The Dance Contest – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 21

[dance music playing] Woo-hoo! Oh yeah! Woo! Yeah, yeah! Woo! Yeah! [Hank] Angela, you’re awesome! Hey, Tom, do you think this move
will be good enough to win the town’s
First Annual Dance Contest? As the mayor, who will also be a judge,
I can’t officially take sides, but any time you involve your butt
in a dance, it’s pretty cool. Oh, this contest was a great idea, Tom. -[Hank] Yeah!
-Oh, yeah! Ow! Back spasm! Back spasm! Aaaah! Aw, yeah! Ben is really getting into it! [all chant] Go, Ben! Go, Ben! Go, go, Ben! -School break just started!
-[Ben screaming] No homework, no sitting still, and best of all, I don’t have to see
my evil teacher Ms. Vanthrax for a week! -Whoa, what’s Ben doing?
-[Ben screaming] Getting ready for the First Annual
Dance Contest that I started. Oh, yeah! I’m going to win that thing when I do the Super-Maxo Double Monster
Flip Into A Nose Spin. [gasps] Whoa! I have heard legends
about the S-M-D-M-F-I-A-N-S, but I never believed it was real. Well, it is! -[music stops]
-Huh? [screams] Ms. Vanthrax! What are you doing here? The Landlord wanted me to tell you
that he’s on… vacation. And to keep you from destroying his
property, he got a substitute landlord. It’s me. Aaaagh! ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ I’m going to run this garage
like my classroom, -with rules and detention!
-[Ben clears throat] I’m sure we can work out
a different system. Talking back? That’s a detention! Noooo! Huh? But… But…
But I’ve never had detention before. Rules are the same for everyone. And if I get more arguments, I’ll tell the Landlord you misbehaved
and he’ll evict you! -[all gasp]
-[Hank] Uh-oh. Now for the rules. First rule, no dancing! Ever! I hate dancing! -Bu-bu-but–
-Butts are for sitting! Unless you want to be
in my Landlord Report. Anyone? [all] No, Ms. Vanthrax. Then behave! I’ll be watching. No running. Detention! [Ms. Vanthrax] Detention! -Detention!
-But I don’t live here. -[laughing]
-Detention! [laughs] Detention! Detention! Detention! Detention! -[Hank] Ugh.
-[Tom] I don’t believe this! Everyone got detention, except Ginger. I’ve had a lot of practice. Sometimes
you get lucky and she falls asleep. -No whispering!
-[Ginger screams] -And no screaming, either!
-Aw, man. She got me. What do these detentions even mean? Well, it means
you’ll be doing garage chores. Or else, it’s the Landlord Report!
And eviction! Fine, but we have to do them
after the dance contest tomorrow. We need to be there.
Especially me, as the mayor. Your dance is tomorrow? Oh, then
I’ll have you serve your detentions… tomorrow! Remember… [wind blows] …I hate dancing! Are those our chores for the day?
Okay, that’s not so bad. Okay, that’s bad. There’s no way
we’ll finish before the contest! -Aww.
-This stinks. No! We can’t just give up. If we work really fast we… probably
still won’t make it, but maybe we will! -Now, who’s with me?
-Let’s do this! Ha! Ooh! Ugh! -We did it! It’s dance contest time!
-[dance music plays] -Woo-hoo!
-Dance! Dance! Dance! -[music stops]
-[Ginger whines] We finished all our chores,
so we’re going out. All your chores except one,
“dust the toothbrushes.” That is so tiny! Come on, no fair! Then you just got a life lesson
about paying attention to detail. And penalty for skipping
a detention chore is… more detention chores! But there’s nothing left to do! What about outside the garage? -[buzzing]
-But outside is dirt’s home. Stop whining! I had to miss my nap
to supervise you slackers. Now let’s go, we’ve got a world to scrub. -[all complaining]
-Okay, Ms. Vanthrax. We’ll be happy to do what you want. Well, now. It looks like hard work
was good for one of you, at least. -[others moan]
-Ginger, what are you doing? [whispers] Remember what I said before? Sometimes, when everyone is really good,
Ms. Vanthrax likes to nap! And she just admitted she was tired! And if she’s asleep,
we can all sneak off to the dance contest! It’s nap time. [sweep, sweep, sweep] [yawns] That sweeping is very soothing. [snores] You know what I like to do?
Sing a calm little work song. [hums a gentle melody] Wouldn’t you like a nice warm drink? Here, Ms. Vanthrax.
These fuzzy slippers need a good home. Thank you. [yawns] [snoring] -[whispering] Yes!
-Wow! [snoring, moaning] [dance music playing] Oh, yeah! [crowd cheering] Oh, yeah! Ginger, when are you doing
that Super Monster Flip dance? I’m waiting for the right moment. Ooh! Yeah! Shake it! Ooh! Oh yeah! Ms. Vanthrax? Oh, no. Time to go. -Angela!
-Tom, I know my moves are good. No. Ms. Vanthrax is here! We’re gonna get busted! What do we do? If only there was some skill that involved
coordination, timing, and movement. That’s it, Hank! Looks like
this is a real dance contest. Let’s go! Agh! Aagh! Oh! Ben! Now is not the time
for your cool back-dance moves! -But it is the time for… eviction!
-[crowd gasps] I hope this fun was worth
the consequences, Thomas. -Ooh, ow!
-No fair! I didn’t get to show I could do the Super-Maxo Double Monster
Flip Into A Nose Spin. If you’re waiting for the right moment,
I think the right moment is right now. Huh! Let’s do this dance! [Ms. Vanthrax] No! [crowd cheering] No! It can’t be. After all these years! [cheering] Unbelievable!
Young Ms. Vanthrax is perfectly doing a Super-Maxo Double Monster
Flip Into A Nose Spin! [reporter] They said it couldn’t be done! [reporter] By gum!
There’s a ball on the dancefloor! [crash, screams] -Aw!
-Wow! It can’t be. No one does my special
dance move, except for me! [cheering] [reporter] There’s a ball on the
dancefloor… ball on the dancefloor… …ball on the dancefloor…
ball on the dancefloor… [music away] -[cheers, whistles]
-Awesome! Woo! Credit where credit is due! That was incredible!
How do you know how to do that sweet move? [chuckles] Oh, kid.
I invented that sweet move. Wow! [fanfare] I-I won? I won! -I feel so strange.
-That’s joy. This is a real breakthrough for you.
So, maybe don’t get us evicted? Oh, okay. This little outing
was certainly worth the trouble! -Yeah!
-Woo! Did you hear that?
It’s time for a week of fun! [cheering] Hold on, now. I’m still
your substitute landlord, Thomas. And recess is over. [Ms. Vanthrax] Left and right
and sweep and turn… -You had to push it, didn’t you?
-At least we get to live here.

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