39 thoughts on “The Doors – Riders On The Storm

  1. Best listened to alone in the dark with head phones on smokin a fatty just like in 1971. Awesome with purple microdots also.


  3. MANZAREK AND ALL……………………. PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 2019 год, только узнал, что это оригинал, а трек из НФС ремикс. Услышал в фильме «Дневник баскетболиста»

  5. Safe to sayt, ifn brian squirmin like a toad, gotta be like giant cane toad? the exude some stuff, ifn dog or snAKE R WOMBAT GETS A LICK ITSNACT LIKE A poison – BUT FUR HUMMIN BEANS, ITSA HALLUCINOGENIC! LIKM UP! GOOT CLEEN FUN FURZA HOLE FAMBLY!!!

  6. i always imagine charles Manson being released from jail in LA in 67 and making his way to San Fransico when i hear this.

  7. I wonder what Morrison would've made of Trump (and don't tell me he'd have admired him as some kind of outlier – because Trump is many things…. but certainly not a clever or individual thinker)!

  8. This song happens at the best times.
    Radio, music channel or radio.
    It becomes one with you….

  9. yes, and it was the all-time greatest war0film from ;79 apocalypse now that gave tem a 2nd life note a cabbie I knew had jeff bridges as the dude in the big Lebowski and vacationed out there tio venice-9morrison ib everywhere, murals,etc this cabbie got to meet the dude

  10. This is one of the best songs ever. They don't make this stuff anymore. Listen to the lyrics.

  11. The Doors at the height of their legendary powers……A tour de force

  12. Above, Jim Morrison looks like the Greek god Dionysos.

  13. Fuck TV shows, fuck video games, fuck movie tracks, and fuck anything that fails to appreciate the intelligence and sexiness of this band!

  14. When i get lots of females I imagine this song like “riders on my dick”

  15. Holy shit I didn’t realize this song was made by them. I just watched the making of breakn a sweat by skrillex and searched up the doors and here I am. This song brings back the memories from nfs underground 2 and that song was so badass in the game

  16. our story started with Break on through to the other side and ended with Riders on the Storm … great journey folks 🙂

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