“The Dream” by Broms The Poet (Official Video) {CC}

what the world needs now, is a fashion show for souls. jewelry hand crafted in 20k’s of kindness. blood free ivory as clean as the soap. or at least as clean as it “claims” to be. stop animal testing…it’s 2019. your soap, is as ‘soapy’, as soap’s gonna be. we need to stop celebrating hate again, claiming it’s “making America great again”. to tuck away our fools gold,
and our finest blood cut diamonds. ’cause maybe then we would pay more mind
to the tender hearts, so many tend to hide. we need to forgive our pasts,
to give way for better futures. ditch these name brands, show our scars,
and play a new song off these sutures. and these “doctors” need to take a pill,
from prescribing us lies and effects with sides. lined cupboards of little white plastic bottles.
no xxxxxxx coverage. these sinister medicine cabinet ministers
administer laws and then break them like promises. dancing on the bones of the residents
of once long ago stolen homes, O’ Canada. and our teachers deserve raises
and praise beyond these pages, that we’re tearing out of books that we burn,
we’re thinking brainless. and this pain we’re not dealing with,
ends up dealing with us. leaves us torn apart and shattered,
ash scattered, and dust to dust. we speak not to our neighbours,
for fear they’ll speak to us. trust in no one but the dollar.
God fearing this filibust. we overpay athletes,
and take knees for rockstars. forgetting our cars don’t make us,
it’s *our* hands that make these cars. we’re glorifying rats, electing these criminals, blurring between our lines, stuttering our syllables. but hold up, wait. just let this marinate for just a moment. great. we’re better than what has bested us. invest in us. this is NOT our fate. ’cause I believe we can arrange who we are as individuals. at any given moment, these moments are living rituals. and if we honour ourselves, there’ll be an end to this Hell, which will lead us to the Heavens, and these lessons be meant for ‘show and tell’. so I’m sorry for all I’ve done wrong. did it all cause I was hurtin’. and i forgive all those who hurt me, wash me clean of what is dirty. and I’m trying to be a better man, I’m better than just ‘trying’ to be one. and by being a better being, we’re all closer to being free ones. P.E.A.C.E.

22 thoughts on ““The Dream” by Broms The Poet (Official Video) {CC}

  1. This is powerful and evoked a lot of feels..Thank You. πŸ™πŸ»β™₯️

  2. You've got an excellent voice that goes brilliantly with the message.

  3. Broms… my dude I don't know how I made it through the days without your truth but damn Im so glad I found you! PREACH BRO!

  4. Awesome!!! Just give me that MAGA HAT PLEASE, GOES WITH MY COLLECTION!

  5. This is absolutely amazing. So moving. Love it πŸ™πŸ½βœ¨β€οΈβœŒπŸ½ #moved

  6. Beautifully done β™₯️β™₯️ keep sharing your word!

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