The Dream Transaction : A poem written and presented by Swadhyay Vijh

“The Dream Transaction” One day… One day, in King Akbar’s palatial fort, Came a potter storming into his court Without the permission of the guard, But thankfully, Akbar wasn’t too hard “This could land you in trouble!” he grumbled, “Please help me! I already am!” The potter fumbled, “We shall hear your problem,” said Akbar, “Your Majesty, we are quite poor,” started the Potter “Yet proud I was that never had I ever,
Borrowed a single paisa from the moneylender, This pride turned into worry soon, And came up each night with the moon, “I dreamt from him a hundred gold coins I borrowed, I shared this with my wife, and she to her friends bellowed, And her friends told their husbands what they knew, Thus the story spread from the husbands few, “When news of my dream reached the shrewd moneylender He landed at my door step to my absolute wonder! ‘I have come!’ he announced sneeringly, ‘To remind you of the money you owe me!’ “‘Money that I owe you?’ bewilderedly asked I, ‘Yes, a hundred gold coins!’ said the moneylender, sly, Upon my brain his words persistently hammered, ‘A hundred gold coins?’ I stammered “My wife rushed to the room where we were, ‘But it was just a dream!’ gasped she with suppressed anger, Astonished at the moneylender’s greed she wept, ‘Money borrowed in a dream is not a debt!’ ‘Money is money! Once borrowed must be returned!’ Barked the moneylender, demanding for money unearned! ‘As a kind man, I shall make it simpler for you, One gold coin a month shall do!’ “‘And since I ask not for it all together, Interest at twenty percent I shall not alter!’ So saying, he left us in distress, ‘Only Birbal can help us!’ my wife did express. “Your Majesty that’s why I have come to you!” Akbar said, “Birbal, find a solution to this issue” Birbal tapped his head and thought for a while,
Then made a hundred gold coin pile! “Sir, must you pay the crooked moneylender?” “Surely there must be another way to set right the offender!” “There is,” said Birbal, “call him to the court” “Tell him his debt will be paid by us in the fort” When the moneylender heard this, his eyes glittered with greed, “Take me to the court with utmost speed!” When he spotted the pile of gold coins inside, Looking extremely sly, “Yippee!” he cried His eyes shown greedily and he smiled wickedly, Arms stretching out to grab the gold coins hurriedly, “Oh no!!” “Oh no!!” exclaimed Birbal “these gold coins are mine” His words stung the moneylender like thorns from a pine! “You shall have your gold coins.” Birbal uttered, The moneylender took him for his word, As Birbal whispered orders to his men, They brought something wrapped in linen As Birbal whispered orders to his men,
They brought something wrapped in linen When unveiled, When unveiled, it turned out to be… …a mirror! When unveiled, it turned out to be a mirror, Reflecting the gold coins of bright amber, “The gold coins in the mirror are yours!!” “The gold coins in the mirror are yours!!” said Birbal wittily, “For dreams…” …are merely… …a reflection… …of reality” “For dreams are merely a reflection of reality!”

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