerusalem mysticism it should be the son of man who is in the heavenly one so he's in God and from God or in the exalted one now this you won't believe ever heard love your neighbor as yourself yeah have a listen to this from the King James Bible If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother and why and children and brethren and sisters yay and his own life also he cannot be my disciple hate well the letter to the Ephesians says husband's love your wives jesus said the second commandment love your neighbor as yourself so yeah you should love your own life but here it says hate hate your parents what about honor and obey your parents so you live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you I mean this internal harmony is just broken so it should be love less love less so you he's saying you've got to put God and hand first in your life so for example if your father tells you like a Fagan or something from all of us to go out and pickpocket you say no dad that's against the law of God you put God first well don't you love me son not that much dad no actually right yeah well not one other funny one twice it has in here world without end nice little phrase world without end the trouble is in Matthew 13 it says at the end of the world oh and in 1 Corinthians 8 it says while the world standeth well what about at the end of the world and the world and ends oh it's just contradictory so when people say there are contradictions in the Bible it's because they've been mistranslated right those are the more comic things and there are others I haven't listed them all but on your seats there's there are three pages they do rather than doing something impressive on the screen I don't have the technical knowledge to do that I couldn't get my stapler to work tonight but has everybody got those three pages yogurt so rather than doing anything flash or impressive up there like my friend Darren curd I've given you my talk notes so you can take these home and check them for yourselves right so if I've given you the so how are we doing for time what is the time I meant quarter to nine right okay okay right now we're getting on to the serious errors those are just funny and don't really affect too much well except go around hating people yeah so via to a wife I'll hate you and thought you're Christian yeah well it's got it in the Bible hate your wife but now we get an odds of the really serious stuff like the Old Testament is written in Hebrew the New Testament in Greek translating three quarters of a million words from Hebrew and Greek and some Aramaic I promise you is the most difficult academic task in the world and the King James Bible was done in eight years you cannot do it in eight years I promise you you cannot a fisherman friends from our track syndicate lent me a translation he just bought the preface boasted this took me two years you know I've been on it 22 years mate when you caught that whatever chat two years great they've been done too quick they've been commissioned by the wrong people and they've been done for the wrong reasons too proper as I say as an international religious system which I don't believe in but I do believe the Bible when it's translated properly that's what I've been saying for years so do I believe this King James Bible I believe a lot in there but there's a lot I don't believe but still I believe what the prophets and apostles originally wrote yes yeah that's what I believe and so what's in here well I've translated yeah I believe everything in there and when I've done the Old Testament I believe everything in there so this international religious system usually is based on a Trinity three gods there's no word Trinity in the Bible anybody here knew that apart from Nathan and Aaron anybody know that know that work Trinity is not in the Bible if you find it I'll give you my house but you won't find it there are not three gods so it's based on this Trinity and a heaven and hell' system and this departure of the soul none of these things is true so the soul I need to deal with that first the soul that sinneth it shall die what that's in here so it testifies against itself that soul is a long word the person who sins will not die the person who sins will die it testifies against itself it breaks the internal hot internal harmony to put soul and it says in the book of Exodus 75 Souls came out of Egypt well 75 people 75 people the soul is the person it says God breathed into Adam and he became a living well this word soul a living person they're living nephesh is a Hebrew word a living being Revelation chapter 6 it says in the King James something like I didn't write it down I saw underneath the altar the souls of those murdered on account of the word of God so there you go murdered Souls there they are under the altar of God well it the word is also used for corpses so the word soul has a wide range of meanings there are others but I'll just dip tattoo to explain to you it is either the person but 75 Souls 75 people came out of Egypt or it's a corpse there's something in the Book of Leviticus you shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for a dead person so and the dead person or a corpse for a corpse isn't this word nephesh so it's either a corpse utterly dead no life or it's the living person there's nothing in there about it detaching from the body and flying off anywhere it's not a teaching of the Bible it comes from Plato Aristotle etc and the so-called Church Fathers who established the writings of the church system and all those translations are 6 billion Bibles and the other languages and the preachers and the commentaries you look up soul in the dictionaries Greek Hebrew dictionaries and you'll see it says you know talk about this detachment would give a variety of other things but they've got that from the translations and those translations are wrong so they're only perpetuating what's in their translations right creation that's been affected anybody know the first sentence of the Bible in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth God created but the King James Bible and lots of the others and the Latin make out twice that Jesus was the creator so I thought it said God oh well they say Jesus is God the second person in the Trinity well there's no such phrases second person no such phrases Trinity so they have it that John's Gospel starts in the beginning was the word marked gospel Luke's Gospel they start with phrases at the beginning of the gospel and that's what John's talking about the beginning of the gospel in the beginning was the word the word of the gospel but these Bibles they trent these translations capitalized word are subtitle of jesus you see and then they go on to say all things were made by him well that were made for those of you who understand grammar it's a passive plural verb so they've got it doubly wrong it's a singular active verb it says and it doesn't say all things it's everything which is different everything arose through or by it not him it what the Word of God so John was saying in his opening everything I'm going to tell you a rose has arisen through the Word of God but they've changed it because they've changed the grammar all things were made by him so they've changed the creation story to get in their Trinity right everybody's following that yeah good good right they do it again in another place did I mark that yes I did right and the Apostle Paul's letter to the Colossians incidentally this same Paul there's no such person in the Bible the st. Paul st. John st. Peter Peter John Paul known as Saint stuff that's another word they've imported in Paul's letter to the Colossians the context is talking about Jesus and the King James Bible and the others for by him were all things created that are in heaven and that are in earth so again they've got it in that he's the creator well he ain't it should be for everything is founded in him it's a singular passive is founded that the word it's not the word for create anyway that's cotizo Katie I said oh the transliteration and it means to found everything is founded in him so to change that into were made or created there's changing the meaning of the Greek word and because they found an opportunity to get in their Trinity stuff anyone heard of Calvinism John Calvin yeah right before you were born according to John Calvin you are either destined for heaven or hell and a friend of mine this is Jen my son knows he took this up with one of these Calvinists and he said right so I walked down the local graveyard and as if I'm God and I'll say write him he'll him heaven her and her heaven goes to hell so my friend Jim says that's what it's like and this guy said yes and he said it to another one who I know is a professor in America I know him been to his house and all sorts when I was first reading the Bible and he's well I call him a professional goody-goody everyone he's marvelous so saintly rising he's a puffed-up professional goody-goody and I'm not impressed by him at all and this friend of mine Jim went to see him and took up this Calvinism and Jim told me he said I had to shut up because I thought he wasn't getting it up the chair and smacked me where do they get his Calvinism from Paul's letter a second letter to Timothy and his only letter to Titus grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began well that's what these Bibles have before the world began