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  1. my sister read this at my grandpas memorial service…93 years between the dash for that old boy.

  2. Linda Ellis. The Dash.

    My various gods and other deities.

    2007. Sat down at my paternal aunt's funeral in Fairy Meadow, NSW, Australia and a single sheet fell out of the order of service.

    I read "The Dash" for the first time and it was the catalyst for the Pandora's Floodgates to open. I didn't bawl, I just silently flowed tears, not just for Aunty "Ivy", "The Duchess", writer of the history of we Quinns from Co. Clare in Oz, 1840 – 1980s.

    It was for all that and for decades of pain, and it all flowed out.

    "Sorry, Padre; I'll get a mop!"

    2018, about 15 minutes ago. I shared it with a friend who's finding strength in talking about her late son who died a wee while ago now.

    And for the 11 yrs 9 months in between, this amazing poem has featured in approx 136 interactions I've had. Including my reading it on stages from SE Queensland to SE New South Wales.

    It's crept itself through and under and into my dash.

    I could write a book…

    I am…


    May need to speak with your people! Right. Put that one on the spike.

    ALWAYS attributed. Always.

    <3 BQ

  3. Linda Ellis, Thank you so much for this beautiful poem. Best poem ever.This poem was read at my daughter Samantha's funeral.Samantha was just 22. She was so beautiful and loving. We miss her every minute of the day.  Thank you again.

  4. I find it fascinating that anyone could possibly give this a thumbs down. Thank you Linda Ellis for touching so many people with your poem and your dash. ❤

  5. I first heard this poem at the funeral of a family friend. His brother read it. Since then, I have gone out of my way to read it at every funeral I have attended.

  6. Useful words of wisdom and pearls of knowledge are trapped in this poem – "The Dash".

  7. Thank you for this absolutely meaningful poem. I have chosen this to read at my dear sweet uncle's memorial service tomorrow. His dash lasted 91 years and it was filled with love of family, honor, kindness to all, and a love for his wife of 64 years before she passed first – he died mostly of a very broken heart. Uncle Leo was a very special man…

  8. I've chosen this as the first poem to be read at my wife's funeral service on 19th October 2016.

  9. Hi I really love your poem, it's stayed with me. I just included a link to this video in my recent blog post. http://nicolathewriter.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/re-evaluate-your-point.html ~ Nicola Hill

  10. Your poem was read at my husband's memorial service several years ago and it moved a room full of people who attended. I am also a poet and I love inspirational poetry that makes your think and speaks to the heart. You nailed it in this wonderful poem.

  11. that was lovely. first time I have commented on a video.. but the way you delivered was amazing. thank you

  12. this beats ANY Shakespearean piece of writing by millions of miles. clap clap clap BEST POEM EVER!!!

  13. I went to a funeral yesterday and held back the tears until the man's son read this poem out. I found the poem and read it and cried again. Beautiful.

  14. Wow .. i love it .. its really touching and i hope i live my dash with no regrets. .
    Linda .. live ur dash .. thank u

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