'The Devil You Know' – Durham County Poets – from The Extended Play Sessions

here's a little number called the devil you know I will listen to my buddy the other night broken trigger go around around his apartment he hates that Street he hates it God forsaken town he's got no oh sorry the devil you know no my neighbor stopped even and bare feet keep them in their place shred told me my box of bees that all damn is it something comforting father do you know you know No top you gotta go with a label they can know can I say awareness playing raspy No but still we will do then I'm going anyway no a girl soul sweet and pretty got a mana tree for so long time total that eyesore our good and treats a good a wall managing leave that behind hey DeAngelo we take your chance with the devil to go stop you got it we never let you go you know you gotta go Oh times you gotta go Oh [Applause]

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