well I'm here to tell you the only word they got word that word they got right there was before there's no though no world no began no verb no not even a verb in there they've done it twice before the world began it should be before or in advance of the times of the ages or ionian times that's it literally before in advance of ionian times or the times of the eons or the times of the ages nothing about before the world began so this is about election that's when God's chosen people that's what it's about and that's traced to the book of Exodus on Mount Sinai when God set the sons of Israel apart for his as his special treasured possession to be high above all nations of the earth the twelve tribes that's where election started not before the world began they've completely made it up you can go on and check these things you know we're so lucky in this age with the internet and the books available to us in the Victorian age yeah I know there are a lot of things wrong okay but there were some incredible advances in biblical studies these are all in the bibliography and back on my book the other Bibles they don't even give you that bibliography you don't know what they've worked from I've given a complete list of everything I've referred to everything that's of relevance and importance there were incredible studies I mean did you know that you can get a book that will give you every occurrence of every word in the Old Testament and every word in the Greek New Testament there are dictionaries and commentaries and so many resources I mean each satus people something about at the bar they've got on your phone with notes and number of occurrences of all these words and the different meanings we've got incredible resources and the resources I've used were mostly written by Victorian Englishman there are two Americans something else they can seal the Aeons past and the Aeons coming there's a Hebrew word a on Hebrew word Olam and a Greek word I own where we got Eiland from not once in the King James Bible does the word Eon appear not once so this is about six hundred mistakes before you start looking at all the others they change it to all sorts of things that they particularly like world they like to change it to world well the gospel promised that Jesus taught the eternal life it actually strictly should be union life or age long life talking about that age coming that's what it should be strictly a only in life Ionian life so that's the tip form there's beyond the noun Union the adjective but if they want the noun as world they better have the adjective as worldly and the Gospel as worldly life that they now they saw that coming the grateful world is cosmos barring cosmic man there's some cosmos could you keep your question to the Empress thank you but they got tripped up because in one sentence both the words cosmos and Aon occur so they had to do a Dodge I must say they dealt with it well that's just that one occurrence right next on the sheet is a flood I've already mentioned that right God is one there's no Trinity Moses said to the people from God hear o Israel the Lord our God is one Lord and it says many times that God is one and I am the first and the last these sort of statements and Jesus said it Paul said it James said it God is one the church system has changed that to God is three in one and one in three that's their Trinity statement well it says in my Bible God is one however I had the nerve to say otherwise well because they're propping up an international religious system in John chapter eight they have Jesus saying before Abraham was I am right what's going to happen next December what happened last December Nativity place if Big Brother still allows them every child knows Jesus was born of Mary but here they have Jesus saying of himself he was around before Abraham before Abraham was I am the word that's wrong is was its that is called an imperfect verb but the word in the Greek is again si which is an infinitive so an infinitive is like to watch to record to play to kick – Paul that's an infinitive and this gas I get sighs sorry I'm um with that is not an easy word to translate but it meant it's here before Abraham is to rise I am so I am is a statement of authority it's in what wasn't Merchant of Venice somebody says somebody else you think who knows great the I am where I am Sora call that I am sir Oracle and when I open my mouth let no dog bark listen so it's a statement of authority and Jesus said it several times but before Abraham was no before Abraham is to rise I am so Abraham the patriarch of the sons of Israel Jesus is saying he is more important than Abraham but they've changed it to make Jesus seemed like he was around a long time before in Paul's letter to Titus his friend Titus these translations have phrases like this the glorious appearing of the Great God and our Savior Jesus Christ the Great God and our Savior Jesus they go Jesus is God actually they've missed a word the appearing of the Great God and of our Savior is talking about two distinct the father and the son but they are mentally off because it suits what they believe so I mean you check you can check these things because Greek has certain endings like that in has and so if you get got a Greek grammar it will show you that that our Savior is in what's called the genitive and it means of so they've done a Dodge and that occurs in six or seven other places which I've listed in the notes at the beginning of I believe Paul wrote the letter to the Hebrews he uses the word at point in the second second verse appointed and it stiffing me but then couple of pages later chapter three it's speaking about Jesus and it says Jesus was appointed Jesus was faithful to him that appointed him appointed but it's not the same word it's not this Tiffany it's point yo Paulie yo means make create Jesus was was faithful to him who created him Jesus was faithful to him having created him actually that's exactly how it is so there you go Jesus as a created man what does that do to the Trinity oh yeah what about this guard to heaven well I've already mentioned they have Jesus say the Son of Man which is in heaven they got heaven in anywhere they could but in Paul's letter to the Ephesians you'll see up here thank you in the underlying muscle highlighted in yellow blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ yeah that's okay who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings yeah that's okay in the heavenly places in Christ right so I've put a ring around though because there's no that in the Greek and I've put a ring around places because there's no places in Greek in the Greek there the Greek word is tapas places not in there and it appears just a few sentences later no it's not on that page the Greek word they've translated heavenly places is Airpor Aeneas Jesus called his father a perennials Matthew 18 so whilst Jesus calling his father heavenly placed this the Apostle Paul called Jesus eppur an EOS so was he calling Jesus heavenly places it means the most exalted who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing among the most exalted who are in Christ what are heavenly places in Christ that doesn't make any sense I mean if I say to you erendor in Christ and over in Christ stoke-on-trent in Christ it's meaningless the stars in Christ and so there's a whole mythology has developed around this word as well I'd love to have a tea break thank you very much right right thank you part to that yeah so we're just talking about this heavenly places which should be the most exalted the most exalted people the Apostle Paul is telling his readers that God has blessed us includes himself among the most exalted who are in Christ so Moses Abraham Isaac Jacob the prophets Isaiah etc the most exalted a term that Jesus used was father a term that Paul used for Christ Jesus did not call his father heavenly places Paul did not call Jesus heavenly places so there's no word places in that Greek that's up there where it says places they've added it now that Bible I copied that from is a modern version of the King James Bible but in the original version they italicized places the word places to admit that they've added it they at least admitted it so that's something but whoever did that thing it's called a 21st century King James Version they're denying that it's added right that's heaven oh one other thing you will inherit the earth you recognize that well should be land who's going to inherit the earth it's a promise to the patriarchs the patriarchs are Isaac sorry Abraham Isaac Jacob and Joseph the promise was given to them by the angel of God that they would inherit the promised land and Jesus was reiterating that you will inherit the land but all these Bible has changed it to inherit the earth what does that mean inherit the earth find that in new world so he'll the Hebrew word that they translate as hell is shale in the Old Testament shale the first occurrence of it is the patriarch Jacob mourning for his son and it describes him as going down mourning for his son to shale so it's Jacob going to go to hell because he thinks his son dead is dead no he's going down too worried he's going to go morning to the grave that he'll never recover from this shale means grave and the translations do always put brave there I haven't seen anyone with help but they put it as hell elsewhere but that just establishes it means grave the Greek equivalent