The Dobre Brothers

THE DOBRE BROTHERS! Listen up kids: if you like slime, and you like prank videos.. I got great news for you! There is an abundance. Slime prank on Lucas and Marcus, slime prank on pizza guy, slime prank on Girlfrend, Slime prank on brother’s car! Slime prank on girlfriend again! In hot tub mmmmmm Slime prank on little sister, slime prank on cop, GONE WRONG The Dobre Brothers is my favorite slime prank channel. They really know how to make the slime prank to the top but what a lot of people don’t appreciate the Dobre brothers for is their incredible craft and “art” Of music videos. I’ll slip in through my marble floor droppin’ this track You already wanting more, god gives me everything, we playin’ for the people who keep it teaches Sixty million views, huh? s-s-sixty million, 60,000,000, huh *Jealous Thoughts* Sixty six sixty Sixty million viewssss. Yeah, I want 60 million views If you ain’t scared, hit it like you don’t care, hit it If you know you loo- Hey guys, Pewds from the future here just want to let you guys know really quick that right now today you can get an elgato stream deck for 99 dollars instead of 149 wow what a great deal. I love mine. I think it’s such a cool device You can basically map any app or any function like OBS, which I used to record to this thing If you’re a streamer it’s a given to have one of these and that’s so much customizability that you can literally put anything on This if you want to open an app if you want to use a soundboard It’s really really cool, definitely recommend it and sensitive on a special offer link is in the description Okay continue with the video. Now if you guys are nine years old you can tell the Dobre bothers audience are Slightly younger here. If you go in the comments it says “You said a cuss word. I’m seven years old” This is so Irresponsible. I would never cuss in my videos and my audience is nine years old Thank you But what I find fascinating about the Dobre brother’s videos is their prank their attention to detail On the prank because a lot of people fake their pranks PAH But not the doughy brothers. They’re beyond that they know how to pull off a great prank Without staging it with genuine reactions genuine emotions and charges and you really really feel it This one is called mom wakes up in ocean prank. Nah, we got to go again. Ready, three, two, one, We’re twins and we do the floss. Why are we doing this right now to our mom. This is the best prank ever ever They’re not lying. It’s this is my favorite prank of all time Pewds reacting to Hispanic Charades – 2176, Colorized They come up with this strange idea that they’re gonna take the hotel’s Mattress While the mom is sleeping. She’s clearly sleeping. Maybe they drugged her I’m sure They decide they’re gonna pull this mattress Oh what? Well, he looks like she’s gonna fly away. Oh that was close guys They decided to take this mattress out into the ocean How, you may ask? How would they possibly fit through that narrow? Corridor doorway, don’t worry because they don’t show it it It just Teleports *Long Gasp* The videos like five minutes of them painfully try to get this mattress out of this Hotel Room They’re stealing a mattress from a hotel The dad is really trying he really wants to pull this off Papa wants some views. how are they gonna fit the mattress in the elevator? (How da Hell did this F ING MATTRESS IN THE ELEVATOR) *Laughs* I can’t believe she’s still sleeping. This is incredible! They dragged her all the way from the hotel to the sea front. Oh- oh my goddd Why are we still here? Just to suffer? *Pewds Dying Inside for the 123 458 000th Time Every night, I can feel my leg, and my arm… *Pewds Losing Faith in Humanity* Even my fingers… *Pewds regretting his last 8 years* The body I’ve lost… *Pewds is ready to go back to selling Hot Dogs* The comrades I’ve lost *Pewds wanting to take the Tide Pod challenge* … Won’t stop hurting… *13 reasons why got nothing on pewds right now* It’s like they’re all still there How did she get there? I have no idea don’t you just hate when you fall asleep in a hotel bedroom and Your sons carry you through the hallway with your mattress, you know what I have to be honest. I knew it was a prank Really!!! what??? wah really! She knew *PEWDS .exe is still processing* AH! Then who was getting pranked *Laughs* Really you know it was a prank the double prankster a classic they pull this move a lot of times We’re really sorry. Like we meant nothing of it. Did you laugh? What is this? Joke’s on you. Dobre me. No Natalie malarkey, wait what? *JUST GOT PRNKD BRO* THE DOUBLE PRANK What just happened is now I’ve seen better acting on adult websites Jesus Christ But the thing that’s so confusing about it is that they’re always pranking Everyone is always in on it. But no one seems to be understand when it’s real and when it’s fake *SAD BOI?