THE EVENING STAR by Mihai Eminescu | Learn Romanian Poetry #1

THE EVENING STAR “Luceafărul” de Mihai Eminescu. “The Evening Star” by Mihai Eminescu Hi, this is Mihnea. Welcome to Romanian Hub, the Ultimate Romanian
Language Portal. One of the ways of learning the intricacies
of a foreign language is by exploring its native literary works. With this episode we start a new series entitled
Learn Romanian Poetry in which I will recite Romanian poems while also providing the text
to a literary translation. And such a great endeavor, on both my part
as a teacher and yours, as a Romanian language learner, has to be started with Romania’s
national poet and his masterpiece. Of course I’m talking about Mihai Eminescu
and the narrative poem, “Luceafărul” – “The Evening Star”. The poem is considered one of the greatest
accomplishments in Romanian literature and one of the last milestones in
European Romantic poetry. It was first published in 1883 and the English
version used in this lesson was published in 1938 and it is a translation from Romanian
by Dimitrie Cuclin, a classical music composer, musicologist, philosopher, translator, and writer. It is not a literal translation, but rather
the translator’s own textual interpretation, who took great liberties in making the English
text sound musical. Running at 392 lines, it’s a rather long poem more
suitable for advanced Romanian language learners, but even if you’re a beginner,
you can follow the poem and “feel” the musicality of the Romanian language. Hai să începem. Let’s start.

5 thoughts on “THE EVENING STAR by Mihai Eminescu | Learn Romanian Poetry #1

  1. Mullțumesc pentru această lecție, cred că este un puţin prea repede, nu pot să citesc aşa de repede. Te rog să ne dai un pic de timp după fiecare paragraf, câteva secunde doi sau trei secunde. But in general I like the idea. Thank You!

  2. I loved it. I have a Romanian textbook from 1963 (originally published in 1945) that contains a short Romanian reader with many Romanian poems, short stories, and even an excerpt from a Romanian play. I just reviewed the reader's contents, and it has one short story and two poems by Mihai Eminescu. But my favorite part of the reader is the excerpt from the play "Năpasta" (Act II, Scene 8).

    All of which is my way of saying "thank you" for making this video and my way of encouraging you to make more videos like this! Bine făcut! 🙂

  3. Felicitări!
    În sfârșit, cineva care știe să predea o limbă. Nu precum caraghioșii care încep cu gramatica, de parcă mamele noastre ne-au învățat mai întâi declinări de verbe…

  4. I have been looking for a resource like this one for so long time! Thank You!

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