is Hades now you might have heard of the god Hades and Homer Iliad Odyssey but those are fictional stories they're not real Hades in the Bible scheme is a same as shale it means grave the place of the dead so where you read hell it's usually shale or Hades but there's another word a Greek word Gehenna that they translate as hell now the prophets Isaiah Jeremiah talk about the place of God's vengeance of on his enemies as Valley of Hinnom and Tophet the Valley of Hinnom guess what is Hebrew for the Valley of Hinnom Gehinnom so guess what the Greek word Gehenna means the Valley of Hinnom so in Matthew's Gospel where these Bibles talk about the fire of it's the fire of Gehenna and Gehenna was a rubbish tip a valley where the Robert was the rubbish tip of the city perpetually in smoldering and burning what rubbish does so Jesus was saying to these people the scribes and the Pharisees you're fit for the fire of the Valley of Hinnom Gehenna but what does it have in here fire of hell and I've seen a new translation of the New Testament came out a few years ago it proceeded as Hellfire this just ladies and gentlemen ain't so there is no Trinity there is no hell there's no soul flying off anywhere another words they translate us hell it only occurs once it's and it's actually a verb so remember if a verb is a doing word that you learn at school like I fish I catch I run and this word tartar Roe means to swallow underground or to be swallowed underground to fall under ground and but later on this into hell they put hell and it occurs in Peter second letter in chapter 2 verse 4 and it's referring to an event in the Book of Numbers where some rebels were swallowed underground but the King James Bible says they went to hell incredible so those are the four words so it in the Old Testament there's one word shale in the New Testament there are three words Hades Gehenna and tarter ooh and they don't mean hell and there's no concept of Hell there's no concept of eternal torment you put something in a fire it just burns and disintegrates then you've got some ashes so what's going to happen in eternity just nothing becomes nothing there's nothing in us that could burn for that it's a lie these people preach in Hell they're liars okay by the online saying that they're liars there ain't no hell the Bible scheme is about following Christ being in Christ and then becoming members of the resurrection go into the grave and it says in places like the Psalms that there is no life in the grave I haven't got all the quotations with me but it says such things there is nothing in the grave its resurrection which is a recreation so the Bible scheme is nothing about going to heaven or to hell and when this resurrection happens it's about living on earth this earth it says in one of the Psalms the heaven of heavens belong to God and the earth he has given to the sons of men the earth is our place and there's more Jesus death now this is great according to these Bibles according to the translations like the King James it says of him his soul was not left in hell so let's examine that Luke Scott Luke chapter 23 has Jesus saying to a thief on the cross today you will be with me in paradise so first of all they've got him in hell now they've gotten in paradise then the women go to the tomb and they find that he's been raised there and in fact when he was put in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea who incidentally history records as being his uncle there's some women went and took some spices to the grave to the tomb where he was buried so he was in the tomb but the King James Bible has him in paradise and in hell and in the term well I know where he was he's in the tomb he was not in hell because there's no such place so his soul was not left in not in hell but in the grave but what about soul well I said earlier sometimes it means that word the Hebrew nephesh and the Greek sookay mean at corpse dead body his corpse was not left in the grave the context of it is his resurrection that's what Peter was talking about his resurrection his corpse was not left in the grave he was raised that's what the context is that they put his soul was not left in hell and then they'd got him on the cross or steak actually I believe it was saying to this diet thief I tell you the truth today you'll be with me in paradise now the King James but I tell you the truth , today you will be with me in paradise or today thou shalt be with me they put the comma before today but it was a Hebrew idiom I tell you today the cricket commentator Richie Benaud used to say I'm here to tell you I'm here to tell you England they're gonna get out wiped out in this test match something like that I'm here to tell you they haven't got a chance against Dennis Lillee I'm here to tell you it's the same sort of thing I'll tell you today I'm telling you today I'll tell you today , you will be with me in paradise now the book of Revelation talks about this paradise it's about the new heavens and new earth coming down from God it hasn't happened yet so you see there's kind of it's schizoid they've got him in hell they've got him in heaven and they've got him in the grave in joseph of arimathea is grave well only one of them is right and the place where the women went that's what's right so it affects Jesus death Jesus new covenant you might know that that the Last Supper Jesus announced the new covenant which had been prophesied by Jeremiah but the King James Bible speaks of Jesus if Jesus had given them rest but Jesus said I will give you rest but that says if Jesus him rest there would have been no need for something else well it's casting doubt on it that is so it's saying he failed so and his new covenant failed this is astonishing Jesus resurrection you might see on boards outside churches at Easter he is risen first of all that's bad grammar he's risen he has risen it's correct auxiliary verb is has both auxilary verses he has risen but that's not right either it's passive he has been raised what difference does this make well guess what he couldn't make it up some people say Jesus raised it himself it's staggering isn't that they say a dead man raised himself this is astonishing but now if Jesus didn't die if he went to hell and went to paradise then he didn't really die so surely the Gospel message is Jesus died for our sins well if he didn't die there's no salvation so they've wrecked the gospel promise there's a phrase in the letters of Paul in the King James Bible and most of the others Jew and Gentile well I'm here to tell you today comma there is no phrase Jew and Gentile in the letters of Paul it's first it should be due to height because the Greek is are you are you sorry are you day offs so it's three syllables and it's about a member of the house two tribe of Judah the house of Judah so Judah how it just makes that stronger who he's talking to and the world they put as Gentiles well the easiest words to translate from one language to another and names and proper proper nouns names it should be Greeks to the heights and Greeks there is nothing about Jew and Gentile it ain't in there they've made it they've changed Greeks to Gentiles and sometimes in the singular Greek Sargento why have they got the nerve to do it I don't know I don't know I look in here at my translation if I find a comma right at place I'll make sure it gets the right place next edition so I know because I want it perfect not that's possible but that's what I'm striving for because like my brother in obsessor so out of this false phrase Jew and Gentile there's a whole mythology around that as well in John chapter 7 some of the priests and coat were wondering about Jesus and they're saying what they're you know muttering what's he gonna do next is he going to go to the Greeks and teach the Greeks sorry if I miss out of word is he going to go to the dispersion of the Greeks so the dispersed Israelites among the Greeks and teach the Greeks laughter they were the dispersed Israelites but they changed it the dispersion of the Gentiles well if dispersion means dispersed Israelites how can they be Gentiles so it's a schizo a phrase and they've changed Greek to Gentiles how have they got the nerve I just do not know all right I've mentioned you know who the patriarchs were Abraham Isaac Jacob Joseph the promise to them to inherit the land and Jesus refers to this aren't just recapping that because it's on the list they've changed it to Jesus saying you'll inherit the earth he was merely restating a promise to the patriarchs you will inherit the land prophets in Acts chapter three the King James has Peter saying God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began there weren't any prophets since the world began and there's no word world there's no word began and there's no word of that yes since I let are given that it should be by the mouth of all his holy prophets from of old from evolved that's what it is it's actually a Greek idiom app erroneous but it doesn't mean since the world began so they got that wrong now then Satan and the devil you've heard of this monster who can be whispering in somebody's ear in New York go and mug that woman and at the very same minus– whispering to someone in Hong Kong gun take some crack and then whisper into somebody in South Africa God fit us some money at work they won't miss it all the same moment well surely God is the omnipotent one so is there any