* You have all the sudden this guy described and everyone’s like what? Is this real? LIEK IF U CRI EVERYTIEM What’s wrong with him? *1 like=1 prayer for this dud* Yo,don’t laugh, Stop So apparently he lost his dog and if I do yeah, I should just like My dog Romeo then I love that. He’s like God, I don’t know He says it like the dog is he’s gone forever Romeo Maine I loved him. He was if he was the father to me. It was like the son. I never had too bad He’s dead now I don’t know maybe they’re still in on it. I don’t know. I am so confused by this video. They go around with him everywhere They even get of some security guy involved Yeah, Oh keep the lights on and I’ll start cameras inform for you guys and then they just wake up the day after So I’m gonna warn you guys about this next clip. It’s pretty offensive Here we go Really feel sorry for Cyrus like he was texting us all night But we just couldn’t find him and security guard was out till 5:00 a.m. Confinement Security guard was out until 5:00 a.m. Looking for their dog. Now. We’re just gonna We’re just gonna look inside the pool house look… yoo he is in there ohh he is in the pool house oh snap oh shnap what he is doing in there? Alright they found him did he actually like hide his dog just – I don’t get it. I’m so confused I’m so confused. And it’s the same with like this this video the best proposal in the world You’re like, oh that’s clearly gonna be some stupid prank, right? *Most Romantic scene since the Titanic* You’re the most amazing girl in the world And I want to always protect you I want to waist protect you keep you comforted And I want to give you the world So they have the drone flying down He grabs the ring with the drone best proposal in the world, it’s actually real like what is real and what is fake I don’t understand. I need answers Dobre brother best Proposal in the world. We had a drone fly down with the ring I love you what I can’t hear you? BUZZZZZZ I always protect you. I want always contect you keep you comforted and I want to give you the world * Sound of a Demonic Swarm invading the Universe lead by Satan conquering Earth and Mars and occupying Kekistan and use it as their HQ* Just love how self-aware they are. That’s This is one clip i found Think hopefully we’re okay. I mean, you know, I’m not gonna lie though guys Vlogging and driving is pretty hard. So make sure you don’t vlog and drive kids or text to drive none of that stuff but tune in because we are gonna keep the vlog going and Don’t vlog and Drive guys Proceeds to vlog and drive. Oh, my god Cyrus is literally calling me right now Oh so calling, vloging and driving Why can’t she hold the camera? Jesus Christ! You may have seen this video already it’s a it’s another Dobre brother classic they have this they have this wide arrangements of tools and they have to guess which one is real and which One is fake. Wouldn’t the real ones be cold because it’s metal. Oh HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM You mean like how you can just lift it up and tell some of them are chocolate that’s right chocolate One that’s super heavy That one is real white the one that’s cold, it’s this my Thought I mean they’re all pretty much the same weight here – that’s right Everybody chocolate weighs the same as metal. Everyone knows that They’re all pretty much the same way. Pretty much here. We have the video where they’re clearly pouring slime on the girlfriend I love seeing slime on girlfriends *EW PEWDS also DEMONITIZED* Hey, what’s up, I Knew it I knew that video for fake their music I must say it’s the strongest thing. the song goes out to anyone who thinks they don’t matter But that’s me know that you do. Oh Thank you Let’s go. Let’s go. I think you ain’t good enough. Stop that think you very beautiful. Stop that think you ain’t worth that Stop that think you ain’t love for stop them. Goodbye to the people who hate on me You know what? I admired by the Dobre brothers is that they don’t get a ghostwriter like rice gum and all those other ones They write their own material I’m I saw you as you I myself you is you what they’re really saying here is that consciousness They realized they missing you beautiful you strong they won’t be too long Hey Booga-booga you stop Okubo Kabu Kabu you beautiful and if you’re at this point thinking about at least, you know They make something that has a deeper meaning it’s an anti-bullying video. Maybe it’s not that good But at least they tried, you know, at least they’re not trying to be like team 10. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no There’s more over brothers. It’s about to get lit remix Wow they got six nine “Started from the Go-chi store “Now I own a Roy them head spinner when I pass I do my dance all on the floor “Dropping is track you already coming back for more.” I don’t mean to make fun of them Like if they actually have issues, like maybe they actually have autism or something I don’t mean to pick on people You know, I’m not trying to leafy people here. But what is wrong with them? “(?)IS AH GI DE GI DE CUZ IM LIT? AH “(?) RIMMER WHEN I TASTE ALL I WANID “(?) THE FACE, ROLLIN WIF DE” See I watched his video before I knew who Takashi was 69 and I actually thought it was him like they do a good job at covering up his face Making sure that you can’t see I wonder what he thinks about this this video. That’s 31 million views There you go. There you have it everybody, the Dobre brothers. Now you are filled in, it amazes me. What an army of kids there is on YouTube that will just give an abundance of views to literally anything that looks shiny and Interesting, these people really make it look easy and at least say you can admire that I don’t have anything personally against them I think It’s just hilarious how bad their videos are and they completely gone under my radar It seems like these people just crawl out of nowhere. There’s always a new one just creeping up like I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a like if you did hit that Bell button if you’re new and Subscribe to join that bro army. That’s right. We’re looking for new recruitment You have to be witched me body and soul and I love *Increasing drone sound*

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