Satan anyone heard of the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis yeah well he describes this fictional monster doing these kinds of things with his demons whisperers whisperers the word they translate as Satan is actually Satan it's a Hebrew word and it means enemy adversary and there's also a Greek word the same Satan and it means enemy that's or it could be any enemy now in the Book of Numbers chapter 22 it talks about God becoming angry and the angel of God standing in the road as an enemy against somebody an enemy standing as a Satan the angel of God was standing as an enemy against somebody stop him doing something that's all it means in the first book of Chronicles it says an enemy or adversary stood up against Israel and provoked David to number Israel an enemy stood up against Israel guess who that enemy was God because it says in 2 Samuel the anger of the Lord of the anger of Yahweh burned against Israel he caused David said he moved so God Himself stood as an enemy to Israel because of their disobedience just at that moment and the word is nothing but Satan but you look in here King James Bible Satan so they call God an act of God an act of Satan and they call really they're calling God Satan there is no Satan Peter said something to Jesus and according to the King James Bible Peter said to him get behind me Satan you know once I went round a friend's house this is a long time ago we're at a friend's house and he said oh great I'm just about to go and see so so do you want to come come for a walk yeah okay so got to the front door and his wife said where are you going and he said I'm just going up to San Jose and she said I would don't be long and he said yeah all right Satan oh I didn't like that you don't call you are Satan this was 30 years ago I've never forgotten it I thought I was horrible if Jesus called Peter Satan will you've ever got over it I don't think so he's he was saying get behind me and you'll be at your action as an enemy and yeah you can get over that you know you're not saying the right things just now and so get behind me enemy and get behind me again was an idiom saying then the word devil the devil came in temp tempted Jesus capital D fat devil well the great word is daya be loss and it's used in the Apostle Paul's letters and it's incontestable that he's talking about a human slanderous slanderous slander mongers it's just a human agent burn Paul talks in 2nd Corinthians about a thorn in the flesh was given me a messenger of the enemy in order that he might strike me so somebody was going into his cell and beating him but these Bibles say it was Satan going in and I still believe that God Satan used to go in and hit Paul around a long time ago I used to believe that okay so no Trinity no going to hell there ain't there that there isn't hell no going to heaven yes there is a heaven but no-one's going there no soul detached that's resurrection there's no Satan no devil they haven't been prophets since the world began Jesus wasn't didn't raise himself there aren't heavenly places in Christ doesn't make sense all these things the whole scheme of it is wrong it does even something about sin that they translated wrongly 1 Peter Peters first letter chapter 4 it says have ceased from sin will he ask any Christian if they how long I've been a Christian have you ever sin since you've been a Christian and they say no I'll tell you the Hylian see and they're not going to say that nobody's ceased from sin the struggle still continues in sight what it says is has been released from sin and that's different release from its guilt and power now Jesus got tempted and he resisted the temptation by quoting the words of the prophets to whoever it was it was tempting him so you see the whole scheme is wrong that's why it's taken me 22 years and also because I'm a perfectionist now I want to get my translation perfect that's my goal that's my gold and I want the right scheme and my fingers ache my back aches I'm not as fit as I used to be because I spent so much time in a chair but I had to do this thing had to do it no one else has done it all of these years how if they got away with it these translations I don't know so there are six billion worldwide of these English translations and here today to tell you I call them thanks they're fakes this is a fake I'm not saying that all of its wrong okay there are some lovely phrases and passages and their narrative style is often better than modern ones but when these big issues are explained to you they're fakes and so I would say that about a lot of modern translations as well fakes all the churches and sects of Christendom of baseless relations all of them and they've all got their own you know doctrines and creeds and there isn't one out there that's got everything right there isn't one because their Creed's are based on fakes and lifts the King James translators were here I'll tell it to their faces your fakers so what's the effect of all this it's just mind-blowing and to steal a phrase from William Tyndale they these translators have quenched the sparkle of the prophets and apostles they quenched the sparkle of the language of angels I've got 13,000 translation notes I've written over 200 studies about 230 attend more which had book-length I've published a book or the earth-shaking truth unfortunately I've got no copies to sell and it's reprinting because I'm revising it but there's a copy up there on the table to look at and that has that will describe for you exactly how I've done all this you don't get that from these other translators how we did it you can't write to them and say you know you got this wrong I tried quite contacted some modern translators just about three weeks ago not interested quite rude no okay oh no I was nothing but polite just ask them about something told them about mine not interested we only read ours they said well I want to find other translators who are interested in doing all this so many of the things I've described to you are in the preferences and appendices in my new Testament and also explained in short footnotes very short footnotes I hope to publish the complete translation of the complete Bible by the end of the year my translation principles are called GG LH our grammar logic internal harmony and research so you've heard tonight some breaks that grammar in these translations and how they disrupt internal harmony then my mission has been to get all the internal harmony perfect so that nothing nothing is disrupted so those have been my working principle as my targets a CL accuracy that's 1st 2nd clarity to make everything as clear as possible so everything is understandable to everybody every infer and then a CL alpha literary Ness because I you know trained in English and published poet and I want the greatest literary book to be literary and readable and attractive and somebody did say to me a couple of years ago and previous Edition came out she said I just can't stop reading it it's so real a book and read much more of this than I can of the others so I'm here to tell you today , that this is the most accurate and reliable of translation in the English language of the New Testament and that's what it's got on the cover the most accurate and reliable translation in the English language so now you know what sort of things have needed to be corrected and as sure as sparks light up words all these things are true thank you at the back there sir the word person yeah well a lot of difference okay well okay well the word person in my scheme comes from the Hebrew word nephesh which is a living being and so Adam was breathed into by God and became a living person living nephesh and so if you like to use a scientific term it's got God's DNA which other creatures such as caterpillars do not have that's my understanding of it in the biblical scheme object of duties liabilities and rights and that's in Black's Law Dictionary and in Webster's dictionary a person on a stage so right that's what birth certificates driving licenses a role graven images the person's like a cooperator okay that's interesting I didn't know that thank you very much yeah yeah that's great yeah myself missing solid you know when you said there's no hell yeah can you tell me where all the bastard children yeah I can't in government [Applause] [Laughter] right well I don't believe that yeah it does talk about nature mother you don't pay Brut and all blends you National Mah is a Hebrew word meaning breath or spirit and when we die the breath leaves leaves us and it's so in a poetical section it says the breath returns to God so I mean it doesn't go back floating a little bit wood casket back to God it's a poetical image and so what happens to the bad people yet apart from going into governments people who are not in Christ well this is a question that many Christians try wrestle with but to me there's a phrase in Luke's Gospel Luke chapter 20 verse 36 members of the resurrection so that's the biblical scheme if you're in Christ you will be a member of the resurrection so and you'll be raised and recreated and the bad guys they won't be resurrected else yes don't know so I'm not sure for buses before and Francis Bacon who allegedly started off the free Freemasonry England was also supposed to have how after the committees and everything else to the King James Bible he was supposedly the compiler or the editor which is such a joke biology like I can't ask you about it and what do you know about the you know Francis Bacon's involvement okay thank you doing it I haven't read anything or come across any mention of him having any involvement but I've got two books I can check when I get back to Hampshire on Thursday that if anyone's going to tell us they were so check out and let you know down okay but from moment I don't know and the somebody at the side that Oh someone yeah in February I had a lung infection I couldn't get up and work now i sat in bed and I made really good use of that time and in a notebook I wrote out columns of the different ideas of who the serpent was and some say it was this fictional monster called Satan so that's wrong because there's no fiction there's no monster called Satan others say it was a talking snake well I think that's wrong because that's like you know Hollywood children's story and why would a snake be able to talk why would a snake have knowledge about God why would a snake want to destroy the creation of God and Seve anybody to me that is silly I read it was some kind of flying creature which lost its legs which is also silly to me then there's the column that had the most sense to me was the column of those who say that the serpent was a pre-adamite because Jesus spoke to certain people so did his cousin John the Baptist called them serpents the book of Revelation refers to certain people as a serpent evolved as if does this kind of ancient Canaanite babylonian race they were pitched against everything good and true that Collin made the most sense to me and there's a lot on YouTube about this by some good people you know intelligent people in good studies but it's open so I'm not standing here saying it was definitely a pre-adamite but that's the column that made the most sense to me but somebody will say against that that that the Apostle Paul calls Adam the first man well the first man in the Adamic race would be a possible answer to that and the others are denounced as serpents so there's a variety of answers will be okay but it's up to you to make up your mind thank you for that question Church I just realized it just wasn't the place to be I wasn't going to be involved it was negative and my intuition told me it wasn't definitely nice to be one word that I picked up tonight and totally Ruby here it is 100% totally incomprehensible I think any intelligent person if they don't come to that conclusion to me is an absolute here to what conclusion that it's totally incomprehensible one thing that fascinates me is what I call with magic and obviously used to be English language is quite fascinating and how is it involved with who's controlling it and to keep an example the word parliament yeah farthing when you actually Eliza's basically translates parlays to talk yeah you've got Martin and basically translates as the place where lies are told what is fascinating because I've often thought about this with the word Bible where does it come from you created it comes from work big blocks just means book right okay because I think it's more accurately a new company with your research it's it's not it's like it's alive miraculous and libel it's total wise but what I'd be interested to know is where is the original it does it still exists and who has it what do you believe okay right you use word in comprehensible I would agree with that about the King James Version and these other translations which twist things but I said my targets are accuracy clarity and literary nurse I want to be accurate and clear so that it is comprehensible and I believe that my translation is totally comprehensible and sensible and there's nothing stupid in there that's been planted because it upholds eternal harmony and grammatical rules because you only find the truth I mean obviously it's your interpretation 22 years that's a long time to me the evidence is in the original documents yeah okay we can all thank you very much well I believe that the copies of the manuscripts were were made by scribes and these have been handed down and more copies made old copies destroyed and that it has more or less faithfully being preserved and when the Dead Sea scrolls were found they agreed with no I'm not no expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls but they upheld the Hebrew manuscripts that we had and as for the Greek books the New Testament there are well over 5000 documents in existence and I've seen some of these very early documents in the museum British Museum and it's a matter of faith that one believes that these were handed down but two American scholars aromasin and Pierrepoint spent the similar amount of time that I've spent compiling what they believed was the most accurate text based on quotations of Bible passages from early letters and in lessons so you know I believe it has been faithfully handed down Chris your book your you know sorry that this document you're only alive Bible is this to be now taken literally and be no further interpretation I believe area that's written in it which I cannot say of any other translation but they were a group called the Bereans described in the book of Acts they went home to check that these things were so and they were considered more noble for doing that so that's why rather than making any impressive slice for you and things I've given you my talk notes and you can go home and check these things for yourself or you can bring me up email me get hold of me through the publisher you can ask me or ask other people so you know that's what I recommend you do but as for no other interpretation well you know you look at something and you'll see something in it as I have a nice you'll see some that you haven't and everyone in here or have their own sort of sight slant on it and it takes a long time to learn you know so I hope that helps yes yeah when your description of the talk just a resurrection seems to me I'm not not on yourself another world exactly those velocities yeah well yeah I do believe they have some things right that the other churches don't yeah that's true but they do call Jesus and eternal being connected with her sorry I haven't heard of the International priority around okay sorry I really the more the original from well I I mean no one of them go he used to live in the same street as me when I was about four he's now a Jehovah Witness and I could ask her what she believes but quite honestly I doubt very much that they would uphold about three years ago my son and I had just come back from a walk and there are two people lingering by our front door as we approached I could see they've got books in their hand so they introduced themselves as Jehovah Witnesses I said right I'm home educating my son we've just been for a walk we're about to start maths I'll give you ten minutes come in and have a seat so sat them down and I said can I have Olivia your Bible please so one of them handed it over and I went to one one of the passages in John's Gospel and I said this translation isn't right you know oh yes it is these are done by our experts and I said and I wrote it up for the same sort of chalkboard I was using two for the maths and I wrote up a Greek word and I said you know it means this but you got it as that and it's just wrong they were furious they got up and stoned out well they're translators alright yeah no well that's that's good I like window cleaners all day long they wave in yes but no the translators I don't know anything about them but their translation and it's called the new world I've looked at it online that's just not right so I would include that with all the others that aren't right okay anybody else you're artists and great questions and I'm just interested in what you said about the mud what that you think it was so just an area and not the entire Wow yes do you think it was yeah yeah exactly because there's quite a lot of stuff on the internet shows a lot of mud flood could have potentially been and the like some bad and bro like big cities and that with you had the buildings of bail it looks like that there was potentially you got thank you no no I don't think it was a worldwide flood because it's says than eight people were rescued on the ark but then there are these hostile people you know the Philistines some well where do they all come from so it doesn't make sense and it says in Genesis chapter 6 that the the sons of God married the murderous son what does it says yes sons of God took the women and it says and also after that so it's continued after the flood so where did they come from where did Goliath come from it didn't come from Noah what's that God Collbran it's a German Bible no how do you spell that I think it's okay Oh cold print is it published in it is it written in German okay well I haven't heard of it but you know for all these years people say to me what about this Bible what about that and I have a look and go to the years with passages and it's the same old same old and but that one I can't say until I've seen it yeah okay thank you exactly very lovely you know it wouldn't last a day there's obviously the flow the amount of water that's described I do not believe would have been enough to flood the earth he says thousands of the deep were broken up but the windows of heaven were opened yeah there's great stores and it cleared quite quickly drained away yeah big bath plug must have been in bath Christmas [Applause] you

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  1. I've not yet watched this, but I can tell you for a fact, the 1611 KJV is exactly as Father God wished it to be. Is it perfect & all God's word? No. There are many mistranslations allowed, so you see lord & read Almighty God, when it refers to him & Master, Messias when referring to Iisous (Jesus) The many patriarchs all have spurious stories, tainting their righteousness, so read these as such. But aside from that, the old testament (Torah) is almost perfect, it gives you the Law of God, it contains the voice of God, so read it & hear him. The new testament also has many tricks, the word lord which I have mentioned, which actually means Baal. The word christ, which means anointed & was never used by Iisous, his disciples or anyone awaiting the Messias. So replace christ with Messias. The word jew, is Judahite or Judean, depending on who it is speaking of. Church should read congregation, priest read as minister, bishop as elder. There are many varying accounts of single events, I know which are true, due to the spirit of God who abides in me. If you can hear Iisous, do all he asks of you, forsaking everything, losing this life to gain the next. Then through repentance & remission of sins, you too can be born again & God will reveal the truth to you. The voice of Iisous can be heard & the words he spoke are life eternal. You read, hear & do all he asks. This is something few can do, as the path is too narrow & straight for them. They read the words of the false apostle Paul & go off following a stranger. A blind leader of the blind & the biggest stumbling block in the new testament. Those who are blind will also read the book of Revelation & be bewitched by the words written by Cerinthus, as he channelled the spirit of Lucifer. Avoid that book & the nonsensical heresies of Paul & you could see the true life which is to come.

  2. This man was an answer to my prayers. In the way that as a child, unknown to me the world, known to me my own thoughts of things, I was told the Bible is full of lies 4 the men that wrote it, humans that lie n dwell in their selfish ego. Much is a logical truth, u steal get caught, man's punishment comes upon u. All Creation has equal value, from the earthworms to zebras, from ants to humans, the waters n the trees the birds n the bees, humans cannot live with wildlife, nature, clean water. All that is in the sea that Of the Creator, ie whales, lobsters, shrimp, plankton, seaweed to many to list , n the same is true for all bodies of water, clean the waters.

  3. No surprises. A personal relationship with the Creator tells u the truth. Creator , gave all things the same value, thy shall not kill, simple. Lamb of God has cursed Israel for it is no more n has not been, n shall never be again. Jews r Canaanites

  4. What about the missing Bible chapters that the Vatican have in their vaults.

  5. 20 years dedication sorting the obvious major faults in coherence of the established bible, which having tried reading it quickly turns you off.
    People in comments are so hopelessly mind controlled to see he has corrected the book and therefore making it understandable, freeing us to change our lives and leave behind the Roman corruptions used to control us and we can move forward …. amazing work!

  6. An awful lot of critism in comments , would love to see them interpret the original texts . Whatever your view on the guy hes obviously spent best part of 20 years researching it far deeper than other whingers in the comments , we're all here for truth and sometimes truth hurts doesnt mean theres no good from this, far from it.

  7. There is a soul. So everyone ought to know; anyone saying there is not would be mistaken. 2019

  8. Not surprised on this Earth that was magically turned into a Globe by the Corrupted.

  9. Absolute BS, nothing more, another flump out to sell yet more book's….

  10. The received greek text the textus receptus which the king james bible is from is the most accurate, modern translations are corrupt Vatican translation s,

  11. The bible is said to be the greatest story ever told and that's all it is sorry to say., was not King James a little illiterate? so he wanted it simplifying?
    The soul in law is not what you think , i now have found and worked out what my soul is where it is and whats its name, i think we all confuse soul with spirit, it's our spirit that links and never dies, but our soul can, your m9ind and spirit is that link to dimentions and hire plains,ive studdied long and hard on religoen lawsymbles and astroligy as law is in 3,s religoen symbles and astroligy, your sould is conected to your birth certificate, in some ways in law, in maritime admiralty which is very different from what is law, law is 3 ,do not harm injury or loss, legal is maritime admiralty statutes and acts, not law, this I why you hear this and that is legal I or ilegal, how often t dp you hear that is lawful or unlawful not often this is because even your employment contract is in maritime admiralty, the pope claim ownerSHIP and care taker of the world until god or gods come back, and no one had rebutted this so now its in law, and he asigned king edward lord over the popes world, all money contracts are in a sea of comerce where your currency flows to your bank, same as the current is directed buy the bank, the bank runs the world 3 powerful families,and the 3 city staits in side other cities rune the world in their name, every thing is in 3,s Washington DC is the war machine, the CITY in side London city is the finacial part , and the Vatican is the spirt side of the triangle, illuminarti banks families such as rotythchilds bilderburges and rockafellas, with the vatican masons jesuits, each part is in 3, we now call thei the CABAL the NEW WORLD ORDER, and the 16 gods of law, the bible is a metafore and we have put our selves in our own matrix , we are not lied to mearly tricked and we follow,Josesph flavius wrote a good part of the bible in tribute as the scribe to Titus flavius ,and the the apossils are about time 4 in the bible is 12, 3, 6, 9, oclock all the others are the hours between, the 12v apossils, and they come from the s8un of isis ohsarus m he was hours, and anagram of hours, there is so much more i cna say but htis is hard on your ego and i wonder who read this far, ISRAELights is also a great storry of mistake and missdirection mosses gos in the eveniong was the moon the moons name was SIN, and when mosses smashed the 10 commandments thus being thew forst mant to break the law, they all bewcame sinners ,sinner s of the god sin ?from the mountain SInie?remember it was at eh meating of niceir 371 years after the supossed death of jesus they declared his divinity?the son(sun) of god has risen and dies on the cross so that we may survive? well, the sun in the sky rises every morning and even walks on water if you're looking across the sea? and dies in the evening on the cross? well, the cross is news? north-west east and south, the 4 corners of the earth the cross, west to east? he dies so that we may live, the son of god rises to make water into clouds then it rains on the earth given life. this is where the son of god causes rain to fall on the grape thus making water into wine, we have miss translated metaphors and now it's hard to wake up from this

  12. Interesting topic. Cant help wondering if the same critical approach applied to certain other religions would be treated with the same polite interest. The 72 virgins being a mistranslation for 72 raisins hardly seems to get the airplay it deserves. The Catholic Church was responsible for the stick-and-carrot of Hell as well as Heaven, but this leaves us neither forward or back as far as the existence of an afterlife goes. Even given its many errors the Bible has some profound passages and alludes to the central mystery of existence. We should bear in mind that the older sections were originally oral, which might explain the liturgical mantra-like quality of some parts. Bits were written down in Judah, bits in Babylon, other bits fell off, and Greek translators and Romans were all over it. I dont think any serious study of the Bible can be made without examining its Judaic roots. The Victorian enthusiasts probably believed the British were one of the 10 'lost' tribes, by way of Assyria.

  13. The serpent is earth energy theres 2 forces Mary – and Micheal + From my findings intuition and meditation works better on them hence the following your own mind not some daft fake bearded idiot who's ment to live in the clouds lol. Fancy a plot twist ive worked out ST means serpent network so its all lies anyways. I believe Adam and Eve to be Atom and Ether. call me crazy but it makes more sense and worth some research on it BIBLE is 2 italic 13s sandwiching an all seeing eye ffs lol le means energy so its the dark energy manual ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. What is HELL?
    The name formerly given to a place under the Court of Exchequer Chamber , where the kingโ€™s debtors were confined. Rich. Diet

  15. the bible was given to the gentiles for only one reason only: to make the gentiles believe that the chosen ones could take palestine, call it israel and out of jreusalem, their plan is to dominate the whole earth and have all the gentile goys as their slaves in the noahide world order.
    the whole ordeal about jesus going to the place of crucification and dying and all that, is just hogwash.
    israel hates the jesus figure and want nothing to do with.
    they added the new testament to the judaic old testament to make an example out of that guy for exposing the sinagauge of satan.
    and to the judaic peoples, the god of abraham and the father of jesus, is the devil himself, because god hated israel and once you hate the chosen ones, their hatred and retaliation will be no less than .. hate forever..
    fyi, abraham was married to his own sister and israel is not the name of a country, rather it was the new name given to jacob, for he had fought against god of abraham during many of their relentless arguings back and forth and the peoples of the earth and he had overcome them, so his new name was given to him and jacob became israel.
    forget about the details, only the devil is in the details.
    read the bible and you will see, it's all about the chosen ones, their israel, their noahide world order and anyonew who is not a jew, will be a slave onto the jews, and take heed that no man shall buy or sell in that technocratic world order, save he that hath the mark of the Beast.. the three headed Beast, the all seeing .. end.

  16. The Bible is legit it's God's word stop trying to say different

  17. And this ladies and gentleman is the falling away and the man of sin being revealed โ˜๏ธ
    Brilliant stuff Thankyou ๐Ÿ˜

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